Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 237: I Hear Your Voice – 5

Yu IlHan sighed.

“Spiera, huh.”
“Spiera is completely loyal to Heaven, whether if it’s in a good way, or in a bad way. Erta, you…… something happened between you and Spiera, didn’t it?”
[……That’s a secret.]

While Erta and Liera had a staring contest, Yu IlHan thought about his chances of winning against Spiera 1 vs 1. However, no matter how he calculated it, his hopes weren’t that bright.

“The majority of the higher existences I fought until now mostly used magic as their main attacks, but not only is Spiera a 6th class, she has tremendous martial arts skill as well. I’m horrified just thinking about having to receive her Great Cosmos-severing Spear head on.”
“But I think your spear techniques are more powerful.”
“I also do not think that the Spear of Untraceable Trajectory loses out, but……”

It was still dangerous. Yu IlHan was sure that Spiera was at least twice as strong as Chaos Will in an environment where she was not restricted of her power.

Even though Chaos will had reached higher existences on its own, it was still much inferior to Spiera’s long years of experience, magic, and above all, her overwhelming martial arts finesse.

“Okay, then.”

Yu IlHan decided.

“Let’s think about how we can win using dirty tactics.”
“You really come up with the worst lines!”

This would be in the top 3 if there was a ranking of the_lines_that_mc_must_not_say! However, Yu IlHan washed away any hesitation now that he decided on it.

“But there’s no way Spiera will obediently dissolve the contract.”
“You don’t feel any rejection about killing Spiera even though she was once a contracted angel, with you?”
“That’s that and this is this. And also……”

Yu IlHan’s eyes glistened. His expression was that of when he did unimaginable things. AKA, his usual expression.

“There IS a method to dissolve the contract without killing her. It will also be safer for me as well.”
“Somehow, I’m feeling more worried the more you say it’s safe.”

He ignored Liera’s words. If battle was the only option, he would not hesitate to do so, but if there was any other way, there was no need to undertake the risks.

[…….You won’t tell us beforehand, will you?]
“I don’t have it organized enough yet to talk about it.”

Of course, his plan was still very rough and flawed. However, if Yu IlHan’s ability was added to the various powers that Erta showed today, then perhaps it may actually be possible to screw Spiera over.
Now, he had to work on filling those flaws – while battling against higher existences that is.

[If it’s you, you’ll end up doing it like nothing happened, so I won’t be worried but…….. There shouldn’t be a lot of time to prepare. Spiera is also one of the members of the expedition for Dareu.]
“Okay. Thanks for telling me…….. and this is why I’m asking you this, but, Erta.”

Yu IlHan touched the coremost topic.

“Why are you trying to betray the Heaven’s Army?”
“I’ve heard about what you’ll do. However, I cannot understand why you are willing to go so far to leave the Heaven’s Army back to a lower existence. Although you are still in a partnership contract with me right now. You’re completely moving on my behalf……. Is this what you really want?”

She thought she would be able to skip over this, but that didn’t seem to be the case. Well, considering Yu IlHan’s personality, it was an obvious question.

[Hmm, that’s…….]

Erta hesitated on how to express her own feelings, and eventually decided to speak a part of the truth.

[You do not believe in the Heaven’s Army anymore, do you? It’s just that I also felt disgust from them. I think you’ve noticed a little already, but I also found out they had negotiated with the other factions……and the reason I didn’t advance to 6th class was also because of that.]
“Is it really just that?”
[It is also because there’s you, a trustworthy ally that can support me in my actions. I’m not someone that does things recklessly.]

Yu IlHan was surprised on one side, and a little touched on the other, while hearing her words. And that was why, he felt a little sorry for her as well.

Of course, it wasn’t that he didn’t treat Erta as a trustworthy ally. However, he did think that their view may differ later, and tried not to reveal everything about him to her.
Not completely believing in someone was the best method for the loner Yu IlHan to protect his heart, and the only exception to that rule until now was Liera. This was also why he could take his spear out against Erta just a few moments ago.

But now, he had heard that Erta had planned all this while trusting him, which made him feel very strange.

“…….So that’s it. I’m thankful that you trust in me so much.”

For Erta, who wanted Yu IlHan to notice her true feelings while she persuaded him, she was feeling very complex right now. However, Liera, who saw that she was at the very borderline of patience and going berserk, immediately changed topics.

“But IlHan, can’t you make Erta into a lower existence like how you did with me? Wouldn’t it be solved without us bothering with the Garden of Sunset?”
[I…… was also curious about that as well. Just how can Liera be here so intact without any aftereffects? Yu IlHan, what kind of things did you do?]
“It’s not impossible, but it’s too dangerous. There will be a lot of pressure and pain. Since we’re going against the Garden of Sunset anyway, it’ll be better to do as Erta says.”

