Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 172: Hell Picnic, Alone – 2

Yu IlHan came to the conclusion that there was no need for him to look after Earth, having seen that many worlds, including Phituroa, were faring well.

Although the contributions from him and his brand was very big, now that it had entered a stable orbit, if the supply was handled well, he didn’t even need to be here.

Now, the monsters appearing on Earth were all hunted by the people of earth. Well, the only difference was that that there was no massive news about Yu IlHan’s deeds as Susanoo or the Deathgod or whatnot. Of course, things would be a different story if 4th class monsters started popping out everywhere, but if such monsters appeared so easily, Earth wouldn’t be here right now.

If so, what was left for Yu IlHan.

He wished to master the magic engineering knowledge and utilize the magic metal Keshna, containing the essence of magic engineering to enhance his Bittersweet Persona into a flying fortress, but like how he needed time to understand all the records of the god of smithing, it took a lot of time to synchronize all the magic engineering knowledge with his existing records.
And it wasn’t like he could do anything to speed up that process. He could only wait while going over the contents bit by bit.

So, he decided to go over to ‘that’ world. ‘That’ world, being the one he had coincidentally opened in the past while trying to earn some vortex experience, as well as the one that’s unknown to even angels. Since he had had a battle experience from Lanpas, with the Keshna Golem, there was nothing for him to be afraid of now.

After letting Kang MiRae take charge over Angel Tear and Vanguard, he waited patiently while massacring the monsters that flocked to his mansion, and successfully created a vortex not long after.

He barely held himself back from tapping on it like mad, and attacked to the point that it won’t burst, and successfully generated a gate.

[Wow, that’s bad. The already horrible thick fog of mana inside the Bittersweet Persona is now being mixed with the unpleasant bloody mana.] (Liera)
“Well, it’s all good since the monster spawns will be of higher level now. Flemir, you also keep watch. It’s not a normal gate so guard it well.”
“Understood, my lord.”

Flemir was his agent he had prepared for the worst case scenario during the 24 hours of the gate. After he became Yu IlHan’s subordinate, he had received the effects of the Rule skill and became a level stronger, he was the single strongest one amongst his subordinates.

The reason he became Yu IlHan’s subordinate was purely for Ericia.

In fact, he wanted to serve by her side from the beginning, but was tied to the Kiroa continent as he could not leave behind the weakened wolfkin.
But with Ericia’s growth under Yu IlHan, the fighting power of the wolfkin naturally rose as well, and when he was sure that the wolfkin could survive without him in Kiroa, he came over to Earth permanently.

“Guard it for 24 hours, and once the gate closes, you can go to Ericia. Nothing much will happen with me entering, but if the gate explodes and a monster appears, call for me immediately.”

Although he wasn’t at a level where he could create golems, he could create a lot of things with just the knowledge he had absorbed until now. One of them, was the communicator. Yu IlHan had already made several communicators and distributed them to his father, mother, Kang MiRae, Na YuNa, and his subordinates.

Through the communicator he had made, it was possible to send signals or to call them. Of course, it was impossible to have a real-time phone call like a smartphone, the communicator did not need a charge like a smartphone, nor was there a reliance on communication towers, and above all, it was possible to communicate between worlds as well.

“Then I’ll be back soon.”
“I also want to go though…”
“Play with the noonas here and I’ll be back in a flash, got it?”

Yumir felt disappointed but he couldn’t take his son to such an obviously dangerous world. Since he had talked to Kang MIRae and Na YuNa about it, he believed that they wouldn’t let him go lonely.

“Good, let’s go.”
[To think you’d think of entering that place after facing the perverted vibration demon, you really are a splendid psycho.] (Spiera)
[What if the inside is full of perverted vibration demons?] (Liera)
[What do you mean what, we’d just get a shit ton of that horrifying magic gunpowder.] (Erta)
“Hey, please.”

After a hug with his son, he gave him various artifacts and consumables and entered the gate without hesitation. Only the dejected Yumir and the silent Flemir saw him off.

And two months flowed past.

Yu IlHan deleted hell tourism from his bucket list.
That was because, this place was hell.

“Go die, ice demon!

