Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 133: Not Me But My Son?! – 1

Even while running inside the collapsing castle, Yu IlHan felt conflicted.

“I feel like I won’t ever be able to level up at this rate.”
[Let’s take it slow. IlHan, you’re a genius so it will only take you 50 years to become a higher existence.] (Liera)

So Liera knew that his main objective was becoming a higher existence. Looking at Liera with sparkly eyes in his embrace, Yu IlHan felt slightly suspicious but still asked anyway.

“What’s the required level to become a higher existence?”
[ 300.] (Liera)

Although, he did expect this to a certain extent!
Although, he also thought that it may have been 400!

“But thinking about how I’m not even at the halfway line, it drains my energy.”
[Other higher existences would become angry if they heard you.] (Liera)

Although he was in grumbling, Yu IlHan was in fact, not resting but moving around the entire time. He set more things on fire as soon as his mana recovered, using the whip that had Blaze and bloodflame, destroyed every protective magic he saw, and killed every knight in his sight!

“Even I had a time when I dreamed of a tragic love with a maid I met in an enemy territory……”
[Says an arsonist demon…..] (Liera)

He could see no one without ability within the castle. Everyone he saw was at least 2nd class. As expected of the castle in the imperial city of an empire. The standards were quite strict.

Although, it was all on fire now.

[What are you going to do if the entire castle incinerates into nothing?] (Liera)
“I’m going to cause a mess until I get a call from Erta. I need to make sure these guys never dream of invading again. My objective is only chaos, and the annihilation of the experts.”

Killing the emperor? He had no such thoughts. No matter how Yu IlHan outclassed everyone as an invader, he did not think that it would be easy to kill an emperor of an empire. At best, he would be able to kill his substitute.

However, in fact, he did not need to kill the emperor, nor was there a use in killing him. Why? Emperors were only the head of a huge community of men. Even if he killed one, a new head (PR: or two) would rise to replace him.

Why was Anpan-man invincible? He’s invincible since no matter how much he receives damage, he would be instantly full of vitality once he switched heads! Yu IlHan thought that that was absurdly OP, when he watched the show as a child.

However, perhaps it was a parody of injustice in human society seen in histories, and a criticism on the unchanging upper society even though they were rotten to the core.
Um, perhaps, it isn’t.

“So, I destroy the body instead, so even when a new head appears, it wouldn’t be able to exert any power. Very, very diligently.”
[IlHan, your reasoning really is different from other people…] (Liera)

Even while Liera was muttering that, Yu IlHan’s destructive plan was going very smoothly.

This damned castle was too big, so it did take a lot of time, but the fire he had set did not get extinguished and broke one protective magic in the castle after another, and the bloodflame became even bigger while consuming the mana that flowed out from the broken magic formations.

Originally, the protective magic would activate before the fire grew to be too big, and if that didn’t work, the mages would come into play and extinguish the fire, but both of them had been broken by Yu IlHan.
The castle, which was the core of power of humanity of Ferata, was collapsing like that. By a single 3rd class human.

Since the fire had spread so far, the upper parts of the castle had long since collapsed due to the fire, and where Yu IlHan was in right now was in the central parts of the underground.
Of course, he had killed everyone he had met on the way down. Perhaps there were some people belonging to the imperial family among the ones he killed, but that did not matter to Yu IlHan at all.

[There must be a huge amount of treasure in the castle, aren’t you taking them?] (Liera)
“There are mountains of them from just what I got in Dareu. Moreover, at this point, they must have all melted down no matter which part of the castle they are in.”

Moreover, if there was an artifact he needed, he could just make them himself. However, Liera didn’t seem to have given up as she nagged him again.

[In fact, I found a magic that looks like that was cast over the treasure vault. Can’t you just take the entire treasure vault into your inventory? You can check it later. Yeah? It won’t take that long either. And in fact, it’s just ahead of us. So please?] (Liera)
“You like diamond rings so much!?”
[Yes! I want to receive one!] (Liera)

Liera declared firmly without the slightest bit of embarrassment! Yu IlHan sighed and confirmed with her.

“Can I really take it into my inventory?”
[Of course, if you just break the protective magic.] (Liera)
“*Sigh*, okay. Since it’s ahead of us it will be strange if we don’t go.”

Not only could he not reject because it was Liera’s request, considering that the vault was intact, even if Yu IlHan wiped out both the head and the body, it was likely that the remaining people would use the treasures in the vault to build a strong empire again.
As he couldn’t let that happen, Yu IlHan just obediently ran according to her directions.

[Turn left here.] (Liera)
[It’s a super advanced illusion magic that will lead you outside if you don’t go the correct way. Even your concealment skill would not deceive it. It’s a super illusion magic completed over several generations.] (Liera)
“But won’t you be caught in some rule of higher existences if you tell me that?”
[There’s no rule like that. Moreover, look.] (Liera)

Yu IlHan looked towards the direction Liera was pointing. He finally found something weird, and it was that the super-sized bloodflame Yu IlHan had created seemed like it was covering every single inch, but it also seemed like some were emitting heat while some of it didn’t.

