Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 159: I am the Center of the World – 1

Before activating the barrier, they had already been assigned roles.

The four elves were in charge of dismantling, and Yu IlHan would craft with the materials that were dismantled as well as the products of Angel Tear – Fyyrita tea leaves, cookie dough, and the fruit dessert, while Ericia and Yumir were in charge of supporting and packing everything that was made through the Giant Bucket.

[There’s no spear training anywhere in your schedule! Roaar!] (Spiera)
“I can do that in the spare time. Don’t worry.”

As no one could catch up to his working speed, there was enough time to train in the Great Cosmos-severing Spear without setting on a specific schedule. However, Spiera didn’t seem to be satisfied with just that.

[Why do you waste your exceptional talent to do something like……!] (Spiera)
[He has too much talent, what can you do about it.] (Erta)
[Fufu, so you don’t want the cookies?] (Liera)
[Your words piss me off….. although, I’ll still eat them!] (Spiera)

Like what Spiera said, the shortcut may be focusing on training and getting stronger himself. Just learning another advanced weapon technique would raise his overall capabilities a lot, and he would have an easier time against any enemy coming at him.

However, due to the expansion of the brand Vanguard, and the launching of the Angel Tear, if they could control the chaotic Earth after the 2nd Great Cataclysm, they would be able to prevent various annoying accidents from occuring.
As the chaos dies down, mankind would be able to develop again, and in conclusion, there would be no more need for Yu IlHan to take care of every single thing.

“So, I work. Until the day I won’t be bothered anymore.”
[I’m not sure if he’s cool or if he’s dumb…… Huh, I think this happened before.] (Liera)

Yu IlHan first proceeded with the processing of the large amount of tea leaves he got from Dareu using the mana circulation on the Giant Bucket.

A strange circulation of mana by the hearts of dragons embedded on various places of the Giant Bucket! The process of amplifying and changing the minute amount of mana in the tea leaves using that, quickly progressed along with Yu IlHan’s cooking skill. He could even see with his naked eye that the tea leaves were changing.

“So if I raise my magic engineering skill, I can wield the Giant Bucket more proficiently, right?”
[Usually, one would think about using weapons more proficiently first…] (Spiera)
[No matter how I think about it, I cannot leave it to that woman, Kang MiRae. Even if I have to look through the Heaven’s Library……] (Liera)
[Anything within the Library is forbidden from being removed. We have to leave as many things up to the human realm as possible.] (Erta)
“Good, the tea leaves will be done soon, so now, it’s…”

He turned around after letting the Fyyrita tea leaves mature, and checked on the elves’ progress, before starting to make advanced weapons using the parts he could metalwork with.

“Burn a little more, that’s it.”

He stuffed the Eternal Flame, which basically lived within Ruin Calling now, with a little bit of spare magic stones causing it to burn bigger. Yu IlHan ignored the prank that it did by flickering its ‘tongue’ out, and processed the materials that had metallic properties, first.

“Fuu, hup.”

The work speed was very fast. Although he was used to repetitive work, not only was he become able to wield Eternal Flame better after receiving it as his subordinate, he also acquired countless records, including the techniques related to metalworking, when he had received the blessing of the god of smithing, contributed to the increased efficiency in all his endeavours.

“But it’s still not enough. Isn’t there some kind of ‘Great Blessing’.”
[Every single blacksmith who hears you will pick up their hammers and try to whack you.] (Spiera)
[So all of those weapons are unique…] (Liera)
[There are legends once in a while…] (Erta)

It wasn’t like Yu IlHan could intentionally restrict his abilities, so when he used the materials from minimum 3rd class monsters, legend-rank weapons popped out from time to time.

The problem was that as there was about one legend when there were 50 uniques, just counting the legend-ranked gears created in this workshop, was waaay beyond the number of legend-ranked weapons produced in a single world, over countless years.

[It’s a little bit of a pity to give them to other worlds…….] (Liera)
[They are insanely strong weapons. Did you not think about a situation where the ones with your weapons may turn against you?] (Spiera)
“It’s alright. I’m going to apply a secret option that only I can see. Even if they die and revive again, they won’t be able to go against me.”
[So evil!] (Liera)

Once a legend-rank came out, Yu IlHan soul-enchanted on it; using the exceptional souls that became loyal to Yu IlHan through Orochi’s assistance! Even Spiera was speechless at Yu IlHan’s meticulous actions.

After all that ended, he set them aside for auction, as Kang MiRae had said. Anyone’s eyes would flip seeing these gears. As such, he had no intention of selling them cheaply. Even if he jacked up the prices, there would be a bomb load of buyers.

What should he receive as currency? If it was rare metals, he had enough he robbed from Dareu, so it would probably be the best if he could receive rare minerals and materials that was specific to each world. Wasn’t it exciting to make a weapon using materials from countless worlds?

