Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 142: The MVP Is Mine – 1

It took 5 minutes for Kang MiRae to stop crying and come to herself. Having stopped, she realized what she had just done, and shocked herself out of Yu IlHan’s embrace before lowering her head.

“I, I’m sorry. Please excuse my rudeness…….”
“It’s not to the extent of rudeness but….. Oh, you guys get off too.”

Although Kang MiRae’s words sounded calm, from her reddened cheeks and eyes, it seemed that she wasn’t quite so. If they really did end up drifitng away for 1,000 days, it was quite understandable.

“I think I need to listen to you. Let’s switch locations first. Ah, hey, I said get off.”

No matter how he thought about it, this wasn’t the mood to scatter so Yu IlHan suggested with a bitter smile. This was an unimaginable way of thinking if he was still in his loner days.


Kang MiRae slightly nodded and wiped the tears off her face. Then, she proceeded to rip Na YuNa off Yu IlHan and throw her on the ground, before picking up her phone, that didn’t have service  for 1,000 days, and contacted somewhere.

“Ou-ou-ou-ouch. MiRae, you really are harsh.”
“Please fix your habit of sticking too close to someone you’ve given your heart to.”

In 5 minutes, limousines arrived at the venue. While Yu IlHan was feeling dumbfounded at this always-unrealistic scene, the drivers that came out of the limousines respectfully greeted Kang MiRae and Na YuNa. Liera exclaimed while looking at them.

[It’s amazing that they can still retain their power even after the world has changed so much. That shouldn’t be possible with money alone….. Political power is really something.] (Liera)
[Liera, please keep your basic dignity as an angel.] (Erta)
[Huh? I think I saw an angel weeping while clinging to IlHan just now, where did she go?] (Liera)
[I didn’t cry!] (Erta)

While the reunited angels were getting into a fight as always,  Kang MiRae, who had now regained her composure, spoke to Yu IlHan with a faint smile.

“Please get on.”

Kang MiRae, who made Yu IlHan dumbfounded with those limousines, activated the golden combo of an aeroplane, along with several helicopters with 2nd class ability users to protect it.

“We’ll bring you to Korea right away, lady MiRae. Lady Na YuNa too.”
“Yes. Oh, tell my father that I cannot meet him right away.”

Seeing several ability users trying to protect Kang MiRae and co from the skies as well as the ground, Yu IlHan thought that the money he had his hands on didn’t amount to much.

Having 2nd class ability users as subordinates couldn’t be done with just money alone. Only a history of loyalty, solidified over the years, could make that possible.

“Master, was there anything inconvenient while we were away?”
“Your Majesty. I think you became stronger!”
“And he turned more handsome too. I thought I caught up a lot, but I guess I’m still far away.

Well, he did have his own set of loyal subordinates.
Just that they weren’t human. Thinking that he didn’t have it too bad either, Yu IlHan smiled. In any case, it was fortunate that everybody came back safe. He truly thought that. He somehow felt a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Everyone, excluding Flemir, who had to lead all the wolves waiting outside the New York gate, headed to Seoul together. Although Yu IlHan felt slightly depressed for not being able to show off his wings, Ruin Calling, the others didn’t notice that. Only Liera laughed.

Having arrived at Seoul, the group headed to Yu IlHan’s apartment. As everyone was Yu IlHan’s subordinates other than the angels, it was nothing strange.

Well, if you exclude Kang MiRae and Na YuNa that is.

“So you want to sleep here for 3 days.”

Yu IlHan was surprised by Kang MiRae’s sudden request. Kang MiRae spoke of her reasons with a very sorry expression.

“Of course, we’ll get a hotel room if it’s of any inconvenience to you, but if I book a hotel using my name, it is highly possible that my father or brother will come to find me…… If we stay here, those two will probably not interfere.”

Instead, it would be Yu IlHan’s point of view, that a terrible misunderstanding that may arise!?

“Mirrrr! Let’s wash with Noona!”
“Na YuNa, you too, don’t run around like it’s your own home, and lower your head right here!”

The reason for Kang MiRae’s sudden request was this:

For Kang MiRae and Na YuNa, who had fought for 2 years and 9 months without rest, mental and physical stress had piled up beyond their limits. They had just avoided death by over exhaustion thanks to Na YuNa’s recovery maagic!

However, if they went back to their clans now, they would be flooded with work again. Kang MiRae had extremely rationally judged herself that she needed a rest. Whether it was the 2nd Great Cataclysm or the Lightning God clan, she would only be able to work after resting both her body and heart.

“Even so, I can only apologize as it’s…..”
“Dad, MiRae-noona is kind. YuNa-noona is kind too!”

