Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 182: Everyone Else is a Guardian – 8

Looking at his mother sitting across him on the sofa, Yu IlHan was about to say something but shook his head.

“What is it?”
“It’s nothing, nothing at all.”

At this point, he was sure that Kim YeSeul also had experienced something similar to Yu IlHan himself and Yumir. Otherwise, no matter how genius of a woman she was, there was no way she could be like that right now.

Although Kim YeSeul was not saying anything, in Yu IlHan’s eyes, it looked like she was just before 4th class. In other words, her level was similar to his own.

Although it was no boast, Yu IlHan could not accept that anyone else other than him had digested a schedule as hard as Yu IlHan. It was only possible for him as he had the foundations from the thousand years of training.

No amount of talent would explain Kim YeSeul. However, she did not speak of the reason. It was probably the same as why he didn’t talk about his thousand years of dropout period.

There was definitely not so simple reasons behind this. Yu IlHan thought that he didn’t have the qualifications to ask her about that.

“And so, what is this that you’re about to tell me?”
“It’s a magic formation.”

Like the time she did with Kang MiRae and Na YuNa, Kim YeSeul opened her interspace.
Yu IlHan was worried that the angels may go on a rampage with such a scene in front of them, but he was worried for nothing. From the point they had warped back to the mansion with the advanced version of the Leap skill, their comprehension ability had gone through a fundamental change.

[What is that woman doing?] (Liera)
[Think about how we came back here. I can accept that easily right now.] (Erta)
[You became strong, Erta.] (Liera)
[So she was hiding her ability. Truly capable.] (Spiera)

He laughed when he heard the angels, but was still captivated by the magic formation that came out of Kim YeSeul’s interspace. He could feel the malicious intent behind it even though he knew that it had lost all its power.

“Just what……. is?”
“It’s a long story…….”

Kim YeSeul had told him everything about how she first found this formation in the world she had gone to, and how she discussed that with Kang MiRae and Na YuNa, as well as how they found those magic formations in each of the worlds and finally how they found people who cooperated with fallen angels, and they proceeded to destroy them.

“As the number of worlds connected to Earth, increased, it really became a mess since the number of people they (fallen angels) can meet had drastically increased.”
“Moreover, considering the defensive ability of the formation, and the weight of this incident, we can’t exactly ask for help from others.”
“Rather than unable to ask for help….. everyone was so busy~.”

In these 2 years, the average level of the people of Earth had risen by about 20. There were more than 70% of those that had no will to fight, so really, it was an absurd increase.

“Even so, you four went around so many worlds? To destroy this magic formation that you don’t know was doing? For two years?”
“It was sure that it was the joint work of the Army of Brilliant Light and the Destruction Demon Army. Moreover, didn’t you also say to not trust the angels? There was the one with YuNa too…… and so, I couldn’t bare to consult the Heaven’s Army about this formation.
[Ugh, at this point, I’m wondering if Army of Brilliant Light was planning to sow discord between the angels and the humans in the first place.] (Liera)

While Liera sighed, Yu IlHan thought that there was a need to tell Kang MiRae, who had misunderstood his words, and spoke.

“The reason why I said not to believe in the angels is because they can’t do anything even if you do, not because I’m worried about some random traitors among their ranks!”
[You, come with me to the rooftop.] (Liera)
“……And although unintentional, we could also grow a lot while destroying a lot of things by going around to other worlds, in these past 2 years.”

Definitely, he didn’t notice for a moment, since the incident with his mother had too big of an impact, but Kang MiRae and Na YuNa had high levels as well. 150, or perhaps, they were nearing 160. Of course, Yumir was outclassed.

“IlHan, do you know the angels privately?”
“Yeah. There were some circumstances. There are three of them here too.”

Yu IlHan lightly subdued Liera, who was clinging to him, with his both arms and extended her out towards his mother. No matter how an ordinary human could not recognize angels, they could only recognize if the angels intentionally showed their presences.
Spiera and Erta also didn’t show themselves normally against other people, but they couldn’t help but do so since Liera’s embarrassment was shown to the others.

“Oh my.”

Kim YeSeul was no different from a housewife other than the fact that she could use magic well, so she was very surprised when she saw the three angels that showed themselves so suddenly.
However, what she paid attention to was not that the three angels appeared out of nowhere, nor was it that they had rings above their heads and had a single or two pairs of wings on their backs.

[Hello? I’ll thank you for raising my IlHan to be such a cool man.] (Liera)

It was that the three all had beauty that transcended the realm of humans, were close with Yu IlHan, and what’s more, the prettiest one of them was inside Yu IlHan’s arms!

“My heart was almost decided, but there’s suddenly such an attractive variable!”
“Mom, don’t go saying strange stuff, and let me have a closer look at the formation.”

Yu IlHan first let go of Liera and looked at the formation, but in fact, his expertise lay in applying magic language in magic engineering, and not using the magic itself. So his interpretation was very unstable. No matter how he looked at it, there was not much of a meaning in the magic formation itself. Just what was this being completed into? He first called on the most talented one among the angels in regards to magic.

“Erta, can you understand this magic formation?”
[I was also having a look by your side……. but it’s true that the language of Heaven is used in some parts, but I do not know any more. It is violently twisted. But what I could understand that this magic formation has a very, very high secretiveness. To the point that it’s more effective against us angels than humans.] (Erta)

The point was that she couldn’t understand the intention behind the formation. Yu IlHan looked at Kang MiRae and made the expression that asked her if she understood now. Angels were actually useless!

“Forget it. If we don’t know, then we can only break all of them. Let me in on it now.”
“Will you be fine, Mr. IlHan?”

