Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 213: I, Too – 5

He began with her legs..

“Bear with it even if its hurts.”

Her legs were in very serious state. Her flesh had been crumbled, muscles torn, bones twisted and broken and even her bone marrow was flowing out. The damage made him wonder how she was even alive, and made Yu IlHan’s heart ache. He couldn’t even imagine how much pain Liera herself was undergoing.

However, when the armor melted into the legs, the bones became sturdier and healed as if time was flowing in reverse, new muscles sprouted out and ‘red’ blood flowed above it, flesh covered the gap, and skin grew above that.

[You, this…… how?]
“I thought you might do something so reckless. This equipment wasn’t to strengthen you, but a device to help you recover after storing your records. The fifth option is the nucleus and is the entire meaning of the armor.”

Something like that was possible? No, before that, was it so simple to recover a higher existence of 6th class like her? She wanted to ask too many things, but the pain from the recovery shut her mouth.
And that was very wise of her. The technology behind it required Yu IlHan to explain for at least 6 hours, going on about the blacksmithing he had learned as well as magic engineering and other magic languages.

“Strictly speaking, it isn’t returning you to the past state. This is helping you settle as a lower existence after extracting the records of you as a higher existence without much pain, by remembering the structure of your body.”
[You knew…… I would do this?]
“Of course.”
[Then you, knew of my feelings too……]
“No, not that…….”

Yu IlHan shut his mouth about that part. In truth, he was thinking about such a case with a 50% probability. However the cowardly Yu IlHan could not erase the thoughts ‘what if she didn’t?’ from his head.
So, he fooled himself to think that a 6th class angel from Heaven’s Army maybe close to him, but did not have any feelings towards him, and that she was only treating him like a blood-related brother as a big sister.

The matter with Na YuNa added onto that thought. One coincidence does not happen twice, so there was no way Liera would like him. Such a strange thought-process had solidified in his head.

[……Idiot, bad guy.]
“I’m the criminal…..”

Yu IlHan could not raise his head in front of Liera. If he did not realize after all that happened just now, he wasn’t human, but a flea.
Liera perhaps felt that he had realized enough, and laughed even with the suffering. Meanwhile, Yu IlHan’s blood flowed and drenched her armor, and in the process of the armor melting, it was recovering the other parts of her body and not just the legs.

[Did you kill it for good?]
“Yup. I killed it for good and collected the body too.”
[Sheesh, that greed of yours…..]

No matter how much of a bitch that thing was, it was still a 6th class. It would be strange if he didn’t collect it. Yu IlHan was shameless, and Liera smiled bitterly. His unchanging attitude was his drawback, as well his good point. And she liked that side of him as well.

Now,her two legs, knees, and thighs were recovered and her waist was slowly being reconstructed. No in fact, a more fundamental and large change was occurring throughout her body.
The white blood signifying an angel had all left the body, and red blood replaced her blood vessels. The newly made heart accepted the blood and pumped it throughout the body, which then would resonate with Yu IlHan’s blood and support the creation of the new body.

The traces of the light pink armor were all gone as well. Liera touched the glossy skin that was newly growing after her dead skin had peeled off, and felt that her armor was gone.

[Too bad. It was an armor that IlHan made.]
“I’ll make you a better one anytime.”

When the recovery proceeded to a certain point, the blessing of the god of love also chipped in. Going beyond just clinging her to life, it became able to more freely interfere with her body, and started developing the body with the power that could be called the holy power.

Before, the interference was small as she was already a higher existence, but now that she had fallen to a lower existence, the story was different. It was making her suitable for one blessed by the god of love!

In fact, her destroyed older appearance was helping her be born anew. New wine should be poured into new wineskins, perhaps? Although the process was unimaginably painful, the blessing of the god of love and Yu IlHan’s power lead her to a completely new realm.

“Uh…… Ah…..”

From some moment, her voice became different as well. Before, her voice sounded like it was ringing from above no matter how much he faced her up front, but now, her voice sounded like she was really whispering into his ears.

