Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 250: You’re Welcome Too – 1

The finishing event of the banquet was the dismantling show of a 7th class dragon. While everyone was overwhelmed by the sight of Echjar’s remains, Yu IlHan agilely hopped from the head to the tail while stripping the skin perfectly and separated the bones.

Although Echjar had lost a lot of blood while falling down to a lower existence and cursing Yu IlHan, there was still a considerable amount of blood left, and not a single drop was wasted as everything was sucked into the Cradle of Miracles.

The Cradle received all the blood and alternated between rising and falling. Liera realized this was the ‘concentration’ process that Yu IlHan had mentioned before.

“IlHan, that looks really abnormal…… doesn’t it become more dangerous by becoming distilled?”
“It’s fine, I’m not giving them to the others.”
“So it’s dangerous after all!”

Yu IlHan didn’t deny that, it didn’t have the word ‘miracle’ in its name for nothing. The moment the Cradle of Miracles received Echjar’s blood, it was returning the blood to the original state at a frightening speed. Meaning, the form it had prior to Echjar’s falling. There was literally no way it was not dangerous.

“So it really is the Cradle of Miracles.”
“Perhaps it will go further than that. Though, there should be a limit…….”

Yu IlHan thought – if he just left it there, perhaps he may be able to make a splendid ‘Breath’.

“It will become the greatest mana potion of all time.”
Just a mana potion?”
“Of course not.”

Dragon’s blood was at the apex of all blood of magical lifeforms. Mana recovery wasn’t the only result. The Breath that Yu IlHan had drunk all this time had etched themselves into Yu IlHan’s records.
Although the incident that awakened the power of dragons was the contract with Yumir, Breath did indeed play a pivotal role in the development of the power..

“So it might be possible for you guys as well. Let’s start from a relatively weak 4th class dragon. Drinking wine and bathing, isn’t it all good?”
“That sounds really ominous…… well, it should be fine if it’s with you, I guess.”

Echjar’s blood was only a minute portion of the remains. His skin, bones, and muscles were all of the highest quality. The most important aspect was the sheer quantity of them due to the size! There would be enough to equip an entire army and still have some left over.

“But they all have their equipment.”
“Please don’t tell me you’ll make a third levitating fortress.”
“I also think I won’t need it for the time being.”

Although there was an infinite amount of things he wanted to make with this dragon body, there was no time for that right now. In the end, the cleanly dismantled corpse went inside Yu IlHan’s inventory again. He only left out a portion of them – his two eyes, heart, and the hardest chunk of scale at the chest.

However, Liera looked at the heart that Yu IlHan was holding with his two hands and asked while tilting her head.

“IlHan, isn’t that a DRAGON HEART?”
“Oh what? Yeah, this is the heart. You saw me extract it.”
“No, not just any heart.”

Liera’s two eyes glistened like the milky way galaxy.


Yu IlHan immediately put down the heart and checked. At the moment of extraction, the heart was like any ordinary dragon’s heart, squishy and massive, but now that it became separated from the rest of the body, it was reducing in size while the hardness and the brightness was increasing. Of course, the mana inside was transforming as well!


Yu IlHan exclaimed with a single syllable and proceeded to touch it. It was indeed a DRAGON HEART. The exact same one that was infinitely more precious than a magic stone! This was a 7th class DRAGON HEART, so its worth would definitely be several orders of magnitude higher than a 7th class magic stone.

“Wh, whwhwhwhwhwhwhat do I do with it.”
“Cccccc…ccalm down, IlHan.”

Even though she was the one who said it, Liera, who noticed the value of it afterwards, also panicked. First, Yu IlHan hurriedly stored it inside his inventory. Even if Lupin appeared here, he wouldn’t be able to steal Yu IlHan’s DRAGON HEART. Yu IlHan finally heaved a sigh of relief and muttered.

“I did need a source of power for the final stage of my armor that I was designing……”

An item that could fit that role, and was stronger than he had expected, had so suddenly appeared. He didn’t even have the confidence to mana craft with this properly! Perhaps mastering the skill will allow him to?

However, while Yu IlHan and Liera were at a loss what to do, the magic formation beneath their feet glowed lightly. Yu IlHan’s expression stiffened as if someone had poured cold water over his face.

“That woman’s coming.”
“What do you mean by coming?”
“The magic formation is restraining her from entering. It won’t last long. It looks like I need to hurry.”

Although he was slightly excited about the unprecedented treasure of a 7th class DRAGON HEART, this was no time to be like that. He had to make the necessary equipment as soon as possible, in order to commence the operation.

