Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 248: You Are Already Dead – 11

While the elven blacksmiths busied themselves with dismantling the dragons on the spot, Yu IlHan made most of the elves and the wolfkin to go inside to rest, while leaving a few to be on guard, then he went looking for Yumir.
He was in his room in the Flying fortress, and when Yu IlHan opened the door, Mir slowly walked towards him and hugged Yu IlHan. He looked like a 15 year-old, but his actions were natural even if you take 10 years away.

“Did you kill him?”
“That’s good.”

The child dragon in Yu IlHan’s arms thought about something after hearing the natural reply and asked him.

“How did you kill him?”
“I aimed for the moment he used a large-scale magic that had me in the range and moved to Earth with him. As he had broken the rules of the Destruction Demon Army, he fell to a lower existence, his mana leaked out, and from there, it wasn’t that difficult to win against him.”
“Hing, I can’t do that. I won’t be able to win.”

Yumir, who understood everything with Yu IlHan’s simple explanation, bit his lips and grumbled. Yu IlHan smiled by at the sight of his son struggling, and patted his back.

“Well, of course now. Even I wouldn’t be able to win if not for such a cheat.”
“But in the end, dad won and the dragon died. Then dad is stronger…… but I’m too weak.”

The standard of strength for a dragon was cold-blooded and frightening. However, the words he added made Yu IlHan smile.

“Mir still has a lot of time. You can become plenty stronger in the future.”
“Like that dragon?”
“Hm……. You’ll need a lot of time, but yes. Definitely.”
“But if I don’t become stronger right now, I’ll only be a burden to dad.”
“I don’t fight against such guys all the time. And you are already of plenty help to me right now.”
“I want to fight with dad though…… Hing, but that dragon is still impossible.”

It seemed that Yumir had taken quite a shock after looking at Echjar. In addition, Yu IlHan also thought that Echjar’s appearance had not been a good influence on Yumir.

As he had grown shockingly fast until now, it would be fine if he had confidence in his strength now, but such an absurd monster had appeared and snapped his confidence in half! Moreover, it was a dragon species as well! Now, it wouldn’t be strange if he thought his powers were nothing in the face of overwhelming might, and lose his will to progress.

Yu IlHan thought about what he could do to cheer him up again, and remembered the reason he looked for Yumir in the first place.

“Dad has brought a lot of dragon mean. You’ll become stronger faster if you eat them. I’ll give you Teraka and Echjar’s meat as well.”
“Uuu, I’m always receiving things from dad.”

Oh, it seemed like he had completely fallen into self-denial mode. Yu IlHan thought that there was still time to puberty since he was still young despite being big, but perhaps that wasn’t it?
As Yu IlHan had no experience rearing a child, he could not judge how to console the current Yumir.

“Uh, eeeei.”

However, just as the daddy Yu IlHan was looking for a way out, Yumir cheered himself up. Perhaps due to not being with Yu IlHan since young, he had grown up to be a confident child.

“That’s why I’ll find something that I can do for dad.”
“You’re already giving me so much!”

Yu IlHan voiced sorrily to Mir. However, Yumir shook his head and spoke as if he had already decided.

“I’ll give you a daughter-in-law!”
“No, I don’t need one. You’re still too young for marriage…… but who said that to you?”

Mir asked back in shock when Yu IlHan said that he didn’t need a daughter-in-law.
“Then just what can I give you?”

“You can just become stronger. With dad. You have to eat meat and train as well.”

Hearing ‘stronger’, he looked more cheered up than before.

“I’ll become strong.”
“I’m going to eat a lot and become a lot stronger.”
“Yes, yes.”
“I’m going to become stronger than that dragon.”
“You will.”

Good, he had climbed over the big hill. Yu IlHan stroked Yumir’s head as he grew relieved. Perhaps because his mind was sorted out, Yumir stroked his own stomach and muttered.

“Dad, I’m hungry.”
“Yes, there should be no battle for a while, so let’s eat up first.”

It wasn’t just Yumir, Today, he would host a banquet to celebrate the day he acquired a 6th and a 7th class dragon corpse……I mean, to celebrate the first victory of the alliance.

