Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 178: Everyone Else Is a Guardian – 4

It was not long ago, that Yu IlHan had become used to hunting these monsters.

“I’m no longer afraid of the vibration demon now.”
[But you weren’t afraid in the first place.] (Liera)
[We still are afraid of them.] (Erta)
“No, not that. I don’t feel like I’d lose against anything in this dungeon now.”

The battles with these monsters became so easy that the demon he just killed, he killed with just two strikes, including a surprise attack.
Well, of course, those two attacks were probably strong enough to split the the Earth in half, but until now, these demons had endured such attacks. Hence, hell mode.

Did that mean that the enemies were weakened? Not at all. They became stronger if anything, as Yu IlHan rose in level.
Then, there was only one answer left. The question mark riddled records he had absorbed until now after killing so many of them, started to take effect.

[I think the effects of the record absorption only took effect when you realized that this place was a part of Earth.] (Liera)
“You’re right. I agree with that.”
[Although I’ve lived for quite a long time, the Akashic Record is full of things we cannot understand. We don’t even know why the Akashic Record cannot interpret the records Yu IlHan is acquiring right now, either.] (Spiera)
[Earth is strange in the first place, connecting gates to other worlds. Perhaps it takes time for it to get interpreted.] (Erta)

It wasn’t like he had entered this place through normal means. This strange result was produced from the strange phenomenons happening on Earth, and an even stranger being that made use of it. Of course, he had no leisure to study the Akashic Record right now.

Yu IlHan thought back to the battle just now. That, was the biggest and strongest vibration demon he had faced until now, but somehow, from the moment he saw the figure from a distance, he could see through the weakest part of its body immediately.

He immediately charged and shot the pile bunker on that part of the body, and discovered a time to inflict as much damage as possible before attacking with the thunderhammer at the time. Then, Blaze, strengthened through Eternal Flame and Dragonic blood, resonated with the bone screw and incinerated the inside of its body. There was no need for the Death Driver, or the Eight-tailed dragon spear.

[At this rate, he might actually achieve 4th class within 5 years.] (Liera)
[Although I want to see that, I also don’t want to see it……!] (Erta) 1

Liera and Erta respectively spoke with expectation and worry. However, Yu IlHan, surprisingly, shook his head after hearing them.

“It won’t do at this rate.”
[What do you mean it won’t do. Isn’t the experience rising like mad?] (Erta)
“But at this rate……”

Yu IlHan raised his head. The blood colored sunset that was maintained for 24 hours, washed over his face. Well, there was no sun here, so it was unknown if he could call that ‘sunset’.

[At this rate?] (Liera)
“The skills won’t be able to rise properly…..”
“Just smashing it with the pile bunker and striking with the hammer, there’s no room for skill growth. Until now, I had to do all sorts of stuff to fight so all of the skills grew equally.”

While the angels became speechless at Yu IlHan’s unimaginable speech, Spiera, who agreed with him on the inside, agreed with him, albeit a little later.

[……A, as expected of a trainee of the Great cosmos-severing spear!] (Spiera)
[Don’t pretend to be calm!] (Liera)

Yu IlHan checked his status again, and came to the conclusion that he really couldn’t continue like this. There were many skills he wanted to master before 4th class, but at this rate, not even one of them would have a satisfying growth!

“And it’s not like I can beat up the boss now either.

In the first place, he didn’t know where it was. The angels were never as thankful as they were now.

“I can’t help it. I can only increase the number of enemies I face.”
[Huh, these monsters, you mean?] (Liera)
[These monsters that are predicted to be level 260 or above?] (Erta)
[…….Do your best, Yu IlHan!] (Spiera)

Liera and Erta shivered in fear, and Spiera cheered him on. Liera and Erta turned around and shouted at the same time.

