Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 17: I Make Them – 4

[We don’t even know whether it will work properly.]

At that moment, one of the angels tackled.

[We need to experiment with it.]
[That’s very reasonable.]
[Yu IlHan, we shall go together. Perhaps, it will help your mana crafting if you look at the process of the creation of a dungeon.]

When the work was done, the angels started chatting loudly again, but this time, they talked differently. Factions were split into those who felt uncomfortable that he had such a firm will and ability despite being a lowly human, and those who wanted to acknowledge his ability and desired to raise him.
Of course, as they were good existences (as opposed to evil) at the core, there was no one who harbored ill intent towards him.

[My thoughts are the same. Yu IlHan, don’t you want to have a look at the scene where the Trap of Destruction activates?]
“No need to talk twice about it. Let’s go.”

He always welcomed new information and stimulation. There was no reason why Yu IlHan should reject that proposal.
While Yu IlHan was wiping off the sweat on his face with a towel, the angels started confirming that the Trap of Destruction was for real. However, one of the angels, who was exclaiming about its aesthetic beauty, suddenly shouted.

[Whoa, this has an alpha option and a beta option!]
[Meticulous, Earthen……It’s true.]

Yu IlHan perked up his ears while wiping off his sweat. Erta, who noticed that, explained with a sigh.

[We call the additional attribute which gets attached to the product of blacksmithing and mana crafting as ‘option’s. It appears randomly according to luck, the quality of the materials, and the ability of the smith. Normally, there are two, alpha and beta, but both appearing in the first creation is unprecedented. Are you satisfied?]
“You know everything, don’t you?”
[Yes, I know everything.]

After confirming the Trap of Destruction, Yu IlHan went out with the angels. As he couldn’t fly, two angels grabbed his arms while flying, but honestly, although it looked very uncool, Yu IlHan was joyful just with just the fact that he was flying in the sky.

The streets were still silent. There were the sounds of monsters howling from somewhere, sounds of soldiers desperately shooting guns, and sounds of flying helicopters. He truly felt that the apocalypse had arrived.

[Hey, this human isn’t an angel. There is a need to cast invisibility magic on him.]
[There isn’t. Unless he attacks first, there is no way he would get found by humans.]
[What? No way……]

Yes way.

[They really can’t notice him?]
[As expected, the sole dropout……!] 1

The angels looked at Yu IlHan, who was realizing a miracle with his human body, in shock, and Yu IlHan was annoyed. He resolved that he wouldn’t mix with these angels, who looked at him like a monkey in a zoo, after he finished this quest or whatever it was called.

The place they had arrived was at the top of a hill.
In front of Yu IlHan, who looked forward to how the artifact would activate, Erta, who was holding the Trap of Destruction, took a short, deep breath before throwing it.

[Watch, Yu IlHan.]

While the Trap of Destruction was falling, the metallic ring which were spinning on the outside suddenly expanded in size.
The ring which had a diameter of just 20cm increased to 1m, 3m, 8m, and without restraint before it became thin to the point that it couldn’t be seen as it scattered into the air.

No, was it really ‘scattered’? While Yu IlHan was in doubt, at that moment, the second and third ring began expanding and scattering in order. While looking at that scene, the angels nodded their heads in satisfaction.

[So until now it’s going smoothly.]

That meant that the phenomenon that happened just now was not a failure. Perhaps, were the metallic rings created with that intention in the first place?
While Yu IlHan was concentrating his consciousness…

The Earth trembled.
Monsters started gathering towards the hill.

Author’s notes

  1. MC’s not a pushover… T^T
  2. This is in the end, a ‘quest’. Meaning that MC had the choice to reject. MC does what he wants, he’s not doing it just because he’s told to
  3. Erta did not threaten him. In the first place, Yu IlHan asked a question first and Erta only answered the truth
  4. God is definitely not omnipotent nor omniscient. This is one of the most important reasons why this novel can make sense.
  5. God and angels don’t scam humans. The difficulty of the quest is directly proportional to the reward, and if even this is doubtful… then one cannot trust in anything. T^T
  6. The reason why the reward was not given prior to the quest was because Erta could not judge whether MC will succeed the quest, and if he does, how successfully, and what would MC need at the end of the quest;; I should add this bit.
  7. MC did not ask about the reward as he already received a satisfying reward (Eternal Flame) for his previous quest. You can take it that he’s ‘trusting’ them
  8. Eternal Flame is a too OP reward. It seems like my descriptions were insufficient. As to how good, it will be revealed as the story goes on so look forward to it!
  9. The prefix option and the postfix option will be changed to alpha and beta. I took this from mabinogi, and as expected, it’s no good. Teehee!

Translator’s notes
Some of the angels speak in ancient form, (English equivalent would be thou/thy and the like) but I know none of those things, to hell with that.
As seen up there, ‘Yu IlHan’ can mean ‘solitary’ or ‘unique’ (just anything that has to do with being alone)(I guess his name was one of the reasons why he was left out). While his father, ‘Yu YongHan’ can mean ‘useful’. This will come up later
tiny spoiler: […A useful skill.] “Dad skill?”

Ehem, nobody’s thinking of Totsuka Saika from Oregairu when they read ‘Trap of Destruction’ right?

Time to read chapter 65 of EER on Munpia! ❤

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  1. T/N: Yu IlHan can mean ‘sole’/’unique’; the ‘sole’ used in this line is literally ‘Yu IlHan’
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