Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 257: You’re Welcome, Too – 8

In the main headquarters of the Destruction Demon Army on Elo Katra, the second conference was held soon after the first one, which was very rare. This time, everyone apart from the 1st Battalion Commander participated.

[Now, even Helièna went and died right after Echjar got done in. Look at the state the Destruction Demon Army is in.]
[Helièna, that fool. She was always pursuing something else. The Fifth… was it? Does that even make sense? No wonder she died.]
[I don’t care about a lizard, but Helièna’s death means an unfortunate loss of a woman. I never tasted that woman until the very end.]
[Don’t joke with me, Belkatoo. When she was alive, you couldn’t even look her in the eye due to the fear of being controlled.]
[Do you have to express your desires every time you meet!]

The 8th Battalion Commander Zenusva sighed while shaking its bird head. Then, he lightly breathed out fire to get their attention.

[He is dangerous, whether we bring him to us or kill him, if we lose any more of our forces, the very foundation of our faction may be shaken. I’ve gathered you here today in order to tell you that.]
[Natière and Kelatuke died as well, right?]
[Helièna was the one who killed them.]
[I don’t care who killed them, what’s important is that they died.]

The eyes of the 4th Battalion Commander Telzaider glistened.

[Everyone knows that the guys in the Garden of Sunset are skillful at deceit, but they do not have a lot of 7th class beings. It’s good news that one of them died. ……Although the loss of Helièna is unfortunate, we didn’t really lose that much more in comparison.]
[Looks like the guys at the Army of Brilliant Light must also be grinding their teeth right now. Natière, that bitch was pretty too.]
[Belkatoo, shut up.]
[Everyone stop.]

The mouth of the 2nd Battalion Commander, Hillutonne, opened. He was one of the commanders that didn’t participate in the first meeting, but came to the second after being notified of Helièna’s death.

[So you mean you will not take revenge for Helièna?]
[Do not. This is my order as the one presiding over this meeting. Any unnecessary action with regards to this matter will be dangerous.]
[Zenusva, you are…… Yes, you would not know. However, I cannot stay still.]

The firebird Zenusva was strictly classified as gender neutral. However, the ‘males’ of the Destruction Demon Army all had feelings of some sort or another towards Helièna, whether big or small. They could only feel angry after being notified of her death. And Zenusva also understood them.
However, right now, he had to persuade them.

[Save it for later, Hillutonne. You need to direct your anger somewhere else right now.]
[Somewhere else……? Oh.]

While replying Hillutonne arrived at the answer himself. The Wall of Chaos that blocked Elo Katra from Heaven’s Army main headquarters – he could feel the gap in the wall opening again.

[The Heaven’s Army……?]
[Yes. Only they did not lose a 7th class being in this war. Is that not unfair?]

Zenusva emitted fire from all over its body to emphasize its speech.

[They also need to pay a reasonable price. The Army of Brilliant Light, as well as the Garden of Sunset will also be thinking about that.]
[You mean to drag them into the War of the Wall of Chaos?]
[We’ve made losses in other places, so we need to gain profits here. I’ve already acquired a positive answer from them.]
[Zenusva, very daring……. But I like it.]
[I too, am looking forward to this battle now.]

Although there were slight worries, most of the Battalion Commanders took a liking to how Zenusva thought. Going beyond the Wall of Chaos was the final objective of the Destruction Demon Army, as well as the very reason for its existence.

[I can consider this as having reached a concensus?]
[Of course I agree. You did good this time, Zenusva.]
[I can’t help it…… If it’s for that reason, very well. I will endure it for now.]
[Good, I shall report to ‘him’ and immediately go into preparation.]

The last obstacle that blocks the Destruction Demon Army from eating away even the Heaven’s Army, the Wall of Chaos. The moment that collapses, all balance across the multiverses would be twisted and broken. They finished the conference while looking forward to the day their wishes were granted.

