Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 186: The Path I Walk – 3

In a world they didn’t even know the name of, Yu IlHan, Na YuNa as well as Liera embraced the feeling of doing something that they shouldn’t have done, as well as a sense of accomplishment.

[So you did it. I should have known since the time you were killing 4th class dragons before 3rd class.]
“Wow, I still can’t believe it. Mr. IlHan was like this and shot out once but so many things happened…….”

However, that ‘once’ contained Yu IlHan’s everything. To speak of it, it was an attack with the weight and frustration of his thousand years of life. This could be said to be suited to Yu IlHan with the title ‘One hit for me, One hit for you.’

“But Liera, why is there no number on the experience?”
[Higher existences are all unique beings of their own, and have an enormous amount of records, so the Akashic Record cannot numerically evaluate that. If you kill more higher existences in the future, the amount of experience and record you will acquire will differ according to the affinity with their records you have.]

Higher existences perhaps worked in a different system altogether. Yu IlHan once again realized that he had done something amazing.
The title he just acquired, ‘Untouchable’, was also an evidence to this. He had not acquired such a title despite how many lower existences he had killed, but a single higher existence gave him such an absurd title. Well, of course, this will only take effect against those with a higher ‘league’ than him, in other words, a higher class than him, but that was good in any case. In the future, he would be able to decrease the number of higher existences more easily!

The fallen angel that fell in vain against his all-out charge, was probably an expert that had shook his world. Thinking about that, Yu IlHan felt even better.

“It would be good if I absorb his records fully and use it.”
[Uu, I don’t even know what will happen in the future. How long has it been since a lower existence killed a higher one? Perhaps you just may……]

Liera licked her lips as if she wanted to say something, but didn’t do so.

[……It’s nothing. Since you killed a higher existence, you must be at the limit of 3rd class, `right?]
“Yup, level 199 and class options listed.”
“Hiing~, at least run where I can see you. How on Earth am I gonna catch up?”
“Why do you want to catch up anyway?”
“……Sheesh, do you really have to make me say it again?”

Na YuNa blushed slightly, but still tried to say something while licking her lips. However, feeling something wrong, Yu IlHan immediately covered her mouth with his hands.

“Don’t lick!”

In the first place, the reason why Yu IlHan was wary against this woman was because she was sweet to no end. So he didn’t believe her even more, nor did he take interest.
Perhaps there was an objective side to her, but the reason Yu IlHan ignored Na YuNa was not because she was bad or anything, but due to her twisted personality.

However, now that some time had passed, the sweetness she gave him had completely changed. She changed once, when she was abducted to an Abandoned World with Kang MiRae and Yumir, and changed once again once she met Yu IlHan again after he spent 2 years stuck in the dungeon.

It was a more fatal, but despite that, truthful and comfortable sweetness. Her changed self played a role in this, but Yu IlHan learning to accept other people’s good will was also a major factor.
Yu IlHan instinctively guarded himself against this. He was not used to receiving others’ affection yet. He was afraid that he would make a mistake, so he chose to not face any of them. This was put all grandly, but in the end, he was running away.

[So cute.]

Yu IlHan replied to Liera who seemed to have read his mind, and took his hand off Na YuNa’s lips. Na YuNa glanced at Yu IlHan, but didn’t say anything. Unbelievably, she was a woman who knew when to back off.

[And so? How many options do you have?]
[There are still so many even though it’s the 4th class gateway… You really are amazing.]

Spear Master, Burning Lord, Little Giant, Hell Bringer. Two sounded self-explanatory, and the other two, he had no clue at all.

“Spear Master should be about the extremes of the spear, and Little Giant is probably related to Superhuman strength or Leap. Those two sound insanely strong.”
[Although they are not unique classes, the title ‘Master’ is not used lightly. Moreover, the word ‘Giant’ is also extraordinary for a human. It is highly probable that it has a relation to the higher version of the Superhuman strength skill. So you won’t fail even if you choose either of them. However,]

Liera said with a smile.

[You should know already, but one always acquired something bigger after walking through a more difficult path.]
“Yes, so it all comes down to this again.”

Considering the suffering he had been through during his 3rd class acquirement, perhaps it was alright to take a step back, but thinking about how he acquired an extreme ability like Blaze, he thought that this was the obvious choice.

