Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 255: You’re Welcome, Too – 6

[You have earned experience.]
[You have earned the record of Lv 519 Helièna.]
[The skill, Record, has become level 56.]

Yu IlHan immediately collected Helièna’s body that was sliding off his spear and looked back at the battlefield.
Numerous corpses of angels and fallen angels, as well as the remains of Natière and Kelatuke that were floating in the air due to the strong mana that surrounded them even after their deaths – these were all Helièna’s property. However, since she had died, they were owner-less now. Since he couldn’t reject them, he also took them to his inventory.

“It’s not over yet.”

Liera approached him while voicing her worry, but Yu IlHan replied lightly and turned around. His lips still had blood on them, and as soon as he deactivated God Force, he felt the unspeakable pain of having all of his bodily muscles ripped apart, but this was still no time to be relieved and rest.

“Do you think they’ll give up like this? When 7th class beings were annihilated? I guarantee that more than two factions will send new units.”

Of course, 7th classes will not be among them. No idiots would be daring enough to come to a battlefield where three 7th class beings died. However, sending hordes of 6th class beings was possible.

“Now we need to give the chance to our kids as well. I’ll just go get them for a bit.”
“And what will you do after you bring them here? Fight until the other sides give up or you die?”
“I have the Ruler of dimensions skill.”

Ruler of dimensions was an active skill that he had acquired at the time he acquired the Dimensional Traveler subclass. The skill allowed him to prevent the entry of other beings into that dimension when he stayed in one dimension long enough.
Although it was the perfect skill right now, the problem was time. There were still 7 to 8 hours left before he could activate the skill. It was impossible to hold out with just the people here.

“You were thinking that far ahead……?”
“I promised the elves that I will regain Dareu. Moreover, Phiria’s vengeance hasn’t been finished yet.”
“……Okay, I understand.”

Liera read the countless emotions flashing by Yu IlHan’s two eyes and did not say anything anymore, and she just retreated while nodding, raising her spear in the process.

“First, I’ll hold them off here, so you can go bring the other guys. The rest of you, please cooperate with me.”
[Dad, be quick!]

Yu IlHan already felt the presences of those entering Dareu, and activated Warp hurriedly. As he had all of the resources required to go to Earth using the ability of Dimensional Traveler, he could go there very quickly compared to the first time he did so. (T/N: I guess ‘resources’ can refer to time as well.)

“Ah, Your majesty!”
“Sir Yu IlHan, you were safe.”

The ones that were preparing for battle upon Yu IlHan’s orders immediately reacted. Looking at their honest reactions, he felt like what happened just now in Dareu were all a dream, and he ended up laughing.

“Looking at you laugh, it seems like everything went well.”
“You’re right, Mr. Kang HaJin. Everything did go well and……”

There would be no need for him to talk about everything that happened there. There would be a harsh battle ahead anyway, but there’s no way he could make them lose their motivation so early on.

“Everyone is still safe for the moment. However, things will only get bigger from now on. …… Everyone’s ready, right?”
“Yes, sir.”
“Of course.”
“Any time!”
“Let’s go help the hero!”

The answers were loud. Elves, wolfkin, and the Dragon’s Army all had glistening eyes. Yu IlHan nodded, saying ‘good’, and spoke.

“Let’s go.”

When Yu IlHan returned with the two fortresses and the army inside the two, a battle was already under way. Except the Heaven’s Army that gave up on daeru, all three other factions had sent an army comprising hundreds of 5th class beings!

“That’s nearly not enough! Hhaaaap!”
“Lady Leytnaaaaaa!”

Liera and Yumir fought the enemies in front, Erta supported them with her magic from behind them, and Na YuNa was protecting them perfectly with her inexhaustible supply of holy power. Although the team was perfect without any flaws, it would be difficult for them to defeat the other side by themselves.

“Everyone prepare to fight.”
[Master, there was something big here, right? The mana around this area is so twisted……]
“Big things are occurring right now. Mystic, you know what to do without having me to tell you, right?”
[Changing topics again…… Of course I do!]

[Critical Hit!]

Mystic’s Hundred Eyes bombardment became the signal for the commence of battle. Though, it was too strong for a signal and a significant portion of enemy forces were annihilated!

“IlHan is here!”
“We can win now!”

The group that was holding out with just the four of them, rejoiced after learning of Yu IlHan’s return. As if to answer their joyful calls, the army charged without hesitation against more than two thousand 5th class beings.

“Hero, we’re here!”
“Charge! It is time to regain our dignity as wolfkin!”
“Let’s go, let’s regain…… our land of elves!”

Although he wished to be with them and decrease their casualties as much as possible, Yu IlHan’s body was still exhausted after continuous battles and the continuous use of God Force. If he pushed himself to fight against 5th class beings, any mistake would result in his death. He used Transcendent regeneration, trying to calm down his internal organs that were messed up, while going into the mansion.

[Master, so you’re injured?]
“A little, but if it’s control, I can still do it.”
[I think I know why master can only become stronger.]
“It’s just that you had good eyes for people.”

Yu IlHan replied coolly to Orochi’s words and hurried his steps to the study. He had already made it so that he could control not only the Flying fortress, but the Guardian fortress’s system as well.

