Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 252: You’re Welcome, Too – 3

[Darling, you’re so daring! I like your daringness.]
“Thanks, I also like my daringness.”

Yu IlHan lightly smiled at Helièna who expressed her like for him and did what he had to do first. That was to procure Erta!

“There we go.”

Like a kingfisher snatching a fish on the surface of the water and snatched Erta with one arm. Erta, who was suddenly snatched while being tense due to the appearance of two 7th class beings, blushed and spoke in a small voice.

“I never thought I’d ever see proactiveness from you.”
“I’m quite thankful, but this is no time for chatter.”

When Yu IlHan showed movements of moving towards Erta, the one who reacted first was none other than Spiera who was leading the Heaven’s Army.

[Yu IlHan! Erta is a traitor who allied with the Garden of Sunset and abandoned the Heaven’s Army!]
“Well, in my eyes, she’s only a lower existence like Liera.”
[That’s, what……!?]

She is really a lower existence! – Spiera fell into panic after seeing Erta as a lower existence without joining the Garden of Sunset despite losing her wings.

However, too many things were happening to for her to judge things slowly. She could have taken her time if it was only Yu IlHan and Erta that were here, but right now, there was the 3rd Battalion Commander of the Destruction Demon Army, the 8th Wing of the Army of Brilliant Light, as well as a Chief Gatekeeper of the Garden of Sunset! This was no time to question Erta.
Moreover, looking at those mighty Battalion Commanders. Even though the Heaven’s Army was superior in number, right now, they were the most inferior of the groups. Right now, the most rational decision she could come to was……

[…… I shall question her sins later. Right now, we need to survive this battle.]

Yu IlHan checked with a smile. Spiera gritted her teeth and shouted.

[I’ll give her the right to avoid responsibility!]
“We will not be attacked by the Heaven’s Army anymore.”
“Good, let’s join hands then.”
[You don’t dare.]

When Yu IlHan tried to join with the Heaven’s Army camp with Erta, Liera, Yumir, and Na YuNa, the Succubus Queen flapped her wings to block his way. Her violet eyes glistened mysteriously with mana.

[Darling needs to go with me, no?]

The moment Yu IlHan replied without a change in expression, Helièna’s glistening eyes lost power and sank. She immediately realized what was happening to her.

[Huh, did darling just deflect my charm? No way!]
“Yes…… way!”

If there was anything that Yu IlHan wanted to try out in Dareu, it was to fight while simultaneously activating the magic formation of Dareu to teleport while fighting. However, in the past, he had no spare magic stones to do that against the dragons, and this time, there were no enemies strong enough for him to use that trick on.

But now, it became the perfect moment to use that trick. Yu IlHan immediately activated the magic formation and teleported to the middle of the ranks of angels.

[Erta, just what did you do!]
[Yu IlHan!]
“Good, the first button is buttoned well.”

He had made the situation so that four factions were going against each other, and he joined the Heaven’s Army without much trouble as well. So, it could be said that his plans succeeded perfectly. Although the bad thing was that all the aggro was on him, but he had expected this much to happen!

“Spiera, Heaven’s Army won’t bring a Battalion Commander?”
[We cannot call for a Battalion Commander so easily. It is the other factions that are abnormal for bringing so much battle power!]
“So you guys call for one too.”
[……I see that it’s definitely the time to do that.]

[I’m really liking you more and more, what do I do.]
[Give it up, Destruction Demon Army. I’ll eat that man up.]
[Oh, I never expected such an ignorant beast to understand the emotion of love.]
[Helièna, the alliance with the Destruction Demon Army is over. I’m fine with you doing whatever you want, but you’ll have to pay the price immediately!]
[Aaah, I only came here for a date. Why is everyone acting so aggressively?]

Good, just fight like that! And Spiera, you call for your commander quickly! – shouted Yu IlHan inwardly and prepare for battle. He got on top of the dragon form Yumir’s back, and also let Liera, Erta and Na YuNa on.

All of Yu IlHan’s abilities would increase by 45% when he fought on top of a dragon. The first 15% was from the effects of the title ‘Dragon’s Ally’ he acquired when he fought with Lecidna, and the additional 30% was from the Dragon-man resonance.
On top of that, there was another 30% increase with Na YuNa’s blessing, and the title ‘Untouchable’ would also add another 45% due to three leagues of difference. In other words, Yu IlHan’s current battle power was at 220%. Also, there would be an additional 160% increase if he used a fire attribute attack. However, he didn’t quite have the confidence to lower the league of 7th class beings with Falling Down.

“Hmm, I’m not sure about the Succubus Queen, but the other 7th classes will be difficult.”
“So you were planning to fight them after all……”

While Liera muttered in shock, Erta cast defensive magic on top of Yumir’s body. As she had already consumed the remains of her angelhood, the magic was comparatively inferior, but it was still enough to deflect the magic from ordinary 5th class beings.

[Arrogant, you do not ask for forgiveness but raise your weapon!]

The gigantic shark didn’t seem to like their actions though. The first one to move into the deadlock was also that shark!

[I said you can’t, didn’t I?]

And the Succubus Queen blocked its way. Her temptress violet eyes – Yu IlHan felt a slight chill in them. He thought that he may have misjudged things.

He did not misjudge his own power, nor the enemy’s power.
Perhaps, he had misjudged the balance between the enemies.

[Get lost, bat. You cannot interfere with my justified execution.]
[Oh my, but I don’t think so.]

Violet-colored mana spread out from her like smoke! That, infiltrated the gigantic shark’s metallic armor and penetrated him. The gigantic body of the shark that was soaring through the space towards Yu IlHan suddenly stopped like it was stuck on something.

[Fufu, you thought it would be fine if you were of a different race? Unfortunately, my magic cannot be avoided with those petty measures alone!]

