Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 132: I Invade – 8

Empires weren’t called ’empires’ for nothing. Kadra empire, which existed for thousands of years from the 1st Cataclysm to until now, ‘just before’ the 3rd Cataclysm, could be said to be the place where all power of the world of Ferata had gathered.

Especially the castle built for the emperor, ‘Pajin Meccadira’ was no different from the sign of the history and power of the empire.

Not only did many mages over the years combine their powers to set up countless guardian formations over the castle, superhumans with absurd power and absolute loyalty towards the empire had flocked together as well.
Not to mention the imperial bodyguards, there was a knight order that protected the imperial palace, and a knight order that took the mission of protecting the imperial family. They were on a completely different scale to the one that had been dispatched to Earth.

But somehow, Yu IlHan thought,

“Hey, these guys would be done in by me even if they come over to Earth, why are they sending those weak trash?”
[So you’re finally becoming a little arrogant.] (Liera)

Liera replied with a laugh. However, after speaking, she propped out her head from Yu IlHan’s embrace and looked around, when she shrunk back in and took back her words.

[Perhaps it’s not arrogance…] (Liera)

A burning castle, and many dead members of the imperial guardian knight order composed of only 3rd class beings. They were all done in with a single whip strike too! Though, they did immediately get sucked into Yu IlHan’s inventory. His remote collection technique was developing even now.

“Arrogance is taboo. It will be the end the moment I subjectively evaluate myself. The horror of realizing that you weren’t when you thought you were……”
[Noooooo, stahp!] (Liera)
“Yes, yes. In fact, I’m a loner, so I have no experience of that either. I’m only simulating what could potentially be my embarrassment later and am being careful of that.”

However, it seems Liera had a past experience. Yu IlHan gently stroked her, when she was pulling out her hair in grief, as he walked forward.

Meanwhile, the fire kept spreading. Expensive decorative armor, vases, paintings, pottery, and even various protection magic casted over many places of the castle were being incinerated. This was only possible because the bloodflame, the agglomeration of magic power and human blood, was reborn through the help of Blaze.

Of course, when Yu IlHan found any knights scurrying around, he carefully approached them before slashing apart their necks or snapping them. As the whip was silent despite its speed, it was the best weapon to be used under concealment.

[You have earned 37,346,811 experience.]
[You have earned 35,204,485 experience.]
[You have become level 141. 1 Strength, 1 Agility, 1 Health, 2 Magic increases.]

Thanks to the good exp sources, he even levelled up once now. Rejoicing at the fact that his arms now had more power, on the other hand, he was slightly confused.

“If it was me, I wouldn’t go around alone in this chaos and gather up.”
[Oh, yeah. There aren’t many people who think that their invader would have acquired an advanced version of the concealment skill……] (Liera)

In the first place, the time they noticed Yu IlHan’s intrusion was too late. Well, of course this was natural since they thought the two 4th classes dispatched would have cleaned things up.

The problem was that their judgement was fatally off.

Only when a quarter of the castle was on fire did the rulers notice that the 4th class master and disciple had failed, and dispatched the strong knight order to the places on fire. Of course, as they didn’t know where the enemy was, they split the knight order into many divisions and teams.


[You have earned 42,101,439 experience.]
[You have earned 51,001,396 experience.]

And all of them, were being obliterated by Yu IlHan, division by division.

“Good, a lot of them are on their 170s too. Perhaps levelling up once again isn’t just a dream.”

Calculating that he would level up once he killed around 2000 more, Yu IlHan’s body filled up with power. Meanwhile, something caught his senses. An aura of 4th class that was rushing straight towards the hallway he was in!

“Oh, this guy’s the younger one of the two.”
[He’s coming straight here! I’m sure there was some signal device in the knights you’ve just killed!] (Liera)

If it was any alarm that targeted Yu IlHan, it wouldn’t work with him in concealment anyway, so the possible answer was the signalling device that would send signals upon their deaths! Yu IlHan gripped his fist.

