Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 210: I, Too – 2


A gigantic leopard head was in front of Yu IlHan’s eyes. He pulled out the Eight-tailed dragon spear from his gauntlet and struck it inside, following which the bright white flames completely melted its brain and made it stop temporarily.

However, it would not die with just this. To kill the 5th class beings that appeared on Earth, there was a need to erase the brain, pull out the heart, slash the neck, and dismember all the limbs.
To add the icing on the cake, Yu IlHan wasn’t facing against a single 5th class right now.

[IlHan, a mantis behind you!] (Liera)
“That’s damn annoying!”
[I’ll do the rest.] (Mystic)
[Kuooooh! Stay still for a moment!] (Orochi)

Liera’s warning, Mystic’s claim, and Orochi’s words simultaneously rang out in his head. However, Yu IlHan understood all threes words at once and processed them quickly before moving around.


First, he took out the spear from the leopard’s head and slashed it horizontally to attack three times, which then the leopard’s neck was severed as the mana movement inside the leopard temporarily stopped because its brain was molten.

However, what Yu IlHan had slashed was not only the leopard’s neck. The mantis that tried to kill him while he was facing the leopard was caught up in it and was slashed apart as well! The peak level body movement in combination with the Spear of Untraceable Trajectory achieved this. Of course, the power of the whip and the power of the sword from the Great Cosmos-severing Spear also played a role.

[Double Kill!] (Mystic)
“Shut up!”

The moment Yu IlHan disarmed the two 5th class monsters, The Flying fortress, that defeated all the aerial monsters, shot out a beam at a suitable time to penetrate both the heart of the leopard and the mantis’ back. This was a fantastical combo that was otherwise impossible if it wasn’t in sync with Yu IlHan.

[You have earned experience.]
[You have earned experience.]


The only remaining problem was the humanoid monster that appeared suddenly after being concealed all this time, at the moment Yu IlHan showed an opening after killing the two 5th class monsters!

[I aimed for this moment!]
[I also aimed for this moment!] (Orochi)

However, immediately after it assaulted towards Yu IlHan’s back, a pile bunker appeared from Yu IlHan’s back and struck its torso.


When the Eternal Flame pulled the trigger by burning at Orochi’s signal, the magic gunpowder received the shock and amplified it by hundreds of times, at the same time the pile driver made of dragon bones shot out with a boom and perforated a huge hole in the torso. A combo play from Orochi and Eternal Flame.

[Kahak! You…… even noticed me!?]

The pile bunker which Yu IlHan poured his blood and sweat into, and was enhanced due to the effects of the Infernal dragon body, was the perfect weapon to leave to Orochi and Eternal Flame, as it could be used at maximum power just by quickly striking and triggering. In fact, even right now, a 5th class enemy was pierced and temporarily had its movements sealed!

It was truly shocking that the bones and flesh were regenerating and were pushing out the pile driver immediately after the strike, but being a higher existence still took time to completely escape the shock.

And that amount of time was like eternity to Yu IlHan.

“Boasting about your concealment in front of me, that’s like discussing eating alone in front of a master tier loner.”
[Aren’t those two the same thing?]

Yu IlHan generated a shockwave with Ruin Calling and spun his body around with it. On the tip of the Eight-tailed dragon spear in his hands was a vicious flame that was surprisingly half-translucent.


The moment it tried to move, he bisected it with a shout and his spear. The beam from the Flying fortress and the ballista ammo that Orochi used with the Infernal dragon body also hit him.
Three on one would have been impossible, but there was no way it could endure all the bombardment alone! It was instantly obliterated without being able to leave any words behind. This was 17 minutes into the battle.

[You have earned experience.]


Yu IlHan took away his spear and landed on the ground. Following him, the bisected 5th class corpse also thudded on the ground. When he turned around while collecting the corpse, the chaotic mana in the surroundings calmed down and silence enveloped the battlefield.

[Kuh, kkgggk!]
[Fail, failed.]
[Can’t run, can’t run!]

There were still tens of 4th classes and thousands of 3rd classes on the battlefield, but they despaired without even thinking of running away as Yu IlHan had instantly finished three 5th class beings. And that was their last moments.

“Mystic, finish up.”
[Roger that.]

Mystic seemed to like the military-themed stuff nowadays as she was very fast in replying. Immediately after that, the Flying fortress that recovered enough energy seemed to lower in altitude before cleaning up all the monsters with relentless bombardment.

Yu IlHan leisurely strolled around in their midst and collected their corpses and magic stones after killing the surviving ones.

[Situation terminated!]

Declared Mystic. She said that after emitting mana around the flying fortress to confirm that there were no monsters near Yu IlHan. At least in the future, no 5th class beings will spawn in this area.

“Uu, so tired.”

Yu IlHan finally relaxed the tension in his shoulders after hearing her report. Although he seemed to overwhelm the enemies in the battle, it would be a lie to say he wasn’t nervous against three 5th class monsters.

[IlHan, are you alright?]
“Yeah, I’m fine. No problem.”

The worried Liera touched all over his body, but Yu IlHan made her step back with just those words. A short but tenacious fight was truly the battles that made his body breathe in life, and make it advance.
In fact, his physical body was in maximum activity right now. The Superhuman strength and Transcendent regeneration that was at the level of mastery was in effect at the same time to bring out the best of each other. Like this, his spines will reattach if it was cut, and his brain would regenerate as soon as it got pierced. He couldn’t be considered human anymore.

However, only after that did his body gain some pressure. He breathed slowly to relax his tensed muscles. Liera hugged him from the back and made him more comfortable.

“Fuu……three at once is mentally exhausting, indeed.”
[And the planet almost twisted up trying to generate a single one a few months ago.]

One was nothing, then two appeared, and now there was three. Hearing Yu IlHan and Mystic’s grumbles, Liera replied with a sigh.

