Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 16: I Make Them – 3

“……I do what?”
[Install dungeons.]

He asked just in case he heard wrong, but he didn’t hear wrong. Yu IlHan asked Erta with worried eyes.

“Are you okay? ……I can cook if it’s porridge, shall I?”
[I’m extremely normal! On heaven’s orders! I’m giving you! A quest to help with the creation of dungeons!]

Yu IlHan softly sighed. Then he asked while sharply raising his eyes.

“This quest, it’s not for me but for you guys, isn’t it?”
[……I, it’s for Earth too, so it’s for you as well?]
“Acting cute now won’t deceive me.”

Didn’t he hear the full story from her yesterday already? That the traps, in other words, dungeons, that God scattered before was unsuccessful in luring monsters.

“How can I do what even God can’t?”
[We’re thinking that the reason why the dungeons aren’t successfully functional is because the majority of the monsters were swept by God’s power when Lord God stopped the time on Earth. So, the monsters, which have gained immunity to God’s power, won’t approach the dungeons where God’s power is dwelling strongly.]
“You are keep going to saying that it’s because the time stopped, aren’t you!?”

She was so shameless that he was about to fall for her!

[In contrast, you have polished all sorts of techniques in the 1000 years of stopped time despite being an Earthling. In conclusion, your blacksmithing skills have reached a level of marvel that even we, as higher existences, have a hard time believing. Your only fault is that you cannot use mana, but the mana crafting skill will solve that. ……The only existence on Earth who can create dungeons in our place is you.]

At the flattery baptism that poured all over him to the point that he became itchy, Yu IlHan narrowed his eyes more. His instincts as a loner which reacted extremely sensitively to intentions that were trying to use him, was warning him.
That this woman was about to dump him with a huge piece of work!

“Now you’re just directly dumping me work, eh?”
[It’s in everyone’s interests. We do our mission, and you receive a quest befitting of your ability and even earn a suitable reward!]
“You can talk well. Even though you’re a scammer.”

However, did the fact that Yu IlHan wanted to do it because of all that make Yu IlHan a pervert?
Was it a perverted mind which could be coated with the words ‘challenging mind’, and ‘confidence’?

Wait, doesn’t it make him a pervert either way?

Yu IlHan asked her lightly.

“What happens if I don’t do it?”
[Heaven will create another set of dungeons. Of course, as God’s power will dwell in it, it has a higher chance of failing, and as a result, humanity will have to survive in a slightly more wild environment.]
“If I make it, will the monsters really fall for it?”
[At least, with a much higher chance than the one made by heaven, yes. They will.]
“……This is the most important question, though.”

He looked at his body, which didn’t look anything special, and the workshop, which only had basic equipment.
And turned back to see the angel who was unprecedentedly had glowing eyes.

“I can make dungeons?”
[Of course. If you have the blueprint and the necessary materials. And those, we have.]

Yu IlHan smiled.

“Good, I’ll do it.”
[Let’s begin right away.]

Erta poured out huge piles of metal from nowhere inside the workshop.

She took out chunks of refined metal, ‘harkanium’, which emitted a wondrous black light; chunks of another metal, ‘fecinom’, from which one could feel a red and rough energy; following that, a bottle containing the liquid, ‘el hazra’, which emitted faint blue light; and finally, equipments such as a hammer, chisel, anvil and the like, which looked plain but not unpleasant.

[These three metals are materials in higher system worlds. If the current Earth levels up 2 more times, then these will also appear on Earth in extremely small amounts.]
“So this liquid is metal as well? Then I can just think that it’s similar to mercury, right?”
[…….It seems you didn’t listen to me at all.]

Continuing on, she poured out countless numbers of magic stones that would become the ingredients for mana crafting, but they were incomparably bigger and emitted incomparably more brilliant light than the Direwolf’s one.
Weren’t these perhaps the magic stones from the ‘higher existences’ that Erta likes so much? Yu IlHan asked with a careful voice.

“The will of the craftsman is important though in mana crafting, is it not? I don’t have any experience in making dungeons, and I don’t even know how to make them. Are you find with me handling all these precious-looking magic stones?”
[In the applying process, angels will help you. Did you perhaps think that you will do everything from start to finish?]

Loners always worked alone from start to finish as they hated communicating with other people and hated working together! Yu IlHan was also planning to do everything alone so he was a little bit surprised when Erta implied working together.

[Other than the used materials, they are all for rent, so you have to give them back. For the reward, we will prepare something else.]
“For the reward, can’t you give me that 4 dimensional pocket you were using?”
[Inventory is magic.]