Just as when Yu IlHan was about to reject, Yumir in his arms, spoke with clear eyes.

“Even so…..”
“Dad, is it no good?”

Just as when he was about to reject regardless of Yumir’s eye attacks, those two clear eyes dampened up. Critical Hit on Yu IlHan’s heart and conscience!

“Can’t I play a little more with these noonas?”
“……Who taught him this skill?”
“Me, me, meee! Mir is so cute, isn’t he! Ouch!”

Yu IlHan smacked Na YuNa on the forehead for the first time. However, that also implied his permission to stay.
Na YuNa made a ‘v’ with her fingers towards Kang MiRae even as she looked about to cry, and Kang MiRae also smiled a little.

The promised 3 days went past very quickly. Yu IlHan told the state of affairs on Earth to Yumir and the others, and they, told Yu IlHan their story. After hearing that, Yu IlHan’s impression was very simple.

“So Mir hard-carried everyone.”
“I fought hard!”

If it wasn’t for his concealment ability, it would probably have been the end the moment they went to the other side. What was more impressive that Yumir’s concealment skill evolved in a way that concealed his allies as well as himself. It was all thanks to him that they could massacre the monsters while enduring daily life in that harsh world!

A party-specialized evolution… It was impossible for a natural-born loner like Yu IlHan. Yu IlHan was satisfied that his son grew up to take care of everyone unlike himself.

“Dad, is it really true that only 10 days passed here?”
“Yup, not a single day less or more.”
“So that’s it. That’s good!”
“That amounted only to ten days……”

Meanwhile, the returnees from the Abandoned World went into a group panic after realizing that only 10 days passed on Earth while 1000 days passed in that world, but as all media including the News was the same as before, they acknowledged reality.

In fact, it was a great fortune that they were strengthened prior to the 2nd Great Cataclysm of Earth. Although, no one could answer why the flow of time was strange in that world.

[Do you really think that? Don’t you think it has too much to do with you consider it a coincidence, IlHan?] (Liera)

Liera’s retort. Yu IlHan heaved a deep sigh even though he had expected that reaction a little. It was annoying enough that he had suffered alone for a thousand years on Earth, but if it was due to him, then how would he feel!

“Don’t tell me you think that I have something to do with it?”
[But it’s too similiar to be a coincidence……] (Liera)

Yes, he was in fact a little suspicious. Didn’t Yu IlHan’s dropout period 100 times that of the expected period?
10 years into 1,000 years; ten days into 1,000 days… The ratio was too perfect to be considered a coincidence!

[Isn’t it that there is some transcendent power in the Yu family?] (Liera)
[Rather than their own power, I think that their hidden records may be connected to Earth to cause a change.] (Spiera)
[I knew it…… There was no way Yu IlHan is an ordinary human when he has a pancosmic-level title.] (Erta)
“Even if you look at me like that, you won’t get answers. And Erta, come with me to the rooftop later.”

In the millennium of his dropout period, Liera only explained it as an unknown error, and Yu IlHan who was busy living out that thousand years, didn’t look much into it. Even if he did, nothing would change anyway.

However, Yumir, who was born from Yu IlHan’s mana, ended up being trapped in an Abandoned World. If there was anything different from Yu IlHan himself, it was that he was together with allies, and the Akashic Record was connected to it.

He came back after spending a thousand days, and only ten days had passed on Earth in the meantime. Looking at the two incidents separately, it could be said to be a coincidence that can happen on a multiversal scale, but connecting Yu IlHan and Yumir’s existence together, the story became entangled.

[What if that unknown error is related to IlHan’s record?] (Liera)
[There’s nothing ‘what if’ about it. The other groups will wish to capture Yu IlHan and not kill him.] (Erta)
[That’s a good thing since IlHan is safer now!] (Liera)
“Being inside a tiger’s mouth would be much safer than my own position right now!”

However, there were too little samples to declare that Yu IlHan was the reason. At that moment, Liera clapped and spoke.

[Then you can just increase the samples, can’t you? IlHan, you can have a child!] (Liera)
[I’ll take the right.] (Spiera)
[Then I’ll beat up the left.] (Erta)

Spiera and Erta forced Liera into submission when Liera was acting all nervous, twisting up her body, saying ‘How is it, a genius idea, no?’.
With the worry that this idiot may commit a taboo if they didn’t make Yu IlHan into a higher existence quickly, Erta spoke.

[Yu IlHan, I’ll throw this idiot in the recycling bin. Meanwhile, please confirm if there was anything similar between your parents. It should be fine to get only the hints.] (Erta)
“Yes, then please recycle her properly.”
“I also want to go meet grandpa and grandma!”
“Okay, let’s do that.”

