Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 140: Not Me But My Son?! – 8

[The skill, Rule, has become level 30 due to the growth of your subordinates.]

The moment Yu IlHan opened his eyes after sleeping nicely thanks to Liera’s embrace-and-lullaby combo, he saw the notification.

“Eh? What?”

Yu IlHan blinked twice or three times before realizing what situation he was in. Yumir and his subordinates were growing rather rapidly at this moment!
Hurriedly checking his own status, Yu IlHan found out it wasn’t only the Rule skill, but Dragon-man resonance and Dragonic blood that had also risen in level.

Mir was alive. And he was growing! Pretty quickly as well!

“I thought the world was closed off….. so it’s still in contact with the Akashic Record?”

If not, there was no way Yu IlHan’s own record would be updates just because of their growth. Thinking up to there, Yu IlHan hurriedly checked his Rule skill.
To be exact, he was checking the status of his subordinates through it, and that method came back as a nice success.

[Subordinates connected through Rule skill : Yumir, Mirey, Pate, Jirl, Phiria, Ericia]

“……Good, they’re all alive.”

A small sigh of relief. If they were all alive, he could probably say that the others were safe as well. Although he didn’t know when they could meet again, he was relieved that they were still alive.

‘Since the forces on that side should have been weakened due to the battle on Earth, they should be able to endure well. Definitely.’

Although he didn’t know that less than 10% came out of the gate, but for now, not knowing was better for him.

“I’m hungry now.”

Now that his worry for Yumir and co died down, a sense of hunger came with it.
Just as he was about to sit up from his bed while loathing his own body for being true to his desires, he found out that he couldn’t move due to Liera sticking to him.

[Uuuuuum. Ehi, Uhuhu.]
“Eeei, this failure of an angel.”

Yu IlHan freed himself from Liera’s arms and legs which were coiled around his chest and leg respectively, before rolling this embarrassing angel that had stuck to him in her sleep.
It seemed that she had clung to him for ages, as her scent seemed to linger on his body. He had to put in quite a lot of effort in order to calm down his red face.

No matter how close they were… sometimes, he didn’t know how Liera thought of him from her actions. Sighing lightly, he stood up and stretched himself.

“Well then.”

Let’s eat and cheer up. Was what he thought as he opened his inventory when…

[The skill, Rule, has become level 31 due to the growth of your subordinates.]


The skill rose just now, but it levelled up again? Just how many monsters were they facing? He blinked again in shock.

However, the skill growth didn’t end with just that. After he ate lunch, after he finished his smithing at night, even as he laid down to sleep! Just as he was about to forget, the skill level of Rule rose and never once failed to make Yu IlHan dumbfounded.

[Isn’t it possible if you think that they are killing 100 3rd class monsters in 1 second? You have 6 subordinates so 16 each per second….. Hm, it’s impossible if it’s not IlHan huh.] (Liera)
“It’s also impossible for me without the remote collection.”

Of course, not to mention remote collection, the ones that went to another world didn’t even have an inventory. Just what was happening to them? Of course, there was no way of knowing. He could only ask once they met up!

His everyday life without Yumir and the other subordinates made him think back to his dropout period. As there were no other angels than Liera, it reminded him even more of that period.

Was it due to that? He also felt that time was flowing faster as well.

[They are all in a mess talking about the 2nd Great Cataclysm.] (Liera)
“Vanguard’s popularity is rising as well.”

The day of the battle against the Abandoned World, Yu IlHan had mentioned the 2nd Great Cataclysm, and the effect was huge.

The people of Earth were scared stiff after knowing that this already chaotic Earth would become even more chaotic, as they wished to raise their power and sense of security by several notches. As such, they all wished to trade with Vanguard, whose weapons showed amazing might in both personal weapons and install-style weapons.

Of course, there were many people that wanted to surpass Vanguard. Many companies thought that they could surpass Vanguard by fusing Earthen weapon development techniques and the weapon crafting skills of the Akashic Record, but that matter wasn’t as easily done as said.

Leaving aside nuclear bombs and hydrogen bombs that easily killed numerous humans prior to killing monsters, chemical and biological weapons that showed enormous might in wars between human beings did not work against monsters at all.

