Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 265: Wherever I Go – 7

“There are too many traces of mana. I cannot possibly know which one I have to grasp.”
[A few tries will suffice with our help.]
“Even if I do find out, I think we need to go over the Wall of Chaos before we open the gate.”
[We have a squad prepared for that.]

At the same time Titaera said that, angels appeared. Yu IlHan nitpicked at Titaera after checking them out.

“There are no 7th classes.”
[The archangels cannot move so easily.]
“So you aren’t sending out any of those archangels even in this war?”
[Isn’t that obvious? They aren’t sending any of theirs either.]

Yu IlHan asked back in disbelief, and Titaera nodded as if this was natural.

“You should know why they’re so angry? As long as an archangel does not come out from your side, their rage will not subside even if you cause an internal conflict.”
[The archangels have their own jobs and roles. As I have told you already, once Kang MiRae opens the gate, the situation will subside by itself.]
“That’s why I’m saying, there’s no way they sit still while we do that.”

With Yu IlHan here, they might be able to keep their concealment maintained until the first activation of magic, However, the problem was that it was unknown how many times they had to try before succeeding to open a gate heading to the main headquarters of the Army of Brilliant Light. The fact that Kang MiRae can make gates will be found out, and naturally, she will be the center of attention.

[We are risking our lives for this mission. I understand what you’re worried about, but in no scenario will Kang MiRae lose her life. The fact that we gave her a God-ranked artifact up front was a very hard decision for us as well!]
“That’s why I’m saying that God-ranked artifact is currently……oh, forget it.”

This won’t do. Words didn’t work. Yu IlHan palmed his aching head. If these idiots were to come out like this, he would have gone into details about the cooperation as well!

However, this was his mistake as well. What was he supposed to nitpick about now? The later he gave up, the more painful it will be – Yu IlHan put away his regrets about the Heaven’s Army and declared.

“Since it came to this, we can only split up into two. Angels, I’m going to move while imagining that you aren’t here.”

The angels including Titaera could not understand him and was dumbstruck, but only Liera understood him.

“IlHan, you mean you’re going to distract them while Kang MiRae is activating her magic?”
“It’s fine. I’ve got a majority of their records. If it’s up to 6th class, I’ll still be safe.”
“So…… so cool.”
“I knew you’d say that.”

Only after Liera said that did the angels realize what he was planning to do and only shook their heads.

What sort of metal guts did he have in order to rush into a battlefield that even 6th class beings risked their lives in? They knew he was weird in the head, but they didn’t realize he was that weird in the head.

“Mr. IlHan, no!”

“If you fall to somewhere like that, you’ll definitely die! This is a request from me, so you don’t have to take so much of the burden!”
“I won’t die. And this is a request for the both of us. I’m going to get mad if you keep making me out to be a loner like that.”

Kang MiRae became speechless after hearing Yu IlHan’s playful words. At that time, Na YuNa tapped her shoulders and stepped forward.

“It’s fine MiRae. Mr. IlHan will never ever die. Oh, you’ll take me right?”
“Nope, Miss YuNa, you stay still in the fortress.”
“Tch~, you always leave me out at times like these. I’m also going to become something like a battle maiden when I become a higher existence!”
“Instead, Liera and Erta, you girls help me out. Miss YuNa, you can just bless us beforehand.”
“Dad, me too!”

While the angels were dumbstruck, Yu IlHan had arranged everything like he was popping popcorn with lightning. The front raid squad was formed, and the support was organised!
However, Yu IlHan shook his head at Yumir’s words.

“Mir, you have a very important role. You have to conceal everyone including the Flying fortress until the moment Miss MiRae successfully activates her first attempt at her magic. How is it, can you do it?”
“Umm……. Yeah!”
“Good. You will protect the noonas and grandma.”
“Got it!”
[Putting such a wide area under the effect of concealment? That’s got to be nons-]

When Yumir activated his skill while bringing out the power of his title to the maximum, such ‘nonsense’ actually happened. The angels decided to give up on retorting. This much was just standard procedure for anyone who came into contact with Yu IlHan and his group.

[W, wait! If you really are going to go, receive a blessing from us first. Despite everything, a blessing from us higher existences should be better than one from a lower existence!]
“Nah, sorry to say, but our priestess is the best priestess.”

Na YuNa winked towards the angels and gave blessings to Yu IlHan, Liera and Na YuNa. After reaching nearly level 280 of 4th class, she had grown to be a transcendental beauty, and had the power to convert her beauty into the power of a blessing which was a form of power she had as the priestess of the goddess of beauty, Leytna!

[All abilities increase by 43% during the next 3 hours. You will absolutely not get hit by a critical hit, and can avoid one deathblow from the enemy. All regenerative abilities increase by 300%.]


Titaera felt the already monstrous powers of the three increasing yet again, and decided to halt her train of reasoning. Perhaps the talent that she had to bring into the Heaven’s Army was Na YuNa? Of course, not that her hopes would become true.

“Have a safe trip, Mr. IlHan!”
“Nothing will happen to us. And nothing will happen to that side either.”

Yu IlHan gave a glance at Kang MiRae and Na YuNa, before tapping the grounds of the Flying fortress lightly. As long as ‘she’ resided in the fortress, no one would be able to lay their hands on any of them.

“She’ll appear if she thinks it’s dangerous.”
“I’ll believe in you.”
[What is this? What is this ‘she’?]

However, Yu IlHan ignored Titaera’s question and once again checked that Liera and Erta were within his range of concealment before jumping into the air. The closer they approached the Wall of Chaos, the flashier the battle between the higher existences became. Looking at that, Yu IlHan thought up of something.