In other words, there were fake flames and real flames here. As Yu IlHan was the one who generated these flames, the fake flames could not deceive Yu IlHan anymore.

[Protecting the real path with protective magic, and adding illusion magic on top of it to deceive the enemy. How is it, don’t you think there will be something if you go to where the fake flames are leading you?] (Liera)
“How do you know so well when you don’t specialize in magic?”
[Although my magic is no good, finding and destroying magic is my specialty!] (Liera)

Really, she was the same as Yu IlHan in that regard.
He obediently ran.

Proceeding through the path, Yu IlHan did not meet anyone. Really, there was not even a single rat. Liera explained like this:

[Positioning troops here carry the risk of the protective magic being found out.] (Liera)
“Huh, I’m really starting to see something?”

How long had he ran? They arrived at an ordinary iron door that was neither big nor small.
However, it will be a different story if that was the center of the protective magic and the illusion magic. Moreover, as he had left the effective range of the illusion magic, the fake flames didn’t reach here either.

[It’s here. It’s being protected by the protective magic. What are you going to do about it?] (Liera)

That, was an area of silence; one which nothing and no one could invade.

“Good, let’s go with the super-sized landmine.”

And Yu IlHan, decided to invade that silence. He had moved the landmines in his inventory, using his remote collection technique, next to the treasure vault without the least bit of shock!

[Did you learn bombing in the military?] (Liera)
“Manual Labor is all about finding the right tricks, Liera.”

The reason Yu IlHan himself didn’t move was very simple. If he attacked himself, then his concealment would wear off, but when that happened, wouldn’t the many layers of trap magic beyond the door activate? Yu IlHan was someone who became more careful when doing bad things.

“Well, then, let’s do this, now, now!”

The landmine exploded without any prior signs and destroyed the door. Simultaneously, countless trap magic activated and scattered poisonous gas, curses, physical explosions, flames, and ice in order to make a very dangerous looking smoke, but as Yu IlHan was quite far away and even had Aegis covering him, so he was left he was intact.

[Uwaa. What are you going to do if the contents of the vault is also…….?] (Liera)
“Hey, why did you suddenly…… huh?”

Just as Yu Il Han was about to ask why she suddenly stopped her line, he acquired the answer himself: Although he had felt nothing before the vault opened, now that the doors were smashed apart,

he could see human figures retreating deep back in fear.

“Goddammit. No matter how you look at it, they are the imperial family. So they were hiding inside and didn’t run outside?”
[I don’t care about that, where’s my treasure……?] (Liera)

While Liera muttered in disappointment, the humans that could be seen beyond the smoke acted very quickly. The relatively young ones quickly moved backwards, and 4th class knights, and 3 of them, took forward. As if it wasn’t allowed to touch the imperial family without going through them!

Now he was sure. There was no way a fake imperial family would be protected by 4th classes. Why did they foolishly hide inside the palace when they could have run outside!

“The demon already reached here……!”
“You shall not pass! The sword of the empire shall slay you!”

Looking at that unexpected scene, Yu IlHan pondered for a little. However, he soon came to a conclusion.

“Tch, I can’t help it.”

He flicked his fingers. At that moment, all landmines and grenades suddenly appeared inside the emergency shelter.
Among them, was a grenade that Yu IlHan had made in Dareu, using a 4th class magic stone. A.K.A Yu IlHan’s general gift set: ”One way ticket to hell!”

“Wh, what is this! Take it away right now!”
“Sir Elbani!”
“Y, Your Majesty!”

Although Yu IlHan had a lot of fun with landmines since he had come here, it was in fact very difficult to use grenades or landmines against 4th classes.

Above all, unless his concealment came into play like how he fished the 4th classes last time, he wouldn’t be able to even try this, and he also needed to stir their spirits so that they wouldn’t be able to react quickly. Moreover, he could only use them in closed spaces where there was nowhere to run.

Finally, unless a critical hit occurred, there was almost no meaning in using them.

In that sense, the current situation was one of the best scenarios.
Above all, the space was very narrow, and as the ones they had to guard were right in front of them, they could not escape. On top of that, he was using a grenade with splendid power against a 4th class human with a comparatively weak body!

[So you meant to kill everyone by ‘can’t help it’?] (Liera)

Liera shouted in shock, but Yu IlHan replied calmly.

“4th classes belong to the heart in the body. If so, I need to kill all of them, but even I don’t have the confidence to win against a 3 on 1 fight with the enemies all being 4th classes.”

As such, he would weaken them first before attacking them. Even if he had to use a precious grenade made with a 4th class magic stone!

“Your Majesty, now……!”


Not giving them any time to do anything, the piles of grenades and landmines caused a chain explosion. And in fact, Yu IlHan had set them so that there would be no time to do anything.
Since so many explosions were heard at once, it even sounded a little like a siren.

