Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 157: If I Open It, It’s The Gate To Hell – 5

Even when Yu IlHan travelled back to Korea after defeating the ‘Perverted Vibration Demon’, his subordinates were still sleeping. Having endured 2 years and 9 months in the Abandoned World influenced them in a way, to sleep as much as possible whenever they could in preparation for when they had to expend energy.

Although there were signs and traces of thousands of monsters having tried to break into the mansion, the automatic interception system seemed to have cleaned them up.
Because it was an automatic interceptor, Yu IlHan’s experience didn’t rise, but the growth of the Bittersweet Persona would be accelerated. He was satisfied.

“Okay, great. I’ll wash up quickly and sleep. ”

Yu IlHan ran checks on the mansion’s perfect security system and entered while humming. Unlike apartments in Gangnam, he could always sleep at ease here.
Until now, it had been impossible to be completely at rest because he did not let his guard down even in his sleep, but within the mansion, he could soundly sleep with the power of a Resting skill master.

[That wasn’t your full power? You foolish!] (Liera)
[Don’t take him seriously every time, Liera] (Spiera)

Listening to the angels’ usual banter, he entered the mansion when he felt an aura from the study. Why did anyone enter when nothing in the study would work without Yu IlHan?

[Welcome, Yu IlHan.] (Erta)

When he entered his study in a state of confusion, there was Yumir, sleeping on the black leather chair that Yu IlHan used while he defended the mansion for two weeks, and Erta, who greeted Yu IlHan and co after noticing them.

[Why are you so late? Were there really 4th classes in a place out of everyone’s reach?] (Erta)

Hearing Erta’s reasonable question, Yu IlHan’s head started aching again and he vaguely nodded.

“There was one fourth class. That was something really shocking, but Liera will explain the details. Rather than that, why is Mir sleeping here? ”
[He woke up as he was hungry then cleared out an entire fridge of dragon meat, before looking around the mansion for traces of you, until he arrived in the study and started sleeping on the chair.] (Erta)

When Yu IlHan lifted Mir up, he instinctually attached himself to Ilhan. Originally, he wanted to wake him up, but forgot about it after seeing Mir sleeping so soundly. Rather, Yu IlHan’s eyelids became heavier instead.

“I’ll have some sleep before I work too.”
[You have stayed up for 20 days without proper sleep. I would have knocked you out if you tried to do something again in that state.] (Spiera)
[Let me sleep with you!] (Liera)
[You come here!] (Erta)

Yu IlHan temporarily handed Yumir over to the angels, took a shower and then took the child back before diving onto the bed. As a master of the Resting skill, he fell asleep in one second. The angels now had to do some piled up work.

[Earthly matters will get even more complicated …….] (Liera)
[Are there any gates on Earth that remain connected to other worlds? If there is such a gate, have at least one angel watching over it.] (Spiera)
[No, leaving it to an angel is too naïve. We couldn’t completely clean up the traitors last time. We need to ask for help from the people of Earth. We should give out Heaven’s Quests.] (Erta)
[Looks like the power of the Heaven’s Army is going to be lowered even more. We’re already on a tight budget thanks to IlHan.] (Liera)
[We have to undertake this risk. Earth has long past the point of being treated like a lower world.] (Erta)
[Yes, we’ll have to take a firm stance. Looks like I have to propose for a Reserve Territory for Earth.] (Spiera)
[We need to go that far?] (Erta)

As two 6th class angels somehow ended up on Yu IlHan’s side, the discussion between the three of them influenced a lot of the matters on Earth

[Bye.] (Liera)
[I will finish it soon.] (Spiera)

After the three reached a consensus, Spiera headed to Heaven as their representative. If it was her, she could negotiate for the best the Heaven’s Army could do; both Liera and Erta sent her off without any complaints.

[She’s gone.] (Liera)
[She did.] (Erta)

After sending her off, Liera and Erta looked at each other for opportunity, but they soon came to a silent agreement and extended one of their hands in a flash.

Liera’s was fist, and Erta’s was paper.

[Fuu…….] (Erta)

When Erta kissed her fingers in satisfaction, Liera shouted while gritting her teeth.

[Let’s go with three rounds!] (Liera)
[Victory is always decided with one round.] (Erta)

Erta’s will was like a steel wall. As Liera laid next to Yumir after crawling onto Yu IlHan’s bed with a crying face, Erta cautiously leaned on IlHan’s side and held onto his sleeve.