When Helièna extended her two arms wide, the violet-colored mana instantly spread through to the surroundings. The flow instantly covered not only Kelatuke, but the Army of Brilliant Light, the Heaven’s Army and of course, Yu IlHan’s group as well!

[Yes, you want to go at it this way, right!?[

The 8th Wing of Brilliant Light, Natière also agitated her mana after feeling that. The three pairs of black wings extended magnificently to draw in the surrounding mana, and shot them as rays of light towards Helièna!

However, not one of them struck the target. Right before they struck Helièna, the rays of light all changed directions by themselves. Helièna licked her lips with a seductive smile.

[Natière, you also don’t want to fight me, do you?]
[This, monstrous bitch……!]

Natière grit her teeth. The rays of light all bent from Helèna to strike Kelatuke, and Kelatuke immediately turned its body as if it had been was waiting for provocation and faced the Army of Brilliant Light. Of course, this was not what it wanted to do.

[Damn, you bat bitch dare to control my body!]
[Isn’t it heart-pounding? There, close your eyes and feel it. The blissful feeling that you may never experience in your life.]
[Are you ignoring the long amount of time I’ve lived for…… Ahhhhhhhhh!]
[That damned shark!]

The energy that the shark spat out swiped against the Army of Brilliant Light. Natière did try her best to defend, but the energy she could not block instantly vaporized a few fallen angels. Helièna laughed out while watching that.

[What are you doing, shark? You need to put more effort into hitting the target!]
[Helièna, you bitch……!]

The effects didn’t only reach them. Even some of the angels in the Heaven’s Army, started twitching. The majority were male angels, but a few of the female angels were affected as well.

[Kugh, Spiera-nim!]
[Spiera, be careful! My body is not listening to me!]
[You useless…… eeek!]

It only took a moment for an internal chaos to occur in the angel camp. Yu IlHan, who thought that higher existences should have high resistance to charm, looked at the battlefield that instantly became a mess and was at a loss for words.

Like this, there was no meaning for him to cooperate with the Heaven’s Army! The battlefield that Yu IlHan had expected was not like this. Helièna was clearly stronger than everyone else put together!

Yu IlHan made Yumir retreat from the angels causing a mess and checked the state of his members.

“Are you guys alright?”
“No problems here.”
[I’m also fine, dad!]
“Fuu, she is quite pretty but she still doesn’t match me~.”
“I too…… can endure, just barely.”

Only Yu IlHan’s group, who were objectively the most underpowered group, were safe from the charm! The higher existences really should give up working and start training – he truly thought that.

[Darling, you do know that everything is because of you, right?]

The next moment, Helièna appeared in front of Yu IlHan. Yu IlHan thought about using the magic formation again to make some distance, but decided not to after concluding that nothing would change even if he did so, with the situation around him right now.
Yes, failure was preset upon the moment he tried to use the help of a faction despite being a loner. In the end, he could only win everything by himself!

“Let’s set things straight. It’s because of you guys touching Dareu, not because of me.”

He looked at Helièna head on. He gripped the spear in his hand, and made Yumir look down slightly just in case he was affected by the charm, and finally lowered his visor to cover his eyes.

“I will kill that…….”
“No, Liera.”

Liera tried to step up from his side, but Yu IlHan pushed her back. Even though Liera was burning in passion to protect him, it was impossible for her to go against Helièna with the powers she currently had.

[So it’s your girl. Oh my, how romantic. But, its alright. I don’t care how many women you have.]

She flew across the skies as if sliding, and lightly landed on Yumir’s head. Yumir shook his head to shake her off, but if she was shaken off with just that, she wouldn’t be 7th class.

[You’ll become mine anyway.]

Helièna approached Yu IlHan defenselessly. There were no signs of her attacking. No, she used her ability to protect him last time, so it should be fine to say that she had no hostility.
Yu IlHan hesitated whether he should strike out right now, or wait for a better opportunity, but the moment he hesitated, the physical distance between him and Helièna approached 0.

Helièna’s hand touched Yu IlHan’s visor. When she pushed it up, Yu IlHan was met with the mysteriously glistening violet eyes.

[Oh my, you’re looks are my type too.]
“Your looks aren’t mine though.”
[Really? But you’ll change your mind soon.]

The moment Helièna flicked a finger with the other hand, the violet fog that spread throughout the battlefield all gathered towards her. Following that, the three pairs of bat wings extended and enveloped Yu IlHan and Helièna, and the full power from the Succubus Queen was focused on Yu IlHan alone.

“Unni, you’ll really die~!”
“Yu IlHan!”
[Kuoooooh, Uraaaaaaaaaaaar!]

An overwhelming amount of mana, enough to distort space-time, storming around Yu IlHan was a very spectacular scene, but there were two beings in the middle that did not flinch at all. They were Yu IlHan and Helièna.

[Now, please say you love me.]

Whispered Helièna in a sweet voice and took off his helmet. Yu IlHan replied to her with a somewhat dreamy expression.

“Get out of my face, I can’t read the text.”

[You have awakened Unshakable heart Lv Max. This is the highest tier skill in this category, and is impossible to evolve whether independently, or in fusion.]

Yu IlHan finally realized.

That there had simply been no moment so stimulating that it provoked his skill to awaken, ever since the first Great Cataclysm.

Author’s notes

Translator’s notes
Some people seem to think that the translator of EER is Koukouseidesu, lol.

Koukouseidesu, I think you always forget to put this part.

Translator: Chamber
Proofreader/Editor: Koukouseidesu

Please don’t omit it from now on…. or in fact, you can just translate EER and you can take the role of translator for realz

lul I can’t remember since when it was omitted… lets get this straight guys! Chamber is my boss~ and I’m the Transl.. I mean editor! – KKS



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