Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 215: I, Too – 7

To the children, the battle with the demons was harsh and cruel. Without Yumir’s support, they would have been wiped out in the first battle. No matter how talented they were, and even though they were newtypes that were over level 100 below 5 years of age, there was an insurmountable wall between them and the demons.

But despite that, they succeeded in coming out victorious in the first battle. It was because Yumir was holding the fort behind them.

“*pant pant*…….”
“Master, did the monster die?”
“Yeah, it died. You got experience, right?”
“Yeah, but……”
“That’s the definite proof. Dad said so.”

Replied Yumir while looking at the demon that did not move anymore. Then, he looked at the army with no casualties in the battle just now.

“Fuu, fuu…..”
“I feel like I’m dying. My legs hurt so much.”
“Hing, my stomach hurts so much.”

The children all collapsed on the ground and panted. Their faces were all thick with fatigue and pain.
However, Yumir thought that this was a big success. Although the casualties would have been massive had he not interfered at the right time, all the members of the army had survived. Everyone had survived and was shared of the demon’s records and experience.

“Did you all level up?”
“Although not as much as the hero….. We became a little stronger.”

This was the first time Yumir didn’t deal the final strike on the monster. Although it was a difficult and arduous battle, satisfaction could be seen from the children. Levelling up via direct battle was gave them an incomparable sense of accomplishment compared to eating the monster meat.

“But you need to do better.”

Just as when the children were drunk in battle, blood, victory, and pain, Yumir’s cold voice seeped into their ears.

“You need to survive. To survive without me, you aren’t good enough right now.”
“Where is hero going?”
“I need to be with dad. He will look for me sometime. I’ll strengthen you until that time.”
“We want to follow you!”

The children who were in pain in the ground all jumped up and shouted at once after hearing Yumir’s words. However, Yumir shook his head.

“You’re too weak. No matter how much you train, you’re weak.”

Yumir thought that anyone could become as strong as the four elves under Yu IlHan if they trained for 2 years, but he had placed his expectations too high. Although the growth rates of the newtypes here were very fast, in Yumir’s judgement, even that was too slow.
It was good that they were levelling up fast and were becoming able to use stronger abilities. However, their will to battle was less than their abilities, and decisively, their skill proficiency was lower compared to their level since they were levelling up too fast. The disadvantage was very recognizable to Yu IlHan and the elves who trained for a long time.


Yumir’s merciless words seemed to have hurt them. In their point of view, they’ve worked to death, but they were still given such a cold judgement! Yumir’s evaluations were not very delicate, and anyone who heard his words, no, anyone at those ages would naturally be stubborn and not accept it.


“We can become stronger!”
“I’ll become stronger and follow the hero!”
“You can’t leave me behind!”

The newtypes were different. All of their standards had become the same as Yumir’s as they had lived the majority of their short lifetimes with him! Of course, the effects of the Rule skill was big as well, but the mental influence on all of them was thanks to Yumir’s ability, personality, as well as the special environment that was here.

“……You want to become stronger?”

Perhaps the flames of battle hadn’t gone off yet, as many passionate voices could be heard from here and there. Everyone was looking at Yumir. Right now, they looked like they didn’t feel any more pain, and were all looking towards Yumir with resolved eyes.

However, Yumir was at a loss. The reason he took care of these kids was in order to follow his dad who did the same thing, and to enable them to live by themselves. So, it was very unexpected for him that they wanted to go with him.


However, he would be disqualified as a dragon if he rejected all of them when they wanted to follow him. Yumir nodded as they wished.
Of course, even he didn’t know that the children were still unable to reason rationally, or that they couldn’t part so easily as they were linked by the Rule skill. Yumir was still a kid after all.

“Then it will become even more difficult. We’ll go even faster now.”
“We’ll try our best, master!”

The resolves of the children filled the lands. Yumir stiffly nodded and spoke.

“But don’t die. Dying is a sad thing.”
“Got it!”

Yumir was also satisfied with their loud replies. The army rested for 30 more minutes, and departed after they recovered their full strength.

From the time they went on dungeon hunting for real, the children were not allowed sleep time. All fatigue would be dissolved if they levelled up before they died due to over exhaustion.

Of course, the mental stress would remain, but the members of the army endured all of that with the will and resolve to stay with Yumir. This was a technique that Yu IlHan used frequently in the past, and also something that was experienced in Yumir’s growth process.

How can children who are barely over level 100 undergo some intense training like that? Of course, that was thanks to the enormous experience points given by their enemies, the perverted demons. Under Yumir’s lead, they could easily do anything if they managed to kill those demons in a short time span.

Yumir tested their talents, efforts and tenacity, and the children all followed him even while crying tears of blood. This could be said to be a very cruel training, and it was amazing that there were no dropouts.