“He’s coming straight here!? Got it!”

Yu IlHan sat down on the spot, and installed a landmine that would definitely be activated if there was a human coming here on a straight path. A special-sized landmine he made with lots of 3rd class magic stones. Moreover, they were affected by Yu IlHan’s concealment and couldn’t be sensed!

If there was something evil, it was that the explosion of the landmine wasn’t considered Yu IlHan’s attack unlike the rain of spears, so even if someone got caught up in it, Yu IlHan’s concealment wouldn’t wear off!

[How can your brain work so well in such evil ways……?] (Liera)
“He’s here. If this explodes, this entire hallway will blow up so be careful.”

But then, to get out of this place, the landmine would no longer receive the effects of concealment, and since he wouldn’t be able to kill the guy with just the landmine alone, he had to do an additional ambush as well. So, what Yu IlHan came to was the best auto-control shield, Aegis!

Comprised of 5 shields in total, Aegis was a shield that can block a wide area by spreading them out, and could also be a thick shield by gathering them in one place. Truly fitting of a divine shield.

“Ooh, this is interesting.”


The moment Yu IlHan injected mana, Aegis sequenced themselves side by side in front of Yu IlHan. Controlling them was easier than the remote collection of his inventory, and Yu IlHan could cover himself and Liera by controlling them.

“The signal was from here!”

The moment he finished, the man rushed in. As Yu IlHan had intentionally left some corpses of the knights right by the landmine, the man abruptly opened his eyes and went rushed straight towards it.

[So evil.] (Liera)


[Critical Hit!]

The landmine exploded. Not to mention the corpses of the knights, the explosion instantly melted the helmet and the breastplate the man was wearing, and didn’t stop there and wounded him gravely to the point that the bones could be seen on the chest and neck!

“Kha, Kyahak!?”

The man couldn’t understand the situation momentarily and made strange sounds.

Well, it was no wonder. If it was such a big explosion, there was no way there would be no presence of mana, but even the man, whose senses were heightened with becoming 4th class, did not notice it, and that meant that there was a mage that was much stronger than him, but there was no way such a mage existed on Earth.

“The answer was a deathgod, easy, right?”
[Who would know that!] (Liera)

Yu IlHan put Aegis away and showed up completely intact before saying the answer. Though, the man couldn’t hear him.
No, in fact, as he was falling with the collapsing floor rubble, there was no way he could focus on anything.


Yu IlHan, who had grabbed onto a pillar as he knew that the floor would collapse, swung his whip towards the neck of the guy that was falling down.

The whip seemed to extend tens of meters with the bloodflame before succeeding to sever the guy’s neck. It didn’t end with that, and the fire spread over to the body and burnt everything.

For Yu IlHan, there would never be a case where he would lose a running enemy and be frustrated over it.
He thought that there was a need to check dead ends, burn the corpse, go down to the bottom of the cliff, and even search the afterworld after every battle. Although he had never met one yet, what if the enemy had a necromancer that could use the body of someone Yu IlHan killed and make a strong monster through it? He’d be frustrated to death!

“Kya, look at that experience.”
[IlHan, both the left and right walls have massive holes.] (Liera)
“I poured so many 3rd class magic stones in this to make an emergency massacre landmine. That’s natural. In fact, I’m rather surprised that the castle held out.”
[You must feel good, feeling the need to ‘massacre’ in an ’emergency’.] (Liera)

The explosion of the landmine brought great effects.

Perhaps because the knight and his armor received all the upwards shock, the ceiling miraculously didn’t collapse, but instead, not only the floor, the walls on either side were instantly obliterated. A portion of the imperial palace that held out for countless years instantly crumbled just now!

The soldiers that were trying to put out the fire from outside the castle were looking up towards the hallway of the explosion with their jaws slack, and the other side wasn’t much different either. Soon, this would be reported towards the higher ups so this place would become a tourist attraction soon. Although, not many would be able to enter since there was no floor.