This was the moment he was the most frustrated after the time he heard that beds were science. 1

However, his switch flipped automatically while he was clearing away the existing anvil (it was extremely light) and fixed the anvil that Erta brought (It was extremely heavy). A master may not dwell on his tools, but Yu IlHan did.
Whether it was the hammer, or the anvil, and even the tongs, were all in a different dimension to the one he had used until now. He resolved that he would definitely procure tools that wouldn’t lose out to these in the future.

[The basic processing is already done, so what we’re asking of you should be the form creation and the inlaying. We’re not thoughtless to the point that we’ll make you make a dungeon from start to finish.]
“With the materials here, just how can I make a dungeon in this workshop? You’re not telling me to make pottery but a dungeon, right??”

Yu IlHan spat out the question he had the moment he saw the materials. This was reasonable, as inlaying meant etching the surface and filling it with another material.

Amongst them, as an intricate and beautiful technique which ran at the peak of metalworking, metal inlaying was just basically a very very difficult and annoying work.
Creating a dungeon with a technique that’s used in accessories – just how? Did they make some magic which can make goblins pop out if he drew a goblin with inlaying?

[A dungeon is a huge space. There’s no way that we’ll directly make them, is there? Specifically, what you have to make is a magic tool that would attract the monsters and change the surrounding environment to make a dungeon. This is called the Trap of Destruction.]
“Tell me that from the beginning! Then is that inlaying perhaps……”
[It can be called a type of a magic array.]

Erta held out a paper which was made from unordinary materials. After he had a look at it, he paled in fright. After he heard that it was a magic array, he thought that the form creation wouldn’t be very difficult, but that was his misunderstanding.

With one cube at the center, countless metal rings were enwrapping it, and not only on the cube itself, there were indecipherable letters everywhere on each and every one of those rings.
If someone saw the finished magic tool created according to this blueprint, then that person would shout ‘This artifact looks like it may appear on the last volume of a fantasy novel!’.

This was definitely an object with a higher difficulty in creation than any of the things he had created before. Rather than blacksmithing, it seemed like his workmanship would play a bigger role too…… He sighed before he even started.
Yu IlHan clenched his teeth and muttered.

“The quest reward……It should be good, right……?”
[I promise. I will prepare something that you will be surprised about. According to the level of achievement in the quest, you will be given the most suitable reward.]

  1. T/N: ACE, a company that makes beds, said that beds weren’t furniture but science in their commercial, and this saying became famous in Korea.
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  1. Samhain

    The MC is such a fucking retard it makes it hard to read, and wtf moron of a author leaves the MC with no mana use other then making shit, so retarded

  2. Miaka_Mei

    *takes deep breath*

    I find it hard to suppress my disgust to a story that is purposely mocking God’s mightiness. This novel is openly mocking and highlighting a Gods “error” whatever that is which the author tries to cook up, which obviously he failed miserably with loopholes everywhere. And in the case of this novel, i am able to suppress my disgust by picturing the original author as the “god” of this novel. Heh.

    Nevertheless, the effort and hardwork done by the translators is comforting <3 and worthy of respect. Good job desu!

    1. Miaka_Mei

      I’m sorry for the previous long rant. Anyway, it seems that this author tries to implement the “stupid god/goddess” & “making MC into an extra” setting into the novel, much like one of my favorite novel “Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu”.

      Sadly, this novel failed to make similar or at least significant effect, conversely it had made certain readers like me frustrated.

      In TGMID, the MC was forced into another world, and was carelessly toss away by the goddess. The situation is as pitiful as Yu Ilhan’s situation who was left abandoned for 1000 years. Another similarity is that they turned out super OP. Fufufufu

  3. Dark Lord Bu

    I am re-reading this web novel for my third time and let me say something. All the comments about the way God is portrayed and how its bad. Let me suggest that its part of the plot that will be seen near the end of the chapter count. Also to that one guy complaining about him not having mana, it is further explained and delt with in the following chapters. The MC and his plot ridden family and companions
    is one of the most interesting things about this webnovel.

  4. Geanemone

    Some readers always say ‘fuck this plot hole’ when they see one on early chapters.
    Are you stupid? The novel doesnt end there, you can only complain about inconsistencies when you already finished the novel.
    Like say, it is stupid to think that a God makes mistakes. It is not that he does but it is because….( ) well, yeah theres a reason.
    Im re reading this novel because i liked it and i want to refresh what it feels like when i was reading this from the first time.

  5. Deadmilkmen

    Boring chapter. Really not interested in reading about him crafting dungeons. Let’s have some actual character interactions other than his two angels and his mom.

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