Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 176: Everyone Else Is a Guardian – 2

Yu IlHan hadn’t come back to Earth even one year after he had left for the other one.

Fortunately, as he had made an enormous stock of Vanguard equipment and Angel Tear products there was several years worth of inventory. However, Yu IlHan’s parents, and the ones who had close ties with him, were at a loss what to do.

And once, Kang MiRae received a comm. The person? The person she feared the most right now in the world, Yu IlHan’s mother Kim YeSeul. Extremely nervously, Kang MiRae went to meet her with Na YuNa and Yumir accompanying them.
But a beautiful lady who looked less than 30 of years age, was the one who greeted them.

“Are you, Mr. Yu IlHan’s older sister?”
“Oh my. Hoho, does it look like that?”
“Y, you aren’t!? I’m very sorry!”

Kang MiRae acquired points from the very beginning.

“So my IlHan didn’t contact you ladies either.”
“Yes, other than the periodic signals…”

Kang MiRae suspected that Yu IlHan’s family would know something about him, but Kim YeSeul was in the same situation as her. Rather, she probably looked for Kang MiRae because she wanted to hear about Yu IlHan’s situation from her.

“Honey, he didn’t call, right?”
“What do you mean call. When a man does something big…….”
“Yeah, yeah. Whatever.”

Kim YeSeul looked towards Yu YongHan who came back from working at Vanguard, with a ‘maybe he knows’ gaze, but the answer was disappointing. Kang MiRae finally noticed Yu YongHan and was startled.

“Whoa, so you were here. I’m very sorry……!”
“*Cough*. Don’t worry about it. My presence becomes very thin from time to time.”

Kang MiRae thought that blood was indeed very thick, but then also thought about how she had to acknowledge Yumir as Yu IlHan’s son, and shook her head. Kim YeSeul looked at Kang MiRae with a mysterious sense of satisfaction, and tapped her shoulders with a smile.

“The comms are coming, and if it’s IlHan, he’ll do fine, so don’t worry about it so much. Aren’t you really busy as well? I see you on TV all the time. Don’t you work in the front lines?”
“N, no. That was all thanks to Mr. IlHan, and I have nothing to……”
“Your words are pretty too. And this guy, he was going on and on about how he wasn’t confident….”
“About what?”
“Oh, it’s nothing.”

Kim YeSeul’s smile became thicker; and it widened yet again after seeing the figure of Na YuNa who was hugging Yumir in her arms, next to Kang MiRae.
Her son had talent! To think about it, although the blood of Yu YongHan was running inside him, half of the blood was hers!

“Oh yes. Do you want to have a meal before you go?”
“No, in fact, I have to go clean up the aftermath of the previous gate….. I’m really sorry.”
“No, it’s fine. Rather than that.”

When Kang MiRae titled her head, Kim YeSeul asked her in a small voice.

“Miss, from what I saw on TV, you wield lightning rather well. Are you well-versed in magic?”
“Well, I do have some degree of confidence……”
“My, my. How talented of you. Magic is a hard thing to learn.”
“That’s…….. I’m nothing compared to Mr. IlHan.”

Kang MiRae was undermining her ability, but when evaluating, there was really no need to compare herself with others.
There were only two types of people that didn’t look strange even when they did something so evil, and those were mothers who compared her own son with a friend’s, or lovers who compared oneself with the other.

“Then do you want to come here for a second? I have something to show you. I can’t comprehend this with my eyes, so I want to listen to another person’s opinion.”
“Sorry?…… Does mother use magic as well?”

Kim YeSeul nodded with a flower-blooming smile on her face. Only she would know if that was due to Kang MiRae calling her ‘mother’ or because she was proud of her ability.

“Then, would you like to come inside this room?”

Why was there a need to switch locations? Confused, Kang MiRae followed her. Of course, Na YuNa and Yumir also followed them inside.

The place they headed to was the bedroom. Even though that room had to be an ordinary room inside a household, the moment Kim YeSeul closed the door and closed the curtains, a strange mana started to circulate. Kang MiRae intuitively felt that it was a type of a barrier.