If it was possible, he wanted to dig another trap and massacre the enemies, but that plan was no good since there was nothing to dig. Yu IlHan called out one of Aegis’s shields and leaped from it towards another hallway.

In his arms was the head of the knight he had just slain. Even while burning the body using the bloodflame, the head was still intact.

[What are you going to do with that head, though?] (Liera)
“Of course pulling aggro. Let’s throw this somewhere and put a landmine right next to it. I’m sure there is one idiot that would step on it.”
[……] (Liera)

Evil, so evil. Was this even human?

No matter how Liera was Yu IlHan’s eternal ally, she thought that this plan was better off failing, but unfortunately, his plan had marvelously succeeded.

“K, khaaaaaaaa! Festoooooooo!”

The master, who was sure that the disciple had died from the witness accounts of the knights, got agitated upon seeing the head and splendidly activated the landmine by rushing in a straight line.


However, a touching scene played out at that moment. The master, who realized that a landmine was exploding, embraced the head instantly and crouched in order to protect it, resulting in more damage!

While in fact, that was all useless since Yu IlHan had installed a landmine inside the disciple’s head anyway!

The master, who had received shock both from the inside and the outside, received a fatal wound due to his foolish love for his disciple. His face was almost completely incinerated, with his eyesight gone, and his heart could almost be seen.
Not only that, his spine could be seen on the back. 1

“Wow, humans are humans alright. They’re weaker than monsters even at a higher level.”

What was amazing was that he was still standing with his two legs despite the injury. Seeing that the head of his disciple had been completely obliterated without leaving behind any dust, the master shouted in despair.

“Ahah, so you skinned the people of Earth because you are human?”

Yu IlHan lashed out with his whip violently towards the middle-aged man that was speaking bullshit. If he had the time, he wouldn’t have killed him so easily, quite unfortunate!

The whip, that substituted his silent rage into a raging wave, severed the neck completely with sharpness that was sharper than a sword, and at an absurd speed. Yu IlHan burned the severed body and took the head.

[You have earned 11,493,018,347 experience.]


He confirmed again, but it was correct. He had just acquired around 11 and a half billion experience! No matter how high levelled the man he killed was, he still wasn’t over 250!
Liera spoke in boasting.

[See? He was quite the amazing human. The amount of experience is proof!] (Liera)
“Even Karrows gave only a third of this much even though he was level 242……”

So it seems that the amount of experience given increases exponentially according to level – exclaimed Yu IlHan.
However, it was more amazing that he still couldn’t level up despite that.

“A level 141 couldn’t level up even after killing a level 250… This world is so screwed up.”
[It’s you who’s strange, trying to level up twice a day even though you’re over level 140……] (Liera)

Yu IlHan took the head of the middle-aged man and moved towards the next point. However, a short, green text appeared on Yu IlHan’s retina at that time.

[It has become possible to fuse-evolve Whip mastery and Sword mastery!]
[It is possible to fuse the skills using 1000 3rd class magic stones and 1 4th class magic stone. Proceed?]


It seems that Yu IlHan’s attack of rage had touched the Akashic Record.
As he had put in effort to pour the power of the sword into the spear before, that effect was carried over to the whip as well! He somehow got a fusion evolution of a weapon!

“Nope, I’m not doing that.”

Of course, Yu IlHan instantly refused. If he used Sword mastery and Whip mastery as fusion evolution materials, then he wouldn’t be able to use them again in another fusion-evolution. Yu IlHan’s objective was the Great Cosmos-severing Spear.

“I need to imbue the power of the whip into the spear but why so…… Oooh? I think I got the hang of it.”

Yu IlHan felt the free and uncontrolled property of the whip was being imbued into the spear on top of the sharpness of the sword. Of course, advanced skills weren’t born from nothing!