Yu IlHan knew very well what Kang MiRae was worried about. And precisely because of that, did he make a more confident expression while replying.

“I’m fine.”

A rest once in a while? Modifying Bittersweet Persona? Although he made a big fuss about it, the matters Yu IlHan tried to do on Earth were all doable in less than one second.

Well, because Yu IlHan was in possession of the Hourglass of Eternity!

He had used the Hourglass of Eternity repetitively over the years, and in that process, levelled up and attained a lot of achievements, and finally, as his knowledge in magic engineering became higher, he could more efficiently and more strongly use the Hourglass of Eternity.

Although it was a little, the delay had been decreased, while the duration of the barrier increased, again, by a little, and finally, the area of the barrier increased by a lot! So, it was more than possible for him to put this entire region under the barrier!

[You’re just using OP equipment to act OP.] (Liera)
“Shut up.”

He pushed away the angels and stood up. He did ponder about whether to solve what was in front of him first, or to activate the hourglass, when he thought about it, it wasn’t even time yet for him to activate it again.

“I really wish they have a reason this time. The reason why these fuckers keep annoying me.”
[It’s not you but the Earth that they’re trying to annoy.] (Erta)
“Exactly, that reason. I still don’t know why they’re doing that.”

It was natural for monsters to go against people. However, Yu IlHan really couldn’t understand why those high and mighty higher existences wanted to poke their heads in this small and stuffy world.

However, Liera’s reply was a masterpiece.

[Huh? Their aims are quite clear now.] (Liera)

Yu IlHan shouted as if he was a mafia that just got stabbed on the back by a bro he trusted.

“You should have said if their aim was clear!”
[It’s Earth. They’re aiming for Earth.] (Liera)
“Why, did they hide some treasure or something?”
[It will evolve into a treasure chest soon. At this rate, it is not that far away.] (Liera)

She took a deep sigh before continuing.

[Earth will be reborn as a higher world. To us higher existences, they’re resources that have incomparable value. I’m sure that they’re aiming for Earth itself.] (Liera)
[They probably predicted that Earth would become like this. We were just not aware of that until now.] (Erta)
“That’s a much more boring reason than I expected!?”

However, it was at the same time, the reason he could accept. Why did mankind continue to war in the endless history of time? Although there were cases where they were disguised as religious beliefs or global justice, they were fundamentally about the land and the resources in it!

[Once it becomes a higher world, it will become a truly tiring thing. They would be able to invade all they want and use their powers since restrictions would not apply anymore, and once that happens, they will try to wipe out the humans on it and try to conquer it.] (LIera)
[And that’s why the Heaven’s Army exists.] (Erta)

Once Earth leaped into a higher world, then the Heaven’s Army would go all out against the Destruction Demon Army and the Army of Brilliant Light in order to protect it. Immeasurable amount of blood will be shed, but they would not back off. That was the path they had chosen!

Looking at their serious expressions, Yu IlHan asked in a nonchalant voice.

“I’m thankful that you’re finally doing what you’re paid for, but Earth is gonna be in a mess in that three way war, no?”
[Perhaps it will not be a three way war. The Garden of Sunset may interfere as well. You can just consider this world being flipped over entirely.] (Spiera)
[But isn’t it fortunate that you have other worlds to find haven?] (Liera)
“Are you serious…..”

To Yu IlHan who was thinking about how to deal with these people, Kang MiRae spoke with a bitter smile.

“They’re correct. We’ll be able to reduce casualties that way.”
“But the reason things became like this-.”
[Don’t worry too much about it. In our viewpoint, it will be very soon, but in your shoes, it should be a story far off in the future.] (Liera)
“Do you guys really have to become serious only after it happens like the day after tomorrow or something? I’m not believing in your ‘don’t worry’s anymore.”

From the time he was left alone on Earth for a thousand years, he had resolved never to believe in words like ‘predictions’, ‘time’, ‘promise’, and other words of the sort that talked about the future. Even God makes mistakes, how good would others do?

He only valued what had already happened, and what was happening right now. At least he won’t get himself into trouble that way.

‘The problem is that life becomes tiring. Like me now.’

Grumbling no small amount internally, he prepared to leave. Well, ‘preparing’ was over with just switching his gown into armor. Na YuNa couldn’t catch a glimpse despite glaring at him, but couldn’t see and was frustrated. Not that Yu IlHan cared anyway.

“Then let’s go immediately. Let’s first check if there’s something similar on Earth…… Really, are there no angels I can put trust in?”
[The 3rd Great Cataclysm is coming anyway. Let’s just announce it officially and bring all the angels. Then they won’t be able to do anything suspicious. It’s plenty possible with three angels from the ones in charge of Earth, are taking one side.] (Liera)

Of course, it could be seen how much of a mess Heaven operated in, seeing how all three of them were Yu IlHan’s contracted angels. However, at that moment.

[Uh, Liera? It looks like that will be impossible, unfortunately.] (Erta)
[Why?] (Liera)
[I just got called, and it looks like……] (Erta)

Erta spoke with slight panic, joy, and a little difficulty in her voice.

[……I’m being promoted.] (Erta)

Author’s notes

  1. My Angels are all 6th class. (T/N: I think this is a parody of all the generic munpia novel titles out there. Those titles all state how OP the MC is. E.g. “My insane potential”, “My infinite defense”, “My heart is a dragon heart”, “I have 4 status windows”, “My luck MAX” , etc etc…
  2. The delusional champions are mothers who think all girls related to her son are potential marriage partners!

Translator’s notes

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