Yu IlHan finished up the banquet that was almost broken up anyway, and made the people board the two respective fortresses. He hesitated a little before declaring.

“Everyone wait on Earth for around 2 hours. When I bring you back to Dareu, it will be the final battle.”

Although he was a little sorry for them as they were all prepared for battle, there was no turn for them this time either. This was due to Yu IlHan’s lack of foresight, thinking that there would be no 7th class participants. He thought that there was no reason that they couldn’t participate since the horror of Echjar had disappeared as well.

“Why do we need to wait 2 hours?”
“Dad, are you going to do something dangerous again?”

Yumir’s eyes glistened again. However, Yu IlHan made a bitter smile and shook his head.

“It’s nothing like that. It’s just……. some affair between a man and a woman.”
“You idiot!”

He said something so stupid trying to say it in a roundabout way! And to a little kid too! However, Liera was frustrated that she couldn’t deny that. What’s more was that Erta also had feelings for Yu IlHan. Of course, the person in question did not know that.

“This will become a really big battle. Everyone prepare and resolve yourselves.”

He gave a glance to Paté, Mirey, Jirl, Ericia and his other subordinates and nodded his head and moved to Earth, and the next moment, he returned to Dareu alone…… or he tried to, when his sleeve was grabbed.

“Let me go with you.”
“You need a buff, don’t you?”
“I want to go too, dad!”

With a sigh, he looked back at them. They were Liera, Na YuNa, and Yumir.

“Are you confident in your resistance to charm?”
“I’ve received the blessing of the god of love. Meaning, I won’t be affected by any charm while I still love you.”
“For me, it’s the blessing of the goddess of beauty. There’s no one prettier than me so don’t worry.”
“Dad, I’m immune to all status ailments.”

He thought that Liera and Na YuNa may possibly resist the charm, but he blinked his eyes after hearing Yumir’s reply.

“Mir, what did you say?”
“I’m immune to all status ailments, dad! It was around 70% when I was born, but after I became 4th class, I got a title saying I’m immune!”

…… Thinking back, he was born with the title ‘Birth of Chaos’ (T/N: Check chapter 106). The OP title that gave him 70% resistance to all status ailments. He remembered that he gritted his teeth while thinking about the difference in status at birth, but to think that was a foreshadow for this moment… this was a mistake on the part of the foreshadow meister Yu IlHan.

However, Yu IlHan knew very well that immunity didn’t mean invincibility.

“But for 7th class being, they can break your immunity. It will be difficult.”
“I still have other titles and have around 250% resistance in total!”

There was no gap at all for any status ailment. Yu IlHan had to admit his loss here.

“……Okay, I guess I can’t help it. Let’s go together.”
“Fuu, I’ll definitely be of help to dad.”
“I’m going to laugh at her after seeing how pretty she is.”
“Na YuNa, you have a good life.”

As soon as Yu IlHan returned to Dareu with the three of them, he immediately gave a call to Erta. She received the call as if she was waiting for this.

[Yu IlHan, are you alright?]
“Erta, things are progressing a little too fast.”
[Hm, this side is the same in that things are progressing ‘a little too fast’.]

Erta’s words were very carefully said, but Yu IlHan instantly realized what was happening after hearing her words. The Garden of Sunset! He was sure that the they were trying to snatch Erta while the Destruction Demon Army and the Heaven’s Army were fighting it out.

Fortunately, she was looking like she was following the will of the Garden of Sunset, and they would not cause any harm to her, but the problem was what was about to occur from now on. He was sure that the instance of an angel transferring to the Garden of Sunset would be very noisy, and it wasn’t like the Heaven’s Army would not know of that fact.

It would be better if he still had some more time, but not everything went smoothly in life. Yu IlHan immediately took out an anvil and a hammer and checked with her.

“Can you wait 5, no 10 more minutes?”
[10 minutes, that’s plenty.]

Good, he could only try now. Echjar’s two eyes and the hardest scale, and the blood inside the Cradle of Miracles would allow him to do this!

[You, you’re finally touching my body after you split me up to pieces?]
“Shut up.”

After silencing Echjar, he dipped the two eyes and the scale in the blood. The Cradle of Miracles immediately resonated with them, and as he had wished to, they quickly regained their former leagues. However, there was no time for any exclamation right now.

“Let’s do this quickly……!”

The mana crafting materials were two 5th class magic stones. These were the last 5th class magic stones he had.
Yu IlHan teared up a little but still powdered them and applied them on the hammer before hammering the scale. This was a very difficult process of blacksmithing and mana crafting at the same time! Such a difficult technique was being used to speed up the work process.

