Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 136: Not Me But My Son?! – 4

When Yu IlHan succeeded in striking about thirty harpoons into the beast’s body, there were only 1,700 knights left on the scene. The rest were either eaten by the beast, or killed by Yu IlHan in their attempt to run away.

“Good, now it won’t budge a single bit.”

At first, the beast tried to crash into the imperial capital after finishing off Yu IlHan and the knights quickly, but now, its movements were almost entirely restricted due to the harpoons that riddled its body.
Well, there were no more harpoons to throw, since they were all broken! Now, it was the time to believe in the knights that guarded the pillars connected to the harpoons and proceed to the next stage.

“Grab onto it with all your might! We shall protect the empire!”
“The beast cannot move! Knights, show it your willpower!”

In the face of the absurdly large disaster, it seemed their minds had broken down. The surviving knights all put on a hero act. They combined their power to go against the beast, and desperately attacked in order to deal any form of damage!
Newly confirming that human spirit move towards how it suited itself, Yu IlHan kicked off the ground.


All of the beast’s aggro was on Yu ilHan, as it was he who had struck all those harpoons in in the first place. It should really hate Yu IlHan to death right now.
As such, Yu IlHan couldn’t rest even for a little. Its endless cries, and the unending pillars of fire from its body, and the thick tail which Yu IlHan failed to hold down with the harpoon, were all aiming for him!


Since the tail was very visible, it was easy to avoid. The problem was the flame and the cry.

The flames from its body burnt the air and devoured the space. Extreme poison and vicious curses would remain wherever the flame passed by. Most of the knights died thanks to this, and even Yu IlHan would have collapsed long ago if he did not have Extreme poison resistance and Higher curse resistance.


The most dangerous above all was its roar. Everything that lay on the path of its mouth was obliterated, and he couldn’t avoid that.
Dragon magic that had almost no delay from incantation to activation was already OP enough, but this guy, in terms of destructive ability, was chain shooting such attacks like nothing!


It was impossible to avoid just by observing its movements. He had to sense the vibration of mana and anticipate the trajectory before the actual attack, and even had to leap twice in order to avoid it.

As he had to deploy Superhuman strength in order to use leap, he had deployed Superhuman strength this whole time, and to keep and recover his muscles in the extreme state, he also had to keep up his Transcendent regeneration. It was good that he had prepared a lot of Breath.


For some time, Yu IlHan had given up on relying on sight in battle. Even while he was blinking, his body rushed through the air, and many things blurred his vision whenever he opened his eyes, including the ground, the sky, rocks and trees, flames and a gigantic tail!

In this repetition of delicate psychological warfare and dodging, Yu IlHan’s mana senses and his leap skill grew diligently. The battle senses that Yu IlHan could never develop as no one and nothing overwhelmed him in speed and power before – this was starting to take shape in this place.

In exchange for Yu IlHan’s sweat and pain!

“Eat this!”

It wasn’t like Yu IlHan was running around all this time. He was doing is ‘next stage’ that he had declared before. Which was, throwing spears from long range!

Even now, a huge bone spear that appeared above its back shot down fast with the entire weight of the inventory and struck deep into its body. This happened as soon as Yu IlHan saw that its body was within his range of remote collection in his dodging.

[Critical Hit!]

It seemed it was painful as it forgot to send out a roar and twisted its body. For Yu IlHan, this was a rare opportunity. He avoided the pillar of black flames that erupted from its body and struck out with his spear, and this worked very successfully.

[Critical Hit!]

Yu IlHan wished to pour down hundreds of spears at once, but not only was it impossible to control that many spears while dodging every single one of its monstrous attacks, it was also impossible to give any effective damage if he spread out the weight into over 100 parts.
This was also a fact he had realized with tens of sacrifices from the knights. It was better to do a clear strike every time he had the opportunity!

“Aah, for the empire!”

Those same knights were grandly being evaporated real time. The beast’s tail or the fire, or the roar that failed to attack Yu IlHan would scatter in every direction and affected them. Every time the beast rampaged, the ground shook, thunderclouds gathered in the skies and knights died.

If it rampaged a little more, perhaps this entire landscape might flip over. IF that happened, then there will no longer be a meaning in those harpoons. As such, he had to strike as many times as possible with his spear while it was still grounded!

“Attack! It’s becoming weaker!”

Yu IlHan shouted loudly as he flew again. He leaped again and again while dodging the whip of black flames, and shooted several kilometers into the air in an instant, before taking out a dragon bone spear before throwing it down with his full power!

“Show it the will of our Kadra empire, and our power!”
“Let’s prove our undying glory and power to that shithead!”

At that moment, the crazed knights took the single-time use pile bunker that Yu IlHan had given them and charged forward!


Of course, there were more knights that evaporated into nothingness while charging, but even more knights rushed forward and took the pile bunker before striking them into the beast’s foot and butt.
Since Yu IlHan had given them the pile bunker fully loaded, the effect was of course great!


The demon beast twisted around and cried in pain. The rope connecting the harpoons and pillars all stretched taut, but they still held out quite well!

“What the hell is up with them? They’re fighting better than I thought. And there’s quite a lot of effective damage too……”

Avoiding the scattering roar of the beast, Yu IlHan landed while muttering. So it was possible for humans to become crazy to such an extent in the face of death? Some of them even looked to be fighting beyond their capabilities!

At that moment, an even more spectacular thing happened. Most of the 2nd classes that stayed at level 99 were growing into 3rd classes!
It seemed that the battle with this beast was an absurd record in and of itself. Of course, Yu IlHan was also feeling that very painfully……

“Ooh, ooooooh! Power. Power is overflowing!”
“I! shall build a new history for the empire!”
“I will kill that and become a hero!”