In the world where both the skies and the lands were colored in blood-red, a giant monster covered in ice charged towards Yu IlHan.
That which emitted frosty aura from all over its body, froze anything and everything completely once it came into contact with, and its body movements were amazingly nimble so it would be game over if he let his guard down even by the slightest amount.

Well, Yu IlHan could endure the frost ever so slightly by wearing the Blizzard Tyrant’s Mixed Bone Fullplate that increased his water attribute resistance by 90%, but that only increased 0.01 second to 0.1  second.


In contrast, in order to kill it, he could only smash its head after breaking through the enormous wall of frost, but as ordinary weapons froze and broke the moment it came into contact with it, only weapons with heat were the answer. So right now, Yu IlHan was wielding Black dragon whip on one hand, and the Eight-tailed dragon spear on his other to fight.


A fog of transparent crystals that formed from the ice demon flailing its arms everywhere! No matter how pretty they looked, he would end up freezing once he touched them.

Yu IlHan, who knew that well, swung the crimson flame-covered Black dragon whip to vaporize that fog, but using that opening, the demon kicked off the ground and approached Yu IlHan. A monster over 10 meters in height, freezing everything in its path leapt towards him, containing a force that he thought would only appear in his dreams.


However, that was also an opportunity that Yu Ilhan was aiming for as well. Yu IlHan swung his Black dragon whip as soon as he erased all the fog crystals and wrapped it around the demon’s frozen wrist, and jumped by using the elasticity of the whip!


The ice demon could only flinch momentarily as the arm it was about to attack with was restrained by the whip.
However, when it extended its other hand instinctively, the Eight-tailed dragon spear in Yu IlHan’s hands right in front of it, emitted a blinding light!


That was the most brilliant and hottest flame that Yu IlHan could use! Orochi’s purple flames, Eternal Flame, Blaze, Dragonic Blood – all the power, mixed into one, and and the spear emitting a bright white flame was shot forward.
Yu IlHan’s made only one action, but the trajectory of attacks approaching its neck numbered ‘three’.


While the heat from the spear and the icy aura from the monster was thickening, Yu IlHan waited without letting his guard down while gripping onto his spear firmly.

[Kuh, Kuhaaaa!]

There was no twist. It had collapsed after the short and thick, final scream. It was truly scary how the surrounding land froze in an instant.
Of course, Yu IlHan could hold out in the air with Ruin Calling, which he had taken out since he had foresaw that would happen.

At that moment, an even nicer text appeared on his retina.

[You ???? ?????? ??????????????]
[You have become level 171. 2 Strength, 2 Agility, 1 Health, 1 Magic increases,[

“Ah, a level up.”
[9 level ups within 2 months….. Ahh, what can we do about this.] (Erta)
[That’s good. I wish he’d become a higher existence already.] (Liera)
[Yes yes. You’ve long since given up on rational judgement……]
[There is no problem with Yu IlHan. It will be more productive of us to think about the identity of these strong monsters that are apocalypse-class.]

Although everything was full of question marks, whether it was the experience gained or the records, he didn’t know what level they had. But from the fact that he had levelled up so much even though he had only killed a few hundred, he could predict that it was a monster around level 250.

“I don’t think it’s physical defense was so weak.”
[But instead, I think its attacks are incomparably stronger. It catches wind, fire, and now, the power of vibrations ] (Spiera)
[It’s fortunate that not all of them are perverted vibration demons, right?”]
“They’re the most annoying and the strongest. Although this should be my misunderstanding, but I feel like those one gives me the most experience.”

Yu IlHan checked his status now that he had levelled up.

[Yu IlHan]
[Human Blazing Reaper Lv171]
[Subclass- Angels’ Partner, Dragon Rider]
[Title – Pancosmic Loner, One hit for you; one hit for me. Creator of Myths. Not two hits; nor three hits; A thousand in one go, Dragon slayer, The Quickest. Hero of Fire, Frog that leaped out of the well. blessing of the god of smithing]
[Strength – 384 Agility – 355 Health 313 Magic 414]
[Active skills – Deathgod(Concealment) Mana crafting Lv 76, Soul enchant Lv 51, Blaze Lv 56, Superhuman strength Lv 83, Leap Lv 87, Angel’s Support Lv 41, Rule Lv 77, Dragonic Blood Lv 18]
[Passive skills – Angel’s protection, Physical combat master lv Max, Blunt weapon master Lv Max, Sword mastery Lv Max, Whip mastery Lv Max, Dismantling Lv Max, Blacksmithing Lv Max, Language Lv Max. Dragon-man resonance Lv 41, Death collector Lv 79, Magic engineering Lv 44, Excavation Lv 65, Spear of Untraceable Trajectory(Spear Mastery) Lv 54, Absolute Accuracy(Throwing, Shooting) Lv 55, Transcendent regeneration (Resting) Lv 78, Cooking Lv 92, Critical hit Lv 76, Extreme poison resistance Lv 83, Higher curse resistance Lv 74]

