Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 15: I Make Them – 2

“Well then, please give me an excuse that I can accept.”

With Erta in his palms, Yu IlHan tried his best to suppress his rage as he spoke. Erta seemed to be pricked by something as she didn’t receive Yu IlHan’s gaze straight on, and replied in a small gaze whilst turning her head away.

[It’s because it was the solution that uses the least amount of energy……Probably……]
[Connecting to other words was something that had already been done before, and it’s not hard to revive the severed connection. What’s left is touching up on the small details and setting for the quest-and-reward system. Now, if the Earthlings receive quests that are suitable for themselves and pile up their experience and records, then they’ll be able to grow their anti-monster capabilities faster.]
“And so, you’re saying that it’s the most reasonable method?”
[That is correct.]

Erta, who had regained a bit of confidence after seeing Yu IlHan’s positive attitude, retorted as such while looking at him.
Yu IlHan waited for this opportunity before asking with the saddest expression that he could muster.

“Then what about me?”

Erta was at a lost for words.

If everyone else is going to and fro from those other worlds, then me? What about me?”
[You were a loner anyways, so there probably won’t be a lot that changes though?
“Even so! You know? Even so!”

He had never felt such a violent rage in all of his thousand years.
He was angry at the overall situation, but most of all, he was angry at Erta’s words, that couldn’t be said to be that wrong.

“How should I answer when my mom asks me why I didn’t go to another world!?”
[Answer that you have nothing to learn about anything that can help with your life in such a place!]
“Am I some middle schooler who doesn’t want to go to school!?”
[Although I think it’s very pitiful, it’s useless to talk to me about it as this wasn’t my decision.]

Erta, who had reached her limit, eventually had to present a suitable argument like a coward as she pretended not to know anything.
Yu IlHan, who had lost the energy to retort, was mindless for a moment. With a sigh, he sat up on the bed.

“Yeah, well, I can’t do anything even if I complain to you. So in the end, I can’t go to another world.”
[If you become a higher existence, then who knows.]
“And how many years would that take?”
[It should be less than the time that you’ve lived up until now.]
“Well, that’s so comforting, hey!”

When he woke up and went to the kitchen, his mother and father were conversing with each other with serious faces-. On the lit TV, people were talking about the notice that had been sent to all of humanity, but it was accompanied by another shocking story as well.

“A state of emergency?”

While he was shocked and mumbling at the news that he was seeing for the first time, his mother noticed him and spoke.

(T/N: his parents may refer to themselves as ‘mother’ and ‘father’)

“You also know about it, don’t you, son? Right now, the outside is dangerous. Whether it’s school or work, everything has stopped. Meanwhile, the military is conducting a large scale monster extermination. I heard they won’t allow the monsters to appear on the roads where people live, at least.”

It seemed that the government had also realized that they couldn’t have people go through their daily lives anymore. Perhaps, the other world quest notice might have sped up their decisions.

In truth, this was something that had occurred in every other country that possessed a proper government.
Everybody had realized that they needed to maintain the survival of the people first before being able to strive for a normal everyday life in the changed world, and so, under the majority of the countries’ decisions, it had been decided that they would stop the flow of history for a bit.

Meanwhile, in that time, people would receive strength from other worlds. Not a power that would disappear like bubbles, like it had four days ago, but a power that would remain with them even in the future.

At that moment, Yu IlHan felt hope. Those upper echelons were only putting up temporary measures, like paying a card debt back with another card, but the humans on Earth were seriously considering the change they had to meet while they were moving.

Humanity will be able to adapt to the levelled-up Earth. As they always did. Excluding me. As they always did. – He thought.

“Mom, dad. Have a safe trip.”
“But this father hasn’t even gotten a 2nd class in all the 10 years that I was over there.”
“Just because the military is clearing up the monsters doesn’t mean that they won’t appear on the streets.”
“But the other world isn’t safe anymore as well.”

While time was stopped on Earth, there wasn’t a case where a human would die or get injured while in another world. However, from now on, it would be different. As the price for being able to acquire a strength that wouldn’t disappear, humanity now had to accept the danger that came with it. Even so.

“Even so, it should be less dangerous than staying here on Earth.”
“……That’s true.”
“Father, do everything you can do to not feel regret afterwards. You shouldn’t but your life on the line, but on this changed Earth, you can only live by accepting danger.”

Doing everything that was possible, doing everything that was impossible until it was possible – this was one of the beliefs that supported Yu IlHan’s foundation.
Perhaps his words, which contained his honest intentions, had moved his mother and father as they smiled bitterly while standing up.

“Yes, then I’ll go. You too, son. Don’t give up just because you can’t use mana and put your efforts into it.”

After saying that, his father was the one to disappear first. He had gone to another world in an instant.

However, his mother didn’t do the same. Instead, she looked at Yu IlHan with a worried face.

“Son, mother’s thinking is a bit different to your father’s. Although effort is important, you can’t overexert yourself.”
“What overexertion?”
“Isn’t it you who’s going around and hunting monsters with a mask?”

He was found out!? At this unexpected situation, Yu IlHan froze just like that. He was aware that his figure, which had been fighting against monsters, would be broadcasted publicly, and he had also meticulously prepared for that, but even then……!

“Did you perhaps think that mother wouldn’t even recognize my own son? Even if you wear a mask and different clothes, I can notice you instantly. How could I not know my son?”

The power of blood was truly amazing – Yu IlHan muttered in his heart when he heard his mother’s words, which caused him to raise both of his hands and feet in defeat.
To think that the concealment which could fool the world, and even God, was unable to completely fool his mother…

“Mother doesn’t know how you became so strong. I’m proud, but also worried. But son, you know how scary those monsters are, right? Nobody knows what may happen in what place. So always keep your guard up and move with room to spare.”
“I understand.”

His mother’s nitpicking only sounded affectionate when he heard it after such a long time. His mother finally seemed relieved after Yu IlHan nodded repeatedly. Then, she added on after putting a serious face back on again.

“But, the ones you have to be the most careful about are humans. From now on, there will be a lot of people who will be stronger and more evil than the monsters.”
“If you know, then it’s okay. My proud son. Mother will go to Ya-umin again, okay?”
“Okay. Don’t do anything dangerous.”

Perhaps due to the conversation with his mother, Yu IlHan, who had calmed down quite a bit slapped his cheeks and muttered to himself as if he was making a resolve.

“I should do my own work.”
[I’ll be going back to heaven for a bit. I should bring back the reward for the Executor quest as well.]
“Buy me an ice cream on the way back.”

As he had been too immersed in the excitement that had come from the profit that the Direwolf and the Brown Bear had given him, he had forgotten about the existence of the quest. Well, they said that they would give him something, so he had no reason to refuse. He happily sent Erta off without forgetting to tell her to buy ice cream, which he had a sudden craving for.

After he did that, he was really alone.

“Somehow, I’m reminded of my dropout days…”

As he complained in a small voice, he left his home. His destination was the nearby storage facility that he had bought with his money at a speed that was like grilling beans with lightning.

How foolish was it to acquire a storage building at night to use the next day!? However, he didn’t need anything. With cash, everything was solved. The Republic of Korea was a good place to live for those who had a lot of money. Although, he didn’t know that until now, since he hadn’t had any money before!

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    Moms have a higher perception ability than God confirmed. Honestly, it’s true though, I live on the other side of the darn earth and she’ll still call at the most perfect of times with exactly what I needed…

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