Like that, Yu IlHan had escaped the attention of higher existence factions for the moment. The Heaven’s Army had attracted a lot of aggro because they didn’t send a 7th class being, and as such, they would act as a buffer for him.

Of course, not that they would have been able to do much to Yu IlHan even if they tried.

After coming back to Earth, the group rested in order to shake off the piled up fatigue. They did absolutely nothing and spent about 4 days in peace and tranquility.

Yu IlHan and Liera did not come outside their room at all, and made people wonder if they were piling up more fatigue instead, but they exited their room in exactly 4 days as if to drown all of their worries and resentments. Na YuNa spoke to Liera while sticking close to her.

“Unni, can I stab you just once~? Just once with a hard, sharp bamboo spear.”
“Go ahead. But instead, I’ll stab you once too.”
“……I’ll stop.”

Yu IlHan called for the others that had rested in their own ways. Although the glares directed at Liera did weigh on his mind, he decided not to mind about it.

“Everyone should have gotten their rest, right?”
“Yes, master. I am only worried for master.”
“We had plenty of rest, Your Majesty! I am also worried for Your Majesty!”

Ericia and Mirey’s answer had minute amounts of complaints in them. Looking at Liera pressuring them with scary eyes, it looked like the power of the god of love had activated again. Yu IlHan shrugged his shoulders and continued speaking.

“I said this before, but I’m going to look for my father and mother now. If they’re doing well where they are, I do not need to bring them here…… anyway this is my personal matter, so I don’t need to take you if-“
“I’m going~!”
“I’m going.”
“I want to go as well.”
“I wish to go as well!”

As soon as Yu IlHan’s words finished, the eyes of the others all started glistening. Although he did expect something like this to happen…… Yu IlHan sighed once and looked at the group.

“Erta, you still aren’t used to your new body, right? Please focus on stabilizing and adapting to your body.”
“But even so……”
“It’s not because the world I’m going to is a dangerous place, but because I’m worried that something like what happened in Dareu will happen once again. We’ve met after all this time, haven’t we?”
“Uu, your way with words has increased as well…….”

Erta gave up first. Then, the ones weaker than her naturally looked away. Yu IlHan naturally didn’t let them go either.

“Miss YuNa. You still haven’t gotten your  4th class yet, have you?”
“Thaaaat’s, uh, some absurd quest appeared because the records I’ve acquired with you until now was so great……. I did the 5th class hunt bit, but the 4th class bit is still a little.”
“If you achieve 4th class before I come back, I’ll make you a pretty earring.”
“YES! Oh!”

Na YuNa was lured by the present and shouted ‘yes’ immediately, and immediately realized her mistake and shut her own mouth, but the bus had already departed. She shouted.

“Just make it a ring! A pretty ring!”
“Fine, I’ll make you a ring. Well, then, the rest of you.”

The rest noticed their fates and despaired.

“I will train on Earth.”
“I will also…… become a little stronger.”
“Kugh, to think I cannot serve His Majesty…… I will also research into the undead minions.”

He patted the heads of each of his subordinates. He let out a small laugh after seeing that they shook off their disappointment with that, and then proceeded to look at Liera and Yumir. He didn’t really need to leave these two behind.

“Liera said she’ll come, and Mir?”

Yumir seemed to hesitate a lot, but eventually shook his head.

“I also want to see grandma and grandpa, but…… I’ll focus on getting stronger for now. I’m still not level 299 yet.”
“Okay, I understand. I’ll leave the Cradle of Miracles behind.”

The Cradle of Miracles reacted most sensitively to Yu IlHan and Yumir. Unlike Yu IlHan, who was only a Dragon Rider, a natural-born dragon like Yumir would be able to receive the maximum effects of the Cradle of Miracles.

“IlHan, who are we going to find first?”
“Father, he’s much weaker than mother. I’ve also rummaged through father’s belongings and acquired enough records of the world he has been to.”

