Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 152: I Make My Own Home – 6

Carina Malatesta the clan master of the Magia clan wasn’t feeling well during the past few days. Whether it was endlessly running around battling monsters endlessly in order to ‘protect Earth’, or the fact that there were people who still hadn’t evacuated to other worlds, but above all, what she was annoyed about the most of all was her own emotions.

“There’s no way I…”
“Miss Malatesta? I think the monsters here are all dead.”
“I know that!”

The conversation between an armored man who approached her carefully, and Carina Malatesta who got angry at the ability user from the Metal Knights clan for no reason continued.

“We’ll depart soon so don’t you dare order me!”
“Yes, ma’am!”

When she swung around her staff in a fit of rage, the man replied in shock and retreated.

Carina realized that she was very agitated and breathed deeply and thought – why am I so annoyed right now – Even though she had felt happy when she filled the blank tanker spot by cooperating with the Metal Knights.

While she was pondering about why her emotions were boiling, the Magia clan members who were recovering their mana and collecting spoils of war, whispered to each other.

“Our members dispatched to England should be doing well, right?”
“At first, I thought that man was just all brawns and armor, but he surprisingly has very good manners and a head.”
“Yeah, clan members exchange is what he thought up of too.”

Yes, clan members exchange! She became emotional from that time onwards! Inside her head, the conversation she had with the leader of Metal Knights, Michael Smithson, replayed.

‘Although it will definitely be efficient if we stick together, we both cannot leave our own countries. How about we divide our clans in half and exchange the members? Although it will be impossible for other clans, I think I can entrust my clan members to you and your clan, Miss Malatesta.’
‘Sorry? But then.’
‘I will not let any of your clan members die. Trust me. If it’s us, not to mention Earth, we can also protect all our comrades! I’ll finally catch up to Susanoo so he can’t say shit about me!’
‘……Yeah, well, if you say so, then I’ll believe in you. Please take care of my members.’

That was the end. Metal Knights and Magia divided into two halves and returned to their own countries! The problem was that she subconsciously accepted his proposal due to his handsome words. That’s why, now, she was so…..

‘Problem? What is this problem I’m thinking of?’

Michael Smithson’s proposal was very reasonable. In fact, it was unbelievable that it came from him!
Of course, Carina Malatesta also thought that a similar situation was necessary. But the reason she didn’t suggest that even though she knew about it, was because if they did the two clan masters would……

“Master……. Are you perhaps a little bored since Sir Smithson isn’t here?”

One of the members who saw through her thought process a little hit the bullseye while being roundabout. Carina Malatesta snorted.

“Me? I’m too comfortable now since I don’t have a person to look after. There’s no way I’m thinking of such childish things like being annoyed due to his absence, is there? In fact, I’m wondering if he’s the one being lonely in England right now.”

The clan members of the Magia clan and the Metal Knights clan confirmed their thoughts – this woman had more than just a good impression of Michael Smithson!
However, Malatesta, who would never acknowledge her own emotions even if she died, shook off her hesitation and surging random thoughts, as she pointed towards the front.

“I can see monsters generating over there! Let’s clean them up quickly and go to Milan”

The Metal Knights members who found her behaviour cute replied in unison as they proceeded forward in formation.

However, just as Malatesta raised her staff to vent her annoyance onto the monsters, she realized that there was a huge mana vortex being created up front.

She shivered the moment she saw that. She had already seen this before.

“Say what!?”

Overflows were nightmares to the ones who had fought against the Orochi in the Kantou region. They were powerless to do anything, while Susanoo swung around his weapon courageously on top of the Orochi’s huge body.

It was horrible to think that such scene would replay here, but what was more horrible was that Susanoo wasn’t even here!

“We need to take care of it now! Activate Concentrated magic!”

As the environment on Earth were too harsh, the members of the Magia clan had to grind and suffer endlessly and became quite well-trained as a result. The same members instantly came into formation and lead their mana into Carina Malatesta. She received the mana that were focused on to her, and used the strongest magic she could currently use!

“Great Explosion!”

There was an enormous explosion. As an absurd number of monsters that were rushing towards the vortex instantly vaporized, the levels of each members even rose, including Malatesta’s own level.

Once, reaching it was far away in the future, but right now, due to the environment on Earth and her own actions, it might actually be possible to reach 3rd class before she became 30!

‘I’ll show that I can reach it faster than that person.’

Even while thinking about something else in her heart, she gripped on her staff and checked the flattened landscape.
From what she experienced of Overflows, it would be impossible to completely block it with just that. Unfortunately, there was no choice but to drink another potion and pour attacks once aga…..

“Once aga…..?”

However, the next moment, she was met with a too-confusing scene and said her thought out aloud. Well, that wasn’t unreasonable, since the vortex currently……

“Is that a dungeon?”
“No, I don’t think so. What you see beyond that gate is another world……”
“Another world?

……changing into something that was billions of light years apart from an Overflow!

“No way, is that an Abandoned World?
“Shit, request for SOS! Request for……!”
“What do you mean SOS when we’re the ones doing the SOS!”