[You’re thinking like it’s another one’s business, but if IlHan dies, we die too! Moreover, the moment you use your power, you’ll get expelled from Heaven!] (Liera)
[Yu IlHan became insane due to his greed for growth. We need to stop him and make him get it together!] (Erta)
[But wouldn’t it be possible if it’s Yu IlHan……?] (Spiera)

The angels all fell into confusion. However, Yu IlHan didn’t care about that. No, in fact, he wouldn’t even care even if a beautiful girl (aka bishoujo) fell from the skies!

“First, I’ll need to start with a preemptive attack with the pile bunker, so I need to practice loading pile bunkers faster.”
[You really are going to do it!?] (Liera)
“After that, I’ll set some traps in some places, and use some artifacts that auto-target when enemies approach…… Orochi, how many thought-souls do we have?”

A thought-soul within an artifact was easier to manage. Since there was almost no limit now to his Rule skill, due to its growth. He had no reason to hesitate.

[Krrr…… 81 4th class, 3rd classes number more than that, but against those monsters, 3rd class thought-souls won’t be enough.] (Orochi)
“And the thought-souls of those demons?”
[It’s still too difficult right now.]

It wasn’t like the demons did not leave behind a thought-soul. However, they were only roaring like the time they were alive, so Orochi could only have a hard time facing them. No, in fact, it was even hard to win 1 on 1.

“Then let’s do with what we have for now. I’ll make the artifacts easy to be installed and uninstalled….. good, now, only I need to do well.”
[His plans are becoming concrete, what do we do?] (Liera)
[Aah, the price for leaving him on Earth, we’re finally paying for…….] (Erta)

Yu IlHan activated the Hourglass of Eternity, which coincidentally became usable again, to acquire his time alone in this wide dungeon, and started working with his anvil and furnace out.
He made automatic interception ballistas that shot arrows automatically when enemies were in a certain range, as well as mines, grenades, and lightning traps and ice traps to stun the enemy! All of this became possible thanks to Yu IlHan’s rising magic engineering skill.

“Ooh, it’s funny to see legend ranks popping out so easily.”
[Why, do the epic ranked ones not come out?] (Liera)
“I got one just now. It’s a trap that covers the surrounding area in lightning, but I actually got an option attached to it that will make it stronger through absorbing enemy’s mana. Hey, there’s also an attack-reflect option. That sounds painful even for me. But I’ve considered that and it has an ally-protection option!”
[…….] (Liera)

Liera thought that it would be perfect if he just added ‘For today only, you can get one for 39.99!’. However, seeing the occasional epic ranked artifacts and traps, she couldn’t even joke around anymore.
In a secretive dungeon unbeknownst to anyone, an achievement that would be recorded in history was happening.

He made artifacts, trained in the Great Cosmos-Severing spear, as well as the Spear of Untraceable Trajectory and some other skills, and two months of time passed by in a flash.

Others wouldn’t possibly try to extend the duration of isolation in a dungeon even when they were given the Hourglass of Eternity, but to Yu IlHan, it was not much different from lunchtime break at high school.

“Although it’s a pity that I couldn’t learn the Great Cosmos-severing Spear, let’s go.”
[Okay, let’s go!] (Liera)
[Let’s finish this up quickly!] (Erta)

In the two months that didn’t even take one second, the angels were all in a state of nirvana. If they couldn’t avoid it, they could only enjoy it! The girls took a step forward as higher existences.

And so, it comes to now.

[Kyaaaak! As I expected, I can’t do this! There are two more cominggggggg!] (LIera)
[Yu IlHan, beneath your feet! Below!] (Erta)

Bullshit nirvana. Even the world’s most frightening roller coaster wouldn’t they scream like they were doing now!


Yu IlHan moved his body according to the two angels that loyally reported back the position of the enemies without him asking.


Without even needing to look back, he could realize from just their voice alone – that monsters, that shot out vibrating tentacles, fire, frost, or lightning were waiting to devour him whole even with their vital parts, such as the heart, penetrated through!

“Good, I knew skills won’t grow without a thrill like this!”
[You’re a pervert! You pervert!] (Liera)

Yu IlHan had to become proficient in flying through the attacks of enemies that poured onto him literally by the second, and dodging all of the fire, lightning, ice and tentacles!

