Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 219: I’m Coming To Get You Now – 3


Yu IlHan groaned while looking at the glowing workshop, Liera’s two eyes, and her spear, as well as the dress that was pulsing as if to resonate with the others.

[Sometime….. you…..]
“This is an unexpected situation.”

And that voice that said single words. He didn’t know what was what happening right now!

“Liera, do you understand what’s happening?”
“It’s the god of love. It’s the exact same feeling as when I received the blessing!”
“And? What’s he up to?”
“I don’t know either!”

It looked like Liera also didn’t know the details either. However, if there was one thing that was sure, it was that this artifact creation may end up failing.

[Definitely……. set things straight……]

How was a god, that was merely a record, speaking? What was this mana and why was such a phenomenon happening to them!?
The questions piled up like mountains, but right now, it was no time to be shaken by lights or voices. Right now, not only did he have access to Liera’s mana, there were overflowing amounts of mana from another transcendent being. If he could imbue all that mana without wasting any of it, into the artifact…..!

[My…… eyes.]
“Liera, focus.”
“Uh, yeah.”

Yu IlHan’s eyes became more serious than ever. If it was to make Liera stronger, than all was good. Right now, he could only play along with whoever that did this!

Liera’s mana, Yu IlHan’s mana, the mana possessed by the materials of the artifact, as well as the mana of unknown origins. Yu IlHan’s strong will lead those four to meet in one place.
Liera also pushed out her mana to the extreme to help him. Right now, an overwhelming quantity of mana that may be able to destroy a whole world, was gathering in this small artifact!

[Prepare…… now……]

Yu IlHan, who roughly grasped onto the scale of the mana, tried to bestow role to each and every bit of it, but an unexpected thing happened at this point. The mana from the god of love seemed to envelop all the other mana and caused an extreme mana reaction to create a completely new structure of energy from before!

“Uuuugh, it’s so heavy. Heavyyyyyyy.”

This energy belonged to neither Heaven, nor to the god of love, nor to Yu IlHan, nor to Liera. Could this even be called mana? Yu IlHan couldn’t care less. What he had to do right now was to enhance this artifact before all that energy went berserk! And that went successfully.

“Your mana control, is better than mine….!”

Right now, it was fortunate that Yu IlHan was here. If not for Yu IlHan, at the peak of magic engineering and mana crafting, they might have blown up the entire Flying fortress if that giant power went berserk!

[Interfere……. lik……]

Meanwhile, the voice that sounded both like a male’s and a female’s continued to speak. It sounded like this person wanted to say something to Yu IlHan rather than interrupt him, but he wouldn’t be able to understand unless he tuned into that frequency.


And at one moment, the voice became clear all of a sudden.

[does not exist.]

With those four words as the last, the light and the voice disappeared altogether. The flow of mana that had been endlessly flowing in, stopped so suddenly, and was about to go berserk, but Yu IlHan, who was even prepared for that, proficiently lead the last bits into the artifact. As the artifact was just nearing its maximum mana capacity, it was a suitable timing as well.
Even though this was an artifact made from Liera’s 6th class body!

[Feathers of Temptation was complete.]

When the work ended and that text appeared in his vision, Yu IlHan relaxed from his focused state and collapsed on the ground. Liera, who was holding hands with him all this time, hurriedly pulled him in into her arms and supported him.

“Are you alright, IlHan?”
“Yeah, I was a little nervous since something completely outside my expectations had occurred. I was afraid that I was about to waste all those materials.”
“But it looks so pretty.”

Liera’s lips had curved into a smile while she lifted up the completed dress. It was a dress made for Liera alone. Also it was an artifact that proves that she was once an angel, although it also reminded her that she was no longer one.

“This is not an item that I finished.”

However, Yu IlHan’s eyes looking at the dress had a hint of dissatisfaction

“Making a completely new type of energy is a thought that never come across me before. I didn’t even know it was possible either. That was the power and will of the god of love…… Do you think it’s possible that a mere recorded god can bring about such a strong will when it shouldn’t even exist?”
“……That’s true.”

Liera vaguely nodded after hearing his words. It wasn’t just that either. The god of love definitely tried to tell them something. And the words at the end…… God does not exist?

“It’s probably words that reject Heaven…..? Or perhaps God and the entire army below him.”
“I’m also thinking along those lines. That’s because in the process of completing the artifact using this completely new energy, this artifact was removed of all traces of Heaven.”

Yu IlHan gave a final check on the battle dress and replied to her. The artifact with all traces of Heaven removed as if god of love had resentment towards heaven, was emitting a strong and beautiful light.
Of course, Yu IlHan also thought that this was better suited to Liera since she had bid farewell with Heaven and was walking on her own path….. but who cares.

“We can’t do anything about that right now, so I’ll just bury it on some corner of my mind. Oh, in the future, god of love will be called Nietzsche copycat.”
“Don’t call it like that!”
“Do you like Zarathustra copycat better?”
“Should I go into punishment mode?”
“I’m very sorry, ma’am.”

They just decided to remind themselves later about it. Wouldn’t it be strange to change their course of action just because of a few words from the god of love? To judge about the Heaven’s Army, Yu IlHan’s knowledge was insufficient.

“But let’s prepare some things just in case. There’s no guarantee that today’s friend will be friends forever. The Heaven’s Army may pick a fight with me just cuz they don’t like me.”
“I always get worried when you say something like that.”

While Yu IlHan was sorting out the thoughts in his head, Liera stripped on the spot and changed into the battle dress that Yu IlHan had made.


There was no need to mention that it looked very good on her since it was designed for her in the first place. The dress looked very pretty suited to her especially because it looked like a matching set with the spear.