[I think I can sleep comfortably for the first time in a long while.] (Erta)
[Hmph, I’ll spare you for today.] (Liera)

Liera looked at Erta, who looked like she was satisfied with just holding his sleeve, with complicated, subtle eyes, but soon fell asleep. It looked like Erta didn’t say that for nothing, as she also fell asleep quite soon.

Yu IlHan’s subordinates also slept well without waking up. Although all the monsters in the vicinity gathered towards the mansion, they were cleaned up by the automatic interception system without harming a single thing on the mansion

Like that, all the inhabitants in the mansion fell into a quiet sleep.

Even at this point in time, the whole world was struggling due to the residue of the weeks of battle, as well as the gates that were still there, but only this mansion was separated from such chaos.

A few hours after that.

[I’m back. Why is the mansion so quiet?…… Oh.] (Spiera)

Spiera, who came back from Heaven after the meeting to decide new rules that would be applied from that moment onwards, found it absurd that even Liera and Erta were asleep, but left them alone after thinking that they had suffered quite a bit.

Because, things would get even messier from now onwards

Meanwhile, at that time, the master of the Lightning God Clan, Kang MiRae was troubled. It was because she had received a request from a high-ranking person who even she could not ignore, from the other world Lanpas.

“Trade, you say.”
“I’m not talking about the resources of Earth.”

The First Imperial Princess of the Great Empire of Palladia, Irma An Ill’ta, replied.

“Aren’t there pathways to countless other worlds? MiRae, as you probably know already, all worlds seem to have similar resources, but have slightly different ones.. Of course, monsters are different as well. In the process of studying them, we would be able to get a variety of unimaginable, high-quality records… and it will be a great opportunity to develop the magic of our world that has stagnated. ”
“It’s dangerous. We do not know when the vortex would be generated, and even if I make a gate to this place and the people of the empire can temporarily come over, if the gate somehow closes due to a mistake…… ”
“There’s MiRae. What should I worry about? Someday you’ll make another gate.”

Irma An Ill’ta was burning with her desire for progress. Kang MiRae, who had a deep relationship with her, knew very well that she would no longer listen to anyone at this point

“I can assure you. People in other worlds are definitely thinking like me. I am talking about magic, but some may want items, others want monsters and some, human resources. Sooner or later, there will be a market for trading on the earth. ”

She giggled. It was pleasure for her to think that things that have never been imagined so far will happen in reality.

“Earth would have to prepare well. If you cannot control it, it will be very difficult. The management of the Gates, the management of the people who passed through those Gates, as well as the management of the transaction … MiRae, I’ll advise you as a friend. Before someone else does it, Make a place that everyone would need. That way, you would be able to get a lot of things on your hands.”

With the sighing Kang MiRae in front of her, Irma Anilta, laughed and added with a smile.

“Perhaps Earth is one of the types of worlds that will someday emerge in the many worlds. Think positively. You can act as a trade center for many worlds. ”
“I wish that there will not be a big mess. Currently, Earth is not in a situation where we can afford to think about other things. But precisely because of that … it would be best for me to step up in order to decrease the potential mess as much as possible.”

Kang MiRae’s expression stiffened. Of course, the ability users with enough power to open gates to other worlds were limited, but even if that was the case it was unknown when an unexpected situation would occur.

The reason the people of other worlds did not harm the people of Earth was because of the contract with the Heaven’s Army, and once they came over to Earth, that contract would lose effect.

Even the Imperial Princess in front of her might cause a stir once she goes over to Earth. Meticulous management was mandatory!

Kang MiRae recalled to the matters about Ferata. While she was fighting in an Abandoned World with others without knowing anything, Yu IlHan was fighting alone against an entire world in order to stop them. Thinking about that, a fire rose in her heart.

She couldn’t rest the Earth on Yu IlHan’s shoulders alone. Now it was time for someone to take away some of the burden on his shoulders.

Kang MiRae wanted to become that person. She was excusing herself that such actions befitted a partner.

“I’ll definitely make it happen.”
“And you think of it that way… You really will suffer miserably. If anyone sees you, they might think that you’re the one protecting all the people of Earth, ”

The Imperial Princess was prepared to have a fight of words when she said that, but Kang MiRae only smiled bitterly.
The Imperial Princess pouted when she saw that Kang MiRae didn’t talk deeply about herself, but she also knew of her personality well. Without stepping any further, she retreated.

