Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 14: I Make Them – 1

Just where did his figure saying ‘bite on a knife and charge’ disappear to… the major offered him a proposal with a truly amiable voice.

“We want to get over this predicament with the least amount of damage possible. Of course it would be a lie to say that we don’t want the body, but I’m saying that the lives of the people are more important. So if you want, I would like to share the positions of the appearances of the monsters……”
“Although the government is spouting bullshit about wanting to gather ability users to make a group or something, I’m honestly skeptical about it. They aren’t even hiding their intentions to control other people. Personally, I understand that you don’t want to get mixed with the government and the military. And so, I’m proposing this to you…….How is it?”

It was a reasonable proposal. The country was drawing a large and unrealistic picture, but this major was speaking to him with the realistic thought of having to get over this predicament as the basis.

Yu IlHan hesitated, but honestly, it wasn’t something he should hesitate about. Anyway, there would be soldiers where monsters are rampaging around, so if that was true, wouldn’t it be better to earn information from them and go directly rather than wasting time searching the internet?

“Tell me.”
“Fuu. Thank you for helping.”

The major, Yoon DaeHan sighed in relief from the bottom of his heart and bowed his head to Yu IlHan.

He had eyes.
A person that attacked and killed a 2nd class monster in just 3 strikes despite the fact that it hadn’t been many days since the Great Cataclysm. Currently, Yu IlHan was a person who he couldn’t touch with personal arms. Would he really just stop at there? No way. He didn’t know, but he guessed that Yu IlHan would probably grow up to be an ability user that represents Korea.

Yoon DaeHan had learnt a lot of things while he was in another world. He saw the scene where individual power surpassed that of a country’s and saw a scene where a single monster destroyed a country.
These told him the fact that existing logic could not lead the military, country, and society after the Great Cataclysm. It was also because of this that he proposed such an offer to Yu IlHan despite having to go against orders which told him to be forceful.

Trying to control a dangerous power may result in mutual destruction. Just why was there a need to clutch them in their palms and control them? If the opponent was someone who could be talked to, then one should look for a way to profit mutually. Like now.

While he may have been a bit violent towards his subordinate, he was a wise soldier. Due to his actions, Yu IlHan didn’t have to antagonize the military, and there was room for conversation.
Yoon DaeHan did more than enough by setting up a positive relationship with Yu IlHan, who would grow into an exceptional ability user in the future.

Despite the fact that Yu IlHan had read all of his inner thoughts.

“For the current military, stopping them is the best we can do. Before more people go through suffering…… Please.”

Yu IlHan skillfully wrapped the bear bones in the bear leather and hugged it. Then he lightly ignored the gazes of the soldiers mixed with admiration, envy, fear, and etc., and left that place. The fact that he didn’t need to use the flash app made him feel complicated.

[That human will live for a long time.]
“I don’t want to see him frequently. That person values me too highly.”
[Just what can be done towards that self-depreciation…… Anyway, let’s go to the next place! Run faster!]

Thanks to the military’s cooperation, Yu IlHan was able to exterminate three more hordes of monsters that day. Amongst them, there weren’t any that were stronger than the Direwolf, much less the brown bear, and thanks to that, he only levelled up once, becoming level 24.

Instead, he made a lot of profit. He had sold all the monster byproducts to military personnel in cash, except the magic stone, as he was sufficient with just the byproducts from the wolf horde and the bear.
As a result, a slightly shocking amount of money was now in his hands. In words, it was a sum close to 1 billion won (≈ 8.7 million USD).

“I will have enough left over after making a workshop! Shall we go sign a contract right away!?”
[It’s not wise to use such an enormous amount cash just after you’ve earned it. What are you planning to do if you get traced?]
[…..So I will use magic to erase the contractor’s memories for you as a special service just this time. If I use this, it will be done in one go.]

As expected, an angel’s magic was the world’s best.

Although he was scolded by his mother who said ‘where did you go when it’s so dangerous’ when he went back home at night, everything else went smoothly. Yu IlHan went to sleep while thinking that everything will turn out well starting tomorrow.

And when the sun rose the next day.
The same text could be seen on all of humanity’s eyes after they woke up.

[The severed connection with the other world will be restored! From now, you’ll be able to take quests and receive suitable rewards in the other world you were summoned to!]

Like that, Yu IlHan became a loner again.

Author’s notes
There are returnees who think like that (Do WooJun)
And there are people who think tlike that (Yoon DaeHan)
And there is a dropout who think like that – was what I was trying to show you in this chapter.
For your refrence, you can’t accept Yu IlHan’s soliloquy so seriously! It’s an extremly personal thought which contains IlHan’s resentment of not being able to find a rival as other people didn’t recognize him! T^T

The start of a new chapter! Humanity (excluding Yu IlHan) has received a fast-growth quest. The thing that God does is like a game developer trying to make game full of bugs normal by continuous patches! Don’t tell me there are other problems from this….? T, Tree of… @#%!!

Anyway, what will happen to the dropout Yu IlHan!? Will he just eat popcorn at home!?

Translator’s notes

LOL, loner life begins again…
Was ToS really full of bugs at the start? Maybe it’s just the Korean version… (I don’t play it)

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