Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 220: I’m Coming To Get You Now – 4

[You have become a Dimensional Traveller. All resources consumed when teleporting between dimensions is reduced to 20%, and visiting previously visited dimensions will have a further reduced cost to 5%.]
[You have acquired the passive skill, Dimensional adaptation. No penalties are given no matter which dimension you are in, and when the skill level rises, your understanding of that dimension increases and become stronger.]
[You have acquired the passive skill, Fleet command. You can select members of your fleet when teleporting between dimensions. The members of the fleet may accompany the dimensional travel without any additional resources, and may share the effects of the Dimensional adaptation skill.]
[You have acquired the active skill, Ruler of dimensions. When staying in one dimension for a long time, you become able to sense and prevent other beings who are trying to enter that dimension. The success rate increases as the skill level rises, and new abilities may be acquired.]

Yu IlHan’s newly acquired class, Dimensional Traveller, had a peculiar point about it even when comparing it with other classes he had acquired until now. Perhaps it could be said that Yu IlHan had opened new paths connecting to a wider array of worlds, when he was busy looking forward and running until now. The more he understood about the abilities of his class, he even felt that all the walls blocking his way had suddenly disappeared.

Liera, who was looking at Yu IlHan, also roughly seem to know what kind of power Yu IlHan had acquired.

“Why is such an overwhelming power included in a subclass and not a main class……?”
“There are people with this as the main class?”
“No, there weren’t. Whether subclass or main class. At least within my knowledge, there weren’t.”
“I knew it.”

The most important ability, dimensional travel, was missing, but that wasn’t a problem since Yu IlHan already had that ability. No, Yu IlHan was quite sure that he had acquired this subclass precisely because he had the warp ability already.

He liked the powers possessed by his class above all. The absurd amount of resources to warp was tugging on his mind all this time, but it had decreased by a large margin instantly!

“That’s why classes are amazing…..”
“Well, yeah, of course. Moreover, it’s a unique job despite being a subclass so I don’t even know what kind of abilities may be added to it in the future…..”

Liera looked at Yu IlHan after saying that, and suddenly tilted his head.

“But didn’t you say you can’t go over to other worlds?”
“No, I can.”

The reason he had accepted the Dragon’s army, and was making and supplying equipment to all of them was because Yu IlHan had the ability to go over to other dimensions. Liera’s head tilted once again.

“Didn’t you say something about not having enough information…..?”
“Well, yes, at that time, I was indeed lacking information.”

However, not now. Yu IlHan now had the Record skill. Detailed information on anything he had come in contact to once before, will be etched into the core of Yu IlHan, so information needed for dimensional travel was nothing!

“There are about 32 worlds I can move to right now. If I find traces of the people of Earth while going around the Earth, that number will probably increase.”

Of course, Yu IlHan wasn’t planning to blindly search all those worlds and bring back the people of Earth. There was no meaning to that if strong monsters appeared on Earth and wiped them all out while he was bringing more! And moreover, it was realistically impossible to transport all those billions of people.

“Then what are you going to do?”

Liera’s question was reasonable. She would also act by Yu IlHan’s side since she had returned to 4th class. Yu IlHan appointed as the member number 1 of his fleet and decided to explain to her properly, the course of future action.

“Although I think that this is not a mere coincidence….. what I was planning to do, coincides with the class I’ve acquired just now.”

Yu IlHan would go to numerous other worlds with his warp ability, and would make a certain organization of people with the ones that both wanted to go back to Earth, and yet were also willing to help redevelop. He would increase that number while going around many dimensions, save those in crisis, and stimulate the growth of Earth after coming back! Liera, who heard his words, exclaimed at the sheer scale of his thoughts.

“You, are thinking of becoming the medium that connects all people of Earth……?”
“Earth will maintain its closed-off state before it leaps into a higher world. Of course, I won’t be able to meet everybody, nor would I be able to hear every one of their voices. However, I want to do the best I can. …….I’m sick and tired of being a loner now.”