“I can’t help it.”

He looked at the remaining two classes.

First, Burning Lord. Interpreting, this meant a ‘Flaming Monarch’ or something similar. It shouldn’t be some suicide bomber that burns everything including himself, but perhaps it was related to Yu IlHan’s ability in flame control.
With this, perhaps he could make his subordinates stronger and make the strongest army. And precisely because of that.

“It’s not my type.”
[Yeah, it isn’t suited to you.]

With that, there was only one option left. That was obvious, this was the one out of the four that looked like it succeeded the Deathgod-category class, Hell Bringer. Not stopping with bringing enemies to hell, this would bring hell upon the enemies.

“The class acquirement conditions should be ‘Hell’ too, right?”
[Perhaps it might require you to kill a higher existence…..]
“Huh? I thought that was obvious.”
[You’ve become stronger, IlHan……]

Yu IlHan had walked a thorny path from the moment he was dropped alone on Earth a thousand years ago. However, he chose the thorny path confidently, and without hesitation, yet again. Once his path was decided, he had to walk to the end even if thorns were stuck on his foot, and he bled. Never had Yu IlHan retreat.

But, the text that filled his eyes the moment he chose Hell Bringer, made him think that perhaps he didn’t choose a thorny path this time, but a path of white-hot iron.

[You have splendidly harmonized the ability as a Deathgod, and the ability to wield flames. Now, you possess the ability to not only use the flames of hell, but to bestow hell upon the land. However, that is not the end. You must prove yourself worthy.]

[You have to fulfill the following qualifications in order for the class to ascend.]
[Mastering the skill, Deathgod 0/1]
[Mastering the skill, Blaze 0/1]
[Mastering the skill, Soul enchant 0/1]
[Mastering the skill, Death collector 0/1]
[Mastering the skill, Transcendent regeneration 0/1]
[Mastering the skill, Extreme poison resistance 0/1]
[Mastering the skill, Higher curse resistance 0/1]
[Blessing of the goddess of fire 0/1]
[Killing 4th classes 0/1,000]
[Killing 5th class 0/1]
[4th class magic stone 19,443/100]
[5th class magic stone 0/1]

“……. Liera.”

Yu IlHan read down the list that made him breathless, and quietly asked Liera. As expected of the one that received the class mission of Hell Bringer, his voice seemed to be boiling in hell fire as well.

“Did you also have such bullshit requirements when you got your 4th class?”
[Uh…… hm…… Nope! There were no such absurd requirements like ‘must be blessed by a god’, even when I became a higher existence…….?]

Yes, Yu IlHan also thought that was the case. He thought that perhaps only he! Only he had more difficult class missions compared to others.

But with this, he was sure now. The thousand years Yu IlHan had piled up was taking real effect now. To the point that the Akashic Record was giving him such an insane mission!

“Hey! I’m about to fall in hell when I was supposed to call one!”

Na YuNa thought that it was a cool joke, and clapped, but he was in no mood to joke around. He stared at her and she became quiet.

“Just what the hell is it going to do with all those mastered skills? I don’t see any unity in any of those.”
[Won’t a fusion skill that combines all of them, pop out? Fusion evolution increases exponentially in difficulty the more skills are needed as a ingredients. So thinking about that, it’s quite a profit……. no, sorry.]

Liera, who thought that this was still too much despite being a fusion skill, apologized. Yu IlHan sighed, and slowly went over the requirements again.

Perhaps the suffering of Yu IlHan’s past 2 years was seeing light. He thought that he could somehow do something about the skills. The biggest problem was the Deathgod skill and Blaze skill that were still under level 90, but if he focused exclusively on them, it won’t take that much time.

4th classes were no problem either. Would he fear a mere 4th class when he had just killed a 5th one, despite the fact that he had to make all sorts of preparation to do so? Just that, the number was a problem, but that could be solved with Yu IlHan opening the hell dungeon again.

The problem was everything other than that.

“Killing a 5th class and a 5th class magic stone. Considering the actual probability of a magic stone appearing……. Liera, do angels have magic stones too?”

Asked, Liera explained in a bright voice despite the fact that this applied on her as well.