“In any case, do your best. Everyone would want to become the main character of Earth. ”
“It’s easy for you to say as an outsider”

Kang MiRae sighed while imagining the people of Earth participating in this incident.

Human greed would not disappear until everyone fell into destruction at the same time. If it was possible for anyone to make the vortex a gateway to another world, then the Earth would have been in a really big mess since a long time ago.

Even at this moment, the leaders of the countries would be racking their brains to think of countermeasures, but even they would also be thinking about how to use this opportunity for their country. This was a natural thing

“The easiest way is to create Earth’s local specialty. If everyone wants a piece of it, then the trading area would be focused there, right?”
“That’s why I’m saying, it isn’t that easy to pick out items that are special to Earth…. oh wait.”

Kang MiRae was retorting when she exclaimed. It was instead the Imperial Princess that was surprised.

“What, there really is one? No matter how great Earth is, it had just undergone the 2nd Great Cataclysm, you know?”
“There is, well…… a ‘specialty’ that anyone and everyone would be greedy about”

Kang MiRae responded with a sigh.

Why was she sighing when she was saying that there were special products? The Imperial Princess was curious, but that was natural, since the ‘special products’ she thought up of referred to the brand Vanguard, whoever was supplied the goods was practically in charge of defending Earth.

‘Why is that person so good at everything!’

It was just a while ago that she wanted to relieve the burden on his shoulder, but she immediately thought of a method that would be reliant on him. She wanted to dig a hole and crawl into it right now.

“So what are those special products? You can let me know, right?
“It’s not that difficult. But before that, I have a request. … It is also a request that your Highness must accept in order to obtain the Earth’s specialties.”

Kang MiRae’s ‘request’ sounded very sinister. That was because the last time such a thing came out of her mouth, a large portion of the mana potions belonging to the empire all went to her!

However, Kang MiRae had practically became the mascot of the Empire. She couldn’t forgo her request lightly. The Imperial Princess opened her mouth after resolving herself.

“Okay, ask me anything. What do you want from me? ”
“Materials related to magic engineering. Anything that exists in the Empire. ”

An attack from an unexpected direction. However, she soon nodded her head because it was much easier than she thought.

“Okay, I’ll look into it. If it’s the fundamentals, I have some right now in my room…… But the existence of craftsmanship is indispensable for the magic engineering, so in fact, in this era, research on that side isn’t advancing a lot. If you’re the one planning to learn it, then be prepared.”
“No, it is not for me to learn … Actually it is also related to the specialties that your Highness is also wondering about.”

Question marks were rising on the Imperial Princess’s face. Kang MiRae thought that it was about time to reply to her question, and extended her bracelet towards her with a quiet smile.

“Is it a gift?”
“I can’t ever give this to you even if my head falls off. Just check the information.”

The Imperial Princess put her hands on the bracelet even while pouting. At that moment, a series of green text appeared on her retina and…..

“Th, this, this this this this craftsman!”
“How is it.”

The Imperial Princess stood up from her place and shouted without being able to hide her excitement.
In response to the expected reaction, Kang MiRae smiled while putting her bracelet back on.

“Is the value of the special product high enough?”

Author’s notes

  1. Erta is quite shy
  2. A feeling of a new quest (2)

Translator’s notes
Tried editing from google translated version. Tell me your thoughts. The translation speed… well… isn’t that much different.
Chamber posting, thanks for reading and I’m always open to sponsors! (Fundraising for my new laptop… the Asus UX501 failed to be fixed…And my new aim is to go higher! (Aero 14 from Gigabyte. Man, that looks sexy))
Also, no chapters after this was edited from google translate. It just isn’t worth it. If I had good mouse control (which I don’t) it might have been, editing from google translate requires a lot of clicking…. and I’d rather translate from scratch if it doesn’t give me any time improvements.
And it was also funny how ‘Yu IlHan’ was translated to ‘the only one’, ‘the unique’, ‘the unique one’. I’m like – “Lol, google translate must have chuunibyou”

Also, I’m planning to take the next university term/semester off. Because 1. I can’t keep up with school content (they’re way beyond my comprehension). and 2. My dad will probably quit working(as in retirement), so his company won’t pay my tuition anymore. I’ll probably finish my degree (since I’m currently on the 5th semester/term out of 8)

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