There was no reason for Yu IlHan to hesitate, whatever more things he added on top of the current situation. In fact, it would be fine even if Erta became a fallen angel first and contacted the Garden of Sunset.

[Is that so? I understand. Let’s go with my way.]

Erta nodded without hesitation, but to Yu IlHan’s eyes, she seemed somewhat disappointed. Just what was there to be disappointed about? He was confused, but Erta didn’t give him an answer and unfolded her wings.

[Then I’ll go back first. A little later, the Heaven’s Army will send an envoy for the alliance.]
“Okay, then. I’ll be their ally temporarily.”

Erta spoke to Liera. When Liera turned around to her, Erta looked so evil, and she spoke with a bright grin on her face.

[Although you seem like you have no thoughts at all, I’m different. Sometime, I’ll definitely make Yu IlHan a new ‘God’.]
“You’d immediately fall into being a fallen angel if you spoke that outside the barrier.”
[And so, you’d better be prepared.]
“Huh? ………Oh, OH!”

Liera, who finally realize what Erta meant, took out her spear and gripped on it, but Erta had already flown up to the skies after she broke the barrier. His subordinates and army finally approached Yu IlHan then.


Everyone was wary against Erta, but only Na YuNa waved her hand. Erta also waved her hand at Na YuNa with a thick smile on her face.

[Let’s do our best together in the future, Na YuNa.]
“Yup, let’s do our best!”
“Hm, mmmmm?”

Make him into a God? What did that mean and why did she say that to Liera? Yu IlHan was curious. However, when he raised his head to ask her that, Erta was already flying away. Yu IlHan muttered.

“Liera, what does it mean to become God?”
“I don’t know, I never became one. But I think you can do it.”
“Your faith in me shot through the skies……”

The words Erta left behind really tugged on his mind, but he couldn’t look into what she meant forever. His plan was already completed, and he was prepared as well. What was left was to just put it into action!

“Soon, the Heaven’s Army will send an envoy for the alliance. We’ll be allying with them potentially, but bear in mind that it won’t be forever.”
“Yes, understood!”
“Good, then let’s depart right away.”

What is most important to an alliance? The position of each sides at the point of the alliance. Heaven’s Army was an enormous organization. To not lose out to them, what was important was achievements.

Achievements, in other words, stuff like the heads of the Destruction Demon Army and the Garden of Sunset.

“I’m going to activate the formation. The number of enemies are…..”

Yu IlHan put his hand on top of the magic formation, and sensed the number of higher existences as well as their strengths, scattered over the continent. Although Yu IlHan’s ambush on the higher existences were two months ago, for the enemies, it was a bolt from the blue that had happened mere moments ago. They had just found out about the deaths of their colleagues, and they were gathering up in one corner of the world after giving up their scouting and were on their guard.

“Let’s first smash a group with one 6th class and around 300 5th class.”
“That’s an entire legion!?”
“Precisely. They wouldn’t be worried about attacks there and would let their guard down, no?”
“That’s definitely true, but what the hell are you going to do there!”

So Liera’s retort abilities are rising while Erta isn’t here – Yu IlHan nodded in satisfaction and immediately activated the formation.

“It’s fine. If we can’t do this much, we’d have no chance of winning this war anyway, so we must do it!”
“A stiff mind like that always uaaaaaaaaa.”

The magic formation activated. Yu IlHan, Liera, the Flying fortress, and finally the Guardian fortress instantly shot through space and arrived at the frontier camps of the Destruction Demon Army!

[So they weren’t killed by the Garden of Sunset.]
[I cannot feel the presences of any other higher existences. Was there someone in the Heaven’s Army or the Army of Brilliant Light that could move so secretively?]
[We need to be on our guard. Although we couldn’t help it when we didn’t know, now that Dareu became more important than Earth, we cannot give this world to anyone else.]

He could hear the voice of those belonging to the Destruction Demon Army. One of them, sounded very familiar.

[If it’s not a higher existence, then is it a lower existence? Wouldn’t he make me stronger a little?]

Yu IlHan shifted his eyes beyond the Flying fortress. The enormous number of high-level dragons on the ground was amazing as well, but what was more amazing was the single 6th class that was leading all of them.

[Do not be arrogant, Teraka. The realm you’ve achieved is indeed high, but that is not the highest by any means.]
[It’s precisely because I know that this is not the highest that I’m thirsty for more. The last War of the Wall of Chaos was too short……!]

Yu IlHan was confident that he was developing faster than anyone else until now. But seeing that guy, he judged that he was wrong.

Not the Dragon’s Army lead by Yumir, but an entire battalion made of dragons alone – with that guy as the leader. In the past, this guy had also offered Yu IlHan to come to the Destruction Demon Army – Teraka.

The one that was 5th class before, had become 6th class and was leading an army.

Author’s notes

  1. A lot of elements is planned for Dareu, one of them being dragons that were just mentioned.


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