Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 146: The MVP is Mine – 5

Although a disaster of 300 out of the 419 people being ejected had occurred, there was no need for them to be dejected by the difference in power between them and the participants in the senior tournament. It did not matter if it was them or the opponents, they were insignificant existences compared to Yu IlHan.

“And I actually tried to compete against him…”
“I should’ve known from the time he easily wiped out the wolves of Kiroa. But one day I’ll……!”

Of course, there were some who didn’t like Yu IlHan’s actions. The ones that resolved themselves to surpass him one day, and people who didn’t like him from the beginning like Michael Smithson was in this category, but Yu IlHan didn’t think that it was such a bad thing.

The tears of the weak and the unrelenting resolve. That, would make their growth speed up. In any case, Yu IlHan would welcome anything if it would make the people of Earth stronger.

And in the semi-finals after that, Yu IlHan went a step further. Against 84 3rd classes and two 4th classes, he, with a scarlet-burning whip, took charge of a 4th class and fought on equal footing!
Flemir, who also had now met an opponent, also rampaged to his heart’s content with Yu IlHan’s permission.

“H, how is this a Junior…..!”
“You deceived me angeeeeeeeel!”
“That’s a monster, dammit!”
“Yes, I’m the proud leader of the Royal Guardians of the wolfkin race blessed by the moon, Flemir!”

All of the 4th classes participating in the competition were agile and strong, but Yu IlHan and Flemir were even more so.
Thanks to the options attached to Ruin Calling, his Superhuman strength raised his stats to levels not inferior to 4th classes! Yu IlHan’s figure shooting shockwaves everywhere while shooting across the air and wipe the enemies out with his whip, was like a disaster.

“Eeeek, take care of the other Earthlings first!”
“Take care of that Lightning woman first!”

While the two 4th classes were put on their edges, the other 3rd classes reached the reasonable conclusion that they had to take care of Kang MiRae, who was using the most dangerous magic here, first, but unfortunately, they were ejected after being shot by the absurd number of wind bullets.

“Mir is so OP!”
“Yes, dad also called me OP!”

Na YuNa was now able to use even stronger blessing magic, incomparable to other priests/priestesses, after becoming 3rd class and receiving even stronger blessing from the Goddess of Beauty! Plus, Yumir who was shooting wind magic with her buff! The wind bullets polished in real combat, had already surpassed the capabilities of 3rd classes whether it was speed, destructiveness, or accuracy.

“Attack, now!”
“Now! Everyone charge!”

When he gained time like that, Kang MiRae’s wide range magic would wipe the 3rd classes into the ground, and the remaining members would just kick them to eject them from the field. It was a perfect combo.

Of course, as there were a lot of enemies, there was no way Yu IlHan and his group could take care of everyone, and most of the surviving people of Earth were ejected in this round. The remaining only amounted to 43. Yu IlHan’s group, and the core members of the Lightning God clan, and some of the clan masters and their elites.

However, everyone other than Yu IlHan’s group knew that their turn was over. Their turn was over since the preliminaries were over. As they had gone through many messy battlefields to reach here, they had grown a lot and they could now at least differentiate courage and overconfidence.

“He’s out-classed. I’m embarrassed that I tried to put him on the same line as me.”
“Even though some were ejected right in front of my eyes, I couldn’t even see how they were attacked…….”
“However, since I came all the way here, I’ll watch until the end. I think that is the respect I can give to the Deathgod fighting for the fate of Earth.”

Of course, Yu IlHan’s group were also surprised. Yu IlHan was pleasantly surprised at the increased abilities of his subordinates and Kang MiRae, but they, were shocked at the destructive growth of Yu IlHan that still left them behind in the dust.

“I think I’m scared of him even without his concealment.”
“When did he learn the whip?”
“Just when I thought I caught up, he takes a step further……”
“Is that about MiRae’s unrequited looove?”

Meanwhile, Yumir, who, like a dragon, admired power, was excited after seeing Yu IlHan’s speedy fight using Ruin Calling.