[Critical Hit!]

“Cough, Kahak.”
“Ku, huk…… Sir, Elbani……?”

What was fortunate for Yu IlHan was that there wasn’t a lot of shock all the way where he was since the shelter had absorbed most of it, and Aegis was enough to block it.

And what was unfortunate for the enemies was that since most of the shockwaves were directed inside the shelter, they had to taste a slice of hell for a moment.

The result was very clear as well. The weakest one among the 4th classes instantly died, and the two imperial family members that that guy had covered for also perished. The second strongest among the 4th classes received a serious injury such that he could not stand again, and the three imperial family members he had covered for had of course, died instantly.

“Your Majesty……!”
“Kuhuhuk…..No, No…..!”
“Your Majesty, please come to your senses!”

Since he was called ‘Your Majesty’ he must be the emperor, right? That person was only crying like a mental patient. Perhaps because everyone that Yu IlHan thought was his family, had been killed.

“One more.”

[You have earned 7,293,029,186 experience.]

Oh, with Yu IlHan’s whip, the second strongest among the 4th classes also died just now.

Of course, as the chain explosion of the grenades and landmines had no connection with Yu IlHan, he did not get any experience from it, neither did his concealment wear off. And since his attack just now had instakilled the enemy, his concealment did not wear off..

“Yo, you devillish bastard!”

The emperor, who witnessed his subordinate’s head flying into the air, cried out in anguish. The knight that still covered for the emperor as his last line of defence also abruptly opened his eyes.

“You bastard! You son of a bitch!”
“Kill me! I said KILL ME!”

Yu IlHan did as the emperor wished.
No, he thought he did so when something strange happened.

The whip that Yu IlHan lashed straight towards the emperor’s head, somehow latched onto one of the arms of the knight that protected him. That was an indescribable sensation, and what was even more inexplicable was that Yu IlHan’s concealment suddenly wore off the moment he grabbed the whip!

“Sir Elbani!”
“You are lower than an insect……!”

The sword of the empire that protected the emperor glared at Yu IlHan and shouted.

“I’ll show you the martial art of the protector!”
[It’s an advanced martial art. Oh my god!] (Liera)

The guy pulled the whip with all his power. as Yu IlHan was grabbing the other end, his body also flew forward as well.
As all objects that could potentially become obstacles were destroyed in the explosion, he was drawn closer to him in a straight line! And he couldn’t even react!


A knee kick after the pulling!

That desperate attack was dissipated by the five layers of Aegis shields that gathered in front of Yu IlHan’s stomach, but as if having waited for it, the guy had let the whip go and struck Yu IlHan after gathering all his mana on his single elbow!


That speed was too fast for Aegis to catch up. However, the moment his elbow was about to pierce Yu IlHan’s chest, many gigantic blades protruded out from the chest area and blocked his elbow.

Of course, as their power could not be compared, they also didn’t hold out for long, and Yu IlHan was smashed away.
It was natural that he would distance himself while being shot away. However, Liera didn’t know that and shouted in despair.

[IlHan, are you alright!?] (Liera)
“I, remember, the days, when, I went whale hunting… with dad…..!”
[You seem alright since you’re still  joking around. Phew.] (Liera)
“It really hurts though…….!”

The defensive capability of Yu IlHan’s armor that made him feel only ‘a large amount of pain’ from a full force strike from a 4th class over level 250. Like what Liera said, he could still crack jokes.

Of course, three or four blades were completely broken, and the armor was dented inwards which went towards proving that the enemy’s attack was not ordinary, but it seemed that the enemy couldn’t accept that.

“How can you be fine after allowing my attack to hit!”
“Well, you didn’t ask because you want me to tell you, right?”

Yu IlHan put away the whip inside his inventory and took out his spear to go against him.

A super expert with an expected level over 250, with a single arm and almost no mana, and Yu IlHan, who, despite having received a full force hit, was still protected by Aegis and was covered with unbelievable artifacts, but could no longer use the power of his concealment and the Deathgod skill. This would be a close fight.

The moment Yu IlHan was about to kick off the ground, Liera shouted.

[IlHan, don’t let your guard down!] (Liera)
“It’s alright, I can just run if I’m about to lose!”

With a declaration that unfit for a protagonist, Yu IlHan charged at the final knight of the empire!

Author’s notes

  1. IlHan does not need to go through military service. Of course, military topics will not appear in this story. Reason being, author is fed up with it.
  2. I’m the bomb itself!
  3. Uncle Jam is scary
  4. Impression on the story, and thoughts about the main character’s actions may all be different! Different does not imply being wrong. I’m also no Solomon and cannot judge right and wrong of the readers’ comments! As such, I would be satisfied if you just read this novel and enjoy it in your own way! Let us not fight!

Translator’s notes

Translator: Chamber
Proofreader: Koukouseidesu


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