Yu IlHan liked this more, but Liera didn’t seem to be purely happy about it, and became panicky while stroking her neck.

“Wow….. this feeling. It’s been such a long time. I really returned to a lower existence.”
“How do you feel?”
“My body feels uselessly heavy~.”
“And here I just revived you…..”

Well, she fell to 4th class from 6th class, so it would be a lie if she said she only felt happy. She was prepared to throw away everything for Yu IlHan, but facing her 4th class self after everything that happened, she felt very complex. It was understandable. Reality was always different from ideals.

“I’m cold.”
“Want a blanket?”
“No, I want to stay like this for a moment.”

With everything that covered her body, gone, including her armor, she was obviously naked right now. Her body that was torn apart and unsightly to look at during battle, had long since regained its original glossy and elastic appearance.

No, perhaps she looked more attractive than before. Although it was embarrassing to look at that part, Yu IlHan suspected that her chest had become bigger, and in fact, that was true.
This was all the great powers of the god of love. Everything was to receive more love from the person of the opposite sex that she loved! 1


However, her face still had some unpeeled dead skin. When Yu IlHan stroked her cheeks with his hands,  and the dirty debris fell down and glossy, white skin appeared. Yu IlHan made a small smile as he looked at Liera’s clean face.

“There, pretty again. I think you’re more pretty now.”
“Such embarrassing words…”

Liear’s cheeks turned redder than a tomato from the heart-strike, but Yu IlHan still had a leisurely expression.

“Today I’m invincible. I spouted so many embarrassing lines while watching you fight it, while making you recover, and in other situations as well, so nothing would change even if I say one or two more lines. Although, I do have the confidence to roll around in suffering faster than Sonic when the night comes….”

Liera never stopped smiling for some reason. For her, she was happy that Yu IlHan was alive, and she was alive as well, facing him right now.
Yu IlHan wanted to enact punishment to her who was smiling without knowing anything, but he decided to withhold it. It was no wonder, since he also like this situation where the two were facing each other.

“And so…..”

It would have been for the best if she just kept smiling, but suddenly, her two red eyes narrowed.

“Your answer?”

To think she’d stab from such an angle! A drop of cold sweat ran down Yu IlHan’s back. He thought that he answered enough, but it seems it was his misunderstanding!

“Uh, like I said I already……”
“I want a proper answer. Properly, definitely, unmistakably, and undeniably! truthfully!”
“……How are you so confident? What if I say no?”

Liera made a cute smile that made him want to eat her up, and opened her mouth to say some frightening words.

“Then I will carry things out by force.”
“It’s a rapist! There’s a rapist here!”
“It’s fine, there’s no one other than us here on Earth right now. It’s not a crime if I don’t get found out.”
” ‘I”m here. Me! And forget about being caught, a crime is still a crime!”

It was even scarier since her eyes looked completely serious. Yu IlHan looked down at Liera’s face, when she had grabbed his hands to prevent him from running away, the two of them ended up laughing.


Then he spoke. At that moment, another woman’s face flashed by in his mind, but the feelings towards that person were insignificant compared to his feelings towards Liera.

“I’m glad, that you don’t have to commit a crime.”

The millennium that went further than just making them familiar with each other, where they shared everything and started to understand other deeply; as well as a few years they endured together while believing in each other even while the surrounding situation was hectic.
Now, there was an emotion in the realm that was way beyond just shallow emotions like novelty, pettiness, boredom, and familiarity that linked him with LIera.

“I also like you very much. So……. I ..love ..you.”

Born coward, stupid, shy, and idiotic, Yu IlHan couldn’t do something like approaching her first…… but if Liera was looking at him, he thought that he had to do his best to face her head on.
He couldn’t run away at this point.


But now that he actually found the courage to confess, he could not hear a reply. It was no wonder since Liera didn’t know how to act after hearing Yu IlHan’s direct confession.
Her current feelings were similar to an ordinary salary woman who bought a lottery ticket while wishing to become 1st, but still thought that she had no chance, and actually won the jackpot.


