Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 135: Not Me But My Son?! – 3

Disaster fell upon the empire of Kadra. It appeared without prior notice on a hill nearby the imperial castle, and bellowed as if to make everyone acknowledge its existence.
An enormous body, strands of thick, black magic power that covered it, and the black fire spreading from its body was as if it was the reincarnation of horror.

“Oh my god……”
“It’s divine punishment. It’s God’s punishment because we committed a taboo.”
“The empire is done for.”
“Aah, we shouldn’t have grabbed onto their hand.”

All that knew the identity of the monster collapsed on the spot in despair.
It was clear that the emperor had died. Since the demonic beast would not have shown itself if there were any survivors amongst the imperial family, the imperial family must have been exterminated as well.

The imperial castle collapsed and burned, and most of the high ranked knights and mages had also died. The forces inside the castle only amounted to a total of 3000 with just a few low-levelled 3rd classes, and half baked 2nd classes.

Now that things had come to this, the nobles in the countryside would not aid the imperial capital. They would hide in their territories, praying that the demon beast’s wrath would not extend unto their land. Even if they did step up, they wouldn’t have any 4th class beings within their ranks. As such, they could hardly expect to be able to calm the beast down, much less hunt it.

The empire was done for. With this, it had certainly met its end.

“So, you are going to wait for your deaths?”

It was then that Yu IlHan showed himself in front of the thousands of knights. He put the bloodied Eight-tailed dragon spear on his shoulders with his left hand, and on his right hand was the head of the emperor. He looked truly like a villain.

“Y, you! All of this happened because of you!”

Someone that looked like a captain of a knight order pointed at Yu IlHan. Yu IlHan threw the emperor’s head towards him, and he hastily grabbed it.

“Speak properly. Everything happened because of your emperor, no?”
“His Majesty only-!”
“Shut up.”

Shutting the captain up, Yu IlHan spoke again after having a look at the looks of despair on the thousands of knights.

“So, you are just going to wait for your deaths?”
“Then what do you want us to do!”

As if having waited for those words, Yu IlHan pointed towards the crying monster on the hill with his spear. His mouth had curved into a smile from some time.

“You gotta kill that.”
“Not to mention killing it, we cannot even wound it properly with our power. You! You killed everyone that can kill that monster!”

Yu IlHan didn’t deny it at all. He had already killed 5 4th classes since he had come here. If there were any left in the castle, then he would be really amazed. In fact, 5 was at an already amazing level.

“Well, then. If you have a head, then try using it. I killed everyone that can kill that thing. If so, will I be able to kill that, or not?”
“What…..? You….. kill, that thing?”
“Probably, if I set up some things beforehand?”

The knights lost their words. They all had expressions that had ‘what’s this guy up to’ written on their faces. Well, it was no wonder, since the guy who came to this world for revenge was saying that he was about to kill a monster with the same objective.

Of course, Yu IlHan didn’t require the understanding from these people at all.

“You have two choices. One, you die under my hands right now. Two, you die by getting eaten by that absurdly huge monster.”
“What’s the difference between the two?”

The knights smiled in despair. Yu IlHan also smiled.

“Well, who knows? Perhaps the demonic beast will eat less humans because you’re inside its stomach?”

No one replied to that. Instead, one of the knights that kept his silence until now asked while glaring at Yu IlHan.

“Then why are you saying that you will kill that thing?”
“You’re asking that? It looks like all the innocent civilians will die just because of you bitches. How can I leave it alone?”

Ah, anymore of this would be useless. Their thought circuits were different so what good would it do even if he said anymore? Yu IlHan just clicked his tongue and raised his hands. It was time to send worthless death upon worthless peo…..

“I’m going.”

At that moment, one of the knights stood up.

“Although it feels unpleasant since it looks like you’re using me…… if something changes because of me, then I’m going.”
“I’m going as well.”
“I cannot leave the fate of the empire to someone like you. I’m also going.”
“Kuhk, if it’s for the empire, even if I have to shake hands with a demon……!”

He thought ‘well sure’ at the beginning when 1 or 2 stood up, but it seems like…. they were standing up one after the other? Looking at their resolved expressions, they looked like main protagonists before their final battle. Yu IlHan thought while looking at that scene,

‘Hah, you sure boast even though you succumbed to my threat.’