“It’s too dangerous to do this outside. No matter how I look at it, higher existences were involved with this. But at least inside here, there’s no worry of information leaking out.”

The moment she heard that, Kang MiRae felt shivers. Barrier? Avoiding the watch of higher existences?”

Even she did not have the confidence to make such a barrier. No, not only that, no mages she had met until now could deploy a barrier of this caliber.

Of course, she must have used an artifact to help…. wait, an artifact? She was in possession of an artifact that could deploy such a high-level barrier? Did Yu IlHan make it? But he didn’t look like he was aware of Kim YeSeul’s ability……

While Kang MiRae fell into confusion from just a fragment of Kim YeSeul’s abilities, Kim YeSeul took out a staff from nowhere and lightly swung it. With that, the air split apart and a crack appeared. It was interspatial storage.

Interspatial storage!?

“I have it inside here.”

Kang MiRae gave up judgement. Until now, she just thought that Yu IlHan was a mutant, but that wasn’t the case. His DNA was inherited!

“Yes, I’ll have a look.”
“Fufu, you don’t have to be so nervous. This has already lost its power as a magic formation.”
“Magic……. formation…….?”

Kang MiRae’s voice contained a strong sense of doubt, but Kim YeSeul didn’t mind that and flicked her staff. With that, a thick, red something came out from the crack in the air, very, very slowly.
That, which was originally intact, was a dead magic formation now that it had lost the core power, and was completely sealed inside a strong magic.

“This is……”
“Do you understand it?”

Kim YeSeul made a difficult smile.

“Although it’s a little awkward for me to say this, this was ridiculously strong. Although I can use magic well, theoretical stuff like this is not my expertise. Do you understand it, miss?”

Kang MiRae was about to answer that she didn’t know anything about such a horrifying item, but she could indeed understand some of the characters engraved on the formation.

And, this was something she had seen from an extreme minority of Yu IlHan’s crafts.

“Yes, I think I can understand it.”

Kang MiRae replied while gritting her teeth.

“It looks like mother……. has come across the schemes of a fallen angel.”

Kang MiRae succeeded in discovering a portion of the characters that were etched on Yu IlHan’s wings, Ruin Calling.
When Kang MIRae asked about Ruin Calling in the past, Yu IlHan nonchalantly replied to her that he referenced a magic language that is used by higher existences. What that meant, that this matter, had something to do with the Army of Brilliant Light, who were composed of those that were once angels.

From how the Army of Brilliant Light had teamed up with the Destruction Demon Army before, they were probably scheming something together this time as well. However, the most frustrating thing was that she did not know what they planned to do with this magic formation.

“So it was in the world mother was connected to.”
“And it was in a really secretive place as well. Ehem….. I was only able to find it because I can wield magic well. It would have been hard for anyone else.”
“So mother is saying…..”
“What if, there are copies of these in other worlds? The world I resided in was relatively peaceful without any interference from the higher existences. However, ever since I found this item, I thought that there may be things like these in other worlds as well, and that if this was true, those magic formations were not made to endanger those native to each of the worlds, but rather, it was targeted at the people from Earth.”

Kim YeSeul had a much smarter head than the useless angels. It was plenty amazing that she had found and nullified the magic formation, but she had already reached a conclusion with just a single magic formation!

“However, to prove my hypothesis, I need to see if there are similar magic formations in other worlds or not. That’s why I called you here. I can trust you from how you worked with my son from the past, and you are quite exceptional yourself as a mage.”
“…….Thank you.”

Despite the fact that the situation looked urgent, Kang MiRae’s cheeks reddened. Kim YeSeul laughed as though she didn’t have any intentions on hiding her thoughts. It was even more funny that Kang MiRae didn’t acknowledge that fact.

While the hidden expert at delusions, Kim YeSeul, spent an enjoyable time judging her potential daughter-in-law, Yumir and Na YuNa also had a look at the formation.