“Good, let’s call them all here.”
“What about the guys dismantling dragons over there?”
“They’ll eat their own dismantled meat.”

Yu IlHan, who became busy because he now had to cook all the cooking ingredients that had piled up in his inventory, walked to the kitchen inside the mansion. Yumir also wiped away the last bit of tears on his eyes and followed his back.

The news about the obliteration of the Destruction Demon Army invasion party, and the death of Echjar, the 13th Battalion Commander that came for revenge, rapidly spread to each of the factions.
Everyone in Dareu had felt his descent, and he did not come back after disappearing, so only an idiot would not notice his death.

[The 13th Battalion Commander…….? That dragon died? And in Dareu, a colony of dragons?]
[I’m not sure about 6th classes, but it has been thousands of years since the last 7th class being died.]
[Will there be a large-scale war again? To think such a battle would occur not on the Wall of Chaos, or Earth, but Dareu instead……]

The death of a Battalion Commander was definitely not light. There may be a shift in balance that could possibly bring about further chaos, so not only the Destruction Demon Army, and the other factions didn’t really welcome this matter either.

And the most important piece of news in this matter was not the dead Echjar, but the identity of the one that killed him.

[Who did it? Which faction do they belong to?]
[Definitely from Heaven’s Army. But I don’t know who it is.]

The ones that survived the battle after the Destruction Demon Army were obliterated were only angels. Other than the Heaven’s Army, it was difficult for the other factions to find proper information. As such, they could only judge with what little clues they had.

[The last he was seen was him attacking the Heaven’s Army. Echjar, who was enraged at the death of his successor, went to Dareu, but died just like that…… I do not understand what kind of method was used.]
[It was confirmed that he had teleported through dimensions. A sudden, forceful teleportation that pulls every bit of the surroundings…… this is impossible with just magic alone. There was a skill involved here.]
[The 6th class high angel there was definitely called…… Spiera? She was an angel that was predicted to reach 7th class within the next thousand years. However, it should have been impossible for her……]
[I cannot understand what is happening.]

They stopped their thoughts there. They only put up their guard against the Heaven’s Army and forceful dimensional teleportation. As Yu IlHan had expected, the attention and wariness towards him was targeted towards the Heaven’s Army instead.

However, the Destruction Demon Army was different. Although all forms of communication was severed from the moment Echjar was dragged off to Earth, the one they clashed against the most was Yu IlHan, and they had collected a lot of amount of information about him.

[Yu IlHan, it’s definitely that human. Everyone felt that Echjar had lost his qualifications as a Destruction Demon Army member, right? He made that happen.]

So, it wasn’t that difficult for them to find out who and how Echjar was killed.

[That human? The one that Teraka set his eyes on?]
[Teraka was killed by Spiera. That courageous and beautiful angel!]
[Spiera, she’s a woman I want to trample on one day. She’s as stiff as she is lovely.]
[Everyone shut up, we are talking about Yu IlHan right now.]

Inside a temple so huge that hundreds of pillars exceeding 300m tall had to support the roof, several monsters were giggling unpleasantly around a round table that had a fountain of boiling blood in the middle. Any one of these monsters could destroy several worlds.

[Yu IlHan?]
[I haven’t heard of that name before.]
[He’s a lower existence.]
[A lower existence? I was called here because of a lower existence? Oooh, very surprising.]

Not many worlds could host all of these frightening monsters.

The name of this world, where everything was gigantic and overwhelming, was Elo Katra. It was a higher world located beyond the Wall of Chaos, where the war between the Heaven’s Army and the Destruction Demon Army happened the most frequently, and was also the main headquarters of these predators.

The ‘mankind’ of this world became extinct long ago as a thick fog containing curse and heat, one that made breathing impossible for any beings lower than 4th class, had covered this world. The weather changed according to the ruler’s whims, and so, even the most rigid of plants could not grow and withered easily.

And so, those that were able to endure living in this world were all strong and vicious. The Destruction Demon Army was just the most vicious of the bunch.