Disregarding the perpetrator, if Earth was frequently connected to other worlds, then the development of Earth will accelerate. Yu IlHan’s every action will urge the Earth’s growth into a higher world. This was a real two birds with one stone.

Of course, this was a good thing for Yu IlHan personally as well, because unlike Earth, in which monsters were very scarce now since he and the Flying fortress had wiped them all out, in worlds where monsters and humans were almost equal in power, the hunting grounds will be overflowing!

“……And it will become busier at that time, huh.”
“Then we’d need to go around without any time for rest, right? No leisure time, right?”

This damn workaholic! Liera suppressed her urge to smack Yu IlHan on the forehead for replying without much of a reaction, and asked.

“IlHan. So, what are you going to do now?”
“I said I’ll be making the accessories that we would use, didn’t I? After that, I’ll make the equipment for the children using their information as the basis, and then finally go on to other……”

Just as when Yu IlHan was fluently speaking about the tight schedule that he had come up with, Liera grabbed his wrist. When Yu IlHan turned to look at her to see what she was up to, Liera spoke with a smile.

“Let us rest for a little.”
“I’m not sure if I want to do that, but seeing that your eyes look scary…..”
“Uwaaaah, I have no power in my body because I fell from a higher existence to a lower one so suddenly. I feel like I’d faint at any moment. I think my newly recovered skin will crack again. I think I have to have a deep rest on the bed right now.”

How could she be any worse at acting? Yu IlHan laughed and replied to her.

“I know that you’re tired so you don’t have to say it like that. It’s not like I need your help for the foreseeable future. You rest here. I’ll rest on my own later.”
“No, I’m going to rest with you.”

Liera strengthened her grip on Yu IlHan’s wrist. He, who felt a sense of danger, tried to shake her off, but was unable to. Liera’s eyes glistened mysteriously.

“You know how I talked about a stronger punishment when you deceive me three times, no?”
“Y, you did?”

Liera pulled him and declared.

“I lied.”

The children were still absorbed in the attraction, and Yumir, who had stuck next to Yu IlHan all this time, was also passionate in trying the performance of his new gear. This, was the best opportunity.
Letting go of this chance would mean that she would have to wait a few long years before the next one arrived. Liera’s intuition was great, and her actions did not contain any hesitation. A ferocious beast would not let go of any timing! Mystic and Orochi, who were watching this whole scene, also exclaimed.

[That woman, her desires are going wild after she became a lower existence.]
[This is a very interesting scene. To think I’d see master being swung around by another person when he always did as he wished until now.]

Now that Liera had fallen to 4th class, Yu IlHan would be able to subdue her using force. However, Yu IlHan didn’t dare to do that since he was worried that Liera may not have completely shaken off the after effects of her 6th class being stripped. The victor was obvious.

“Just two hours, no three……… six hours.”
“It’s increasing!”
“Yes, a daughter will be nice for the first child. What should we name her?”
“You’re going too fast!”

Yu IlHan, who had no romantic experiences, thought that this was plenty fast that they were progressing at, but to Liera, who had waited for hundreds of years, a lip-seal would neither make her satisfied nor would it ease the tension that had built up over the years.

Moreover, there were too many people that liked Yu IlHan, including the angel Erta, that was now higher classed than her, as well as the humans Na YuNa and Kang MiRae! If she was relieved with just that, it was unknown when she would be struck in the back of the head.

She couldn’t stay passive like until now. It was now time for her to strike back.

“This mood is so unromantic too. Ugh…….!”

What do you mean a mood for romance? How can you be so cute – Liera became warm when she heard those words.
However, that was that, and this was this.

“Romance or mood.”

Liera checked that there was no one around before they entered the bedroom, replied in a voice that only Yu ILHan could hear while closing the door.

“Thorse are things that we can create now.”


