Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 2: I Live Alone – 2

At first, he also put in his efforts. He had thought that he need to prepare for whatever he could since he didn’t know when humanity would come back.

“Vale Tudo and spearmanship are still sloppy. Actually, it’s better for me!”
[Such a strange human…….!]

Even while receiving Lita’s strange gaze, Yu IlHan immersed himself again in training. Lita provided all 3 meals for him anyway so he only needed to think about the martial arts that he needed to learn.

And like that, 5 years and 10 years passed. It was the moment after 20 years had passed since he was left out.

Now, his punches and kicks flowed with fighting spirit that can even kill a bear, much less a human, and the wooden spear he extended powerfully not only pierced the sandbag, but it ripped it apart. Yu IlHan himself thought that he had no talent in regards to martial arts, but growing up like this in just 15 years was amazing. Of course, it was also because Lita, who was a great fighting partner, was there for him.

“I’m turning 40 soon. How is it? Do I look more mature?”
[The only thing you did was punching and stabbing with the spear. Do you think you earned anything other than enlightenment in martial arts? Did you see anyone acting their age after coming out from training in the mountains?]
“You think so too? My mom won’t tell me I’m pretending to be mature, right?”
[Don’t worry about it and keep training.]

From this point, Lita, who came once a week, came once in 3 days. It was because she was worried that Yu IlHan might go crazy after being alone in the huge prison known as Earth for no less than 20 years.

Whether it was due to her worry and interest or due to his innate personality, Yu IlHan endured well.
He endured for 20, 30 years.

[Just how much did it deviate!]

While looking at such Yu IlHan, it was now Lita who was nervous to the point of shouting. However, Lita’s position wasn’t actually that high so she wasn’t in a position to ask God directly, and she didn’t have the rights to reverse the time axis so she could only restlessly watch Yu IlHan training his body quietly, day by day.


One day, Yu IlHan said with a lowered voice.

“I can’t remember my mom’s face.”
[……I’m sorry.]
“Even when I look at the picture, it feels unfamiliar. Was this person really my family? Wasn’t I living here alone in the first place? Everything was my delusion and it is a lie that Lita made in order to console me……”
[Don’t say such things!]
“Yeah, it was a joke. It might be good if it was actually like that though.”

He sighed and took back the spear. It was the time after 50 years of being left behind.

“I’m fed up. I want to do something else.”
[I’m sorry to say this now but…… It’s not known when the Great Cataclysm will occur. You cannot neglect your martial arts.]
“I know.”

Now that they had shared several tens of years together, racial matters such as being an angel or being a human didn’t really matter. The important thing to Yu IlHan was a person to look after him and a person who would listen to him. And Lita took that place so he followed Lita. That was enough.

Yu IlHan was also the only human that Lita came into contact with for several tens of years, so she became to harbor feelings of more than just pity and compassion for the human known as Yu IlHan. Of course, she didn’t say that out loud.

The two’s strange relationship which occurred due to God’s error, was progressing in a truly marvelous direction.

“I’ll read some books.”
[That’s a good idea.]

Martial arts would become important after the Great Cataclysm occurs, but reading helps widening one’s reasoning and building the foundation for one’s actions. It would help, not harm.

Yu IlHan, who acted too fast that it may seem excessive after setting his mind on something, he shut himself inside the college library straight away. As he promised with Lita, he trained Vale Tudo and spearmanship for 3 hours a day, but he invested the rest of the time solely on reading.

Even the most well preserved books would change colors after several tens of years passed, but ‘thanks’ to the ‘stopped time’, objects didn’t get affected by time. It was a good thing for Yu IlHan.

His preferences leaned towards contemporary novels, but he got fed up after reading those for about 5 years and he moved onto others. While thinking that his ordinary college life might continue after the Great Cataclysm occurs, he first studied books related to his major which was business management, and when he was also about to get fed up with it, he considered plural majors and read psychology or other humanities-related books.

Unlike martial arts where the progress becomes less noticeable after a certain point, reading piled up knowledge. Yu IlHan, who was now hooked to reading, spread his interests to other books inside the library. Common knowledge, history, geography, classics, physics, chemistry, art – he read every single books existing in the library.

After a few years passed, the books inside the libraries were insufficient. There was no one guarding bookstores anyway, so Yu IlHan started conquering the bookstores within his walking range in search for books that weren’t in the library.

