Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 149: I Make My Own Home – 3

Spiera came a while later. As her face was very flushed, it was possible to predict the outcome of the experiment. Yu IlHan spoke to her as if it was nothing.

“Awesome, right?”
[It was indeed awesome.] (Spiera)
“But don’t you think you need to observe it a little more?”
[Just going by the decision of the meeting, yes. And as such, it is unfortunately currently impossible to replace all the Traps of Destruction…… The decision was to test it by making a quarter of your version first. In this way, at least one of Traps of Destruction of your version will go around to each world.] (Spiera)

Wasn’t that exactly what Yu IlHan wanted? He even doubted whether the angels knew of his wish. Well, of course, they couldn’t possibly know.

“Good, I’ll accept your request.”

He picked up the hammer. As he had been granted the permission, it was time to start work!

Although he used a record-breaking time of 40 minutes to create the first one already, in the process of repeating that work, the time taken on each trap sped up as he had said before. The work process that was reduced to 34 minutes by the end of the day, decreasing further to 20 minutes by the 4th day.

The problem was instead in the angels. Like before, angels possessing a higher league of mana were compulsory to complete it, but as all of them were busy doing work, there weren’t that many to help his work.

As such, Yu IlHan piled up the Traps of Destruction after he form-created and inlaid it, in one corner of his room.
By doing that, the angels who needed to install the Traps of Destruction in the world they were in charge of would come to find him and complete the mana crafting before taking away the completed Traps of Destruction.

[Don’t you think what we’re doing right now is similar to pre-ordering cakes for Christmas, and collecting them on the day itself……?] (Liera)
[You just had to say it!] (Erta)

In this process, Yu IlHan got to know numerous angels, incomparable to before. Even the angels who he had never met knew his name, and there were also many who tried to befriend him right now.

[You were pre-ordered to become an angel. Since you’re much more successful than the newbies, don’t forget me by that time.]
[You are the first lower existence to have two 6th class angels as guardians. You are aware, right?]

Through this quest, it seemed like most of the angels were treating him as a trainee angel, but Yu IlHan didn’t bother correcting them and left them to their own devices. Honestly, it annoyed him to correct them anyways.

Although the production of the Traps of Destruction ended within 6 days, as there was no room in the schedule of the angels, and requiring their mana, the finishing was delayed. In that time, Yu IlHan enjoyed using the smithing tools he hadn’t met for a long time.

[Only he would be so perversely happy about smithing tools, right…..] (Erta)
[But IlHan, what are you making?] (Liera)

He wasn’t repairing his equipment, they were done long before. And it wasn’t like he was making new ones either.

Currently, he was cutting and sanding a huge monster bone on one side, while melting the monster materials that had a metallic property before pouring them into square molds and leaving them to solidify. In other words, no one knew what he was doing.

“Building a house.”
[……Huh?] (Liera)
[Isn’t it better to practice the Great cosmos-severing spear instead of doing something nonsensical like that?] (Spiera)
“That will be for after I finish this quest. I should make the most of these smithing tools while I still can.”

As they couldn’t possibly interrupt Yu IlHan’s work, they only watched. Just like that, the days of endless labor flowed on and on.

Meanwhile, the world was spinning like mad. Since it was officially announced that the 2nd Great Cataclysm was coming, burning stones had fallen on everyone’s feet.

The phenomenon of trying to acquire information or items from the worlds they were connected to, became more serious, and as the rumors that the Earth will not be able to overcome the 2nd Great Cataclysm, spread, various crimes such as violence or scams, became more serious as well.

If there was a biggest profit that all humankind had earned while spending 10 years in other worlds, it was their limits. They all knew until what extent they would be able to grow.
It would be good if everyone could grow into 2nd classes and 3rd classes, reality wasn’t that easy, and there were many who hadn’t even acquired their 1st classes properly.

Before the Great Cataclysm, there were few threats to their wellbeing in their everyday lives, but once they experienced the 2nd Great Cataclysm, a life where they didn’t know when they would encounter a monster, would arrive. Some people were compelled to commit suicide after learning about that.

