Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 205: If You See Me – 6

The thought-soul that newly registered on Yu IlHan’s collection was a very noisy one.

[How could you kill me without differentiating whether I was an ally or enemy! Huh!?]
“And you had any thoughts on becoming friendly with anyone?”
[I was going to kill them all.]

Well, of course. There was no way the naturally occurring higher existence born on Earth, where everything was born with resentment towards Yu IlHan was going to be friendly. Yu IlHan confronted the pitiful thought-soul that couldn’t lie, and spoke with a sigh.

“Done differentiation, you’re an enemy.”
[How can you only check after you kill!]
“You always start off by killing before anything in war. And my life has always been a war.”
[IlHan is so cool…..}
[Cool!? That’s COOL!?]

The thought-soul sounded very enraged. Well, it was nothing surprising since it died before it could do anything even though it was born as a higher existence.

However, Yu IlHan did not regret his actions at all. To be exact, he was sure that his will wouldn’t have wavered no matter how the situation developed out.

She was an enemy. The reason he could have a luxury talk with her right now was only because he had killed her and made her into a thought-soul, and if she was at all alive, then there would be no room for any conversation.

[Coward, how are you so well off after killing me with a surprise attack!]
“Hahaha, a loser dog is barking.”

Yu IlHan also had the trait of a non-social person that became arrogant once be was sure of his complete superiority.

[Eeek, what do you mean a loser dog. There was no chance to fight at all!]
“I said life is a war. Why didn’t you prepare the moment you were born? Well, you still wouldn’t have seen through my concealment.”
[IlHan, you’re being scary…..]

While Yu IlHan was thinking of ways to extort information from this noisy girl, the thought-souls rants continued on.

[But cowardly is still cowardly! Just as I was about to take a breath after being born, a weird beam screws up my body, and after I barely endured that, a giant castle falls on me! There’s a reason why this world is trying to kill you!]
“Mastering Death Collector is quite annoying. I collect weird thought-souls like these without my permission.”

Yu IlHan quietly levitated the flying fortress and muttered. Of course, he said that but it wasn’t like she was a useless thought-soul. Not only was it a big plus that he had gained a thought-soul of a 5th class that had intelligence, if he used her well, when she was born from the records of the Earth, it was possible for him to gain information on what he couldn’t even come in contact with until now.

[Khhhhh, it’s so frustrating dammit!] (Orochi)
“It’s alright, Orochi. You’re doing your best.”

If it was any other ordinary thought-soul, he would have borrowed Orochi’s power to interrogate, but she was of the 5th class – not someone Orochi could currently do something about. What was left was a peaceful negotiation, but the problem was whether this soul fragment that was just smashed by him would be cooperative or not.
From her words, she sounded like a little child that had no experience despite having a lot of knowledge, perhaps due to being just born.

[Anyway, free me! I still have my body, and my soul is here too!]
“I’m sorry but your soul has already passed onto somewhere I do not know. You are only a fragment of the original.”

Oh? Would she go into self-retrospective now? The matters of life and death and the soul was always a difficult matter for any being. For her to accept that when she was just a newborn, the weight would be too much on her.

[IlHan, what are you doing to a newborn?]
“Well, she’s an enemy.”
[Oh, yeah. I forgot since you acted so freely with her.]

Yu IlHan had completely levitated the flying fortress and checked the barrier while waiting for her reply, and the thought-soul that was silent after realization of her own identity finally spoke after a little time.

[Th, then……]
[Then it’s the same as me being born again thanks to you, isn’t it?]

Never did he think she would accept that so optimistically!

[You are quite amazing! Well, yeah. At the time I was born, I was only thinking about killing all the humans on Earth, but now my thought-process is quite free! So that’s it, it’s because I was born anew!]
“Well, yeah. I’m quite amazing.”
“Yes. I didn’t die. I was born!”

The shift in the thought-soul’s thought process was surprisingly fast. Even Yu IlHan wouldn’t be so optimistic as her.
However, it was not a bad thing to accept reality and think positively about it. Whether it was for her, or for Yu IlHan, it would make her advance forward.

And as expected, once she left the negative thoughts, she went on to expand her thoughts.

[But this is still too stuffy for me. I don’t like this feeling of being trapped in unknown darkness. Give me a body like that snake.]
[Groaaaaar, I’m not a snake. I’m Yamata no Orochi.]
[The body my soul was in is still intact right? If it’s you you can transfer me back over!]
“I’m sorry but it’s not that simple.”

Yu IlHan spoke in a really unfortunate tone and took out her corpse. Perforated with a Blaze-imbued laser beam, and being smashed by the flying fortress, that ‘body’ made one wonder if it can even be considered a body anymore.


While the thought-soul was at a loss in front of the unfortunate reality, Liera spoke after looking at the state of the corpse.

[Perhaps it would look like this if an ogre ate a human and vomited it back out.]

The thought-soul burst out crying. This was a real cry and not one to make Yu IlHan hesitate like before!

[It turned into paste, my pretty body! Although it’s not my body but still! Uwaaaaaaan!]