Yu IlHan had a glance at Kang MiRae and Na YuNa, who was playing ping pong with the elves, and thought about when they’d leave as this was the third day, as he left.

After concealing himself, it took a few flap of his wings to arrive at his house. Both of his parents were home, and Yu IlHan entered with Yumir in front of him. Yumir shouted this as he went in the front door even though Yu IlHan didn’t make him to:

“Grandpa, grandma. Hello!”
“IlHan, you’re here….. Oh?”
“It’s not IlHan!?”

Quite a lot of time was needed for the house, which flipped due to the sudden appearance of an 11 year-old-looking child, to turn calm.

“I’m not sure about incubation with mana or anything like that, but it’s your son alright. He looks after you. Of course, he’s much more handsome compared to you at that time.”

Yu YongHan, Yu IlHan’s father judged, after observing for a while. Yu IlHan added with a smile.

“He’s also your grandson.”
“And the child’s mother?”

Was the mother’s, Kim YeSeul’s, question. Yu IlHan honestly answered.

“She died before his birth. Dragons are born from eggs after all.”
“Oh my, sonny, you became a widower. Aren’t you lonely, Mir?”
“It’s fine because there’s dad. And pretty noonas too!”
“Oho? Pretty noonas? Mir, won’t you elaborate more on that?”

Kim YeSeul urged with a bright smile. Unlike Yu YongHan in a slight panic due to this unrealistic situation, she was very different. Moreover, she looked like she had become even younger after all this time.

Now it was for sure. Unlike his father who was stuck in 1st class, his mother was levelling up! And perhaps, she was at least 2nd class already.
2nd classes belonged to the top 3% of humanity right now. Although he thought this before, but if he had any talent, perhaps it was inherited from his mother?

Then perhaps his mother was…? Yu IlHan asked her with a slight nervousness.

“Mom, was there anything special that happened in the ’10 years’ youspent in Ya-umin?”
“Ya-umin? Ah, Oooh.”

Kim YeSeul tilted her head before laughing.

“Well, nothing happened at all. Even though I’m quite good if I look like this at my age!”

Hmm, it seems like she misunderstood. Yu YongHan laughed at her.

“What do you mean ‘good’. You’re an old lady.”
“Hey, everyone looks at least 20 years younger than you when I go outside. People talk bad about you, and not me.”
“Oh, she’s right about that, dad. Please level up even while taking it easy.”
“There’s nothing safe about levelling up, son.”

Hm, it seems like his mother wasn’t it. And from how his dad looked, it looks like it wasn’t him either.

Yes, of course. The twisted time axis in Yu IlHan’s and Yumir’s trapped worlds were simply coincidence. There was no way such a record would be hidden inside a guy who couldn’t even wield mana.


As his worries ended as just worries, he breathed a sigh of relief.
Although he never doubted the fact that he became this strong precisely due to the thousand years on Earth, never was it fun to talk about it with a light smile. If his parents suffered such pain, then Yu IlHan would also find it hard.

Now that he settled down, he became hungry. As he couldn’t go back home and eat when his mother was in front of him, Yu IlHan spoke firmly as if he had lent some money to them. It was the privilege of the son.

“Mom, food.”
“Food! Food!”

Although he looked 11 on the outside, Mir was still 1 year…… no, 3 years old. When he imitated Yu IlHan while laughing, Kim YeSeul stood up with a satisfied smile.

“Okay, I’ll make a feast so eat to your heart’s content.”

Then she seemed to head off to the kitchen, when she turned back and asked.

“And so? Who’s my daughter-in-law candidate among those pretty noonas? I’m completely fine with multiple candidates.”
“There’s completely none!”

Shouted Yu IlHan. Although someone’s face passed by in his mind, Yu IlHan denied that and spoke confidently.

“There’s no woman in this world that would marry your son!”
“That’s a boast? Then try saying that to everyone!”

Now, how could I send this son off to marriage? – Kim YeSeul about her son’s future, as she headed off to the kitchen.

Author’s notes

  1. Only Yu IlHan and Kang MiRae treat Na YuNa like she’s nothing.
  2. Hard-carried : You grabbed onto the useless ones’ collars and dragged them with you.
  3. It seems like it wasn’t the first time Spiera and Erta did that before.
  4. Sons are said to take after their mothers. Yumir takes after both Lecidna and Yu IlHan, but it seems IlHan takes after his mother. FYI, I also take after my mother (Not the translator but author)
  5. I’m not sure about multiple candidates, but there sure is an angel candidate, mother-in-law!

Translator’s notes

Translator: Chamber
Proofreader: Koukouseidesu


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