“Oh, I guess I didn’t learn the Great Cosmos-severing Spear yet.”
“It’s quite amazing that you think up of that now. So? Are you going to learn it?”
“Yes. I plan to.”

In fact, Yu IlHan was thinking that he may be able to reach a higher realm in the spear with the overlap of the Spear of Untraceable Trajectory. What if the Great Cosmos-severing Spear was added on top of that? It would be a Spear technique that was completed with two advanced spear techniques as the foundation!

“That’s horrifying just by thinking about it……”
“The fusion of two advanced weapons technique of the same weapon…… I’ve never heard of such a thing happening, but it’s scary because it might be possible if it’s him.”

Yu IlHan looked scrambled around his inventory while flying. He had loads of remains of higher existences, and he took out a 5th class magic stone from a random one and immediately started the fusion evolution process.

Blinding light burst out and enveloped Yu IlHan, making his spirit and body advance forward by a realm. He had reached a realm that Spiera had barely reached by reaching 6th class.

[You have learned the Great Cosmos-severing Spear.]

“What would Spiera think when she found out that he was treating her life’s work so lightly……”
“Wouldn’t she like it when IlHan makes an even more advanced Spear technique using it as the basis?”
“Well, here’s goes the first strike.”

Coincidentally, an angel that was facing numerous higher existences at the same time was retreating and the tens of enemies were chasing! Yu IlHan’s spear struck out like a tiger that spotted its prey.

The left hand that dictated the direction of the attack, and the right that gripped firmly on the spear. He drew a diagonal line from the bottom right to the top left with the tip of the spear. The sharpness of a sword, the speed of a whip, the weight of a blunt weapon is imbued into the single strike of the spear with the control from the body that had reached beyond its limits – At that moment

An unprecedented aura ‘drew’ a straight line that cut through space itself, cleaving everything within the trajectory in half.

[Critical Hit!]
[You have earned experience.]
[You have earned experience.]
[You have……]

[The skill, Great Cosmos-severing Spear, has become level 8.]


Yu IlHan tilted his head after putting the bodies of higher existences into his inventory.

“Concealment didn’t wear off because they all died at once.”
“It’s fine, a lot of them have noticed already.”

Yu IlHan struck out with the Great Cosmos-severing Spear once again, but this time, even more higher existences died as his Deathgod skill began to take effect.

Even in a battlefield where higher existences were as numerous as bugs, it was a strange thing for many higher existences to die at once without the enemy being discovered. A commotion occurred in the battlefield.

[Just what is it?]
[Something just whisked past me. I definitely felt it! There is one that I cannot see!]
[It’s an attack that occurred after an angel retreated. An archangel! Did an archangel finally show up!?]

No matter how much he tried to attract aggro efficiently, the enemies didn’t find him, so he couldn’t do his job! Yu IlHan sighed and took out a Breath from his inventory and put it in his mouth. As he had made quite a lot during the past few days, he had enough to use throughout this battle.

“Well then.”

He gripped on his spear and rushed into the hole on the Wall of Chaos. Then, when Liera and Erta caught up to him, he spread the white flames on his spear and shouted.

“Falling Down!”

White flames containing souls instantly amplified and colored the region. The concealment Yu IlHan was maintaining was dispelled, and the figures of the three was revealed without any protective shields to cover them in that vast region.

[This mana is…….]
[Yu IlHan, it’s Yu IlHan!]
[He’s here!?]
[But how!? Wait…… did he join the Heaven’s Army?]
[No, he’s still a lower existence!]

What was important was not that. What was actually important was that all higher existences will drop by a league within the region of Falling Down!

“It’s Guten Morgen, you fuckers!”

Yu IlHan decreased the power output of the Great Cosmos-severing Spear and the Spear of Untraceable Trajectory, to decrease his mana consumption and activated both skills at the same time in many directions. A shockwave akin to a planetary explosion occurred with him as the center and assaulted the higher existences. The strikes that reached the extreme in both strength and speed ripped apart everything in its path.

[Critical Hit!]
[Critical Hit!]
[You have earned…….]

“What the hell just…….”

Liera became speechless after witnessing what would happen when two advanced spear techniques were fused, while Erta asked in her stead.

“Is this the scene we can see if you fuse two spear techniques together?”

Yu IlHan replied lightly and collected the dead bodies of the higher existences. The number was exactly one hundred and twenty-one. This should be plenty enough to attract all their attention onto him!

“I haven’t even started yet, though?”
[He’s…… Yu IlHan!]
[Yu IlHan is in this place!?]
[Kill! Kill him!]
[Revenge for Helièna…… I’ll kill you!]

Hostility, murderous intent started all gathering towards him. Yu IlHan felt them and smirked. Was it a mistake to describe his smirk as one that a farmer in front of a rich wheat field would have?

Liera sighed and raised her spear. The flow of the battlefield had already changed.
From now was a war led by Yu IlHan.

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          Ive been expecting that ever since the god of love spoke. After all what is a great way to gain knowledge and subsequently power? Dispense talents and skills to sufficiently advanced civilizations. Then provide increasingly difficult living conditions and conflict. Then spy on people while they further develop what was given to them in order to survive and prosper in their ever increasing struggle. Of course this works best if the ‘balance’ between ease and difficulty in surviving is maintained.

          Should anyone ever challenge such a being then their given power could simply be revoked. Also that being would have the collective knowledge of multiple advanced civilizations. In this case countless worlds from across the multiverse. The fact that killing makes a person stronger and more attractive seems to indicate that the desired knowledge are things related to conflict and war.

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