Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 262: Wherever I Go – 4

Kang MiRae asked Yu IlHan straight to the face.

“What do you think, Mr. IlHan? As I see it, the relationship between you and the Heaven’s Army doesn’t seem to be the same before. Did you escape the relationship of unconditionally lending your strength to them?”
“You can think of it that way. Right now, I do not think that I should help them while putting you in danger.”

Smelling thick despair from their conversation, the angel shouted hurriedly.

[We really are in a serious situation! The very existence of the Heaven’s Army is in crisis at this moment! I do not know why you bear such hostility to us of the Heaven’s Army? But if the Destruction Demon Army takes over a portion of our world, then things would become irreversible!]
“I get that Miss MiRae did something incredible…… but her powers can affect so much of your fight?”
[That’s natural!…… Can you wait a little moment? It looks like someone with more authority than me will be coming here directly.]

Looking at the ring above the angel’s head flashing, it seemed like signals were being transmitted back and forth. Yu IlHan looked at his surroundings, and shook his head after seeing the citizens of the imperial capital staring at the Flying fortress that seemed to have appeared after the pillar of light had disappeared.

“Then let’s switch locations first.”
“Yes. Then……”

When Kang MiRae shook her hand, the current of mana raging inside the room was sucked back into her. It was as if countless stars were moving according to the flow of the galaxy.

“Really a beautiful flow of mana. I cannot utilize mana in such a way……”
“Miss MiRae is a genius. ……But that’s really amazing.”

A portion of the countless particles of mana glowing in blue, black, red, or even yellow were absorbed back into her body, and the rest floated around her as if to protect her. Looking at such a scene, they could only smile. A single act allowed her to do what many higher existences couldn’t.
With so many amazing people around them, it was no wonder that higher existences looked relatively puny to them! Even the angel that was seeing all this had become dumbstruck.

They thought they just had to switch locations now, but she suddenly bowed towards the room.

“Your Majesty, thank you for everything until now.”
“……I know you’d try to leave like that.”

Although there were many great auras in the room and hers was hidden behind many, the empress of the empire, Irma An Ill’ta was still inside the room. Although there was some dust on her dress as she had fallen due to the berserk mana in the room, Yu IlHan decided to pretend not to know about it.

“This, take it.”
“Ah, Your Majesty?”

She made a bitter smile after her eyes met Yu IlHan’s, and threw the item in her hand towards Kang MiRae. Kang MiRae utilized her mana swirling around and softly caught it with her hand.

“This is……?”

It was a small container, and when she opened it, there were two high-class rings in there. Kang MiRae’s eyes widened when the empress spoke while scratching her head.

“Although that’s nothing in comparison to the artifacts that sir Yu IlHan makes…… that’s the treasure of the empire containing the essence of all the empire, and has been passed down from generation to generation within the empire. You can put it on without considering the artifact equip limit so do make sure to share one with sir Yu IlHan.”
“Your Majesty……”

There’s no way she didn’t know what this meant. Kang MiRae blushed red, and Yu IlHan’s sighs increased. She closed the container and put it inside her bosom and bowed once again.

“I’ll come back sometime.”
“Yes, that’s the farewell I expected. The two of us can meet later in the future, right?”
“Of course.”
“Fufu, then that’s fine. Sir Yu IlHan. I’ll take care of the commotion outside so can you take care of the matter between her and the higher existence?”
“Let us do it that way then.”

Although Yu IlHan thought that she was as playful as ever, it seemed like she had become a lot more mature after becoming the empress. Yu IlHan once again felt the flow of time in somewhere unexpected and made a bitter smile.

“Then farewell.”

Yu IlHan lightly bowed towards Irma An Ill’ta and lead the angel as well as the others to the Flying fortress. The angel could not hide his shock the closer he went to the fortress.

[Just what is this floating fortress…… this does not make any sense. To think you can make such a miracle with such low-grade materials! Just what is up with the people of Earth to surpass history so many times!?]
[Low-grade!? You called a lady low-grade!?]
[It’s a compliment so don’t get so angry.]

