Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 14: I Make Them – 1

[They’re Executors.]

“I vaguely expected that.”

The 5-person group of men and women shattered the half-frozen situation made by Yu IlHan’s fight. The soldiers came to themselves and the leader (who was a major) tapped his cheeks twice lightly and turned his head towards them.

“The monster was exterminated.”
“Exterminated? I heard it was a 2nd class monster though…… Oh.”

The man who looked like the leader of the group retorted while looking around and found Yu IlHan. This was only possible because Yu IlHan was in the middle of dismantling the bear.

“Sungdaein Bolt?”
“It’s him! It’s the Ir*nman mask!”
“Wow, then he really finished that bear alone? No way! Just what kind of arcane magic did he learn to get so strong?”

Yu IlHan didn’t like the group a lot when he saw that they were whispering to each other while evaluating him, but they were Executors who had the same objectives as him. There was no need to antagonize them for naught.
He ignored the five and started moving again. It would take a lot of time to dismantle the huge bear so there was no need to waste time on useless staring cont……

When he thought to that point, the huge bear corpse started decreasing in size. To Yu IlHan, who was shocked, Erta naturally explained.

[You didn’t know? It was using a Giantification skill. If its real body was 7m tall, then it would have been much stronger.]
“There are all sorts of skills, eh…?”

Honestly, Yu IlHan was delighted that the size of the bear had decreased as he had nothing to use all that bear leather for anyway. So, he waited silently for its body to decrease, and in the end, he started dismantling the bear that had been reduced to a size slightly less than 3m.

“H, hey. Sungdaein Bolt?”
“You’re really strong! Did you really get your 2nd job? Did you perhaps find a dungeon?”
“Hey, if a person’s talking to you, then you should ans……”

To a loner like Yu IlHan, such outgoing and grouped people were people who he was uncomfortable with the most. Therefore, he perfectly ignored the Executors who approached him and quietly wielded his spear.

“He doesn’t seem to have any intentions on confronting us. Give it up.”
“Tch, such a disgusting individual.”
“Why, isn’t he cool? He looks like a solitary gourmet.”
“Whoa, this woman’s preferences are really something, alright!?”

They tried to converse with Yu IlHan a few more times, but after they found out that he had no intentions on conversing, they clicked their tongues and turned away.

“It doesn’t seem like there is anything we can do here. Let’s go.”
“There was a request for support in other regions, can we request……?”
“Of course!”

It was a truly amazing communication ability. If it was Yu IlHan, he would’ve failed at the greeting stage, because his counterpart wouldn’t be able to find him.

However, whether they went or not, another line flew towards Yu IlHan, who was dismantling the bear. It was the leader who went ‘Sungdaein Bolt?’ in surprise when he first saw him.

“My name is Do WooJun. Looking at that bear, it looks like I will lose to you in the ‘first quest’, but I will show you that I will surpass you. You should remember my name.”
“……What will you do after surpassing me?”

With his loner’s basic mentality, he didn’t want to mix words with social butterflies when possible, but as Yu IlHan didn’t understand what Do WooJun was saying, he ended up speaking that line.
Do WooJun momentarily stood still as he was surprised that Yu IlHan had replied, but eventually, he spoke while looking at him.

“The living and breathing world is urging me. Akashic Record, the record of power of all existences! Our strengths are expressed in levels, and we can grow however much we want on the condition that we put effort in. Meaning that the strongest will be revealed clearly! So I will stand on a higher place than anyone in the future.”

It was a more childish reason than he thought so Yu IlHan lost his motivation to even reply. How could such a futile and foolish resolve exist?

However, as Yu IlHan knew very well that he had to respect others to receive respect, he tried his best to not to retort to him. As a result, he ended up just going back to dismantling.

“How could you ask and just ignore me…… Well, fine. We’ll see each other soon.”

Do WooJun licked his lips as if disappointed, but he lead his group and left that place.

It seemed that his sense of rivalry was boiling up after he saw Yu IlHan defeating the bear alone, but honestly, boiling something like that next to him just made Yu IlHan hot and annoyed.

In the first place, Yu IlHan didn’t like the word ‘rivalry’. Just how could one compete with another person shoulder to shoulder!? No, before that, how could Yu IlHan stand shoulder to shoulder with another person when there was no person to do that with in the first place?

Is a rival really necessary for improvement? That was called ‘lack of tenacity’. Wasn’t it enough to just quietly put effort alone if you wanted to improve yourself!?
Whether it was studying alone at home, or practicing Vale Tudo with a sandbag like Yu IlHan, it was all possible, but why would you drag another person in and embarrass yourself!?

If one couldn’t improve oneself just because there was no one to compete with, then would you be able call it your ‘own ability’ even when it’s an ability you improved just because of the existence of a rival? What meaning is there to an ability that only improves and is measured when compared!?
What is the purpose of an ability that only has meaning when it surpasses another person!?

How dare he compare with others when he didn’t even win against his own physical body? If he wanted to surpass something, wouldn’t he have to think about surpassing his own self first!?

How could he neglect something so much when even Yu IlHan could not say that he did it even with 1000 years of effort? And what? He will become the strongest? He will stand on a higher place than anyone? It was all laughable!

Like that, Yu IlHan spouted out the rage of a loner in an unfair and twisted way. Only inside his mind though.

[……Yu IlHan? Aren’t you a bit too excited?]
“No, I’m extremely calm.”

Erta’s call returned Yu IlHan back to reality. He pouted his lips as he retorted at Erta and finished dismantling the body.
Disappointingly, the brown bear didn’t have a magic stone, but the quality of its leather was great. If it was processed well, then he would be able to make an armor that could withstand machine guns easily.

“Excuse me… Sir Sungdaein Bolt……?”
“I’m not selling.”

He was now used to preventing the approach of the ‘strong friends’. However, as if he had heard the matter between Yu IlHan and second lieutenant Han YeoRang, and other military platoons, the government, and the major slowly and carefully approached Yu IlHan.

“I heard you were looking for strong monsters to hunt, no? If so, then we can give you the information.”
“Just the information?”

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