[Spiera would faint if she learns of this.] (Liera)
“Whatever. Well, let’s go. I still have a lot to destroy and kill.”
[Yeah.] (Liera)


Meanwhile, the person they were talking about, Spiera, was experiencing the moment of her lifetime.

At first, she was just watching the gate, before holding up her spear after several hours.

That, was the best opportunity in her wait, but she herself didn’t like that so much.

[Fuuu.] (Spiera)

Her expression looked bitter. She really didn’t like what she was about to do from now.

[I’m sorry.] (Spiera)

She quietly muttered. Who was that apology for? Her words reached no one and scattered in the water.

However, the spear she struck out with the next moment, succeeded in halving her target!



The angel that was approaching the gate, was halved. The name, Lupeta. Of course, this angel had nothing to do with Yu IlHan at all.
Not in the least!

[H,ow……? There were ….no signs…..] (Lupeta)

Higher existences were sure amazing. Even though he was just halved, he still held out?

However, that leisure wouldn’t last so long. Spiera, who was uncomfortable having used an ‘ambush in concealment’, explained in kind.

[Like how humans can borrow the power of angels, we can also borrow a power of our contractors. However, ambushing isn’t my interest. Lupeta, if you were not a traitor, I would have come out in the open and fight you squarely.] (Spiera)
[What, are you ……!] (Lupeta)

Of course, that was the limit for that angel. He dissipated into white and ash colored blood, and Spiera sighed before taking back her spear.

[It’s as if they predicted that Yu IlHan would go over to Ferata. Please say it isn’t.] (Spiera)

No matter how reckless they were, they would never bait Yu IlHan with an entire world.

However, perhaps they had some expectations for it. Didn’t it show effect too? Yu IlHan showed suspicion towards the repeated connection with Abandoned Worlds, and even entered the gate, not being satisfied with just closing it.

‘So the enemy has someone who is taking into account Yu IlHan’s meticulous personality? Although, it seems I wasn’t taken into account.’

That was natural. She did not tell anyone of her actions. Thanks to that, she could succeed in giving them a blow.

[What is more worrying is that……] (Spiera)

She muttered before raising her head.
What she was thinking of was not Ferata where Yu IlHan was in right now, but the battlefield of New York where Yu IlHan’s subordinates had headed off to.

‘The traitor must have known that Yu IlHan had not appeared on the battlefield if he came here.’

Although she had expected this from the beginning, there wasn’t just a single traitor. Moreover, more than one of them was in that battlefield.

‘Although I wouldn’t care how many other humans die……’

On the battlefield, there were many related to Yu IlHan. Not to mention Flemir and Ericia, there were the elves Yu IlHan was looking after, although he pretended to not care about them, and his son Yumir, who he cherished a lot!

[……If they put their hands on our Mir, then I’ll kill them all.] (Spiera)

In fact, Spiera had taken quite a liking towards Mir too!

Author’s notes

  1. In the last chapter, some of you had questions about the defense of 4th classes, so I’ll take this opportunity to explain. The defense of a mage and a knight doesn’t just differ with defensive equipment, but with the evolved physical body according to their class. Health stat also takes a part in defense.
    If a 4th class mage’s defense without any armor is 10, then a 4th class knight’s defense would be over 1000! They are on a completely different scale!
  2. There were quite a lot of views on IlHan’s actions…….. however, if we start talking about the responsibility of the enemies, it would become really complicated. He might not be able to kill the emperor, and perhaps might be defeated if he let any of them go. Since he is no Solomon, he cannot differentiate good and evil perfectly, could he? And it must not happen either.
    In that sense, IlHan’s judging standards are simple. Everyone with hostility towards him are enemies, even if they may be just soldiers under orders. And under those standards, no one would be able to escape his spear in that castle.
    What you must not forget, is that if someone is affiliated to the imperial family, there is no way that they are not related to the Earth invasion!
  3. Spiera bait, I did intend for this a little, would there be someone who was baited by that I wonder.

Translator’s notes

Translator: Chamber
Proofreader: Koukouseidesu


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