“Dad, how can you fly so fast?”
“Mir is a dragon that wields wind, so you would be able to fly faster than dad if you acquire your 4th class. However, it’s more important to adapt to fight even in that fast speed.”
“I’m going to train hard!”
“Yes, yes. Well done my son.”

It was unknown when Yu IlHan’s son would reach 4th class, but he thought that it wouldn’t be so bad to let him train before that.

“Can I become strong like dad if I put in effort?”
“Of course, although, dad will have become even stronger by then.”
“Dad is so cool!”

Although Mir hadn’t grown over countless years like other dragons, if he used his biggest talents, wind magic and concealment, well, it might be the birth of an unprecedented dragon. Of course, as the rider, Yu IlHan would also receive similar benefits.

‘Oh, now that I think about it, there’s something I can use right now.’

As there was the skill, Dragon-man resonance, not to mention 10% increase in all abilities while fighting together, he could now also use Dragonic blood now that Mir had acquired 3rd class.
The skill that amplifies the power of other active skill by using them together! From then on, he thought about which skill to enhance in order to be praised


At that time, something shattered the atmosphere of the people of Earth. Some people suddenly used their skills at their own hearts. Naturally, the shield was broken, and they were ejected. The problem was that this was not the end.

“What the hell are you doing!”
“I’m also retiring here. You stay here until the end with them. I’ll cheer you on.”
“It’s good that the Deathgod is here with us. We’ll go back to Earth first.”

While shock was spreading between the people of Earth, two more retired on their own volition. As there were only 40 or so people left, the gap felt like it suddenly got bigger.

“What the hell just happened?”
“Don’t tell me they were done in by some mental attack magic before?”
“Priests, where are the priests!”

Yu IlHan momentarily thought that his actions were too big and may have made the people of Earth feel very insignificant, but he managed to remember that all the people that just retired belonged to the same clan.

Then, there was something that came to his mind.

“What just happened?”
“Nothing at aaaall. Other than the fact that our opponent in the finals is a world called Kenatoo, and it seemed like they are going to meet their 4th Great Cataclysm soon. Perhaps they were scared?”

Answered Na YuNa, who was tickling Mir. However, that was enough. Yu IlHan found this absurd and sighed.

“There was no need for them to do that.”
“Eh? Did you figure something out from my woooords?”
“I think Miss Na YuNa also knows.”

Answered Yu IlHan before standing up. He patted Yumir who was looking at him worriedly, twice, and opened his mouth in the center of the people of Earth.

“The ones that just returned to Earth now,”

All the people focused their attentions on him.

“were ejected by the opponents in our previous round. Everyone, please take it that way. Even if the participants of Kenatoo speak to you in ‘English’ or other ‘languages of Earth’, you can just ignore them.”
“How…..? Oh.”

Someone was about to ask back when it looked like he just realized what was happening.

“So that’s it. That’s why they retired on their own.”
“What? What is it?”
“Our opponents are from a world called ‘Kenatoo’. The ones that disappeared just now are most probably a clan that was formed by the ones that went to that world. This is also why he said they may speak to us in English.”

If so, it was deducible that they wouldn’t be able to fight for the Traps of Destruction with the world they were acquainted with. For Earth, they had to attack regardless of any acquaintance, but for the clan members that grew thanks to their help, that wouldn’t have been an easy decision.

Yu IlHan, who specialized in thinking negatively, thought that there may be some other reason, but he didn’t say it out loud.
In any case, they chose to give up as they didn’t want to clash, and now. None of the participants of Earth had any connections with Kenatoo. What remained now was to fight to the best of their ability, just that.

The field for the finals was solely composed of ice. As it was too cold, 2nd classes found it hard to endure for a long time, and it was also unknown when and where a crevasse may appear, so it was a thrilling environment.

In such a field, did the people of Earth and the people of Kenatoo, met. As the forces on other side were very small compared to the preliminaries, the field was also reduced accordingly.

“What’s this? Twenty of them?”
“But they look stronger than the ones we met last time…….”
“How many of them are 4th classes? Shit, I never saw a 4th class in a world I went to……!”