The governments of various countries were on fire as well. They just started implementing building using new materials they could acquire from the 1st Great Cataclysm, but now it was the 2nd already!
If monsters that weren’t entrapped in dungeons rampaged around, or if a Dungeon Break occurred, there was a high probability that cities on scale of Kantou, New York, or LA being vaporized.

They desperately contacted the ability users and bought all new materials and monster materials they could use in architecture. Eventually, there were various country-wide scale projects, and many people who lost their jobs after the Great Cataclysm, were put into these projects.

Each of the clans were also busy cleaning monsters that were proliferating rapidly prior to the 2nd Great Cataclysm. As there were many cases of Dungeon Breaks after they cleaned a dungeon, it could be said that they were in battle constantly if not sleeping.

As the mana concentration on Earth increased, there were plenty of cases where monsters suddenly appeared in the middle of the city, and our strong friends from Suppression were also forced into endless battles.
They had to train in order to go against the strong monsters that would appear after the 2nd Great Cataclysm, but forget training, they were doing real life practice daily! Of course, Korean representative ‘beauty’ ‘Lieutenant’ Han YeoRang was also fighting day and night to protect the country.

“I! Will! Definitely! Quit! The! Military! And! Marry! A! Rich! Guy!”
“I swear she says that every time she gets dispatched.”
“Just who is that Yu IlHan that she always talks about? It’s not the Vanguard president Yu IlHan, right?”

Yu IlHan, who never imagined even in his dreams that someone who was only acquainted to him was calling him by his name every single day, was busy in productive activities, and didn’t move himself, but he did not stop his subordinates from fighting either.
As they were mostly 3rd classes, they wouldn’t be able to acquire any experience from 2nd class monsters, but as 3rd class monsters were quite frequent right now on Earth, and materials from 2nd class monsters could also be used to make standard Vanguard equipment, they continued hunting.

For your information, the corpses of the monsters they had hunted in the Abandoned World were mostly left behind in that world, but Erta took the stronger 3rd class monsters and 4th class monsters’ bodies into her inventory, and gave them to Yu IlHan upon their return.

Although Kang MiRae and Na YuNa’s share wouldn’t be small, the girls ended the deal by asking Yu IlHan to make equipments from the 4th class monster materials. Strictly calculating, they were overwhelmingly in debt!

Of course, no matter how many materials he had, he did not make those equipment. He only polished pillars, plates, etc for making his own mansion.
As his work speed was insane, he was really piling up an amount that might turn into a house. Of course, his objective was not merely that!

Even in that meanwhile, the angels came to him frequently and received the completed (with mana crafting and soul enchant) Traps of Destruction, and Yu IlHan’s skill level also increased day by day. Perhaps, this could be said to be the most peaceful days he spent on Earth. Truly ironic.

Rumors about Susanoo also started there.

The perished island countries in the Pacific and Venezuela, while mankind was busy fighting against the Abandoned World. People were claiming that the ones that killed them weren’t the monsters but Susanoo himself.

[This clip where Susanoo is massacring humans as if monsters were taken by the tourists at that time……]
[As the truth that Susanoo did indeed not appear in the battle against the Abandoned World, this video clip…….]

People who were there in Venezuela at that time should remember that Yu IlHan had killed were not exactly the people of Venezuela, but rather the people of Ferata in human skin who had shown their true colors and tried to kill the tourists.

However, that video clip which spread through the various media companies of many countries, were edited with malicious intentions to make him look like a madman that massacred everyone he sees, and the testimonies of the survivors were also those that said they were nearly killed by Susanoo.

Behind that series of flows, there was the malicious intent to bury Yu IlHan, who was currently at the center of the world, in a mountain of negative sentiments. This was a scheme that could not be implemented if not for the countless people behind it. They should really be protecting Earth if they have any time to do that!

Of course, Kang MiRae, who heard the story about Ferata from the person himself, knew that this was a scheme, and tried to shut it down by using all the power she could in her family. Kang Chan, who was also half-treating Yu IlHan as his in-law, supported him with bright eyes.

However, this could be said to be absurd, or natural.
That scheme instantly perished in exactly 3 days without the need for any help from the Kang family.