And the ones here were those that were not lacking in any way to be among the best of the best. The conference of the Battalion Commanders of the Destruction Demon Army. This was the identity of the frightening meeting. Although not all Battalion commanders had come, this number was  still very splendid!

[Is it important that he is a lower existence? Isn’t it more important that he killed Echjar!]

From the mouth of the 8th Battalion Commander of the Destruction Demon Army, Zenusva, a breath like magma flowed out. It was a giant bird that was made of pure mana fire.

[A strong pillar of the Destruction Demon Army had disappeared! Are you going to just laugh over his death!]
[Echjar’s mana was vicious alright.]
[His curse was even more vicious. But, didn’t you say he fell to a lower existence? Isn’t it possible for him to die then? Is it something to be so surprised about?]
[What IS surprising, is that a mere lower existence has the power to lower a 7th class Battalion Commander to the same level.]
[That’s definitely something we can’t overlook.]

The 10th Battalion Commander, Melohinne, nodded her head. It was one of the rare female commanders, and excluding her frozen white skin and a 20m tall stature, she was a very beautiful lady even by human standards.

She continued speaking in agreement to Zenusva.

[Then we can just make him join the Destruction Demon Army.]
[Oh, that’s good!]

Zenusva shouted in surprise. However, the majority of the Battalion Commanders in this conference liked her suggestion very much.

[The one that killed a Battalion Commander!?]
[That’s precisely why we need to bring him in. Whether it’s petty tricks or whatnot, it’s the undeniable truth that he killed Echjar, no? I can’t wait to see how he grows up in the future. Oh, and I’m also curious about how he looks. Very, very much.]
[Yes, I’m also curious about what his face looks like.]
[But Melohinne, no ordinary size should satisfy you.]
[Fufu, shut up.]
[The one that massacred the Destruction Demon Army so much, as a member…… no.]

Zenusva, who was listening to the opinions of other Battalion Commanders, sighed a little, but still shook its bird head and muttered.

[Is that so? Yes, this was our way of doing things. It seems that my brain has rotten from the long years of peace.]
[I did hear that the Heaven’s Army has their eyes on him.]
[We can just tell him what happened with Earth. Then, he will never be able to choose the Heaven’s Army. Well, then. Let’s hurry while he’s still in Dareu. We still can’t go to Earth yet after all.]
[Earth? Heaven’s Army? Someone explain.]

A charming woman with three pairs of bat wings behind her back, the 3rd Battalion Commander, Helièna, asked and Zenusva palmed its face with a sigh, when the Battalion Commanders that did not know the specifics all closed their eyes. Just with that, the thoughts in Zenusva’s head was transferred to them.

[Oh my, quite the interesting man indeed.]

Hearing everything, even Helièna started to take interest in Yu IlHan. Melohinne, who half expected things to come to this, roared at her.

[He’s mine.]
[Well, wouldn’t he like me more?]
[It doesn’t matter who takes him. What’s important is the matter about how to bring him to the army.]
[Yes. That’s my field of specialty indeed.]

Helièna stuck out her red tongue and licked her upper lips and glistened her eyes charmingly.

[No man can reject me. He might have killed a dragon, but he shouldn’t be able to win against the power of the Succubus Queen.]

Yu IlHan was a guy that could reject the full on advances of a 6th class angel blessed by the god of love, and the woman who was blessed by the goddess of beauty, but Helièna was overconfident in her ability and ignored that vital piece of information.

That day, another Battalion Commander headed to Dareu once again.
The war for Dareu had just increased in scale by an entire order of magnitude.

Author’s notes

  1. If every kid was like Mir, then Earth in 10 years would have become a planet of war.
  2. The Destruction Demon Army has a mysterious way of thinking. Would Helièna be able to put up her pride as a woman?
  3. I’ll say this because I predict a comment like this will appear, but there are no more additional heroines. (T/N: Does that mean Helièna counts?)

Translator’s notes
Monitor arm arrived today…. but turns out it’s too big and I gotta rearrange my desk positioning…. wish me luck!
And today was 1 regular + 1 sponsored chapter, there’s still $200 in the queue!

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