No matter how you look at it, it seemed like they were trying to gift wrap their deaths since they couldn’t avoid it….. since he could use them now, he didn’t point that out.

Soon, all the knights had stood up, and the captain also decided to follow Yu IlHan, even while feeling that he had fallen for Yu IlHan’s trap. He couldn’t go against the peer pressure.

[IlHan.] (Liera)

At that moment, Liera escaped from Yu IlHan’s embrace and spoke.

[I’ll be back after I execute a traitor.] (Liera)
“You found them?”
[Yeah, I’m sure of it. Although it was quite hard to find since he was hiding…. I found someone that had a record of coming into contact with the emperor and the dead battalion commanders. What gave me the confirmation….. is that he’s approaching the gate right now.] (Liera)

Oh, then it was 100% sure now.
Liera instantly expanded into the same size as Yu IlHan and floated upwards.

[Be careful of the beast. Although it doesn’t differ much in level to the knight you killed last, it strength should be on completely different levels.] (Liera)
“You too, Liera.”
[Yes, I’ll be back.] (Liera)

Liera lightly kissed Yu IlHan’s cheeks before instantly disappearing with flap of her wings. Yu IlHan, who was left behind, absent-mindedly stroked his cheeks, before realizing that the knights were staring at him, and he spoke with a slight blush.

“Th, then from now, I’ll explain to you a plan so that you can die a slightly better than a dog’s death, so listen carefully.”

It took 5 minutes for the demon beast’s cry to die down. After that, it ran while raising the flame output from its body.
Everything burnt into black ash on its path, and it didn’t stop at that and scattered acrid smoke onto the surroundings.


Not only that, its cry didn’t just end with shockwaves and proceeded to shatter surrounding rocks and trees. Whatever it did, it became a natural disaster.


Even Yu IlHan, who resolved himself to kill it, thought that ‘Huh? Wouldn’t I really die in this fight?’ as he approached the area.

Would his armor hold out well? Yu IlHan gulped after looking at the slightly dented armor due to the fight with the knight last time. In any case, he could only try!

“I already told you the plan. I throw and it gets pierced. Then?”
“……We grab and hold.”

The knights answered with very stiff expressions. Yu IlHan nodded and held a thick dragon bone harpoon with both of his hands.

The harpoon which had undergone many upgrades to have enhanced durability along with piercing power and restrictive power! Of course, he had long since embedded a pillar that went with it.

Right now, Yu IlHan and the knights were transforming an area where the demon beast would come in 1 minute if it ran straight ahead, into a battlefield, while preparing to fight.

Tens of large scale harpoon & pillar sets were embedded in the ground, and aside from that, Yu IlHan had installed the ballistas that remained after giving Erta some to deliver to Kang MiRae. Although they were weak knights, many of them should be able to load a ballista if they worked together. Even other than them, he had taken out a lot of things from his inventory. If he lost, then his losses would be incredible.

“If I succeed in killing that demon beast with your help, then I will no longer interfere with you.”

With the demon beast nearing, Yu IlHan suddenly declared. Then, the knights all raised their heads.

“Is…… is that true?”
“Yes. I’m saying I won’t care if you rebuild the castle or do whatever you want. It’s not like you have the power to invade Earth again anyway.”
“Ooh, oooooooooooh!”

The knights finally gained their spirits.

Defeat the beast, and rebuild the empire with the survivors! How dramatic was that!
The public will absolutely favor the knights that protected the imperial capital, and although they would have to negotiate with the nobles, they would still be the core of new history! That was the heroism, and legend that all knights wished for!

“W, we shall definitely kill the beast!”
“We shall survive!”

Yu IlHan nodded in satisfaction while looking at the rising morale of the knights.

‘Good, I think it’s about time I get a max level ‘scam’ skill.’

Obviously, these bitches had all something to do with the Earth invasion, and as such, they were all bitches to the core. Yu IlHan was planning to clean things up even if someone remained after the demon beast died.

He lied to raise morale and bring out some activity from the knights, but he never knew it would be so effective!