[There are no casualties yet.]
“I’m not expecting everyone to survive.”

Yu IlHan sat in the comfortable chair in the study, and checked his subordinates in the battlefield through the monitors in the room, and replied with a short sigh.

“However, I’ll support them so that they can use the very best of their abilities. Mystic, help them out.”

Not to mention the artifacts including Hundred Eyes, all of the Guardian fortress and the Flying fortress’s movements became agile. The members of the army that could not fly had to rely on the two fortresses for movement, and since the two fortresses became more agile, their battle capabilities increased instantly as well.

“This is the power of wolfkin! Uooooooooh!’

The wolfkin with agile bodies used the jump pads in the Guardian fortress to catch up to the speed of higher existences. Thanks to Yu IlHan’s artifacts, there weren’t that much differences between their stats and the higher existences’, but with overwhelming numbers as well, there was no way they would be disadvantageous.

The elves around Paté who was controlling higher existences as undead, and the Dragon’s Army that possessed mana unbefitting of their size, also fought desperately.

“Charge, bite, and become stronger!”
“Focus fire!”
“We only have to do as hero taught us!”
“Get the attributes together, the attributes!”

Na YuNa returned to the holy region and strengthened all others, while Liera, Erta and Yumir received all the attacks at the frontlines while rampaging around. Everyone had gathered with one intention in mind, to resist against the intruders on Dareu.

“Mir, well done!”
“Retreat immediately!”

The voice of his companions filling the battlefield tickled Yu IlHan’s ears. Enduring his urge to immediately go out there and fight with them, Yu IlHan once again focused on control.

“Good, let’s do this for a little longer.”
[Master, you’re sweating a lot, are you really alright?]
“I’m used to things like pain.

Activating Transcendent regeneration to its limits, he drank all the remaining amounts of Breath he had. Since he had thousands of dragons anyway, there was no need to save up on them.
There were 6 hours until he could activate the Ruler of Dimensions skill. Yu IlHan checked the state of his body and the morale of his allies and clenched his teeth. He could finally see the end of this dirty and annoying war. Right now, he had to do everything he could!


[Y, you mere lower existence!]
[Where is Lord Kelatuke? This damn lizard!]
[No way, you were angels before!]
“Eeeei, shut up alreadyyyyy!”

When Erta’s magic binded the enemies, Liera’s spear caused an explosion of shockwaves in midair. With Yumir’s wind magic support that enhanced the shockwaves’ strength, three fallen angels died at once.

[You’re so strong even after falling, I cannot believe…… I!]

Ericia appeared behind the head of a higher existence that was occupied by Liera and Erta and struck a dagger onto the head. That higher existence was killed without being able to endure the piled up wounds.


Ericia, having killed the enemy, looked at the battlefield and shouted.

“The enemies are dead!”

The wolfkin rejoiced in excitement after seeing their princess’s actions. Liera really saw that there were no higher existences on the battlefield and shrugged her shoulders.

“To think she stole the finisher.”
“They are truly courageous. I never knew they could fight so well without shrinking back against higher existences.”
“Hmph, they’re just overconfident. ……. Though, I’m glad that not many of them died.”

Although it was easy to misunderstand since he didn’t show it much on the outside, Yu IlHan received a considerable amount of pain if someone he deems close to him gets injured or dies. If Phiria didn’t die, he probably wouldn’t have went so far for Dareu.

[I think dad is moving.]

Shouted Yumir who received Liera, Erta and Ericia who killed the last higher existence.

[It looks like it’s time!]

Not to mention Liera, all the others focused their gazes on the Flying fortress as well. They could feel a pressure that tightened their hearts at the center of the Flying fortress.

When that power spread throughout the world and filled the skies, the world blinked. To find a sentence that can explain this in the simplest way possible, it was as if a patch was being activated to fix the bugs of the world.

“How the heck is this a subclass’s skill……?”
[Dad is amazing. Too amazing.]

They also vaguely realized what this ‘patch’, made with the expansion of an overwhelming amount of mana, meant. The Ruler of dimensions skill successfully activated, and unless it was the leader of each faction, they would not be able to enter Dareu now.
And if a world required their leader to act, then they’d rather give up on Dareu completely.

Yes. This meant that they had obtained victory. They had succeeded in defending Dareu against the higher existences.

Liera, who could not believe that it really did happen, muttered absentmindedly.

“……Ruler of dimensions? It’s the perfect fitting name.”
“Didn’t I say so, Liera?”

The doors to the mansion of the Flying fortress opened and Yu IlHan walked out, looking very exhausted. Erta whispered while looking like she was holding back the urge to pour kisses onto him.

“That I’ll make him a God.”
“Don’t joke with me, Erta.”

Liera snorted at her and activated the option on the Feather of Temptation and floated into the air. Her destination was into Ilhan’s arms.

“Even without you, IlHan will become a God all by himself.”

And like that, all battles ended.
The battle resulted in many losses, and many gains.

Author’s notes

  1. I was surprised to see so many readers actually taking a liking to Helièna. She’s a character I made without much thought – it looks like a character’s character is not decided by the time you spend on it. Of course, Helièna’s definitely dead, but in the future (rest omitted)

Translator’s notes
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