Malatesta wanted to cry while seeing the scenery of another world beyond the gate. Why did it have to happen to her when she was away from that person! She didn’t know what kind of frightening monsters awaited inside!

“Michael that stupid idiot! What do you mean ‘divide up’? Idiot, stupid, dumb head!”
“Master, your true thoughts are leaking now that your life is in danger……”
“If you guys don’t wanna die then prepare to fight!”

Even while swearing at the absent Michael Smithson, she was about to get into fighting mode when! a person’s face showed up on the other side of the gate.


The moment she confirmed that face, Carina Malatesta’s tension snapped and collapsed on the spot.

“Why did such a gate…… Huh, aren’t you Carina? Why are you sitting down there?”
“Master, that’s what I want to ask.”

Coincidentally, the one that peeked out was her own mage master and palace mage in the other world she went to for 10 years!

Meanwhile, such phenomena wasn’t just restricted to Carina Malatesta alone. The iron-armored Michael Smithson, who, perhaps now have a 10 year longer lifespan due to eating Malatesta’s swears, was in the same situation.

“We need to break that vortex somehow before the Overflow occurs! Mages, go with a more powerful one!”
“But we have no mana nor potions!
“Master, monsters are gathering from other side as well!”
“Ugh! You guys defend that side first! We cannot let Miss Malatesta’s clan members be injured!”

The giant vortex that appeared in the capital city of England, London. The moment he found that, Michael Smithson’s objective was fixed to preventing the Overflow. However, he couldn’t expect any other form of help as all the other members were busy blocking monsters!
To make matters worse, monsters were rushing towards the vortex, so it was just hard enough preventing that.


He swore.

“If Miss Kang was here, then things wouldn’t have become like this.”
“Our master of Magia does not lose to the Lightning God clan’s master!”
“Yes, she’s also amazing. However, both of them are not here right now.”

Smithson, who alternately thought of the two woman with the highest single-attack magic on Earth right now, wished that he could call theme here with just his imagination as he clicked his tongue.

Susanoo? Of course, he would be stronger, but if he actually appeared and cleaned the monsters that popped out, then Michael Smithson would have to kick his blanket in his sleep in defeat.

“……Even so, I wish he was here right now.”

His pride being trampled was still a million times better than his home country being trampled. Didn’t he spend 10 years in another world, and raised his strength after the 1st Great Cataclysm all to protect England?

“Master, the vortex is expanding!”
“……Eeeek, you guys stay out of this! Protect the mages!”

Declaring that to his clan members, Michael Smithson threw his shield on the ground, then he took out the great sword on his back.
In the 2nd advanced weapons trade, he bought this unique ranked greatsword from Susanoo, well, Yu IlHan! Although this was ‘unique ranked’, it was absurdly strong, making him wonder why it wasn’t of Legend rank.

Yes. Yu IlHan did not do something petty like refusing to sell or selling incompetent goods no matter how much someone hated him. He always acknowledged other people’s values, and gave them the weapons at a price that was no different from 0.

Although he was a hateful guy, Smithson respected him for that.

“If there’s no one.”

He stepped up front. A monster rushed towards him so he split it in half. The greatsword had a function to enhance his strength, and amplify his body weight and imbue it into the weapon.

“I need to do it.”

Also, there was a function to make a blade of mana that was more horrifying than any magic, by burning his own mana. If he didn’t have enough mana, it would sacrifice his records!

“Master, no!”
“Shut up. You guys run while protecting the mages! And tell that man, Mister Unique, that there is an Overflow here! Until he comes, I defend alone!”1

Michael Smithson courageously charged towards the vortex. In that process, he heavily and mercilessly slashed apart the monster obstacles, and struck down on the vortex with all of his mana. He struck down again and again until it was cut apart!

The vortex finally showed a reaction. The spinning seem to stop before causing a strong mana explosion!


However, Michael Smithson endured. As a knight that protected the front, he could never step back, against any kind of opponent!

He would protect – the country he was born and grew up in; this planet!
He sturdily went forward and faced against the explosion!

Of course, the scene after the explosion was similar to the scene that Carina Malatesta was facing in Italy.

“……Sir Smithson? What are you doing in there?”

The gate that appeared after the vortex disappeared – beyond it was a person who approached after noticing the presence of a gate while training. Somehow, he had a memory of this person.

“What are you saying…..? Why are you on Earth?”
“Earth was Sir Smithson’s homeland. For me, I’m always in Melotra and tr….. Hm? Why is the scenery different there? Is it a special type of dungeon?”

It took 5 minutes for Michael Smithson to realize that what looked like signs of an Overflow, was just a preparation to open a gate to other worlds.
Although such vortexes that absorbed the mana of humans that fulfilled certain criteria, were creating gates that connected to the world that they were connected to, Yu IlHan and his friends were in the middle of mansion defense, and didn’t realize such a thing was occurring at all.

Author’s notes

  1. It’s been quite a while since we saw people of Earth in action.
  2. What is that vortex? What crisis would be brought upon Earth?

Translator’s notes

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  1. Mister Unique = MC, this is what Smithson calls MC now

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