Going over to firearms, pistols only worked against 1st classes, and heavy arms could barely defeat a 2nd class. And this was assuming that the monsters stood still and got their weak points struck.

There were many problems as well in regards to non-nuclear explosive warheads; small-scale warheads were useless, and bigger scale warheads caused human deaths as well. moreover, the monsters had a much higher resistance to all kinds of gunpowder.
Decisively, even missiles that flew at over mach 10 would be useless unless it exploded right in front of the monsters’ faces and the majority could avoid them so large scale weapons were mostly useless.

Since things came to there, mankind turned their eyes into new materials that Earth had acquired due to the Great Cataclysm, but there was no way creating new weapons with new materials, was easy.

If so, who on Earth was able to do all that? Yes, there was only Vanguard! As such, the more they failed, the higher Vanguard’s name rose.

[Vanguard makes weapons by extorting aliens]

Was how people joked around after the battle with the Abandoned World. As weapons that couldn’t be seen even in other worlds, not to mention Earth, were popping out one after the other, it was natural for such things to be said. While in truth, it was all thanks to high level monster materials, Eternal Flame, and the max levelled blacksmithing!

On the 3rd day after Yumir and co were swept into the Abandoned World, Yu IlHan had safely undergone the 2nd advanced weapons trade, and became a globally wealthy man.

As he had overflowing amount of cash, in this trade, he didn’t only trade with cash, but with monster materials from those over 2nd class, buildings or land. But after he did receive it, it was a pain to manage all of them so he left them all alone. They weren’t that important to Yu IlHan anyway.

It was also then that he met up with Kang HaJin.

After the advanced weapons trade was over, the two headed to a clearing in Gangnam; the place where the gate connecting to Kiroa, the home of the wolves, was located.

“Are you alright?”
“To be honest, I’m not.”

Kang HaJin made a bitter smile. But even this was better than before. When they met in New York, he was so absent minded that he couldn’t even call out to him. No, well, to be exact, it should be said that Yu IlHan also wasn’t in the mind to do that.

“But we can’t stay still forever…… If it was MiRae or YuNa in my place, they would have also done this.”

Instead of saying something irresponsible like ‘since my subordinates are alive, it’s possible that your friend and sister might be alive as well’, he silently listened to him.

“Since the transference of land possession was completed smoothly, I was about to talk about it to you. And before that.”

Kang HaJin bowed his head towards Yu IlHan in apology.

“Mr. Yu IlHan’s subordinates were caught up in this due to my sister. I’m very sorry.”
“You don’t need to be, it was their own decision.”

Kang HaJin also relaxed a little at Yu IlHan’s honest reply. ‘Is that so?’ he asked before stepping back a little and asked.

“I heard the monsters you are ruling were also caught up in this. Although I’m sorry to ask this, can we still believe in those wolves?”
“Well, of course they’d leave my control if Ericia dies.”
“If so…..”
“I’ll take responsibility for everything, so you don’t need to worry about that.”
“……Thank you, and I’m very sorry.”

This was probably what he wanted to hear in the first place. Yu IlHan pitied Kang HaJin as he had to act like this since his sister was swept into an Abandoned World, it wasn’t like he didn’t understand him at all, he didn’t say anything.

At that moment, Kang HaJin opened his mouth again.

“May I ask one more thing?”
“What is it?”
“Do you have any plans on what you’re going to do on this land here? If there’s anything we can help you with…..”
“Oh, no. I do have something to do, but I will not be needing your help.”

Said Yu IlHan as he smiled.

“I’m planning to build a house.”
“A house…… you say?”
“Since I’m building one, I’m planning to make a big mansion.”
“Yes, alone.”

Kang HaJin’s face colored in confusion and doubt. Meanwhile, Yu IlHan’s smile became thicker. He spoke with strong conviction and expectation.

“Before they come back, I’m planning to build a grand mansion.”

Although it was good to build a mansion, there was something else he had to make before that.

Which was, of course, the item that he even created a blueprint for while ‘running’ towards South America, wings! The wings with thousands or tens of thousands of thin feathers would become a perfect support type equipment that helps out in regard to battle, defense, and even mobility.