“There is an enormous amount of mana in this. It’s similar to the mana used by the angel-noonas.”
“But it doesn’t look like there’s an evil aura. What would be a way to cause harm on Earth by making magic formations in other worlds~?”
“Let’s move first. It won’t be too late to come to conclusions then.”

The biggest problem with this matter was that they did not know who to trust. It was obvious that there were traitors among the angels, but they couldn’t come up with any potential candidate angels to discuss this with. In the first place, the only two angels they considered allies were Erta and Liera. And right now, they were with Yu IlHan.

This would have been solved instantly if Yu IlHan was here – thought Kang MiRae and she sighed before slapping her own cheeks. She had just decided to not rely on him, but she instinctively looked for him! When did she become so weak?

“We can’t trust the higher existences. We need to move ourselves.”
“Yes. With Mir in the mix, we’d be able to do it~.”

Yumir had mastered concealment not long ago. With his concealment specializing in party concealment, there was nothing for them to fear. Moreover, it would be quite a site to look at once the skill evolves.

“Uh, mother. Is it possible that you can lend us your…..”
“Of course, I’ll help. I brought up this topic, I can’t be left out now, can I?”

Kang MiRae sighed in relief when she heard that. With such a strong mage as her ally, really, there was nothing to be afraid of! With Mir’s power in the mix, she thought that they might perhaps be able to go against higher existences.

If there was one question, it was about how such a strong person stayed unknown until now….. as if having read her thoughts, Kim YeSeul scratched her cheeks and laughed cutely.

“Although I didn’t participate in anything until now, I guess I can fill a little of my son’s place.”
“Well, yeah. If Mr. IlHan was here these kinds of trivial matters would….. Ugh.”

Kang MiRae punished herself for the 2nd time. Then spoke with swollen cheeks.

“We’ll depart as soon as you’re comfortable with it.”
“I’m fine at any time, but what about you, missy? You have a lot to do right now.

Replied Kim YeSeul, but Kang MiRae shook her head without even thinking about it.

“I feel that we may end up with an irreversible situation if we left this magic formation alone. There is a priority to everything. Although other things are important…… I feel that this must come at the top.”
“My dear. Your shoulders will break at that rate. Such a beautiful lady, who does not have a life of her own.”
“Mother, I’m different from MiRae! I’m fine as long as my friends are good!”
“That’s a little too much, little lady. Hm, I’m thinking of something in between the two of you.”

Na YuNa sunk. So the reason Yu IlHan could reject Na YuNa outright was because he took after his mother! Thinking that this household was really charming, Na YuNa burned in passion, as Kang MiRae smacked her on the forehead.

“Since mother said it was alright, then let’s go right away.”
“Are we going with four, without HaJin-oppa this time?”
“Yeah, this four-person combo would be much stronger. And my brother needs to look after the Lightning God clan while we aren’t here.”

Poor Kang HaJin was receiving a poor evaluation even in places where he wasn’t present. Kim YeSeul laughed while listening to their conversation, and hugged Yumir.

The reason she decided to move for real, was because of him. Yumir was the best helper in moving while avoiding the watchful gaze of others.

As Yumir was well-endowed in looking cute in the eyes of older ladies, he rubbed his cheeks on her naturally. Really, he was a weapon of mass destruction, not incomparable to the scale of Yu IlHan.

“My Mir. You must protect this grandma well, ok?”
“Yeah! I’ll protect grandma!”

It would be more persuasive if Kim YeSeul was called Yumir’s older sister with Kim YeSeul becoming younger by the day, but Kang MiRae and Na YuNa decided not to retort on that.

Instead, they decided to take more care of their skins in the future. It would be a little sad if Yu IlHan said they looked older than his mom!

Author’s notes

  1. Kang MiRae does quite well, including seeing through the true head of the household!
  2. Na YuNa’s loss, yet again.
  3. In fact, if Yu IlHan was there, the higher existences wouldn’t be able to do anything properly. Now, he just disappeared, but now his mother is up!

Translator’s notes
As you see from the title, and this chapter, I think that we won’t be getting MC for a while.
Well, he does appear at the end of next chapter.

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