“Good, let’s go faster!”
[Even faster than now!?] (Liera)

With the subordinates that struggled to catch up to his speed, Yu IlHan was absorbed in work. Of course, he couldn’t possibly ignore Spiera’s desperate gaze and had to practice the Great Cosmos-severing Spear from time to time!

[Good, you’re becoming better……. Shockingly, that is.] (Spiera)
“Fuuu….. Hup! Hah!”
[So it’s hard to imbue it all at once, huh?] (Liera)

At this point in time, where he could imbue all of the: sharpness of the sword, speed of the whip, and power of the hammer; he only had to fuse them all into one with the power of Physical Combat mastery.

Although this was the most difficult step, Yu IlHan didn’t think that it would take tens of years like what Spiera had described. This was a kind of intuition he had gained after training in various martial arts for many years.

Of course, if he said that out loud, it was obvious that Spiera would be pissed off, so he silently swung his spear; while praising himself for learning to read the mind of a higher existence.

[Quicker! LIke the time you faced the Perverted Vibration Demon!] (Spiera)
“Why does that come out here! Uooooooh!”
[Ah, his spear swings became so much quicker!] (Liera)
[So embarrassment and speed goes hand in hand….. That manga was definitely quite embarrassing to read.] (Erta)
“Erta, you know it too!?” 1


Yu IlHan spent a very busy time that he longed for a rest again.

He replaced his insufficient rest with Bloodrink and Breath that refilled his rest energy, but on the second month, there was not a drop of Bloodrink left.
Breath was also decreasing at a rapid speed, but since he had a lot of supplies anyway, he still had room.

The problem was that Breath was extremely alcoholic.

“*burp*, if I get drunk, hit me with magic that will wake me up.”
[Don’t worry. I’ll smash you with a  super-strong magic that will blow you out into the universe, not to mention coming to yourself.] (Spiera)
[Don’t send him anywhere! Hold him here!] (Erta)

When a month and a week passed, Yu IlHan finally finished the fruit dessert and the tea leaves, and went into making the cookies, which could be considered the core item.

It wasn’t that the butter was special, nor the egg, nor the sugar, nor the flour. He only left the ordinary cookie dough in the cooled Giant Bucket instead of a refrigerator, to cause the absurdly delicious changes.

Even while watching the circulation of mana that occurred inside it, Yu IlHan and the angels did not have the confidence to recreate that phenomenon. They could only take it as a miracle made through a thousand 4th class dragon hearts!

At this time, Yu IlHan made a new cookie by adding Fyyrita tea into the dough, and received great results from the angels.

[This cookie is insane. It will make America cry.] (Liera)
[Why America. Let’s just go with the world.] (Erta)
[My cooking skill rose by 3 levels just eating it. Although it’s frustrating, I can’t not acknowledge this…… Crunch crunch.] (Spiera)
[Hey, that’s mine, don’t eat it too!] (Liera)

Ignoring the 4th super-mini war between the angels, Yu IlHan kept on making more batches of cookie dough.
On one side, Yumir and Ericia were using cookie moulds to separate them, before baking them in the oven. Once baked, they would package it after cooling them off a little, which would then head into Ilhan’s inventory.

‘Hmmm. I should finish this quickly and start making again…..”
[Kyaak!] (Erta)

However, just as he was about to knead the dough while sipping a  pack of Breath, Erta, who flew from being uppercutted by Spera, hit Yu IlHan on the back of his head and what was in his mouth poured onto the cookie dough.

The cookie dough was drenched in Breath, and became dyed in red soon after.

[Ahh……] (Erta)
[Spiera did it!] (Liera)
[Are you some grade schooler who tells the teacher every bad thing other people do?] (Spiera)

When Yu IlHan turned stiff, Erta became so as well, while Liera told Spiera off before looking at Ilhan. The longer he stayed stiff, the more worried the angels got, but in fact, Yu IlHan didn’t become like that due to anger.

[The skill, Cooking, has become level 78!]

He was stiff due to a new discovery!

“Yes, alcohol could be added to the cookie dough!”
[Hey, that’s extreme poison there, as well as alcohol!] (Liera)

Yu IlHan boldly ignored Liera’s comeback, and kneaded on the dough drenched in Breath

In any case, there was too much alcohol added to the dough, so he added more dough, and kneaded as carefully as possible with all the power of his level 78 Cooking skill. Then, he let it mature inside the Giant Bucket. The angels watched that process throughout the entire time.

[What could this possibly be to make me flutter.] (Liera)
[You can’t even eat it without extreme poison resistance… There’s a limit to how high a hurdle can be to eat a single cookie.] (Erta)
“Just watch silently.”

The cookie dough was placed in the center of the Giant Bucket. The dragon’s mana filling the bucket sensed the foreign object and mercilessly infiltrated the dough and changed it.

The flow of strange mana circulating around the dough, could be clearly seen in Yu IlHan’s eyes. The angels also watched that spectacle and commented.

