Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 245: You Are Already Dead – 8

[Khaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Damned insect! You dirty and cowardly lower existeeeeeeeeeeence!]

Echjar instantly realized what had happened to him. He noticed that an unfamiliar mana had wrapped around him the moment Warp activated. However, at that moment, he was controlling his magic and could not push back or evade that mana. Like that, he was swept in the dimensional transportation. Without any time to cancel his magic, the magic attacked Yu IlHan and Liera, and naturally, the qualifications of being a member of the Destruction Demon Army was stripped from him.

[Just, what……]
“Good, perfect.”
“So this is the cowardly method you mentioned? How can it be so cowardly……?”
“Didn’t I say exactly that it would be very cowardly?”

In fact this was also the highest achievement his Record skill had gotten so far. The moment he was careless, the moment he could only be swept away by the skill even while knowing that it was happening, and the moment direct harm was inflicted on Yu IlHan and Liera!
All the records he had gathered using the Record skill, was used to spot that one moment. And the result was a big success. That guy was spewing blood and leaking mana everywhere!

[Kill, I’ll kill kill you! I WILL KILL YOU!]

Of course, as the realm he had reached was very high, it wasn’t like he fell to a lower existence right away, but despite that, the continuously dropping league, the continuously leaking mana, was inflicting horrible wounds and excruciating pain.
However, despite that, if there was something that frustrating him, it was that Yu IlHan and Liera was only inflicted damage by his magic, and did not act directly, so the concealment hadn’t worn off!

[Come out! I SAID COME OUT!]
[Would you have come out if you heard that? Truly laughable, no, truly frightening…….]

While he emitted mana in all directions while roaring in pain, Spiera, who had slightly recovered, re-gripped the pure-white spear and laughed. Spiera had also been attacked by the dragon after coming to Earth, so her qualifications will not get stripped even if she attacked!

[Truly an interesting man.]

Thinking up of such thing and putting it into action as well, who could have imagined that? She was not afraid of the enemy anymore. Although she was same in the regard that her body was exhausted, the one here was not her alone.

[Well then. The one in front of you is me, dragon. I don’t think you can escape death at this rate…… but wouldn’t you love to rampage to your heart’s content before that?]
[You dare laugh at me?]

Echjar roared. A 7th class was a 7th class after all. The magic that flowed out from his control reversed into his mouth momentarily and the next moment, it changed into black flames and shot out like a ray of light!


The large-scale beam of destruction, that made not only Spiera who was a little relieved right now, but Yu IlHan and Liera who were still concealed, shiver in fear, destroyed everything in its path and made a gigantic hole on the ground.
That was not the end, and the mana harboring a frightening curse instantly polluted the surrounding region and was encroaching to the other areas! If Earth had a will, it would have expelled him long ago!


A roar containing a very, very dense amount of mana, unbelievable for one that was losing his league, filled the air.

[I am not strong because I reached the 7th class. I! COULD REACH 7TH CLASS BECAUSE I WAS STRONG!]

Spiera was also the same in the regard that she was proud to have reached the realm where she was. She extended her two pairs of wings, and evaded the attacks of the dragon by using all the mana in her surroundings. The mana crystals on the surface of her spear peeled off one by one and started to rotate around her.

[Trying to harm me using mana? FOOLISH!]
[We won’t know if we don’t try. No, seeing as you can’t even control your own mana, I think the outcome is obvious!]

A 7th class losing his league clashed against a gravely wounded 6th class. However, Echjar was still a lot stronger than Spiera. Like the time he shout out a beam of destruction, he did not just let go of the mana leaking from his body, and used it to attack Spiera instead.

[Kufufu….. *cough*, you look horrible for someone who shouted so arrogantly, angel!]
[Hah, you too…….!]

The white blood bursting out from Spiera’s body made a rainbow in the atmosphere. Of course, the dragon was not in a good state either. Not because he had received injuries from Spiera, but because the more it tried to move its body and control the mana, the destruction of his body accelerated.

“Uaaaah, just looking at someone falling to a lower existence is horrible. I remember back then.”
“I’m fine with you sticking to me, but please, save it for later.”

Meanwhile, what Yu IlHan was doing, was estimating the time he would attack that guy. Although he did not expect the enemy to be weakened so instantly, never did he imagine that guy would last so long either! However, thanks to that, another one of his hopes became achievable.

“Although I had given up by coming to Earth, perhaps I might be able to get intact 7th class remains.”
“My IlHan, this noona likes your unchanging attitude to things.”

And so, Yu IlHan was aiming for only one thing – the moment he was weakened enough to the point where he would not longer be able to block Yu IlHan’s attack, while the body still retained its value as a 7th class!

‘That’s mine. I can’t give that to Spiera, or the Heaven’s Army.’

In fact, Spiera didn’t wound that guy much either, so if Yu IlHan’s attack succeeded, he would be able to take the remains fair and square. There was only one thing that tugged his mind – the possibility that the dragon was preparing something against Yu IlHan’s surprise attack.

“But even so, I need to get in there before it’s too late.”

The spear that flew out with a push of his hand killed around three monsters on the ground and the Deathgod skill activate to enhance Yu IlHan’s abilities.
After that, he threw the spear around two more times to achieve 100% increase of all his abilities, and checked that Na YuNa’s blessing was still in effect and imbued mana into his spear. Meanwhile, Liera took out her spear as well and breathed deeply to calm herself down.

“I’ll take it after you.”
“He might have put up self-defense measures. Though, I’m not sure if it will be effective now that he fell to a lower existence……. But rather than trying to inflict damage, please deflect any possible counterattacks.”
“Got it.”