Before, he was calm thinking he should be doing well, but after experiencing what happened in Breya and Dareu, he was feeling hurried for some reason.
Of course, from Yu YongHan’s words, Heishia, the world he had been to, was quite a peaceful world, but Yu IlHan knew better than anyone how rapidly a developing world could change.

No, he should probably be fine. He must be. – muttered Yu IlHan to himself as if to calm himself down and ordered Mystic.

“Take care of the Flying fortress. Don’t forget to clean up the monsters on Earth regularly.”
[Don’t worry about it and leave it to me.]
“Good, then I’ll be off then.”

He immediately activated Warp. The range of the skill was himself and Liera, just two. Since the records about the destination was quite clear as well, it activated safely not so much after, and the two could arrive in Heishia in a blink of an eye.

“Lünaë was horribly beaten by the orc army, weren’t they? The next is probably us.”
“But isn’t the imperial knight order still here? Let’s not give up hope.”

The first words he heard as soon as he came here were such strength-draining words. Yu IlHan turned his head around, and realized that they were standing on a pathway made of stones. The voice could be heard from a fruit vendor on the side.

“Knights? I don’t believe in them. They appear in front of those that pay their taxes in full,  but they always disappear when monsters appear around these parts. I wonder if they even have any 3rd class among their ranks.”
“Will Heisha come to an end like this……? Damn, I don’t want to die.”

At that place were two middle-aged men. There were other vendors on the street, and a lot of other people, but the majority were speaking words laden with despair like those two men. The street had anything but liveliness and vitality.

“What the hell is up with the atmosphere here?”
“What else could it be? This place is also at the brink of destruction.”

Perhaps Liera had never been to this place before, and when he translated to Liera who had question marks over her face, she blinked her two eyes and grabbed Yu IlHan’s arms quickly.

“That means your father is in a dangerous situation too! Let’s get him quickly and go back!”
“Thats why I’m tracking the records of my father.”
“And you act quick, as always.”
“But I can’t find him.”

Liera doubted her ears for a moment after hearing Yu IlHan’s natural reply.

“You heard that right. I can’t find the records of my father at all.”
“……Even with the Record skill?”
“Even with the Record skill.”

As long as Yu YongHan existed in this world, there was no way he would not be able to find a trace with the Record skill, but he currently was unable to. The Record skill that had helped tremendously since its appearance had annoyed Yu IlHan for the first time.

Liera tilted her head and spoke.

“Isn’t your father also in possession of a tremendous concealment ability? If that’s the case, I can understand that you can’t find any records of him.”
“Before, I thought that father did not have concealment, but perhaps I really didn’t notice him because he is a concealment master. Dammit, I did feel that father’s presence was very faint, but to think that I can’t even find the records!”
“But wouldn’t he be safe if he’s a concealment master……?”
“There’s the ‘what if’. Moreover, I never saw my dad wielding mana. It’s not like there are two ‘Pancosmic Loner’ titles…… and so.”

When Liera thought something foolish like “blood can’t be deceived after all”, Yu IlHan suddenly extended Ruin Calling and flew upwards. She followed him in a hurry.

“Just what are you going to do? You can’t even find the records of him!”
“If I can’t find father, then there’s only one method I can take.”

He didn’t know if Yu YongHan had died or not, but if he was alive, there was one method he could use to make sure that he was absolutely safe.

“I just need to kill all the monsters in this world.”

Liera wondered about what kind of retort she should make, but then thought that this much was indeed not much of a problem for Yu IlHan, and became silent.

And during the next 17 hours, Yu IlHan killed every single monster in the world of Heishia.

“H, how can this be! The orc colony was wiped out!”
“The yeti colony in the northern mountain range was also wiped out!”
“Oh my god. Just who caused such a miracle?”

The pseudo-apocalyptic disaster that loomed on Heishia had disappeared just like that. However, Yu IlHan’s concealment did not wear off even once against the monsters, so the identity of the hero that saved the world would remain a secret for all of eternity.

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