[Don’t you think you can upgrade the Giant Bucket with mana crafting?] (Liera)
[Such a frightening thought. Isn’t it already at a strange balance? If we interfered any more with it, we might end up losing an artifact.] (Erta)
[Hm, that cookie looks delicious…….] (Spiera)

Listening to the angels, Yu IlHan thought that the idea of upgrading the Giant Bucket using mana crafting was not some distant dream, once he acquired a deep knowledge of magic engineering. Somehow, his dreams on magic engineering were becoming bigger and bigger.

Meanwhile, the cookie dough finally started emitting light. 2 Breath, which had already been processed through the Giant Bucket once, resonated with the mana in the bucket while combined with the cookie dough, and was making an incomprehensible magic reaction. Or so Yu IlHan thought.

[So you don’t get it either?] (Erta)
“Quite sharp……”

The cookie dough kept on emitting red light for a while before calming down again. Yu IlHan left the dough as it is for quite a little more, but he couldn’t endure the ‘you know what to do, right?’ attack from all three angels and had to pick the dough up.


Putting it into moulds, and baking them in the oven didn’t take that long. Yu IlHan opened the oven himself, and an indescribable fragrance spread out through the workshop. At that moment,

[The skill, Cooking, has become level 80! You are now able to make all dishes more deliciously. You are also able to bring out the effects of the dish beyond the limits of the cooked product.]

“My cooking skill rose by two levels at once……”
“They look tasty!”

Once during kneading, and two during baking. Considering that Yu IlHan’s Cooking skill was at a very high level due to various circumstances, it was easy to predict that the cookie made with Breath and through the Giant Bucket, was no ordinary item.

The elves, who were arduously dismantling on the side, as well as Ericia, who was packaging the cookies, all looked at Yu IlHan with desperate eyes, but since Breath was added into the mixture, he couldn’t let them eat it so easily.
Only Yu IlHan, the angels, and Yumir, who had Extreme poison resistance from birth, had the right to eat this cookie!

“The poison wouldn’t have been strengthened, right?”
[We won’t know without eating it!]

Liera courageously threw a cookie into her mouth. Spiera immediately after, followed by Erta and Yumir. Now that things became like this, Yu IlHan also bit on the cookie with resolve.


Yu IlHan exclaimed in surprise. He ate the remaining piece and chewed on it.

“Dad, this is too delicious!”
[Delicious…… It’s too delicious!] (Erta)

Yumir’s eyes were full of stars. Erta also widened her eyes in a wave of pure emotion. Yu IlHan agreed with their comments. Despite being made by him, he thought that people may do anything and everything if it was like this.

However, there was something more amazing to it.

[I feel like the components of the poison has all turned into taste….] (Liera)
“Wait, there’s no poison left at all!?”

Yes. As if all the poison within the Breath had turned into another substance, no poison was left!

“Your Majesty, then…….?”
“Very well. Come here and eat.”
“Yes, sir!”

As soon as they got Yu IlHan’s permission, the elves and even Ericia gathered and ate a cookie each. Looking at them becoming emotional due to the fragrance and the taste, he felt a soft sensation spreading throughout his body.

A magnanimity like the cookie, that felt like it could enwrap all existences! Yu IlHan thought that this was a temporary feeling, but it wasn’t. The next moment, Yu IlHan’s mana reacted and waved as if to greet it.

[For 45 minutes, until the cookie’s power dissipates, Magic increases by 65. Consuming more will extend the duration.]
[You have realized the secret of assigning power to the ones eating the cooking. The skill, Cooking, has become level 90!]
[The effects of the buff increases according to the rise in skill level.]


Yu IlHan read the text on his retina, and saw that everyone else around him became still just like him. Everybody must be thinking the same thing.

[A food buff… It’s the first time in my life as an angel…….]

The net of the sleeper… ended up tugging on the sleeves of the goddess of fortune.

Author’s notes

  1. The angels sure do get along, sharing everything.
  2. I can’t leave out the food buff in cooking. The first thing that comes to my mind when you say ‘food buff’ is Mabinogi….. where it had a very special system that showed you animations of reactions according to the type and completeness of the cooking.


Translator’s notes
This chapter was sponsored by….. cookies, glowing cookie doughs, and insanely delicious cookies that can make you use magic, all made in isolated timespace (Did you see that 10 step level up there?), as well as Ayed B.Y.! Looks like this guy wanted to get a special mention as well. (He’s the sponsor of 154) Thank you for sponsoring two chapters within one week! You’re da best! (If Mark G is reading, you’re da best too, dw)

Btw, I’m pretty sure ‘goddess of fortune’ is NOT like the other ‘gods’, but a figure of speech.

And damn, sponsors are catching up rapidly…


Edited by Chamber!

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  1. I have no idea what manga/anime they’re talking about here. At least, I’ve never seen one with vibrating tentacles.
  2. T/N: Wut?

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