However, even this had a limit. On his 67th year of being left behind (Of course, Yu Ilhan no longer counted time), he made a big decision.

“Let’s learn another language.”
[Then let’s just change locations. I can deliver your meals wherever it is.]
“Where is that food coming from?”

While pondering whether to cross the seas or not, he moved locations to China, the closest country. While driving any car to drive until he was out of fuel, when he found a working petrol station, he would refuel, and if not, he would just change cars.
License? There was only Yu IlHan in this world so it was okay as long as the car he drove didn’t fall off a cliff or exploded in a crash.

Even while moving, he studied Chinese in his spare time. The language studies made him sick after studying even a little became doable due to reading books for tens of years.

And the China he arrived at somehow was too wide. And there were of course, a lot of text to be read.

“Maybe it’s a mistake to set China as the first stop.”

Yu IlHan screamed in joy at the fact that there were so much new knowledge. Humanity will definitely come back before I get to know all the knowledge of China – at that fact, he even felt sorry for that.

However, that was his mistake. Even after adventuring all of the wide lands of China, and studying every book in China, humanity still didn’t come back. Yu IlHan no longer asked Lita how much time passed and Lita also didn’t speak of it.
He calmly moved to another country. It was because he felt that he might go crazy if he didn’t get new stimulation, no matter what it was.

Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, India, Mongolia…… After learning every language on Asia, he read all the books, records and even internet logs of all those countries. As if he would die if he didn’t read something, he read and read again.
Once, he forgot the iron rule of training martial arts for 3 hours a day and was close to getting beaten up by Lita.

[Are you really alright?]
“It’s alright. Anyway.”

He raised his head. The last page of the last book of the 7.5 million books inside the Russian academy of sciences was revealing itself.
Even though it was 7.5 million books, there were many books that also existed in other libraries, and to Yu IlHan, who could now read any book in a short time regardless of thickness due to reading repeatedly for countless years, it wasn’t that hard of a task.

“As expected, I can’t understand technical books even after reading them.”

Yu IlHan saw through the limits of this brain. It seemed that he wasn’t a person who was fit for sciences. He only read because there was text, and just reading the book didn’t make him a professional in that area.

“Now let’s go to Europe.”
[You’re speaking in Russian right now, you know?]
[Okay, we can go to Finland.]

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    1. Moku

      I believe that extra 20 was to to be addition to the original 50 years, so now 70 years.
      Pretty brutal how the MC has been tempering his mentality all those years, was expecting for to turn into a hermit monk or something along those lines.

  1. Seregosa

    In this work, I was going to write how strong a man at the peak of loneliness can become, but now that I’m writing, The angel falls for him in just 3 chapters. This won’t do……

    Noo, I want the angelXmc relationship, that’s way more awesome than a humanXhuman relationship. In fact, wouldn’t you need to make her fall for you before humanity comes back since she’ll leave after that?

    1. Astro

      The only man left in the world, and she still held out for 200+ years before resigning herself.

      How’s this dude not forgetting anything? After one year I wouldn’t remember the first book I read, let alone 50 or 200.

    1. Idiot Hunter

      That’s… so retarded that I can barely reply. I don’t think you understand what “depth” means. Or “predictable” for that matter.

  2. Seregosa

    “Now let’s go to Europe.”
    [You’re speaking in Russian right now, you know?]
    [Okay, we can go to Finland.]

    Way too good 😀 Would be taken for a madman when everyone comes back if he kept speaking in different languages.

    But damn man, this is one hell of a long tutorial, several hundred years just to start the game 😛

  3. emmuli1999

    “Now let’s go to Europe.”
    [You’re speaking in Russian right now, you know?]
    [Okay, we can go to Finland.]

    For those who do not know “hyvä” means “good” in Finnish…

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    God, I thought things already went beyond absurd when he started learning vale tudo (I’m Brazilian so I know what vale tudo looks like) but now I just can’t believe he is human, no human could have survived all of that, gosh when his friends and family come back they will be beyond surprised

  5. TrulyAcerbic

    Can’t Lita put him into some sleepless coma? Come on, even modern medicine can induce coma if needed, surely an angel is capable of such trick. Just put the man to sleep and wake him up 5 mins before the thing.

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