“It’s coming!”

At that moment, one of the knights shouted. There was no more room for leisure. The other knights also scurried to their positions.

Yu IlHan put a great amount of strength into his arm holding the harpoon and activated his concealment after making the knights retreat. Then, he put all of his power into the harpoon. He activated the Superhuman strength skill, brought out any bit of power he could get from the Absolute accuracy skill, and finally, he focused in order to imbue the power of other martial arts into his throw.

‘Sharpness of a spear, destructiveness of a hammer, speed of a whip! A proper strike while it’s still rampaging around without noticing anything!’

Tensing all the muscles in his body, when he opened his eyes, its figure filled his vision.
He had to throw the harpoon right now, but its figure over 30 meters was overwhelming to the point that it almost snapped his willpower to challenge it.

‘No, Orochi and the other dragons weren’t inferior to this.’

Although he had the anti-dragon weapon then, so what?

Yu IlHan had become stronger. Not only his artifacts, but his levels, and his skills also rose. As such, he could do it!

Breathing deeply, he threw the harpoon which he threw to the best of his ability!

[Critical Hit!]


The harpoon Yu IlHan threw, pierced deeply into its cat’s paw-like foot, if you didn’t consider its size. It seemed that attack was painful no matter how big it was, as it roared like hell and spat out flames from all over its body.


With that single roar, 3 knights were ripped into pieces, theground was dug apart, and the fire from its body spread to the harpoon, then onto the dragon leather rope, and to the pillar. The pillar seemed very unstable as it was about to be pulled out at any moment, and the knights who had to stop that from happening despaired!

“Cover it with your bodies. Hold out so it doesn’t get pulled out!”

Ordered Yu IlHan to the knights that were absent mindedly watching and before jumping upwards. Its gigantic and yellow glowing eyes were glaring at Yu IlHan!

“Ballista! Fire!”

At the same time it spat out black flames towards Yu IlHan, the knights also hurriedly moved around. They pulled the trigger to the ballistas that were loaded to maximum power, 20 shots of them too!

[Critical Hit!]
[Critical Hit!]

The extra-large sized arrows made of dragon bones all pierced the gigantic body of the demon beast. However, the moment it was about to react and turn its head towards them, the harpoon Yu IlHan threw from the second zone pierced onto its back!

[Critical Hit!]


Yu IlHan was sure that he had imbued the sharpness of a sword and the speed of a whip into his harpoon throw just now. Otherwise, there was no way it would pierce so deeply like that!
He leaped towards the third area and while shouting.

“The (weapons made of materials from) dragons shall punish you!”

The demon beast roared again. And the knights were swept away like dried leaves in the autumn wind.
The knights should have realized by now. How hard it was to become a legendary character! Why was the world so full of those sad legends and why no one doesn’t believe such legends!

[Krrrrrrrrraaaaah, Kyahaoooooo!]

The demon beast’s roar became fiercer. The flames from its body all aimed towards Yu IlHan and came from various directions! While Yu IlHan wanted to test its attack power in one corner of his heart, he also thought that it didn’t need to be him to be the one to get hit.

“Ballistas! Shoot after loading! Pile bunkers too! Move!”

As such, he grabbed the harpoon on the third area and threw it at the beast’s hind foot, and sneakily put the knights up front to make them defend against the flame, before hurriedly going to the 4th area and grabbing the harpoon.

He probably had to do this around 30 more times in order to stop the beast’s movement. Perhaps more, since the pillar in the second area looked very unstable.


The demon beast roared. A portion of a rocky cliff far away shattered, and knights exploded again.
The crisis was too absurd that it was almost funny. Yu IlHan didn’t go down even against the monster’s explosive mana as he muttered while throwing a new set of harpoon.

“Call me Ish…… Ah, well. Hey! Over there! Move faster!”

The battle had just started. Although over a hundred knights had perished, there were still more than 3000!

Author’s notes

  1. Did the knights really stand up for the people? I’m not sure either!
  2. The last battle of Ferata is a raid! A novel’s law is to have stronger enemies if the main character is stronger!

Translator’s notes

Translator: Chamber
Proofreader: Koukouseidesu


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