[That’s because the energy of Earth is increasing. I’m sure the 4th Great Cataclysm isn’t far away.]

And once the 4th Great Cataclysm occurs, the Earth will definitely be reborn into a higher world. And one that stamps out higher existences naturally, a horrifying world….
Yu IlHan felt a sense of distance while rolling around the word ‘higher world’ in his mouth. Right now, he was having a hard time taking care of Earth alone, but if those nosy little losers from Heaven’s Army, Army of Brilliant Light and Destruction Demon Army, he only found the future to be bleak.

“Oh yeah, what do those guys from the Garden of Sunset do? I didn’t see them after the Dareu incident.”
[I think that they are focusing more on Dareu than Earth. Perhaps they might help you fight against the Destruction Demon Army. They could be considered the only decent faction excluding Heaven’s Army.]
“Erta seemed to hate them to the bones though?”
[That’s because they were the first faction that contacted her, and Erta was about to be deceived by them.]
“So there was such a connection.”
[The leader there likes women. There was a time he even watched over Erta.]

Yu IlHan accepted. Erta was indeed beautiful. However, at the same time, she felt like she was billions of light years away from love. She probably wanted to become stronger as a higher existence, and naturally, hate the offer from the Garden of Sunset.

It wasn’t only the Garden of Sunset that liked women. The Destruction Demon Army as well as the Army of Brilliant Light also moved numerous worlds in order to acquire Na YuNa. Perhaps they still haven’t given up yet. With all the higher existence factions scheming against a single woman… there was no better trash than them.

“Perhaps the reason the Heaven’s Army has a lot of women is also because……”
[We don’t! It’s just that there are a lot of females among the ones that met you!]

Liera immediately interjected Yu IlHan’s words just in case Yu IlHan became suspicious. In fact, she had an insignificant time with love compared to the long time she lived. Moreover, wasn’t she all for Yu IlHan right now? She would cry her eyes out if Yu IlHan became suspicious of her.

“I wasn’t saying anything about you though.”
“So unfair……”

It was only a moment that he joked around with Liera. After judging that all his muscles were relaxed, Yu IlHan finally started to clean up the battlefield.

There was no need for him to collect the 3rd class monsters and he destroyed them thoroughly to return them back to the earth. Earth would grow faster this way. It was a tragedy that Yu IlHan had to make Earth into a higher world despite fearing it.
The majority of the monsters were taken care of by Mystic anyway, unless a 5th class appeared, so what he had to do was to resupply the weapons and artifacts using the materials. 3 years passed like that, so an enormous amount of equipment was piled up in Yu IlHan’s inventory, inside the various parts of the Flying fortress and absorbed by the Infernal dragon body.

“So it’s 5th class now.”

Magic stone, please magic stone. Yu IlHan prayed desperately and started dismantling the three 5th class beings.

In the past few months, Yu IlHan had acquired a single magic stone from the ones that occasionally appeared. Of course, he left that for his 4th class advancement. He was about to be fed up from waiting for the blessing of the goddess of fire, but he still could not give up.


He was met with blanks for two of the 5th classes, and when he was digging into the perforated head of the last one, the leopard, he discovered a colorless translucent lump of stone and subconsciously voiced out.

“A 5th class magic stone……”
[Gimme! Enhance the fortress!]
[It should of course be the Infernal dragon body that has to be enhanced. Did you not just see that I killed a higher existence just now?]
[The flying fortress can also do that once I get enhanced!]
“Shut up. Anyone that moves is the culprit.”

Yu IlHan silenced everyone down with those words before cautiously looking around the surroundings and built a physical barrier by installing ballistas and traps, and only after did he raise his five senses to the limits did he put his hand into the head and take out the magic stone.


Their timezone was currently in the mornings right now. The magic stone that took in sunlight and created a rainbow inside. Looking at that, everyone exclaimed.

[So beautiful……]
[Wow, it’s so beautiful that it’s a waste to use it.]
[Isn’t the mana inside more important than the appearance?]

Yu IlHan took out the magic stone he had acquired before and compared them. He definitely did feel that they were different. The previous one also glowed in a beautiful light blue, but it was incomparable to the one he had just acquired. Perhaps it was his mistake, but he felt like the mana quantity inside also differed.


He put the translucent magic stone inside the inventory. He felt like he should use that magic stone for his 4th class advancement.

“Let’s use this.”
[Use? Where?]
[My enhancement?]
[Probably the Infernal dragon body.]
“Nope, all wrong.”

Yu IlHan snorted and closed his eyes.

“I’m going to evolve the Language skill.”

[Watching the evolution criteria for the evolution of the skill, Language.]
[3rd class magic stones 3,924,498/1,000]
[4th class magic stones 653,056/100]
[5th class magic stone 2/1]
[Record of Worlds 109/100]

[The Language skill may evolve. Proceed?]

How much suffering did he have to go through to evolve this skill? Just as when he thought he acquired a 5th class magic stone, he had to keep it for this 4th class, and in fact, he used that one to create an armor to survive, and he acquired another one, but he had to leave it behind for the 4th class advancement!

And finally, he acquired an additional one, and was now able to evolve the skill!

[Let’s wipe your tears first.]
“I, I’m not crying!”

Thinking back to his suffering, he felt his nose tinge. Calming down, Yu IlHan accepted the Akashic Record’s question with a nod.

“Yes, I’ll proceed.”

With his acceptance, brilliant five-colored mana covered his body. An overwhelming mana and the skills he had developed until now, as well as the records he had piled up were now in a process of becoming one! Yu IlHan let go of his consciousness due to the fantastical feelings that the skill sublimation gave him.

[Die!] (?????????)

And that, was the perfect opening that a certain someone had been waiting for all this time.

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