Despite Orochi consoling her, Mystic shook her body in rage. She could probably be praised for not activating Hundred Eyes. The angel was shocked once again after seeing that the fortress had sentience, but tried his best to keep a calm expression and told Yu IlHan after landing on the ground.

[She will come soon.]
“Anyone without permission will be attacked when they come close to the fortress so tell her to not enter immediately and wait outside.”
[……I shall.]

The Heaven’s Army already knew that the artifacts of the Flying fortress were plenty effective against higher existences. The angel sweated profusely and told his higher-ups. What would he think if he heard that the two fortresses will be upgraded once again with the remains of numerous higher existences? Of course, not that Yu IlHan would tell him anything.

“Brother, you were safe.”
“MiRae, you too…… you… have changed quite a bit.”

Kang HaJin was surprised after seeing Kang MiRae. Even though the same amount of time had flowed for him and her sister, he hadn’t changed much, while his sister had matured tremendously – that’s what he felt.
This wasn’t only because she had acquired 4th class, she looked very mature whether from her eyes or her attitude. He subconsciously sighed.

“Sir Yu IlHan is amazing alright.”
“Why did I even come out here?”

Even while replying, Yu IlHan had half-guessed the implications behind his words and looked about to cry.

He had a hard time when shaking off Na YuNa, how was he supposed to express his rejection to Kang MiRae? Yu IlHan had little experience being in love, and this moment was like a disaster to him. To think he’d experience such a problem, dammit!

“MiRae-noona, I wanted to see you so much!”
“My Mir, noona wanted to see you as well.”
“Kang MiRae, I see you’ve become a little pretty.”
“Liera…… I’m glad that you’re safe.”

Meanwhile, Kang MiRae, who met the others after coming to the fortress, started chatting with them. The angel’s expression became worse as time went by. It was because he felt that Kang MiRae wasn’t just closely related with Yu IlHan, but had ties to others in his group as well. At that time, the ring above his head flashed.

[Ah, it looks like she’s here.]
[This aura is around 6th class? Master, I don’t have to shoot, right?]
“Yes. Temporary permission granted.”

The doors to the Flying fortress opened, and a female angel with two pairs of wings slowly flew inwards. For Yu IlHan, this was their first time meeting, but Liera’s face shined as if it wasn’t the case for her.

[It’s been a while, Liera. No wait. Did your name change now?]
“It’s still the same. Oh, I didn’t know they’d send you here!”

Yu IlHan inwardly put a level of guard down after looking at Liera’s bright face. It seemed like the Heaven’s Army were not idiots, and sent someone who was very close with Liera.
She seemed to smile towards Liera in the greeting before turning her gaze around to Yu IlHan and lightly nodded her head.

[And as for you…… you’re the capable man Yu IlHan who took two of our angels with you.]
“And I killed one too.”

Titaera’s face darkened for a moment, but soon returned to her usual face. Hm, perfect selection of personnel.

[And let’s talk about things now.]

Like that, the table for negotiation was prepared. Yu IlHan, Kang MiRae, Kim YeSeul, Liera, Erta, Titaera, and finally the 5th class angel that first looked for Kang MiRae, Keduta – these 7 sat on their seats.

[Then I shall immediately get on with the topic.]

Titaera came out strong.

[If you help us this time, we’ll forget everything that happened between you, Mr. Yu IlHan, and us, the Heaven’s Army.]
“Does that mean you’ll forget about the fact that you’ve abandoned Earth after negotiating with the other factions just because of your excuse of ‘balance’?”

At that moment, Kang MiRae was about to abruptly stand up, but Kim YeSeul made her sit back down with a calm smile. Liera lowered her head even though she had heard this before. Looking at that, Titaera’s lips trembled.

