Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 177: Everyone Else Is a Guardian – 3

They immediately started to move. And obviously, the first world they visited was Lanpas, the world Kang MiRae was connected to. They hoped that there wasn’t one of those formations, but as if to betray their expectations, there was a magic formation left so blatantly in the open.

Of course, it was actually hidden in the corner of the continent, but they could not escape the eyes of two mages who were searching for them by actively seeking out their characteristics.
From this, they could deduce one thing. The creation of the magic formation involved a higher existence, but the installment was the doing of a lower existence.

Of course, they did predict that the ones moving would be lower existences, as higher existences could not use their powers in worlds that aren’t higher worlds, this fact did relieve the group.

However, it didn’t end with just discovering the formation.

“Although I already said this, the magic formation has a defensive system, so you must be careful. Perhaps there might be another pattern than the one I mentioned, so don’t loosen your grip.”

Kang MiRae replied in a stiff tone, and grabbed her staff tightly. Na YuNa gave blessings to everyone. As Kim YeSeul was surprised at her absurd enhancement ability, she looked towards Na YuNa, but still came to herself and cast magic with her staff.

“Time Stop!”

An advanced mana that Kang MiRae could not interpret flowed out and covered the area where the magic formation was. Kang MiRae understood the words Kim YeSeul had chanted and shouted in shock.

“Time Stop!?”
“Oh, it’s nothing overly grand. It just slows the target inside a set space using magic.”

That was plenty grand!

However, leaving aside Kang MiRae’s shock, Kim YeSeul attacked the magic formation using magic bullets compressed to their limits at the same time she used the time magic. The magic formation emitted an enormous amount of mana to create a shield the moment it detected an attack from the enemy, only then did Kang MiRae realize that it was her turn to step up.


The moment two waves of unquantifiable mana collided with each other, the highest-class lightning magic, which activated by sacrificing all the allies’ mana as well as enemies’ mana through a super strong attractive force swept across the area. The fact that she had the ability to use other people’s attacks to create her own was truly befitting of an Empress!

“Oh my, that’s really amazing.”

Lightning storms atop the magic formation swallowed all the magic bullets, and in the end, swallowed even the shield protecting the magic formation. On top of that, Kim YeSeul’s attack magic poured out once again. These were magic bullets that put delays on all actions of the target, whether it was mana recovery, or defense!

“Hup! Watch out!”

However, her attack was a little too late. The moment the magic formation was inflicted with an intolerable amount of attacks, it started emitting black smoke like mad while trembling wildly.

This was a dangerous attack that would kill them if they inhaled even the slightest amount of fog, as this was an extreme poison made from the combination of different magic. Kim YeSeul was also put into a dangerous situation when facing this.
So, she tried to block the black smoke with the Time Stop and and the magic bullets, but unfortunately, the range of the gas that the magic formation emitted was beyond her control. Though, it if wasn’t for her magic, the group would have been instantly swept through by the gas.

Of course, as Kim YeSeul had warned about this gas beforehand, so she thought that everyone would be able to defend themselves in time. Just as she was about to cast another magic with her staff,


Yumir, who fell onto the magic formation at lightning speed, created a wind screw using magic, and pierced the magic formation!

[Critical Hit!]

The magic formation’s durability couldn’t hold out and was completely shattered due to the unexpected timing of the attack, just when its protective power took a slight dip in the process of emitting poisonous fog.
However, as Yumir was blanketed by the poisonous fog despite having broken the formation, what good was that! Kim YeSeul shouted in shock.

“Oh, Mir is alright, mother.”

Kang MiRae consoled her. Kim YeSeul widened her eyes at her, but soon, the black fog that tried to spread out to the lands started being sucked towards the center.
It was still not destroyed and it was trying to do something!? Just as she was about to prepare to cast another magic in nervousness, the remaining fog all disappeared at once and Yumir walked out. As he was creasing his face, Kim YeSeul’s worries only deepened, but only until his next words.

“This isn’t tasty at all.”
“Mir has extreme poison resistance as well as higher curse resistance, mother.”
“So there are such skills……”

It was natural that Kim YeSeul wouldn’t have any knowledge of this skill. Unless one acquired it through quest rewards from the angels or something, one could only learn the base skill after suffering quite a lot of pain. However, thanks to meeting a good father, Yumir was born with it!

Just as Kim YeSeul became powerless after seeing that she had underestimated the potential of her grandson, Yumir, who raised a skill level in the process of sucking all the fog containing poison and mana, called for her while tilting her head.

“Yes, what is it?”
“Some people are watching. Shall I go catch them?”

Not only Kim YeSeul, Kang MiRae and Na YuNa flinched when they heard that. Kang MiRae nodded instead of Kim YeSeul.

“Okay, then please.”
“Got it!”
“Will you be alright alone?”
“Wait a moment, noona will give you a defense magic.”
“No, those guys are weak so it’s fine!”

With that Mir disappeared on the spot. From the shallow winds that replaced him, it was possible to estimate that he had enhanced his body using wind magic. Kim YeSeul muttered while dumbfoundedly looking at the spot he disappeared from.

“He really is multi-talented.”
“If you take the talent to make artifacts away from Mr. IlHan, and put the talent to wield magic, then you’d get Mir~.”

Although he was overwhelmingly inferior to Yu IlHan in fighting power as well, that gap was shortening. Of course, this was because Mir had grown through fighting many enemies in succession, but it was also because he could level up by eating the dragon meat which Yu IlHan had left behind.

Yes, Mir was born different. Born into a position where anyone would be envious of, he also put in endless effort in his desire to become stronger, and was even lucky to gain opportunities to do so, thus, it was no wonder he was so strong right now.