“2 minutes passed.”

What Yu IlHan was making was a helmet. The helmet that would cover for his weakness!

Eternal Flame combined with Blaze licked its tongue and melted Echjar’s scale just as he had wished to. Yu IlHan cooled the scale with the blood and coated it thinly over the surface, and made a draconic-shaped helmet that fit his size. His speed was frighteningly fast.
Although this was actually a process that required more effort, he couldn’t help it right now. Fortunately, the skills he had piled up weren’t for nothing and there were no big flaws. Liera checked the time for him.

“5 minutes.”
“The next is…”

The core materials for the helmet would be the two eyes. The body part that possessed the most magic power and resistance after the heart. This too, would have been refined slowly and with more effort if he had the time, but not now. He’ll just solve it all with mana crafting!


Yu IlHan struck down on Echjar’s eyes with the hammer covered in 5th class magic stones and immediately started mana crafting; to make it smaller and harder; to process it into the right direction that Yu IlHan wanted!

[Hell Seeker’s Demon Eye was completed.]

The completed product were two thin panels that were tens of times smaller than the original. At least on the outside, it went as Yu IlHan had intended to. Considering that this had an independent name like the Destruction mirrors of the Hundred Eyes, its functionality should be splendid as well. However, Yu IlHan was unsure of that name.

‘I don’t know if I succeeded or not with such a name.’
“8 minutes.”

There was no time for groans either. Yu IlHan placed the two eyes that became the right size for the helmet, onto the frame and struck down with his hammer again. Eternal Flame softly wrapped itself around the helmet.

He was a little unsure about the end product since the work process was rushed, but the next moment, he could rest easy after the helmet and the eyes became one and gave off immense light. That was a light that he could only see when everything went as he wished to.

[Dragoneye of the Avenger was completed.]
[Rank – Chaos]
[Defense – 18,600]
[Durability 1,104,000/1,104,000]
[User restrictions – Magic 800]
[Options –
1.    Reflects all status ailments at a 50% rate. However, the probability halves every league difference the enemy is higher than the user.
2.    150% increase in all status ailment resistance.
3.    50% increase in all magic resistance]

The moment the information appeared on his two eyes, he was relieved. At least he had no confidence in making a better helmet than this for quite a while. Meaning, this was a success.”

He liked that the functions he wanted were all attached at a decent rate. The defense was also nothing to scoff at since he had made this from the scale of a 7th class dragon, and with magic resistance increase on top of status ailment resistance increase, it could be said that his resistance to charm magic had increased by 200%! Curse resistance and cures immunity wouldn’t just play around either, so he was really confident now.

Yu IlHan immediately put on the sharp helmet that had two dragon eyes.

“How is it?”
“It’s cool!”
“It’s cool.”
“It’s cool~.”
“You girls will probably say I’m cool even if I dance around naked…”
“But you are really cool!”

Wearing the helmet that imitated a dragon’s head, it went well with the Infernal dragon body that also imitated the scaly body of a dragon. The aesthetics also was not bad with the black shadow around the gauntlet.

“It’s so cool. You’re almost like a demon lord!”
“Oh, it’s that side……?”

Just one, rather than a hero of justice, he was closer to the pivot of evil. Well, it was fine since no one would be able to find Yu IlHan anyway once the battle started.

Yu IlHan pulled down the visor on the helmet to cover his eyes. The part where Echjar’s two eyes were attached to was there……or not! It was a feint and was actually an eye blind. In fact, just wearing the helmet would activate all the options. It was truly a Yu IlHan-like trick.

Anyway, with this, all the preparations he could do were done.

“Well, then. If I still get cursed, you can start calling me the Cursed King.”
“That sounds cool for some reason! If you get seduced by that succubus, I’m going to call you fluffylegs. Oh, ten minutes are up.” (T/N: I have NO idea what that’s supposed to mean googling didn’t get me anything)

The moment a new reason he could not be seduced was added, Yu IlHan checked Erta’s status and location and activated the formation.

At that moment, the seal from the magic formation was undone and the succubus entered Dareu, while Erta lost her qualifications as an angel and was put through the process of an arch-magic that made her into a member of the Garden of Sunset, just as the Heaven’s Army realized that Erta was doing something strange, the Army of Brilliant Light realized that the Destruction Demon Army had sent two 7th classes to Dareu.

This was the rise of the curtain to a period of chaos and calamity.

Author’s notes

  1. Start of book 11! Chaos and destruction right from the start.
  2. At first, I thought about how to explain the charm – as a curse or pure magic, but I decided to go with that it has properties of both.

Translator’s notes
110 left…?

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