“It’s spinning! Spinny spinny spin! Uhaaah!”
[Woooooow! My claws are becoming bigger!]

The children enjoyed the Flying fortress theme park + education facility for hours and days. Yumir also flew around without considering the time as he was absorbed in testing the limits of his equipment.

[Fuuu……Die! Die already! Die! Uaaaaaa, I can’t hear it, I can’t hear it! Dieeeeee!]
[Maha prajna para mita…….]

Mystic ardently obliterated the perverted demons that kept appearing on Earth, while Orochi closed his ears and eyes and fell into meditation.
If Mystic was finding sacrificial lambs to pour her emotions into, in order to forget about something, Orochi was sinking deep into himself after forgetting everything.

Yu IlHan and Liera’s ‘rest’ only finished after 3 days, much longer than the original 6 hours.

“Are you satisfied?”
“Then rest up. I’ll go and work from now.”

Liera no longer stopped Yu IlHan. She only thought that his figure as he wiped the sweat on his body, and wearing clothes, was very sexy.

In fact, she also had the urge to go boast to the whole neighborhood, but there was no neighborhood in the world right now. She had to let Yu IlHan go in order to find those people.

[Die, di…….e, you’re done?]
[You were noisy, building.]

After letting Liera rest, Yu IlHan moved to his workshop, and only then did Mystic and Orochi start speaking again. They were too tired to get angry now.

[Doesn’t master get tired or something……?]
“I also just found this out, but.”

Yu IlHan grabbed a hammer with one hand as if nothing happened, before speaking.

“The range of effect of Transcendent regeneration is limitless.”(PR: Unlimited shots!)

Even Mystic and Orochi were speechless after hearing that. Just who made such a weapon of mass ‘destruction’? Wait, it was himself wasn’t it?

“Well, then. Back to work.”
[An amazing guy indeed.]
[Although it’s very awkward. I can only agree with you on that point…..]

Yu IlHan used the remaining 5th class materials to make accessories for himself, Liera and Yumir. Now that he was 4th class, the number limit of his acessories was 6. Liera and Yumir were the same, so he made a total of 18.
Four of them were Chaos, 5 were epic, and the rest were all legend.

“Hm, it looks like I can reach 400% after all……”
[You’re speaking of something amazing as if it’s nothing.]

The abilities on the accessories were mostly centered around mana. Not only recovery speed, but some increased the maximum capacity, and some even had the function to store mana when the user was inactive, and use it in emergencies.
5th class materials were ingredients that were very sensitive to mana, so it was not very difficult to implement what he wanted.

“Well, then. Let’s make the equipment for the children.”
[How long would it take to make armors and weapons for 9,300 people…..?]
[If it’s master, around 4 days?]
“Hey this is not mass-production, and is custom-production, so it’d take longer than that. Around a week, I guess?”

If anyone heard that, they’d become speechless in shock. But just then, Yu IlHan abruptly raised his head.

“Tch, nice timing.”
[What timing?]
“Timing of a new incident.”

Yu IlHan put his hands on the workshop war as soon as he finished saying that. His actions were simple, but the entire Flying fortress started to vibrate.

“…..What was that?”

The children that were enjoying attractions, and Yumir who was practicing a battle using his new weapon, as well as Liera who was laying on the bed with a happy expression, were all startled and stood up.

[Wha, what is it?]

Mystic asked as their representative. Yu IlHan, with his hands still on the wall, raised his voice to ring out through the entire Fortress and spoke.

“Rest is over. We’re going over to Breya now.”

The communication device that was dormant in his pocket for 3 years was emitting vibrations and light like mad right now.
The signal was from none other than Na YuNa.

Author’s notes

  1. I thought about how to express this, but I think this much is the best after all.
  2. We’re going to Breya!

Translator’s notes
Let’s see who loses, me, or you readers, (or koukouseidesu)

Obv gonna be me boss, school starts tomorrow – KKS

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