In fact, he was planning to craft it using dragon bones when he drew the blueprint, but after acquiring the level 267 volcanic demon beast corpse, his plan changed. To be specific, he changed his mind after finding a 4th class magic stone near its heart while dismantling it.

[Wow, this is really amazing……] (Liera)

Even Liera exclaimed after looking at that. The magic stone emitted a mysterious light, and was so big that it was unbelievable that it came out from a lower existence! Leaving aside the fact that vicious poison and curse dwelled in it, and was hard to even hold onto it, the magic stone was the manifestation of perfection itself.

“Good, I shall create the wings with this guy’s magic stone and bones.”
[How about creating a weapon since the magic stone is this good?] (Liera)
“Then let’s start!”
[Hey! Don’t ignore me!] (Liera)

Although he did decide after only looking at its heart, its bones were the best as well. its blackish-red bones from skull to toe bones made him wonder what it must have eaten for it to become so hard.

If there was one drawback, it was that not to mention processing, even cutting it was very difficult. Although the demon beast’s bones were metallic like the dragons, perhaps due to its ability while it was living, it had a perverse characteristic of absorbing fire up to a certain level, and even became even harder through it.

As even Eternal Flame couldn’t melt it down no matter how many magic stones he fed it, he called out the purple flames from his Eight-tailed dragon spear, added Blaze, and covered that with the Eternal Flame and fused them into one. Only then could he barely melt it down. As Yu IlHan himself had no mana potions, this process was very tiring.

The It was impossible to completely melt down the demon beast’s bones, and even if it did melt, it solidified almost instantly, so Yu IlHan had to craft the artifact with the mindset, and actions of that of a beast aiming for prey.
Yu IlHan’s carving knife, hammer, chisel and anvil all perfectly harmonized with each other to craft the demon beast’s bones little by little. That scene, was really, was so cool that it was a little bit of a pity for Liera alone to watch it. As Liera liked watching Yu IlHan holding the hammer the most from before, this period of time was like a blessing to her.

Of course, she couldn’t just play around. She had to support him in the process.

[IlHan, that place is solidifying!] (Liera)
[There, a little below! It’s sticking!] (Liera)

The battle that was even more difficult than killing the demon beast itself, continued for almost three days before it ended. Exactly 7,867 blade feathers and the skeleton frame that connected all of them, were completed.

[Wow, so pretty. Does this move only with your shoulder movements?] (Liera)
“Of course.”

Yu IlHan equipped the wings behind his back, and when he tensed his back and shoulder muscles minutely, the wings made of bladed feathers flapped while creating sharp and frightening sounds. He had implemented it so it could move just with physical power and not mana.

Of course, that technique itself was very amazing, but Yu IlHan’s ability to freely flex all of his muscles was more shocking.

[Are you able to fly now?] (Liera)
“Although I could probably control the direction if I’m falling from the sky, no matter how hard I flap these heavy wings on the ground, it does nothing more than training back muscles.”
[That doesn’t sound so bad to me. Slurp.] (Liera)

The current wings were already a legend ranked artifact. If he moved his shoulder muscles and back muscles well, it was possible to attack towards his back direction with the wings while attacking the front with his weapon. The attack power amounted to 7,000 purely as a weapon!

However, what Yu IlHan wanted wasn’t simply a weapon. He wanted a supportive tool for perfecting his rapid movements that had the Leap skill as its base.

“If I want to do that, I need to engrave each and every one of these feathers with magic language. I’m talking about these extremely sturdy feathers.”
[Uh, yeah….. do your best…..!] (Liera)

As such, this was the 2nd round now. With all types of flames available to him, Yu IlHan started engraving on the wings.
Had he not acquired the ‘Hero of fire’ title that increased his fire attribute attack by 40%, the fire output would have decreased, and it would have been impossible to craft these wings!


Yu IlHan had spent another 3 days before he could let the carving knife go. Looking at the magic formation that was completed through a work process that was incomparably more difficult to creating the Traps of Destruction, a smile surfaced on his face subconsciously.