However, even when dodging, he would not simply just dodge. The moment he directed a shockwave towards the back for Leap, a slug cartridge appeared in the direction of the shockwave.

“And shoot!”

The cartridge obviously broke apart in the shockwave. The cartridge which contained the power to absorb and amplify due to the materials being from the vibration demon, absorbed all the shock, and amplified it and sent it outwards in every direction!

[Critical Hit!]

The slug cartridge beautifully exploded into pieces. The demons cried out in pain due to getting damage from an item made of their own bones. 4th classes from the outside world would perhaps die with this attack alone.

However, Yu IlHan’s rampage did not end there. He had successfully lured them the range where he had set up small, mid, large, and extra large sized ballistas which he had set up like an orchestra.
Despite the fact that they were hopelessly attacked by the grenades and the landmines until now, and precisely because that happened, the demons blindly chased Yu IlHan while rampaging even more. The result was not worth talking about.

[Kihih! Kihiiiih!]

The ballista army that shot out bone spears mercilessly at the enemies, started a concert using the cries of the demons that were experiencing a new world in front of the harmony of the magic gunpowder and Giant’s Rubber Band, as instruments! Even though they just wanted to take revenge on the man that had holed through their chests, they had to be beaten up with all sorts of methods that could possibly exist in this world!

[They’re all being fooled! All of them!] (Liera)
[You bet they would. Yu IlHan is at a point where he could bestow his concealment power to an artifact through magic stones…..] (Erta)

Yu IlHan moved around busily and struck at the enemies using all sorts of artifacts and traps, as well as deploying leap and re-leap to escape their sights to procure concealment environment, and mercilessly ripped the head off the enemies who were defenseless, with a single surprise attack.

And the text that popped up like mad on Yu IlHan’s retina was this!

[Critical Hit!]
[Critical Hit!]
[Critical Hit!]
[Critical Hit!]

It wasn’t that the Akashic Record finally broke. It was just that Yu IlHan could draw three untraceable trajectories with a single strike of the spear. SInce all of them achieved critical damage, not even one of them could endure.

[You have earned 4??9??87??5??1 experience.]
[You have become level 187. 2 Strength, 1 Agility, 1 Health, 1 Magic increases.]
[The skill, Spear of Untraceable Trajectory, has become level 68!]
[The skill, Leap, has become level 96!]

As he would be put through heaven and hell once he strayed from his predicted path, his focus was heightened to the limits, so with that Yu IlHan’s original objective, skill training, was going very well. He even raised a level while he hunted all of them in one fell swoop!

Yu IlHan felt the completely recovered health and magic and charged forward once again with a smile. On the tip of this spear, a white flame, the mixture of Eternal Flame and Blaze, was spouting bright white light.

“All of you! Come at meeeeeeeee!”
[Can we……. hold out until IlHan gets 4th class?] (Liera)
[Please take care of me when it comes down to it, Liera. Don’t bring Yu IlHan up, you can go down.] (Erta)
[Fufu, I’ll bring you down first!] (Liera)

The moment the curtain to the 7th mini war rose, Yu IlHan’s inferno difficulty hunting days also raised the curtains.

…….Without even knowing what the people of Earth were currently facing.

Author’s notes

  1. Even though he’s the main character, he’s not having any share in the main plot. No matter what, he shouldn’t drop out of the main storyline, right!?
  2. I’ve had a look at the comments…. but it looks like gathering those comments will end up with an entire series of a novel! Imagination sure is amazing.
  3. We’ll just go over the crucial bits and proceed fast.

Translator’s notes

Right people. I’m not even going to mention names now. Cuz latecomers don’t get special treatment. (Even though there’s a guy who sponsored 5 alone by himself)

Anyway, that’s four chapters out. There’s still one in queue. I hope I don’t die with all this translating+school hw+team projects. Wish me luck!

Happy reading!

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