His level was also monstrously high, but what was more amazing was his skill levels. Considering how most of these skills were learnt after the first Great Cataclysm, it was even more amazing.
Although the Spear of Untraceable Trajectory had grown quite a lot when fighting with the demons, skills that enhanced his basic abilities, such as Superhuman strength, Leap, and Transcendent regeneration, grew by a particularly large amount. Now, even if Yu IlHan’s arm was blown away, it would immediately attach itself back on once he held it against his shoulders and poured some potion onto it.

“The things I’m fighting are not weak, so the skill experience rose by a lot too. If possible, I want to master Superhuman strength and Leap at least before reaching 4th class.
[Perhaps it will be possible if you suffer more in this place. It’s the first time I’m visiting a world with such a poor environment.] (Erta)

Erta looked at this place, suitable to be called ‘hell’, and spoke in a shocked voice. It was only because it was Yu IlHan that he was fine standing here, if anyone else was, then they would have died without surviving a single week.

Grabbing any passersby and calling it the god of destruction, and anyone would believe that! These monsters could all obliterate the Orochi at its peak.

[Just where is this place? From the fact that our power is enhancing IlHan’s abilities, it is definitely an Abandoned World.] (Liera)
[I’m not so sure about that. Angel’s Support is an ability that focuses the power of angels on Yu IlHan in places where Heaven’s Army cannot reach.] (Spiera)
[Yes, and there are place other than Abandoned Worlds that fit the criteria?] (Liera)
[There are.] (Erta)

Muttered Erta while watching Yu IlHan collecting the body of the ice demon.

[Worlds that were never under Heaven’s jurisdiction in the first place.] (Erta)
[Can there be such a world……?] (Liera)
[At least, it’s the first time for me that I’m experiencing such a world. There are no life that looks intelligent, and there are only extreme monsters like those. I’m having doubts as to whether we can call this a ‘world’ in the first place. Is this really the change that occurs after a world is abandoned? Or……] (Spiera)

Spiera and Erta’s gazes met. The two were probably coming up with the same conclusion.

[Or…… was it like this, from the very beginning……] (Spiera)
[No way. In any world, no mana exists upon its creation!] (Liera)

Liera denied that. Then she looked towards Yu IlHan for agreement, but Yu IlHan was completely ignoring what was happening between the angels, and was grilling some meat to eat.

Grabbing onto the leg meat of some…. (censored) monster, by the bone, and grilling it at the perfect temperature with the Eternal Flame! Liera became speechless after seeing that.

[…….Doesn’t this world unnerve you a little? You might be more related to this world than we are.] (Liera)
“It does nerve me a little, but would anything come out of it even if I wonder about something without a clear answer?”
[That’s true, but.] (Liera)
“Perhaps I’ll find out something if I kill all the demons here. Wait until then.
[Yes, we’re used to waiting…… but as for you.] (Erta)
“Do you really have to ask that?”

Yu IlHan laughed and nibbled on the grilled meat. Not to mention extreme poison, it was even cursed, but the taste after overcoming all of that was a true delicacy! Licking on the overflowing meat juice, he shrugged his shoulders.

“I’m, also, very used to waiting.”

Their tour in hell had only just started.

Author’s notes

  1. Bittersweet Persona is evolving. The dream of a flying fortress will come true!
  2. Golems, I also have dreams about golems….! Bishoujo meido golems are good, but it’s unfortunate that IlHan won’t make stuff like that…. T^T
  3. That’s one bucket list achieved.
  4. A status upload for once in a while. I think that I’ve put everything, but if anyone finds anything missing, then please tell me! (T/N: Binding was missing)

Translator’s notes
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