She twisted her body, trying to hide her face, but the hands that she had grabbed before became her own drawback and she couldn’t turn around.

“Please say something I can understand.”
“I feel like dying because of embarrassment and happiness.”
“I just revived you so don’t go dying again sheesh. Moreover, who was it that wanted me to say it?”
“I didn’t know you’d be so direct!”

He did think that the him of today was invincible, but people really shouldn’t do what they’re not used to. Yu IlHan also found it unbelievably embarrassing. He wanted to roll on the ground right now. However, Liera didn’t let his hands go even while being embarrassed, so he couldn’t do anything about it.

[Go on, kiss.]

Someone urged them on in that predicament. Lifting their heads, the Flying fortress was flying above their heads.

“What do you mean a kiss…..”
[It’s a scene suited to this situation!]

Mystic’s voice sounded very pouty, and it looked like she didn’t like the fact that she had to just watch without being able to do anything. No, perhaps she was just annoyed while watching Yu IlHan and Liera filming a romance drama.

[Go on and kiss her, master. Or else I’ll just drop the flying fortress on you!]
“How dare you tease me when you don’t even have a body.”
[And just because of WHO was it? Huh!]

He ignored Mystic. Then, looking down at Liera twisting her body in embarrassment, he resolved himself with a short deep breath.

“Yes, I can’t stay passive forever.”
[Huh? Huuuuh?]

Catching that muttering, Mystic’s voice became higher. However, Yu IlHan took the next step without hesitation. He grabbed Liera’s hand strongly with one hand, and grabbed her chin with the other, and lowered his head to…

“I, IlHan?”

Liera, who never imagined that the other side would approach first, was surprise lip-attacked by him. With that, Liera couldn’t say anything anymore.

[……Ah, goddammit. It’s so annoying.]

[I shouldn’t have said to kiss!] – Mystic, who was flirted right in front of, made the Flying fortress go berserk and break-dance in the air. Meanwhile, Orochi, who, likewise, watched everything that played out, quietly muttered inside the Infernal dragon body.

[This is going to be quite a sight alright.] (Orochi)








And as such the two of them lived happily ever after, occasionally having to endure the teasing from the flying fortress, but still, happily ever after.











Just kidding – KouKouSeiDesu

Author’s notes

  1. Fuu, I really did my best here writing this climax. I thought this maybe the second most important scene in this novel. And perhaps due to that, the more I read it, the more childish I found, but I was still very satisfied. I would be so happy if my current feelings could be felt by you readers.
  2. Other than that, I gritted my teeth so much while writing this chapter. Why do I have to write a happy chapter about the MC….? Pew! Pewpew! Give me back my hands and feet dammit!
  3. I thought I prepared a lot of scenes where IlHan prepared for Liera’s outbreak, but there were some of you that were surprised. IlHan is not that careless!
  4. You must be curious about the class and skills right now. Looks like it will happen in the next chapter!

Translator’s notes
Lol, author note 2. I sympathize with you author… no GF….so sad. I wana kry in a kornur sumware….

OMEDETOUGOZAIMASU YU ILHAN SAN – KKS, who, like chamber, does not have a girlfriend

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  1. I guess the god of love doesn’t approve of homosexuality.

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        Guardian angels can’t do anything against tier 1 to 4 enemies of their charge (except notify their charge of said enemies existence), tier 5+ has no such restriction so just fighting against a tier 6 should not result in demotion.

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  3. Aria Red

    A higher existence is not allowed to use their power in a lower existence world aside from self-defence, or punishing traitors within the same faction. It has never been shown otherwise. Even if the enemy is a higher existence, breaking this rule will bring about the same punishment, because it will breach the contract. Unless you become a higher existence on your own, in which no rule nor law will be imposed upon you. Unless the restrictions are placed by the akashic record itself, and not by the contract imposed by each factions.

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