[Perhaps Venezuela went against Susanoo’s will.]
[Everyone should know from living 10 years in other worlds, don’t you still get it? If Susanoo was a bad guy, then Earth would have been doomed long before. Why do you suspect Susanoo and not Venezuela?]
[O, Lord Deathgod, I did not see the video clip at all. The one that clicked ‘play’ is not me but my cat.]
[There was a single 4th class in the world I went to, and when he clicked his finger, at least hundred people instantly died. If you still have any sanity, stick your head on the ground and beg for forgiveness before Susanoo is annoyed.]
[We’re already in pain because of the 2nd Great Cataclysm, and here, idiots are picking a fight with the last hope of humanity. Hey, if Susanoo planned to do that, then the people in that place should have all died, how could the guy that took the video be still alive?]

Not to mention the internet, various forms of media attacked the ones that schemed against Susanoo. In Yu IlHan’s shoes, it was just an annoying piece of work, but somehow, something like religious cult had formed with him as the central pillar!

This incident did not end there. The counteractions against the scheme were more vicious than he thought, and the ones that were already stressed out from the 2nd Great Cataclysm stood up as well.

The argument against the ‘high people of society’ that tried to bury Susanoo in old ways like how they buried celebrities or politicians socially, even though the common sense of this world had changed long before!

[This is fucking annoying. Which era do you guys live in?]
[The world changed, so why do we still need to have them above us?]
[We need to replace them with people who know and can plan for the world after the Great Cataclysm.]

The ones who schemed probably intended to restrain Susanoo’s overwhelming influence, and restrict him by creating anti-fans; as it was now, it was only a matter of time until the power structure of the world changed due to his influence!

Yes. This, was exactly how Earth played out before the Great Cataclysm; exaggerating the faults of the ones in power, making flaws that does not exist, and reducing the popularity among the people, and burying them completely using political power as that person became nothing.

Perhaps, they thought that this method would still work after the Great Cataclysm, as they still had overwhelming financial power, political power, and ability users loyal to their family.

However, there was a limit to that. They shouldn’t have picked a fight with Susanoo. They should not have equated the new value that appeared in humanity, with the old values.

“Let’s clean those maggots out!”
“Not to mention welcoming him, they are treating like a mass murderer. Let’s burn them all!”

A riot. Not to mention the weak, ability users, and especially the clans that participated in the Battle of Competition along with Susanoo, were violently enraged, and stood at their front. In other words, the core elements that protected the safety of each country, had turned their backs to the people in power.

The ones that realized that the situation had taken a turn for the worst tried to cover it up with a sacrificial lamb, but there was no way that was possible.

This days where they could cover the eyes of the people using media had long passed, along with the days where they military force was a viable option. The strongest on Earth were able to withstand heavy firepower without so much as a piece of cloth, and dodge missiles with a snort. And there wasn’t just one ‘strong’ individual!

They were already way beyond the point what they could handle using the media. If they took the wrong step, the country would be split into tiny fragments.
In the end, each country had to make a big decision in order to keep their country. Of course, it was to throw about all the people behind it outside of society!

With this, some of the deeply-rooted families that took control of the country in the dark for several generations, were completely weeded out.
People didn’t stop there, and completely brutalised the people related to this incident socially. In the places where the riots were in larger scales, the various governments almost collapsed.

Like that, society had met a true cataclysm before the 2nd Great Cataclysm.
This, took a month and half. All because of a single person, Yu IlHan.

Anyways, what Yu IlHan was doing about this incident, was…

“I’ve finished all the materials. I only need to piece them together now!”
“I’m also going to build a home!”
“Yes, let’s do it together. Home sweet home!”
[Pancosmic Loners aren’t just called loners without a reason alright……] (Liera)

He did not care about what those unrelated people were talking shit about him, and was under the operation ‘Home sweet home’.

Author’s notes

  1. If you realistically felt the changing world, then this chapter is a success!
  2. And if you felt IlHan ignoring them all and doing his own stuff, it’s even more of a success!
  3. Korean representative ‘beauty’ Han YeoRang is being promoted like mad.

Translator’s notes
Sorry to those that live in Venezuela, yet again.

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