When that continued for several months, the lowest levelled children reached level 120, and while the highest one even reached level 144. The perverted demons were in actuality, the perfect present to those able to hunt them!

“I will definitely, definitely go with the hero!”

And just who was the level 144? It was one of the girls that always tried to stick next to Yumir. Rather than royalty, it was more akin to romantic interest, and she had a passionate and direct unrequited love even though she was 5 years old!

“Yeah, you should do. But put in more effort.”

Of course, Yumir, ignorant to the matters between a man and a woman, only praised and encouraged the child as he thought that she had enough potential and effort, but that ended up pouring oil to the fire. Now, she looked like she would kill every demon in sight.

However, unfortunately for her, and fortunately for Yumir who didn’t want the children to be in danger,

the dungeon was liberated on Earth in exactly 30 minutes.


Of course, the first one to realize the change was Yumir. It was because the world as a whole where they were, was trembling, and mana was trembling here and there.

“Everyone stop moving.”

The 9,300 children proceeding secretively all stopped on the spot. Yumir gathered them on one spot and changed to dragon form just in case. It was because he was stronger in dragon form than human form.

[No….. wait.]

When he changed into a dragon, his sensitive senses became even more detailed, and he was able to analyze the properties of the trembling mana in detail. And thanks to that, Yumir realized one thing.

[It’s mixing.]
“What’s mixing, master?”
“Hero, how long do we need to stand still?”

The children all called for him, calling him hero or master. However, Yumir was confused at the suddenly changing situation, and was happy, and so was in no state to listen to them.

Yumir eventually dispelled his transformation and turned back into human form. While the children watched him confusion, he looked up to the sky to see that the color of the sky was changing.

No, even the sky was mixing. The red and stuffy sky of hell, and the blue, clear sky of the outside.

“We’re out.”

Whispered Yumir in a small voice. And his voice became louder in an instant.

“We’re out!”
“What’s out, hero?”
“It’s Earth!”

The mana, the sky, the land – everything was mixing with that of Earth! The dungeon’s boundaries were collapsing like it was never there and was being mixed with Earth!

Yumir was sure that it was Yu IlHan that caused this. His dad came looking for him, there was no mistake about it!

And his conviction was answered.

“What’s that?”
“Hero, a huge thing is flying in the sky!”
“Wow, so cool. Look at those mirrors!”

It looked like a castle in the sky. Moreover, there were rotating mirrors that enveloped it as if guarding it, and once in a while, they gathered on one spot to shoot out a strong beam of energy. Every time that happened, he could feel the liberated demons being obliterated.

“What’s that, so scary.”
“Wouldn’t it attack us too?”
“H, hero~.”

The children dispersed from formation in fear in front of the huge power, but Yumir didn’t mind. He knew that the person he was looking for so much was inside that castle!


Yumir’s shouts filled the sky. Yu IlHan, who was also busy cleaning up the dungeon’s demons now that the dungeon and the Earth became one again, heard the voice and abruptly raised his head.


At the same time the barrier surrounding the flying fortress was dispelled, Yumir flew into the castle. He quickly caught on to Yu IlHan’s figure and flew and hugged him.

“Yes, yes.”

Unbelievable for a commander of an army that wiped out a dungeon for nearly 3 years, Yumir cried very loudly.
Yu IlHan was also very depressed that Yumir had become insanely stronger while he didn’t see him, but seeing him crying in his arms, he didn’t care anymore.

“It was so hard without you until now.”
“I’m sorry, I should have gone to look for you earlier.”
“I became stronger though.”
“Yes, well done. You’ve even got your 4th class.”
“But dad became even stronger.”
“Of course, it’s dad we’re talking about.”

A conversation without context was passing by. However, what was important right now was not the meaning behind those words, but the emotions behind them. That was what was needed right now for the father and son.

[Who’s that? It looks like a mini-master. ……. and he’s exactly my type.]
[Hold it. No one will have feelings towards a building.]
[Same goes to a piece of armor!]

Mystic and Orochi quarreled like usual, but no one minded them. Any BGM would make this scene emotional!

“Yes, dad is here.”
“Hing, why weren’t you there until now?”
“I’m sorry. I really am.”

Yu IlHan embraced Yumir until Yumir was satisfied, and Liera only watched the scene from the side. Of course, properly clothed.

“What do we do, hero isn’t coming back!”

It took 5 minutes for them to realize the existence of the dragon army that were absentmindedly looking up at the castle in the sky.

Author’s notes

  1. Yumir and the dragon army joins the fray!
  2. I’ve read the comments from last chapter, and flinched. It looks like I really can’t take my guard down against you readers. (T/N: I’m not sure what comment this is talking about)

Translator’s notes
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