[I told you about how humans don’t have magic stones right? That’s the same with other races that are considered ‘intelligent species’ such as elves. However, it becomes a different story once you escape the shell of a lower existence and become a higher one. One’s magic organ is completely transformed at that time.]
“In other words?”
[Angels usually have a magic stone in the brain or the heart. Fallen angels are the same. Of course, the probability of them actually having a magic stone, is quite low.]
“Good, Miss YuNa, close your eyes or turn your head away.”

Checking that Na YuNa had indeed turned her head away, Yu IlHan took out the body of the fallen angel in his inventory, and cracked open the head with the Eight-tailed dragon spear without hesitation.

However, amazingly, a half-translucent gem emitting violet light, had popped out. The moment Yu IlHan was charmed by the strange gem that was strange, but still had a mysterious attractiveness to it, some text appeared on his retina.

[5th class magic stone 1/1]


Shouted Yu IlHan in shock.

“There’s no way my luck is so good!”
[It make me sad too so please stop that?]

He was thinking about how long he had to take in order to acquire a 5th class magic stone, but now that an actual one appeared in front of his face, his thoughts derailed.

“Ugh, since it came to this, should I use it to make a weapon first? I think I’ll be able to fight against higher existences more easily that way.”
[No good of a weapon will replace your class change. It’s not like 5th class magic stones are pebbles on the ground, so keep it without using it.]
“Yes, ma’am……”

With one of his worries gone, there was only one thing he was worried about now – the blessing of the goddess of fire. The others, at least there was some guide to what he had to do, but he only knew that he would acquire the blessing once he attained one more achievement, but did not know what that was.
Since he had acquired the blessing of the god of smithing without knowing what fulfilled the criteria, this time won’t be that much different. In other words, there was no promise.

“In any case, this will become a long fight……”
“Fuu, I think I can slightly understand what kind of path you have taken until now~.”

On the other hand, Na YuNa, who had witnessed Yu IlHan killing a higher existence, and also heard of Yu IlHan’s class change criteria, became solemn.

It was as if Yu IlHan was no human on the same line as her, but some kind of God-like being whom she had to look up to, and she felt a sense of fear as well.

She felt such things before, at the moment he finished off the Orochi. That was the first time Na YuNa felt an impulse when she only had the slightest bit of interest and good will before.

She wanted to become closer to the existence known as Yu IlHan who felt so distant, and thought that she indeed shortened the gap. She was joyful at the reaction he gave her after all this time, and also found happiness in a friendship that was different from Kang MiRae or Kang HaJin.

However, he had widened the gap once again today. She wasn’t feeling good about it.


Suddenly, Na YuNa clung on to Yu IlHan’s arm. Her desperate expression, which was unlike her, was quite funny.

“What is it?”
“Don’t go anywhere.”
[Heng, even if you cling onto him like that, IlHan will come to this side soon.]
“I’m not even 4th class yet. When would I become a higher existence?”

He replied to Liera with a laugh, and spoke to Na YuNa, who had a serious expression, with also a serious reply of his own.

“I already promised Mir. I’m not going anywhere so hear me out a little here.”
“Want me to kiss you?”
“Help me kill the fallen angels before news spread that one of them died, whether it’s to the Army of Brilliant Light, or the Destruction Demon Army. It will be possible with Miss YuNa’s buff.”

Na YuNa’s expression turned stiff due to the completely unexpected development. However, Yu IlHan never cared about the mood of others, and asked her once again.

“We’ll be able to find them if we try erasing all those magic formations scattered in other worlds. Miss YuNa only needs to buff me! They can’t touch a single hair on you anyway, so you don’t have to worry about dying. Instead, we need to move faster right now.”

Na YuNa ended up nodding her head. Nothing much had changed. They just got one more thing to do in their expedition to other worlds, but although it was frightening, she only needed to stay hidden after buffing him.
Perhaps, there was no need to meet another higher existence at all! So it was fine, she thought so anyway.

“Thank you.”

She thought about how countless people on Earth as well as Breya couldn’t refuse her words said with a smile, and could finally think in the listener’s’ shoes.
Besides her, Liera quietly whispered.

[It’s always the one to fall in love first, that loses.]

Author’s notes

  1. 4th class, is very hard!
  2. Yu IlHan is not afraid of anything in the world right now.

Translator’s notes

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