Their overflowing passions were too hot! Although, the demon beast’s flames were even hotter!

“The beast went crazy!”
“Do not approach that black blood that’s flowing from its body! It’s an extremely toxic poison!”

Well, the decrease of the knights didn’t stop and now there were around a thousand left. Among them, many were trying to hold out so that the pillars won’t get pulled out, but after seeing that their allies were gaining power in front of their eyes, their eyes flipped and they started rampaging.


The number of knights that courageously charged forward to the beast clad in black flames with the weapons that Yu IlHan had given out before the fight, like single-time use pile bunkers, and throwing hammers using the Giant’s Rubber band, had increased!
At this moment, those maggots were moving under one heart in the face of that monstrous beast with over level 260! Even though he didn’t intend for such things to happen!


Although the attack power of the knights were insignificant, when their power combined with the weapons that Yu IlHan had created, they couldn’t be ignored. Moreover, there were over ten knights who were striking giant dragon bone ammo into its body at the same time!


The beast finally turned its eyes away from Yu IlHan and spat out flames in rage. The extremely toxic flames that seemed like it was from hell split into tens of strands of whips and struck on the ground, and the poison and the curse covered the knights.
Tens of knights were forced to retire early in the face of that simple attack.

“Good, you guys are doing very well!”

However, it became relatively easy for Yu IlHan to move around since the knights were more proactive in annoying the demon beast.

Yu IlHan moved around diligently to not miss this opportunity as he struck several bone spears over its body. Using remote collection, direct throwing, and if he was lucky enough to gain an opportunity, he even charged closely and struck it directly!


However, just at the moment when the demon beast was about to become a hedgehog due to the hundreds of bone spears, it seemed to be annoyed now with the indiscriminate attacks from all directions, as it tried to leap upwards by kicking off the ground while emitting vicious flames in all directions!

The harpoons and the pillars connected with the ropes seemed to make inconspicuous sounds in resistance before shooting into the air with the knights that held on to them


That scene was truly spectacular. The target that all humans here put all their power into restricting, had freed itself using its overpowered strength!


The flame that appeared the moment it exerted power wiped out many knights again, and the knights that flew up into the air in its rampage also became unable to battle after falling down.

[Kuaoooooh! Hkyaaah!]

Meanwhile, the demon beast roared in lunacy and started to run in a straight line. Since it had spat out a lot of mana and blood, with spears and harpoons all over its body, it wouldn’t be in a normal state.
It had long since lost its reason, and was heading to the imperial capital instinctively since there was the most number of lives there.

“I can’t let you do that.”

Yu IlHan followed closely and struck another spear into its body, but it no longer cared about Yu IlHan either. No, with its reason completely gone, it couldn’t even catch his presence.

In other words, it now became possible for him to go into concealment against it.


Yu IlHan had a look at the dense number of dragon bone spears, bone harpoons, bone arrows, and bone ammos. In terms of quantity, it would be well over a thousand. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that one or two dragons had latched onto it.

Then, with this, the preparations were enough.

He took out a new weapon from his inventory. The weapon that he had poured blood and sweat into inside the barrier along with the whip. Its name was grand as well.

[Destruction-calling Giant’s Resonance Thunderhammer]
[Rank – Legend]
[Attack Power – 6,800]
[Durability 8,500/8,500]
[User restrictions – Dragon Slayer]
[Options –
1. 60% increase in critical hit rate, critical attack power.
2. Is possible to expand in size by a maximum of ten times. Power rises accordingly.
3. Resonates with items made of the same materials as the hammer according to the user’s will]
[A weapon of the creator of myths. The weapon will evolve according to the records it gains with the owner.]

The hammer didn’t have such magnificent options like the whip. However, not only was the attack power higher by about 600, the properties of all three options were focused into one area, which was the speciality against a single big enemy!

What Yu IlHan liked the most was the gamma option, ‘resonance’. He didn’t know how such an absurd option popped out. But such a result came about when he let the magic stone do whatever it wanted in the mana crafting process. The net of the sleeper caught several fish.

Resonates with the items made from the same materials as the hammer. What meaning is there in that? Perhaps that was the first thought that comes to mind.

Yu IlHan raised his hammer and expanded its size by 10 times. Then, he called out an Aegis shield and leaped + re-leaped as much as he could, to catch up to the demon beast that was charging forward.

There was nothing to hesitate about now. He pulled the power of Superhuman strength into the maximum, pulled Blaze over the end of the hammer, and exerted as much weight of his inventory as he could control, and struck down towards its head with all his power!

[Critical Hit!]
[The skill, Blaze, has become level 19. The power of the flames become stronger.]
[K, kgyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!]

The moment Yu IlHan’s attack burst in power, the demon beast rolled on the ground with a horrible scream. Did Yu IlHan’s attack hurt so much? Well, yes because, despite Yu IlHan’s low stats, he had a legend ranked weapon that dealt a critical hit.

However, the real reason was not that. That, was very clearly seen from the beast in pain due to the red flames covering its ‘whole’ body.

[yahak! Kyaahaaaaaaaah!]

The reason it was in pain, was because all the bone spears, and bone harpoons and bone ammos and bone arrows made of ‘dragon bones’, the same material that made up the hammer, had caused a resonance with the hammer and vibrated along with an enormous trauma while spitting out Blazing pillars!

Author’s notes

  1. What’s the technical word for this again? Group hypnosis?
  2. Thunderhammer specialized in raids!

Translator’s notes

Translator: Chamber
Proofreader: Koukouseidesu


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