“How is it?”
“You’re pretty.”

Liera rejoiced as if she just gained the whole world after hearing Yu IlHan’s honest reply. He only spoke what was on his mind, but at that time, Liera suddenly lifted up the corner of her dress. Yu IlHan stepped back in fear.

“I’m not stripping! You still haven’t checked the info on this dress, right?”
“No, I didn’t…..?”

After saying that, Yu IlHan became worried. Did the god of love tinker with the item!? Although he couldn’t completely control the flow, the mana crafting shouldn’t have gone wrong!

“Check it quickly.”
“Okay dammit. What do I do if it’s bad…..”

Yu IlHan hurriedly grabbed the dress and checked the item information. At that time, magnificent words continued to pop up one after the other.

[Feather of Temptation]
[Rank – God]
[Defense – 20,500]
[Durability – 3,200,000/3,200,000]
[User restrictions – Bound to Liera]
[Options –
1. All abilities increase by 40% in battles together with the loved one.
2. Able to increase the league of an active skill by consuming mana.
3. 100% increase in resistance against all magic.
4. Immune to all poison and curse.
5. Unable to receive critical hit damage.
6. Flight is possible through consuming mana.]
[A masterpiece made by the best crafter for his lover. In the clothes containing her history and traces, the power of the god of love was injected to create this piece of clothing. It is optimized to protect the user, and from it the deep love of the crafter for his lover can be glimpsed. It will become a legend for all couples that love each other.]

The abilities of the item were the best. Not only were Yu IlHan’s intentions realized, there were some things that were implemented even though he didn’t intend for it. Really, an item that made him wonder if anyone across the worlds could do anything to Liera with this on, had been born.
Moreover, the battle capabilities were top-notch as well, so it was not so strange that the item abilities had reached God rank. Although the fact that this wasn’t purely born from Yu IlHan’s abilities tugged his mind.

The problem was that. The problem was the expressions used by the Akashic Record in the description.

“IlHan, why is your face so red? Hm?”
“Akashic Record you damn thing……!”

Yu IlHan converted the rising embarrassment to rage and poured it against the Akashic Record which shouldn’t even have a physical form. Liera stuck to him from the back.

“I really like you.”
“So stupid.”
“I really, reeally, do.”
“……Yes, I also like you. What is this? The item says it all, so why do you need to check it with me?”
“I wanted to hear it from your mouth. Ehehe.”

Just as when they were about to enter lovey-dovey mode, Liera realized that Yu IlHan still forgot about one thing.

“Why aren’t you making yours? There’s still half of Chaos Will’s body left.”
“I don’t need to make that now. I have the Infernal dragon body.”

The materials that made the Infernal dragon body was an alloy made from the best metals from many worlds. Although it would not be able to win against a 6th class material, Infernal dragon body’s strong points weren’t just that. How much effort had he put in to make such a perfect equipment?

Infernal dragon body was perfect from the moment it was made. The structure and the composition as an artifact was so perfect, that he didn’t think he could make something better than it in the future either.

“So, if I have to use Chaos Will’s body, I need to ‘add’ some other things to make a set.”
“Aha, the armor that you’ve thought up of before.”
“Yeah, so not yet.”

If he wanted to make new parts using the body of Chaos Will, he would have to at least have a 5th class magic stone. If he acquired more 5th class magic stones from now though, he would first have to upgrade Breath of Gold for Yumir. He still had long ways to go.

“I’ll need to make accessories now. how fast will accessories made of 5th class materials recover mana? Oh, I didn’t get my subclass yet either.”

Thinking up of the imperial princess of Palladia that had the subclass that allowed her to use more accessories, he finally thought up of subclasses.

However, that was no wonder, since at first, he wanted a smithing-category subclass, but through acquiring the blessing of the god of smithing, and learning the knowledge of magic engineering, he could create god-ranked artifacts on his own, without the help of a subclass. It was natural that he didn’t feel attracted to it.

“But still, you still haven’t checked it?”
“Too many things happened after I got the main class. You being one of them.”
“But you might wanna get it now. Even non-combat classes will be of help if you get it.”
“Yes, I should.”

Yu IlHan called out the list of available subclasses onto his retina. Like before, there were tens of subclasses that listed on and on and on, and terrorized Yu IlHan’s eyes.

“Carpenter, blacksmith, metalworker, constructor, merchant, cook……”

The string of text made him joyful from just looking at them. Yu IlHan thought that it would be fine to choose whichever one of them, and just looked through all of them. At one point in time, his mouth was muttering just one word repeatedly.

“Accessory, accessory, accessory…..”
“What do you mean whichever? You’re aiming for one thing only!?”
“I also want to achieve 500% mana recovery speed!”

With his abilities that would actually be possible! Yu IlHan quickly read over the text and looked for the class that the imperial princess might have acquired. He searched, and found a class at the end of the list.

[ 187. Dimensional Traveller]

“……Well, this.”

At the moment he found that, Yu IlHan shrugged his shoulders. It looked like he had to cancel his insults to the Akashic Record.

“Did you find it, IlHan?”
“No, it’s not related to accessories, but…..”

His eyes glowed in red. He already felt his emotions heightening while thinking about what was beyond.

“I saw a different ending to the one I initially thought about.”

Author’s notes

  1. I saw the ending : It’s a famous line from the anime ‘The World God only Knows’. That was a fun anime…… fuu…..
  2. Everyone would be surprised, but at this point in time, IlHan acquired the god’s blessing and made a god ranked fortress without a smithing class, as well as weapons!!

Translator’s notes

Spare me too OTL – KKS


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