The people of Earth numbered just over 40, but the opponents numbered even less. Well, the Senior tournament would have been battles between similarly high-levelled people, so it was not unreasonable. In fact, it was surprising that there were so many strong people remaining in the finals.

“Did the ‘Burning Flag’ clan die out?”

However, before the battle began, one of the people of Kenatoo, spoke to them in English. Well, now they didn’t even need to ask who belonged to the ‘Burning Flag’ clan.
Yu IlHan and the others’ predictions were correct. Kang MiRae spoke as the representative.

“Yes, they fought well, but they were all ejected.”
“Understood. Thanks for your kind answers.”

After he spoke in very bad English, he turned back and muttered in a language in their own world.

“Useless trash. Earth had come to the finals but they aren’t even in the members.”
“There are angels here.”

When someone else immediately said that, he immediately shut his mouth, but leaving aside angels, Yu IlHan, a master of the Language skill, understood it all.

They were useless because none of the members in the finals were not them? So they would have been of use if they were? In other words, this meant that they required something of the people that retired on their own.
And that ‘something’ would probably be…


Sighed Yu IlHan. It would have been good for his worries to just end as worries, but annoyingly, they always came true.

The people who heard his sigh looked at him, but Yu IlHan was no longer in that place.
Well, it looked like he wasn’t there.

[Your concealment level is insane.] (Erta)
“It’s thanks to Mir.”

The title ‘Big and wide shadow’ Mir had acquired in the Abandoned World, and the characteristics of a Dragon rider enhanced Yu IlHan’s concealment skill by a step.

Yu IlHan took out his Eight-tailed dragon spear in that state, and activated Superhuman strength skill and lowered his body posture. The wings on his back extended outwards with a small sound of cutting through the air.

[10 seconds until battle.]

The countdown began. The people of Earth also poised themselves in fear of getting ejected instantly, and the people of Kenatoo, who weren’t aware of Yu IlHan’s existence at all, also poised themselves and went on guard against the people other than Yu IlHan.

[9 seconds.]

Crunching sounds could be heard as he gripped on the spear tightly. Orochi, who loved battle and destruction, received Yu IlHan’s intentions and roared in delight.

[8 seconds.]

Yu IlHan activated one of the options on the Eight-tailed dragon spear. The spear tip separated into eight and now he could attack eight people at once, this option wasn’t one that he used normally.

[7 seconds.]

However, the form that could be seen now was slightly different from what it would be usually. The eight branches coiled around and extended endlessly! Although the spear was already very big and long, its current form was even more so.

[5 seconds.]

5 meters, 8 meters, and 10 meters! The coiled blade looked very dangerous as it had blades pointing to many directions, but they were delicately thin as well. However, Yu IlHan didn’t worry about that.

“You won’t break against these weaklings right?”
[4 seconds.]

Orochi roared, intending to say that he didn’t need to be looked down upon. Yu IlHan just smiled and added one last thing.

‘Dragonic blood.’

Muttered he in his heart, when his entire body started boiling. The violent power of the dragons possessed by Yumir was now being imbued into him! Whatever skill he was about to use, it would be incomparable to before he obtained this power!

[3 seconds.]

In that state, Yu IlHan activated the purple flames attached to the Eight-tailed dragon spear. Purple colored flames covered the coiled spear that was over 8 meters long.
However, even that wasn’t the end. When Yu IlHan flapped his wings, it seemed to emit bright light, before a flicker of golden flame broke off it and fused with the purple flames on the Eight-tailed dragon spear!

[2 seconds.]

Yes, although even Yu IlHan himself didn’t know, the alpha option on Ruin Calling, ‘the ability to freely absorb and emit flames’. could also absorb the Eternal Flame in his workshop!

Yu IlHan immediately moved its home from the workshop into his wings the moment he realized that. What Yu IlHan took from the workshop apart from making Yumir’s armor, was the Eternal Flame.

[1 second.]

The Eternal Flame, which had only shown its productive capabilities until now, was now able to rampage around in the front lines.

