Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 25: Call me Ishmael – 1

Yu IlHan stopped his steps while he was running.
Although the sky was still blue as ever when he looked up, the unsafe aura mixed in the air was stimulating him. The killing intent, which was released indiscriminately without a target, told him that this place was not peaceful.

Although he was definitely in the middle of Seoul, his eyesight spotted almost nothing. This was because all the things in the surroundings had collapsed as if there had been a war. While thinking that everyone had rampaged, whether it was the humans or the monsters, Yu IlHan scanned the surroundings as if it didn’t have anything to do with him.

[……There it is.]

Luckily, the black leopard was nearby. Although it was impossible to confirm its size as it kept moving, as the monster was moving leisurely as if it assumed that its concealment was unmatched in this world, it was easy to find its location, much less its movement path.

It wasn’t aware of Yu IlHan’s position yet.


While watching it, Yu IlHan pulled down one of the pillars from his back extremely naturally.


Then he struck in on the ground. The pillar, which had become an artifact, softly pierced deep into the ground at once like a candle to a cake.

“First, the other side.

It should have noticed Yu IlHan by now, with this. He ran fast while preparing for its attack, and nailed pillar(b) in a place 100m away from pillar(a). It was a much faster speed compared to when he nailed pillar(a)

As he didn’t confirm its exact size, he put the rest of the pillars and the harpoons on the ground first. Although he didn’t want to believe that it was bigger than its mother, carelessness would cause death. He decided to move while considering every possibility.


Yu IlHan tilted his head after finishing  it.

“In my calculation, it should have attacked at least once while I was nailing pillar(b) into the ground, but why is it still moving around this place?”
[Is it looking for an opening to attack?]
“An opening, eh.”

Yu IlHan exposed that opening right now on purpose. His first objective was to attack and fix in place, the leopard which would assault him, as it would be confident in its concealment ability.
However, it didn’t attack him. Even though there was no opening greater than this. Did it lack in hunting ability as a compensation for its concealment? But even so, it’s a 3rd class monster, should it be fine for it to be so lacking?

[Isn’t it that,]

At that moment, Erta spoke carefully.

[It can’t find you?]

Yu IlHan was speechless. He thought ‘no way’.

No matter how he had a passive concealment ability, he had walked around while nailing two huge and thick pillars into the ground. The fact that his enemy couldn’t notice him even despite that was too strange.

[However, it’s not like you directly attacked the black leopard, right?]
[Because of that, isn’t it that your concealment didn’t wear off?]
“But what about these pillars and the harpoons? And what about the installed ones right there?”
[It should be under concealment along with you, no?]

Although Yu IlHan tried to retort to Erta’s sophistry, no words came out of his mouth. It was because he also thought it was like that even when he thought about it. Otherwise, this situation was inexplicable.

“To think that it couldn’t notice even though I was setting traps right in front of its eyes…..!”
[You’re a superstar born for assassination. Why don’t you earn an assassin as your subclass on your next advancement?]

How could it be so insulting, even though it was supposed to be a good thing!? He couldn’t even accept Erta’s praise.

Anyway, it was definite that this situation leaned extremely towards his favor. Yu IlHan swallowed his rage and returned to pillar(a) slowly, and picked up the harpoon(a) connected to it, which was connected to the pillar with a leather rope.
His body remembered the length of the rope. It would sufficiently hold out this distance!

The black leopard also seemed to have felt something as it didn’t leave this place. Well, it would fail as a monster if it couldn’t even feel anything strange even after the ground was cracked and two huge bone pillars were pierced into the ground.

Yu IlHan calmly picked up harpoon(a) and aimed at it. At that moment, he felt strength filling his body. Not only the 10% additional damage due to concealment, the 10% additional damage from Spear mastery was also added. He inwardly exclaimed delightfully that harpoons were categorized under spears.


After taking a small, deep breath, he accurately aimed at its leg while putting strength into his hands. With an accuracy that will be able to destroy that part! The leopard still hadn’t noticed Yu IlHan, and at one moment.


With a strange shout, Yu IlHan threw the harpoon. Was the mana crafting that was done prior to the weapon’s completion effective? Like a bullet leaving the barrel, the harpoon, which pierced through the air rapidly, pierced the left thigh of the leopard, when it was about to pass the collapsed building!


A scream that felt like the world was collapsing. Yu IlHan softly exclaimed and jumped backwards. It was because its concealment had worn off as it was bound to the pillar because it allowed an attack to hit, and its whole body had appeared.

Erta, who confirmed its size properly, softly muttered while clicking her tongue.

[It’s about half the size of its mother…… However, it’s definitely a 3rd class monster.]
“I know when I look at that.”

Yu IlHan confirmed the half nailed harpoon and like her, he said while clicking his tongue.
Fortunately, the harpoon had held out and didn’t get pulled out even despite its rampage, but it was not a small shock that the harpoon he had thrown with all his strength in addition to the effects of concealment and Spear master, had only pierced by half.

[If it was a proper 3rd class monster, even that wouldn’t have happened. You should think it’s fortunate that it specialized in concealment.]
“I know. I get it already.”

it’s enraged growl shook Yu IlHan’s eardrums. Its eyes looking at Yu IlHan was abnormally red. This was dangerous – the moment he thought that, it assaulted towards Yu IlHan like a released arrow.


However, during its powerful leap, the leather rope connected to the harpoon became taut and made it smash the ground. The rope was awesome as expected of a master’s handicraft!
Yu IlHan, who had already expected this situation picked up harpoon(b) connected to pillar(b) and ran in. Then, he pierced the harpoon on its right shoulder with all his strength!

[Critical Hit!]

Thanks to the unexpected critical hit, harpoon(b) pierced deeper into its body than harpoon(a). While piercing deep to the point that it was almost buried, it had scattered blood on Yu IlHan’s face.


The black leopard, which was done in twice by the same tactic, became enraged and swung its front paw. It was the first strong and quick strike that he experienced with a monster as the opponent.
As it was a 3rd class monster, there was too much of a difference in basic stats and mana usability, no matter what. Yu IlHan had also expected that pulling out safely after striking from a close distance was impossible.

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  1. Justsomedudewithcommonsense

    Why not just aim for it’s head, is it because the Skull Thick enough? I’m sure with the amount of damage from the spear or the weapon he make and from his concealment ability which increase the damage output plus with speed that he excels at like 60km/h it’s fast and i think the damage could be multiply and plus he also have the crit percentage i’m sure that he could pierce the animal with a Single strike and hit the brain also maybe he should attach some kind of remote frag at the end of the spear so that after he pierce it.. it could be detonated and killing the beast or at the very least crippling it.. why ? Because any living creature weakness is the brain.. of the brain is damaged then it would either killing it or crippling it… It’s common sense really..

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