Even right now, Spiera was having a hard time against the enemy. He wouldn’t have brought her here if he wanted her to die. Yu IlHan did not hesitate anymore and charged forward.
Blaze, purple flame, Eternal Flame, and Dragonic blood! The strongest flame that Yu IlHan could make while not using Falling Down, burned in a translucent ball at the tip of his spear.


The moment he struck out, what replayed in his mind was the Great Cosmos-severing Spear that Spiera had shown him!

‘Of course, there’s no way I could do that if it was possible just by seeing her demonstration once.’

Although it was quite frustrating to acknowledge, by this time, he wondered if the problem was with his talent. Skills weren’t so easily learned just because someone taught you, or you were qualified to learn it.

However, if he tried more, he would be able to reach that realm someday. The path Yu IlHan had walked until now was like that after all. Yu IlHan hid his short thoughts and picked up his spear. Now, Echjar’s gigantic body was right in front of his eyes.

‘The sharpness of the sword, the speed of the whip, the strength of a blunt weapon. And physical combat that tie all of them into the spear!’

And using all of that, while striking several times with the Spear of Untraceable……!

[Got you!]

However, the moment Yu IlHan’s spear inflicted a deep wound on the gigantic body, the dragon caught onto Yu IlHan’s position with frightening reflexes and immediately focused his mana on the wounded part.

[Yu IlHan!?]

A Jetstream of blood burst out from the wound without any delay! From the frightening and deadly aura inside that blood, the identity was a vicious curse that Yu IlHan had experienced before. As it used blood as the medium, it required sacrifice from the user, and was just as vicious and unrelenting curse!

Though he didn’t know it was an ability that reacted to the moment of an attack, but he did indeed expect a counterattack. Yu IlHan immediately tried to escape the place and pass the baton to Liera and Spiera, but……

“Ugh!? Uhhhhhp!”
“Eeeek, this is!”

It didn’t go as he wished to – he could not move, and Liera’s spear could not cut apart the blood.

[Frightening resistance alright. If any more time had passed, I might have failed…….!]

Muttered the gigantic dragon while pouring out black blood from all of its body. All of the leaking blood flowed according to the flow of curse that the dragon had used as a final attack and was assaulting and restricting Yu Ilhan.

[Even though I’m in the midst of my falling, to think you can resist the curse I’ve used my blood and mana to inflict…… are you really a lower existence?]
“Wha, jus, wha…..”

Muttered Yu IlHan in shock, but the blood already covered his entire body and he couldn’t even speak properly. As if to drown Yu IlHan to death in his blood, the dragon was pouring out endless streams of blood!

“Eeeeeeeih! The blood does not cut so well! IlHaaaaan!”
[Li, LIera! Stop. That curse is spiritually connecting Yu IlHan and Echjar directly. If you attack Echjar right now, you may inflict damage on Yu IlHan as well!]

Liera tried to cancel the curse with her spear, but like what Spiera said, the curse of the dragon had a complex spiritual structure, and if something went wrong, even Yu IlHan would be put into dire straits.

Although he was prepared for any counterattack of power, never did Yu IlHan imagine that what the dragon had prepared was a curse that even his higher curse resistance could not block against. He was gritting his teeth in the pitch black world of blood.
Echjar laughed heartily even while his spirit and body was being weakened real-time, seeing Yu IlHan’s situation.

[My main source of intake is despair and fear. I become stronger as you despair!]
“Even though you’re being weakened…….!”

However, thinking back, Liera also possessed her powers as an angel for quite a long time while she fought against Chaos Will. It was not surprising that Echjar, a 7th class, was holding out longer.
Thinking of the power of the curse that seeped into Yu IlHan’s body and boil his blood and burn his flesh, Yu IlHan’s death would come faster than the dragon’s fall.

‘Fu, fuuu…….’

The Infernal dragon body had no option against curses, so it couldn’t do anything to the curse either – he had added another option instead of something related to curses since he believed in his own curse resistance. He thought that the was a fool for being completely relieved against curses since there was no higher stage of curse resistance.
So by 7th class, one can ignore even a mastered skill! Even if it was one during a fall to a lower realm! Yu IlHan acquired a new realization. Though, it was slightly late.

[Dammit, I did hear that you were one of the most vicious and evil of the dragons, but……!]
[Blabber all you want. Yes, if I kill this human and absorb his records, then I might be able to return to Dareu! Then, only you will remain in this closed world…… huh?]

Having felt that he could not resist with just curse resistance alone, Yu IlHan agitated all his powers he had in his body to resist.
First was Falling Down, something that could be seen as a higher version of curse resistance! In his domain of Falling Down, his recovery rate will increase by 5 times as well. If he brought up his Transcendent regeneration to the limits to resist, then perhaps!

[You really are no ordinary human…… I will have to kill you off here!]

The pressure from the curse became stronger. The blood that seeped into every single hole in his body was frightening!
Yu IlHan tried to focus all of his flames within the Falling Down domain to burn the blood, but the curse did not disappear even after the blood became vapor, and instead, it stuck to him even more to make him more agonized. Flames were no good!


Right now, the dragon definitely said that the curse will not dissolve unless one of the two, Yu IlHan or himself, dies. That meant that if Yu IlHan somehow survived this curse, the one to die will become the dragon instead!

“Even though you’re falling to a lower existence without being able to do anything, you want to kill me…….? Let’s do it then!”

Yu IlHan gritted his teeth and activated Dragonic blood. Of course, the target of enhancement was Transcendent regeneration! In the domain of Falling Down, if he could not win against the curse even with the Transcendent regeneration enhanced by Dragonic blood, he shall welcome death!

However, at the moment he activated Dragonic blood, something completely unexpected reacted inside of him.
It was the aura of a dragon that seeped into him from the moment he got into a contract with Yumir.

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