Yu IlHan glared at Liera as if he was innocent, despite him being the one that made the body like this, and calmly spoke to the thought-soul that was crying noisily in his head.

“However, I can give you a different body.”
[……A different body?]

The moment she heard that voice, her voice floated up as if the crying never happened. Success – Yu IlHan smiled after he was sure of that.

“You should know that everything in the world is a give-and-take process, right?”
[But you killed me! No, well, a soul that shared consciousness with me!]
“Then stay like that if you don’t want to. I’ll come back for a 2nd round after making Orochi grow. I’ll say this now, but the conditions then wouldn’t be as good as it is now.”

There was no need for Yu IlHan to provoke any further. Her intelligence was very clear, enough for her to judge that the situation was too disadvantageous for her to drag things out.

Adding on top of that, the fact that she was considering the higher existence that just died and herself as different beings, finally, she obediently replied to Yu IlHan.

[I, can’t help it……. and so? What is this condition?]
“It’s very simple. You only need to become a subordinate under my rule. It’s the best method for the two of us to be able to trust each other.”
[Aha, like that snake……?]
[I’m not a snake!]

Shouted Orochi. Yu IlHan giggled with the two fighting as BGM. Although it was a pity that he couldn’t acquire a 5th class magic stone from her body, it looked like this was a jackpot in its own way.

[???????? has become your subordinate.]
[Uugh, this feels unpleasant. I can feel a connection with another being.]
“Hold it. It’s not only you that feels unpleasant.”

Although she was only a thought-soul, she was still a part of a higher existence. It was an enormous matter to make her submit under his rule.
It would have been difficult even if he had mastered the Rule skill, but as the abilities of a Deathgod supported him, and she was being cooperative as well, he safely succeeded. And naturally, his skill level rose by quite a lot!

[The skill, Rule, has become level 97. It becomes easier to accept a higher-levelled opponent under your rule, the growth speed of all beings under you accelerates, and you receive natural loyalty from all of them. You can apply a little bit of forcefulness in the activation, but only against beings overwhelmingly lower-leagued than you.]

“Hhm. This skill is becoming frightening too. That forceful part really nags on my mind…..”

If he could forcefully submit someone, it meant that someone overwhelmingly stronger than him could do the same to him. Yu IlHan was worried about that, but Liera replied as if that was nothing to worry about.

[It’s normal stuff to make others forcefully submit even without the Rule skill, when there’s a large gap in levels, no? There’s no need to worry about that. What’s more important is the speed you’re levelling the Rule skill at.]
“Hmmmmm, that’s true, but thinking about how it could affect the opponent’s mind, it feels a little…..”
[Sheesh minor details. There are not many people who raised the Rule skill as much as you in the first place!]

The Rule skill. It was a skill with a tremendous difficulty of acquisition made for rulers, and it was even harder to raise them. However, not only did Yu IlHan acquire this skill from Heaven’s Quest, he had also made quite a lot of footholds for its growth by subordinating elves and even dragons…..

Moreover, this growth accelerated as the subordinates, who were in places unknown to him, were developing rapidly. Adding a higher existence into the mix, it had reached an absurd level of 97.

[Ugh, this is uncomfortable. I can’t hate master even if I wanted to! Eh? I called him master and not master but why do I keep calling him master?]
“Please speak something I can understand.”
[I am!]

It looked like the speech patterns of the subordinates were also affected. Yu IlHan became afraid of his own skill for a moment, but then thought that everything was fine since he was fine.

“Well, it would be fine if I became stronger faster.”
[You’re quite progressive when you’ve just killed a higher existence in a surprise attack.]
[Master, body! Where’s my body?]

The thought-soul that just finished the contract, shouted in a bright voice. Yu IlHan stopped thinking about the Rule skill completely and confronted her.

“Before that let’s give you a name. There’s also something I want to ask you.”
[Although I want a body, but I guess that’s fine…… name me anything.]
“Well, then. How about Mistic.”
[…….Mystic, I like it! Master is quite good after all!]

In fact, he meant for the name to be a part of ‘optimistic’, with her being naïve and all, but she heard that as ‘mystic’, i.e. being mysterious. But since she liked it, Yu IlHan decided to not talk about the source of the name.
Well, everyone grew up that way. Even Yu IlHan wouldn’t be standing here if the pain of the ‘Bl****d Lancer’ didn’t exit!

Like the name, Mystic 1 asked with the endlessly positive attitude.

[So, what is it that you want to ask?]
“The current state of the Earth. You talked about this right? That you thought that you had to kill me the moment you were born. It would be fine if that was your instinct as a monster, but after talking with you, it doesn’t sound like that.”
[I’m not a monster!]
“That’s why I’m asking, Mystic.”

Yu IlHan’s voice lowered. Perhaps this was the most important moment after the 3rd Great Cataclysm.

“I have a lot to ask, but let me ask this first. How…… were you born as a higher existence?”

Mystic hesitated for a moment but replied soon.

[Probably, I was part of a large pool of shared records before I was born.]

Yu IlHan momentarily couldn’t understand and asked back, but Liera instantly understood her words.

[So you aren’t a naturally ocurring higher existence?]