However, the most important process in order to finish the job, was still left.

[Are you really going to use that magic stone?] (Liera)
“I’ve already extracted the options from the robe, so yes.”

Yu IlHan took a few deep breaths, and grabbed the 4th class magic stone that the demon beast left behind. As the magic stone’s power was overwhelmingly stronger than the option’s power, it should be possible to create new options that Yu IlHan wanted! It had to be able to!

Yu IlHan delicately put down the magic stone on the blade feathered-wings, and put his two hands on it before closing both of his eyes. It was now time to undergo mana crafting.

What he imaged was the strong and fast figure of the demon beast. The figure of the demon beast that was apocalyptic with just its presence alone! Yu IlHan did not doubt at all that that power would be imbued into these set of wings and help Yu IlHan in the future.

At the same time he thought up of the form of the completed artifact, a heavy and dark light covered the workshop. However, a streak of bright light burst out.

[Ruin Calling was completed.]
[The skill, Mana crafting, has become level 60. You can bring out the power of the artifact with less mana.]

The moment that messaged popped on Yu IlHan’s retina, he was sure that he had succeeded.

[Ruin Calling]
[Rank – Epic]
[Attack Power – 7,300]
[Defense – 6,500]
[Durability – 15,500/15,500]
[User restrictions – Hero of Fire, Physical combat mastery level MAX]
[Options –
1. All blades that make up the wings have a strong power of fire dwelling in them. All flames are absorbed within the limits of the durability, and can freely be released.
2. Reduces the activation speed for all physical combat-class skills, and increases their effect by 30%.
3. Creates a shockwave into a set direction by consuming mana. The power of the shockwave is directly proportional to the mana consumed.]
[A miracle created by the best smith using the best materials that could come out of a lower world.]

[……Huh?] (Liera)

Liera tilted her head.

[It’s really amazing that it’s epic-ranked…… but isn’t this just a weapon that’s stuck onto the back?] (Liera)
“Where did the second option go?”
[Exactly! It’s a physical combat skill enhancement! It’s a perfect weapon!] (Liera)
“Don’t you know that Superhuman strength is also categorized as a physical combat skill?”
[Uh, what?] (Liera)

Superhuman strength was physical combat-class, and of course, Leap was the same. These wings, Ruin Calling, would increase the performance of his leap skill by 30% just by equipping it.
Moreover, adding the 3rd option that was a strengthened version of the robe’s options, Yu IlHan’s speed would multiply by 3 times or more!

[I don’t think I’ll get it until I see for myself. So let’s first….] (Liera)

The moment Liera was about to say that due to not realizing the true power of the wings, Spiera’s hurried voice could be heard.

[Come to New York quickly with Yu IlHan! The Gate seems like it’s about to open!] (Spiera)

Liera abruptly raised his head and grabbed onto Yu IlHan’s arm. Regardless of his reaction, she dragged him and expanded her wings.

[IlHan, let’s use those wings right now. Let’s go!] (Liera)
“Wha, what is it?”
[Right now!] (Liera)
“The wings! I should take them!”

Ten days had passed since Yumir and co were swept into an Abandoned World.

Author’s notes

  1. Although he couldn’t build a mansion, the wings are complete! We’re going to meet them now!
  2. There was a lot of mentions that IlHan’s level up speed was much slower than Yumir and co’s levelling speed. I was about to write about how Yumir and co’s levelling speed is reasonable in the author notes, and was about to exceed a chapter’s amount, but deleted them all. I should have made you accept it just with the novel alone, but it’s my fault that I couldn’t. I’m very sorry.
    I resolved to myself that I will only give you enjoyment while you read my story, but some of you are feeling inconvenient rather than joyful. I’m sorry yet again.
    Although I can’t fix their levels since Yumir and co’s journey in another world is necessary for plot development, I’ll try to write more carefully in the future while considering experience balance. Please watch well with a kind heart.

Translator’s notes
I’m using a text editor to translate at school since internet is so slow here… so if you find any typos, blame Koukousei. (Yes, not me, but Koukousei, oh, and my crap school internet too)

Translator: Chamber
Proofreader: Koukouseidesu


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