Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 196: I Create – 5

[Destroyer’s Flying fortress]
[Rank – God]
[Durability – 13,565,777/13,565,777]
[User restrictions – Yu IlHan. Changes once owner is lost.]
[Options –
1. Recovers durability using the life force and mana from attackers.
2. Automatically attacks all beings that enter without permission from the owner.
3. Grows by absorbing records of various beings.
4. Fortress can fly. Sudden acceleration, sudden rise, sudden deceleration is possible.
5. The fortress and all items inside are treated as the owner’s equipment. The ones in party with the owner can be treated like a member of the fortress and will receive protection.]
6. 20% increase in attack power and defense for all items within the fortress.
7. 30% increase in attack power and defense for all items within the fortress.]
[A battle-oriented mobile air fortress that a magic engineer of miracles had implemented using materials at the top of the chain in countless worlds. The fortress has grown by absorbing numerous records to become able to counteract against anything, and has acquired a new potential while changing form.]

[Oh my god, you actually made it!]

Whether it was before or after Liera became an angel, she did not see many god-ranked artifacts. The last one she saw was the Hourglass of Eternity that was given to Yu IlHan as a reward.

God ranked implied that the artifact had the power that rivalled recorded gods in the very least. And the Destroyer’s Flying fortress, was at the top of the chain amongst all the few God-ranked artifacts Liera had seen.
7 options! And they were all absurd too!

[So it’s actually possible……]
“I wanted to see what was above that but I guess that’s just being greedy of me. This is fine. Thanks to this I……”

Originally, two options of the same properties would not appear on the same item.

However, the flying fortress, which should have ended with just six options, acquired an additional option thanks to the evolved ‘Creator of Myths’ title, and an enhanced version of the 6th option appeared on the 7th, and the result was that all weapons in the fortress now acquired a 50% increase in their powers.

“Do all god-ranked crafters acquire the ‘Creator of Myths’ title?”
[Didn’t Erta explain? Titles are born with the records of the beings as the basis, so that is unlikely. Rather than that, to think even the title evolved in an extreme way….. so the words making up the title is important too.]

Liera muttered as though she didn’t even know that it was possible for there to be a title that attached another option on an item.

Practically, Destroyer’s Flying fortress could be said to be above God-ranked. The elements making up the fortress, such as the weapons, traps and other artifacts all had options of their own as well, so how cruel would the synergy be after them stacking on top of this?

[Ah, I think the barrier is going to break.]
“Prepare yourself, Liera. This will be the start.”

The moment after Yu IlHan said that to Liera, the Hourglass of Eternity that lasted 2 months perfectly shattered.

[Destroy, let’s break that unsightly building!]

The monsters that were chased out before the two months that didn’t last an instant, tried to invade while not knowing what had happened, but the Destroyer’s Flying fortress that had activated did not easily let any one of them in.

First, an earthquake that shook and rumbled across the region made them retreat, and a tall outer wall rose on the outer perimeter of the flying fortress. The wall that had fatal electric current flowing through it instantly paralyzed all monsters in the area.

However, this was merely the beginning. The true power of the flying fortress only started now!

“Flying fortress, take off!”
[It makes me embarrassed so don’t go shouting that so openly! And we’re not even up yet!]
“I can’t help it. There are much more monsters on the ground than in the air!”

That was why he had to move after cleaning up this area first. Immediately after he thought that, his masterpiece, the Hundred Eyes that he had poured his heart and blood into, finally activated.

[What are those mirrors?]
[They look ominous……!]

Twenty barrels absorbed the overflowing mana within the fortress, and all the absorbed mana was then imbued into all the destruction mirrors. The hundred mirrors were all charged with mana and started glowing. The scene was a sight to behold.

“It’s starting.”

After Yu IlHan quietly muttered, the hundred destruction mirrors, now that they fulfilled both the activation requirements, mana charging and finding enemies, all floated into the air at once. They were quiet, but fast.

[Wow, such a sight.]
“I… finally did it…….!”

For the eyes of someone that didn’t understand, this was just a beautiful sight, but to Liera and Yu IlHan who knew of the power behind, this was an overwhelming sight. However, the monsters unfortunately were not aware of this.

[There was nothing like that just a moment ago……!]
[It’s definitely strange. But I do not care. If it is harder than before, then I only hit harder than before!]

The monsters did not care even though they realized that the outer walls and even the inside of the walls were completely different than just now, and still charged forward! However, the rewards for their courage was a beam.
As if there was a special orbital route around the manson, the destruction mirrors all started orbiting around, and started mercilessly shooting energy beams once they found a target!

[Critical Hit!]
[Critical Hit!]
[You have earned 45,696,019 experience.]
[You have earned 39,103,458 experience.]

Thanks to the newly added option that the completed fortress had, all non-organisms within the fortress counted as Yu IlHan’s equipment.
What that meant that there was no need for Yu IlHan to monitor everything in his study, and automatically acquire all the experience that the fortress kills.

[You have earned 314,595,586……]
[You have……]

Yu IlHan felt strange since experience kept piling up without him having to flick a finger.

“Is this the feeling of a bug player using macro keys!?”
[No, this is at the level of a free server!]

While Hundred Eyes shot down the monsters, Yu IlHan waited for his turn to come and prepared himself with the Eight-tailed dragon spear in one hand.