[……Of course, my opinions weren’t considered in that decision, but that was the only consensus that the Heaven’s Army could come to, and even if I knew that, I would not have disagreed. However…… you have also given us a lot of damage. You won’t deny that, right?]
“Yes, indeed. But what I want to say is not that.”

Yu IlHan continued speaking as if all this was absurd in the first place.

“What merits are there even if I agree to enter a treaty with you? Moreover, Miss MiRae…… yes, even if she said that she’ll use her abilities for me, shouldn’t you at least offer what you can do for her, the one possessing the ability that may help you?”
[We originally intended to accept her into the Heaven’s Army as the reward……]

Kang MiRae’s eyes glistened sadly. The crystals of mana around her also seemed like they had lost their light.

“I…… do not want to join such a place.”
[I…… did expect this to happen. Yu IlHan, the ones related to you are usually attracted to your light.]
“I don’t want to hear such flattery. As long as you said that you want to borrow her power, the peace contract should be the basics. Talk about something else that you can bring out.”
“IlHan is so cool…….”
“You be quiet.”

Titaera looked toward Liera for help, but Liera only tilted her head. She did not help in persuading Yu IlHan, in the two’s relationship, Yu IlHan was the dominant one!
Titaera realized that without much difficulty and sighed once again.

[We’re in a very urgent situation right now. In fact, even while we’re talking right now, there is a war in the Wall of Chaos. …… If possible, we want to borrow not only Kang MiRae’s strength, but yours as well.]
“Then it should be fine if I ask for a little more for the reward. You should know of our battle power, right?”
[…… We haven’t exactly seen through it. Every time we thought we had a proper grasp of your power, unexpected things happen. However, right now…… yes. I can judge that you have power equivalent to one tenth of a higher existence faction.]

A force rivaling one tenth of a higher existence faction that had existed for countless years…… that was a very generous evaluation. Yu IlHan didn’t think that his group was as strong as that, but considering the special abilities they had, their value as an assault group was high enough.

[……What do you want? An artifact? As far as I know, the best craftsman of artifacts is right in front of me.]
“However, even I can’t make things like the Hourglass of Eternity. Artifacts that are born in a realm insurmountable by a mere individual – those are still impossible for me right now.”
[Are you telling me that you wish for a God-ranked artifact?]
“So you do have them?”

Oho – Yu IlHan’s lips curved upwards. Titaera, facing the evil smirk, realized that she had spoken about something she shouldn’t have. Trying her best not to show her emotions, she changed topics.

[No, even if we do want to give you, we do not have anymore. So let’s talk about……]

Of course, such feints did not work against Yu IlHan who had experienced them so much. Yu IlHan shouted in a loud voice and abruptly stood up.

“The customer is leaving. Open the gates.”
[Got it, master.]

The door to the Flying fortress opened once again. At the same time, the mana in the fortress started being agitated! Before he could send her all the way to hell if she did not leave on her own accord,

[I understand.]

The high angel declared defeat.

[We shall give you a God-ranked artifact.]

Yu IlHan looked at Kang MiRae and asked her.

“She says it’s a God-ranked artifact, will you be alright?”
“If it’s something I can do, then yes. I want to do it. After all, it is the truth that the Heaven’s Army is keeping the balance between the worlds.”

Kang MiRae’s answer was positive. Yu IlHan nodded in understanding and faced Titaera once again. Her expression had become much brighter.

[Then can I take it as you accepting the request?]
“Of course, we won’t accept if it’s something that we cannot do with our power, but you can take it positively for now.”
[Thank you!]
“What do you mean thank me. I’m more thankful. Two God-ranked artifacts. I’ll gladly take it.”

Looking at the high angel’s shocked face, Yu IlHan tilted his head and then put up three fingers.

“Then three?”
[Two! T, two is fine!]

Titaera hurriedly nodded her head. Yu IlHan nodded in satisfaction and all the others thought that the angel looked very pitiful.

“Then shall we get on with the real topic at hand?”

The negotiation had succeeded.

Author’s notes

  1. Yu IlHan will never move for free!

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