Although it’s attacking capabilities were slightly lacking with just Yu IlHan’s control over the flame, if it was fused with the purple flames of the Eight-tailed dragon spear, and the bloodflames of the Black dragon whip, it was possible to raise the flame beyond the highest possible output. Simply put, the Eternal Flame was the highest level flame buff!


And the ability that supported the Eternal Flame and flashed the brightest, was none other than Yu IlHan’s class skill Blaze, that was enhanced thanks to the power of Dragonic Blood!

Blaze, which activated after the purple flames, Eternal Flame, and Dragonic blood were activated, covered the spear head of the Eight-tailed dragon spear and shined in white. If not for Yu IlHan’s concealment, no one on the battlefield would be able to open their eyes properly.

Yu IlHan’s mana consumption was crazy, but he had the confidence to finish everything before his mana was depleted.

[Battle start.]

The moment angel decreed the commence of the final battle, Yu IlHan hurled out a shockwave towards the back and leaped, and re-leaped three times. Before the blink of an eye, he arrived in the enemy territory.

[Critical Hit!]
[The skill, Superhuman strength, has become level 66. The limits of muscle enhancement become even higher.]

With that, he swung his spear horizontally to eject seven opponents at once. That was amazing enough, but what was more shocking was that his trajectory had all four of the 4th classes belonging to Kenatoo!
The 4th classes were ejected without even being able to use their strength properly.


He attacked mid-concealment, and did not kill. As such, his concealment should have been dispelled. However, it did not.
To be exact, it was activated the instant it was dispelled.


The reason was simple. The moment he finished his attack, he used shockwave+leap to move faster than anyone’s eyes could catch up!

Even if concealment was dispelled, if the enemies cannot catch a glimpse of him, there was no meaning. The title of Pancosmic Loner, covered him with concealment the moment he escaped the views of other people.

“What on Earth…” 1
“Eek, you just now!”

The remaining people of Kenatoo were ejected without being able to even say anything. Crevice? Icy environments? They couldn’t tie Yu IlHan down for even 0.01 second. Repeatedly using shockwave and leaps in mid-air, he accelerated and changed directions fast and wiped out the enemy.

Eight-tailed dragon spear, and the not-inferior Ruin Calling ripped apart the enemies. If they did not have the shield of higher existences, the actual scene might have been quite gory and horrible.

“What the hell is that……”
“Ha, Haha…..”

The people of Earth became speechless after seeing the participants of a senior tournament, and ones that were about to meet their 4th Great Cataclysm even, were being cleaned out like insignificant specks of dust.

And even that wasn’t his all. He wasn’t raining spears from the skies right now!

“What do we do now?”

Someone belonging to the Earth side, asked Kang MiRae. They had no confidence in joining a battle of a completely different dimension like that. They just had the hope that maybe the clan master of the Lightning God may have something.


Kang MiRae had a look at the enemy side that was half-obliterated in under a minute. As her abilities lay in magic, it was near impossible for her to catch a glimpse of Yu IlHan’s figure.

But somehow, she felt that she could see him. The smile that appeared on her face, was enough to deduce that she was a late-stage unrequited love patient.

“just need to smile, is what I think.”

The battle was over.

The final battle that ended the quickest among all Battle of Competitions until now, set a record of a world in its 1st Great Cataclysm wiping out a world that was about to undergo its 4th Great Cataclysm, within just one minute and 30 seconds, unprecedented, and un-post-cedented. Also, the battle was talked about a lot between the angels later on.

Author’s notes

  1. Battle of Competition is over!
  2. I’m sorry to say this now, but the Battle of Competition had no real meaning in itself, and was only just a bridge that collected the thrown baits, threw new ones, and solidified Yu IlHan’s image as the absolute power on Earth. Although, I would have to look at the reactions from you readers to be sure of that…… (Looks at a distant mountain)
  3. Would someone have predicted that Ruin Calling could absorb the Eternal Flame?

Translator’s notes

Translator: Chamber
Proofreader: Koukouseidesu


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