What was even stranger was Kim YeSeul, who looked even stronger than Mir right now. The magic she had casted in succession just now was something that Kang MiRae had never even heard of, and each and every one of them were strong beyond measure. According to her knowledge, it was impossible to use magic that interfered with time prior to becoming a higher existence… but it wasn’t like she was one either…..

“Mother is…… no, it’s nothing.”

Kang MiRae was about to question her but didn’t. To start on that, Yu IlHan’s powers were inexplicable as well. Even though she knew that it was rude to ask, she had made a mistake due to the relaxed situation.
However, Kim YeSeul seemed to have understood what she was going to say, and shook her head with a smile.

“I also do not know why I became so strong. Really… why?”
“Well, you were talented…….”
“No, it is not talent. I can declare that I have no talent. Moreso because I’m hitting loops without being able to go forward.”

Kang MiRae titled her head at the incomprehensible words, but Kim YeSeul no longer spoke. Soon, Yumir brought a few men who fainted from magic, and Kang MiRae also forgot about the conversation just now.

Kang MiRae did not have the interrogative ability that Yu IlHan had (Of course, for him, it was just beating up souls). So she was worried about how to extract information from them, but it was all for nought.

“Obediently tell us about the magic fo……”
“We will! Please spare our lives!”
“I, I will say anything if you can guarantee that you won’t kill me!”

Before she could say anything with lightning magic in her hands for threatening, they quickly caught up on the impending crisis, and spat out information like a leaking valve.

“A, although they aren’t here, there were nobles and knights that cooperated with us……”
“There was only one fallen angel we saw. However, according to his words……!”

They were nobles residing in the imperial capital that Kang MiRae had seen before in the imperial castle. The rotten ones with neither tenacity nor ability, but was full of greed. They were played by the fallen angel precisely because of that, and were spitting out everything they knew so easily.

“This won’t do.”

Kang MiRae, who organized all the information that came from them, burnt them all to ashes and muttered while standing up.

“Although I did predict this, there’s no way the fallen angels would have trusted them with so much information.”
“But we still found out something; that this magic formations are just what we predicted – a scheme to do something about Earth – and also a joint plan from the guys called Army of Brilliant Light and the Destruction Demon Army, as well as the name of the magic, ‘Freedom’.”

Freedom, huh.
Kim YeSeul pondered about the word, but nothing came to her mind. There was one thing that was for sure, and it was that the situation would become irreversibly big if they left this alone.

People from tens of different worlds were already cooperating with them. Practically, all worlds connected to Earth right now, had something to do with this.

“The route of proliferation was……”
“There’s no need to think about it. It’s the mercenary guild~; to be exact, the settled mercenary system, that is causing this.”

Said Na YuNa with a sigh. The timing was so coincidental that they thought that the fallen angels had waited for this opportunity.

“At first, those guys pulled some strings behind a single world.”

And, their plans were completely shattered by Yu IlHan. Despite having repeated a few times, the results did not change.

In the end, they realized the fact that they would fail with cooperating with just a single world unless they found a way to utilize the power of higher existences.

However, with the 2nd Great Cataclysm, Earth started being connected to many different worlds physically. Although there was the positive result that the good people had gathered, but in reverse, it had also produced a result that it gathered all the bitches from every world in one place.

“The Army of Brilliant Light are bad guys, and the traitors belonging to the Heaven’s Army is also just a minority, they shouldn’t have been able to come into contact with all worlds under Heaven’s management. However, with the gates opening on Earth, they could openly do bad deeds through the humans.”
“So the worst case scenario we’ve come up with, had become real in an even worse fashion.”

Muttered Kang MiRae with a sigh. But soon, she tensed her body with a shout.

“Let’s move as much as we can. They said that the effect of the magic would increase the more worlds there are, right? Then we shall clean up as many of the magic formations as possible.”
“Hing… It would have been good if Mr. IlHan was here~.”
“Don’t make crying sounds. We’re going over to Breya immediately. We won’t stop to rest so prepare yourself.”
“Nuuuuu, Mr. IlHan~~~~~~ Ouch.”

Kang MiRae tapped Na YuNa’s forehead lightly to shut her up. Kim YeSeul watched the scene in satisfaction, and hugged Yumir. Yumir tilted his head.

“Grandma, did you put perfume on?”
“You smell good.”
“Oh really?”

Just as she was enjoying some skinship with her grandson who only sweet-talked her, Kang MiRae and Na YuNa’s gazes pricked her. She let him go, and he said the exact same thing to the girls and hugged them. Kim YeSeul made a small sigh, unnoticed by anyone, after seeing their figures.

“This guy… what’s he doing? Sheesh.”

He was busy all this time. She didn’t think that he was lazing around after cutting all communications, but now that such a bothersome thing happened on Earth, she couldn’t help but miss his son who cleaned up all messes before they even started up.

“Mother, let’s go.”

Kim YeSeul stopped her thoughts there and followed Kang MiRae. The gate that maintained connection with Earth constantly, was within the imperial castle, so there was a need to move quickly.


Meanwhile, the one that everyone longed for so much, Yu IlHan, was currently…

[Kwaah! Kugaaaaak!]
[Your insane! You lunatic! How can you think of gathering them up to hunt all at once!] (Liera)
[Kyaaaaaak! It’s coming here! It’s coming here! Yu IlHan! IlHaaaaaaaan!] (Erta)
“I’m not insane, I only kicked up the training difficulty!”

He had raised hell-difficulty into inferno-difficulty!

Author’s notes

  1. Yu IlHan’s family are all not ordinary.
  2. What was after inferno again…..?

Translator’s notes

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