However, his spear ended up not being used in battle. The monster horde that tried to assault Yu IlHan after the 3rd Great Cataclysm were all decimated in front of the flying fortress.

“So vain…..”
[You were too fired up.]
“Fuu, so the strong are lonely beings…..”
[You’re actually enjoying this, aren’t you?]

Yu IlHan bitterly put away the spear and checked his spoils. As if being a proof that Earth was insane, he had acquired more than 300 4th class magic stones just in this battle alone, and going over to the 3rd class ones, he was just tired of counting them all.

“I think this is more than what I gained from wiping out the dragons in Dareu.”
[But it looks like all the monsters in Korea are dead. If you want to kill anymore, you would have to look for dungeons.]
“Dungeons huh.”

Yu IlHan thought about dungeons for a second. In fact, he had some plans regarding those, but……

“Not yet.”
[Not what yet?]
“You’ll find out even if you don’t want to later.”

Liera felt very ominous but decided not to ask. She didn’t want to feel bad right now. There should have been an Erta for comebacks here!

“Good, then I can go to another country!”
[In fact, you just want to try flying the fortress, don’t you?]
“Yes! I want to fly it so bad!”

Yu IlHan really didn’t hesitate in letting his desires leak out!

At the same time he replied to her, Yu IlHan focused with his eyes closed, and amazingly, at that time, faint light seem to leak from the region making up the flying fortress, including the mansion, before a barrier formed around the perimeter.
That was the basic shield that activated for the stability of flight, and was also a method to sever the connection between the land.

[So we only need to levitate now?]
“No, the root part still hasn’t been separated yet. This is why, I prepared something else.”

The moment he said that, the fortress trembled. Especially, the barrier itself caused large vibrations to completely sever the connection between the flying fortress and the earth!


This was also a result of Yu IlHan’s artifact, but it was amazing that he had applied the power of vibrations not on an artifact, but on a crystallization of mana known as the barrier. Liera seemed to remember something while looking at the hyper vibrations on the barrier.

[This is from the vibration demon?]
“Although I couldn’t implement it perfectly, but yes. I did use its body.”

An unknown amount of time had passed since the barrier started causing vibrations. The surface of the ground, where the barrier met the ground, started cracking with a loud sound. That was the sound of freedom.

[Wow, the heavy fortress is being entirely lifted……!]

The flying fortress slowly floated into the air while shaking off the restraints of the ground. The adventurous heart of a young boy that was still alive to this day in Yu IlHan’s heart, also started floating as well.

“It’s floating. It’s really floating.”
[Don’t you have to go to the study to control this?]
“Well, I did make a control room for it.”

Feeling the renewed god-ranked artifact that was the fortress, Yu IlHan smiled and spoke.

“Since the entire fortress is being treated as my equipment, I think I can wield the fortress without me moving like when I’m using the Spear of Untraceable Trajectory.”
[That option had such an absurd power besides gaining experience for yourself!?]

This was not god-ranked for nothing, and all of the options were not ordinary. Even the ordinary-sounding ones had absurd, extraordinary functions. Like how Yu IlHan could freely control the fortress with just the option that treated the fortress as his equipment!

The flying fortress detached itself from the ground completely in a while, and ascended through the air. Yu IlHan levitated the fortress high up without being urgent, and only after he spent around 5 minutes did he reach the height he wanted.


Even though he already had an experience with flying with the Ruin Calling, stepping on the ground in the skies felt special. Yu IlHan muttered while looking down towards the ground in satisfaction.

“The humans look as if they’re trash!”
[The only human on Earth right now is you!]

Of course, there was no reason to make such good weapons for his fortress if flight was all that he wanted. His first objective was an aerial fight. One that went against a large quantity of monsters!

From the moment the flying fortress flew up into the sky, it was emitting strong mana towards all directions. The mana emitted possessed at least 5 times as much power as the Traps of Destructions scattered on Earth. Yu IlHan did not doubt at all that that would attract the aerial monsters.

[You would simply be fooling around if you wanted to compete against the smiths of Heaven.]
“I’ve surpassed them a long time ago.”

Yu IlHan’s eyes glistened. Liera became scared after hearing that, as she remembered back to him mentioning the Traps of Destructions. No way, don’t tell me – was her feelings, but, perhaps….. no, it shouldn’t be.

While Liera was in deep thought, Yu IlHan shouted in cheers with a bright red face.

“God, after the skies it’s the seas!”
[This can go underwater too!?]
“It has a barrier to keep out water, so sure….?”

Liera became speechless after hearing Yu IlHan say that as if it was obvious. She didn’t know Yu IlHan even factored that in when making the barrier!

“A mobile fortress should be able to achieve aerial, terrestrial, and oceanic fights without much strain, no? Only then will I find some hidden dungeon on earth.”

Yes, one had to give up a lot of things (mostly common sense) when facing this guy, but why did she even bother holding onto them.

Liera decided to smile without saying a word. Now, she had the confidence to not be surprised even if he said that it was possible to fight in outer space.

“Of course, outer space fights are possible too.”

With Liera’s ‘confidence’ instantly crumbled, the presence of monsters neared. The ‘cannons’ on the flying fortress revealed themselves, and Yu IlHan shouted with shiny eyes.

“Wipe them all out!”

Author’s notes

  1. Yu IlHan the optimist king.

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