Acknowledged Mystic.

[I was born with the help of another higher existence sharing his own record. With the orders to kill you.]

At that point, Yu IlHan could understand her words.

It looked like there was a higher existences other than her on Earth right now.

Author’s notes

  1. Let me announce the results of the popularity poll, this will be very long!
    There were a total of 1485 votes. And let me announce you the most obvious 1st place. It’s none other than Yu IlHan with 437 votes!
    “Because He’s MC” such simple reasons numbered the most, and the next popular ones are “He’s similar to me” “He puts in endless effort” and the like. Haha, that’s strange. I’m not even wearing glasses but my vision is getting hazy…. IlHan, do your best, we’re all loners!
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    In fact, I never planned to make Liera the main heroine at first. Instead, it was going to be Kang MiRae, but as you see here… haha… in fact, something same happened in my previous-previous work, so I can only laugh… Her charm was that attractive I guess. I’m only happy to have come up with a character like her.
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Translator’s notes
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I’m not gonna make any grand interpretations.
Here’s the results

Ranking Character votes notes
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11 Lecidna 20 Yumir’s mother
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12 Spiera 5
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17 Perverted Vibration Demon 2 this guy got one more vote than me…
22 Akashic Records 1
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        Only the insanely hard ones that are worth the effort. Hell Bringer is the one that most of us want him to have, the rest we “Meh”

        But the Planet, Earth, also known as a Logos, it’s like a tick on the skin. You just need the right method to get rid of it, it worked on everyone else but one guy. However, Earth is desperate, that he had to create a 5th class only to be perforated and smashed. But desperate for what?

        If Earth was stuck in 8th or 9th class, then all of a sudden offered a class-up if a plan was instigated on it’s part by outside forces, seems like being stuck for 3 billion years really does take a toll that they would take even the crappiest of deals

    2. 13blackcat

      Your comment raises a nice question as to why Earth is not coming for him personally…….
      As it is not in any factions, it should not be bound by rules of higher existences.
      So it might be because it is trapped in the Hell Dungeon too. But then why not attack Yumir and group and also Yu Ilhan when he was in the dungeon????
      So I think it is because it does not have a ‘physical form’ and is only earth with sentinence, ability to control mana on whole planet and records of the world. But if it is Earth why not just attack with natural disasters? Because those will not work on Ilhan and a 5th class is much bigger disaster than any other natural disaster.
      At the same time I don’t think it is 8th or 9th class being. Most probably 6th class or 7th AT MOST. As You Ilhan will have to beat/ kill/ subdue it before the 5th great chataclysm……
      (Though killing earth sounds really ominous and evil…….. And cool as Liera would call it 😀 )

      1. Paps

        Well if earth does hate him as mutch and wants to eliminate him problely the relationship between earth and Ilhan is like a person and a virus, no matter how mutch you want to personally destroy it you need to let your antibodies (monster) and medicine (newly created higher class) do the work for you.

        1. Jonathan Hurd

          I feel like another possibility is that Earth might be afraid of a direct confrontation. While going out probably gives him the best chance of killing Yu Ilhan. It also gives Yu Ilhan the best chance of killing him. The higher existence might be a bit like Mystic. Still young and newly formed consciousness. He is probably frightened of directly fighting and just wants Yu Ilhan to go away.

  12. Sdf

    Well, it’s confirmed. Earth is an enemy.

    Quoting new girl:
    “There’s a reason why this world is trying to kill you!”

    There ya go. She said she was born from a higher existence to kill Ilhan. Hell dungeon master is either Earth, or Earth’s minion.

  13. Pan

    If he enchant Mystic to Bitersweet Persona, I got an image of she (Mystic Bittersweet Persona) flying around happily while shouting “weeeeeeeeeeeee” while ramming monster left and right lol

    1. Jonathan Hurd

      Wonder if she gets to control Thousand Eye’s too if she is running the Flying Fortress. Though I do love the billiard ball approach to fighting with the Fortress, lol.

    1. Jonathan Hurd

      He currently has one after he killed the four Fallen Angels. The problem is he needs a 5th class magic stone if hes going to do his job advancement, upgrading the Language Skill, and to make some even higher tier weaponry and items. Currently he has no real way of gaining more sadly so he needs to use this one on the most important task.

      Also I really want to see what language skill will upgrade to be too, :D.

  14. Seregosa

    Extremely surprised that yuna, that annoying girl, is above mirae, one of the better girls… Different standards, I guess…

    Unimportant things like that aside, I guess it should be that guy in charge of the dungeon that tried to kill him, too bad for him that it only made the mc stronger 😛 The guy in question must be ripping his hair out in rage right now, mwahahaha.

  15. colorless

    I like the Korean votes. Na YuNa is a better character, almost on par with Liera tbh.
    And Spiera deserved that! I remember chamber once gave a spoiler of a cliffhanger where Ilhan gets stabbed. Won’t say anything anymore.

  16. LAR Games

    I like Erta the most. Not to mention, I’m pretty sure the author hasn’t mentioned her boob size so it’s okay to imagine she’s flat, hence being the most attractive girl in the series.

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