Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 270: If You Wish To Follow Me – 4

Gathering the rest of the members of Suppression went smoothly as well. Since Great Cataclysms normally occurred once in centuries or even millennia, not many worlds had experienced such a big change.
It was just that the contract between the residents of that world and the Heaven’s Army which disabled the residents from harming the people of Earth, was broken with Earth forcefully expelling its people, so there were quite a few dead members among the Suppression members in other worlds.

“It still is amazing though. Mr. Yu IlHan, you seem to have…… surpassed the realm of human recognition now.”

Spoke Yoon DaeHan powerlessly after seeing Yu IlHan operate the Guardian fortress, easily leaping between dimensions, and a frightening succubus that he couldn’t even meet eyes with acting cute towards him. However, Yu IlHan’s reply had even less power in them

“I was like that from the beginning.”
“T, the beginning?”
“Yes, probably from the moment I was born.”
“That’s amazing…….”
“Yeah, isn’t it?”
[Pfft, pffffft.]

If any others heard it, they might think that Yu IlHan was boasting, but Helièna, who knew of his concealment ability that he had since birth, and therefore, knew what he meant, ended up in laughter. Ignoring Helièna, Yu IlHan asked Yoon DaeHan again.”

“Is it just one place left? Captain Han YeoRang and the others.”
“It’s Colonel Han right now. She was promoted quite quickly.”
“Yes, Guundia, where Cololnel Han and twelve others reside.”
“That’s right. It’s a miracle that Suppression can reunite. And in less than a single day too…….”
“It doesn’t take that long anyway. More people will join us in the future.”

As long as he was in possession of records about the world, there were no difficulties in using the Warp skill. What was more important was to persuade the people in that specific world.
In that aspect, Suppression was an amazing organization. All the members of Suppression he had gathered from 13 worlds with the exception of those that died, expressed their intentions on joining him even after he explained to them the hellish situation on Earth!

So it wasn’t like the country was holding their weaknesses or anything and they were just plain stupid – realized Yu IlHan, but in any case, more allies were a good thing. If the twelve soldiers with Colonel Han joined from this last world, they would be able to gather at least 200 people of at least the 3rd class.

[Whew, how are you going to make them into a capable force, darling?]
“There should be much more time than you think so don’t worry about it.”

Kim YeSeul seemed to find Yu IlHan’s bland reply to Helièna cute as well as she was making a satisfied smile. Yu IlHan ignored her gaze and activated Warp. This time, he had to take Han YeoRang and the others from the world Guundia, which even sounded weird.

The problem occurred there.

“What is it?”

Yoon DaeHan, watching Yu IlHan coming into contact with records of the world which was an unbelievable scene in itself, reacted sensitively. Did Han YeoRang die? Being nervous, he actually was at a loss for words after he heard Yu IlHan’s reply.

“Mankind is almost extinct.”
“But Colonel Han is alive. And that goes for most of the other soldiers too…….”

Yu IlHan stopped explaining and scratched his head. According to what he gathered through the Record skill, it was very likely that things going wrong was very high.

“4 years had passed since the 3rd Great Cataclysm. The people of this place could not adapt to the transformation.”
“That’s…… an unfortunate thing.”

The very initial stages after any Great Cataclysm was the most chaotic period of time. As the concentration of mana increased, the number of monsters increases rapidly as well, and all sorts of natural disasters assault all of the creatures inhabiting in that world. Only around 30 years after the Great Cataclysm would they enter the stable period, and only if they endured until then was mankind allowed to continue history.

However, the mankind of this world could not endure that period of time.

“And in reverse, that became a great opportunity for monsters, and as a result, 99.9% of mankind of this world has died in just 2 years.”

Yoon DaeHan couldn’t believe Yu IlHan’s words even while looking down at the scenery of Guundia on the top of the Guardain fortress. Such a tragedy occurred in this peaceful-looking world? As if having read his mind, Helièna spoke with a cold smile.

[The main source of chaos is always mankind. The mana of this world was too peaceful.]
“However, chaos also induces growth. Like how the world will not grow in the absence of a mankind.”
[My, darling. Darling’s thoughts are lovely too.]
“Though, it’s ironic that mankind became extinct just because they couldn’t endure the growth pain…….”
[Looks like the Heaven’s Army had given up a long time ago too. I can’t feel their unpleasant auras.]
“You are right. They aren’t here.”

Yu IlHan made a bitter smile. Looking at such an apocalyptic world, he felt very strange. He felt that Earth may become like this one day, and he was also feeling very unfamiliar with himself, watching the deaths of countless people without any feeling as if he was watching a movie on a TV or something.


Having predicted what he was feeling, Helièna stopped being playful and silently retreated. Considering how she normally treated mankind, civilization and worlds, her current actions proved the depth of her love for Ilhan.

“Then what do we do?”
“Unfortunately, there is not much we can do. It is possible to erase all the currently existing monsters in this world, but that does not prevent monsters from appearing again.”

Yu IlHan thought for a moment before adding.

“And so…… perhaps Colonel Han may not come back to Suppression.”

Han YeoRang’s level was 190. She had one of the highest levels among the survivors of mankind in Guundia, and was much higher than any of the members of Suppression here. Other than her, the Major-General Yoon DaeHan was level 173 at second place, so it could be seen how much suffering she had been through.

“In other worlds, Colonel Han is……?”
“She may have become the central pivot of mankind here. Let us first go check.”

Having checked the current status of the surviving mankind, Yu IlHan immediately activated Warp.
It did not take that long. The place they arrived at was a battlefield where a merciless battle of resistance was occurring.

“On the right! It’s coming over!”
“Calm down! If our morale stays strong, the enemy will retreat!”

Yu IlHan’s predictions were exactly right. She was the woman at the frontline of the battlefield and had the biggest voice. Wearing half-tattered Yu IlHan-craft armor, swinging a greatsword to make the enemies retreat, and a full head of black hair – all of this indicated the woman to be Han YeoRang.

“Colonel is so handsome.”
“She’s insanely strong…… but they’re in the disadvantage overall.”

The members of Suppression twitched after looking at the people resisting against monsters. Wouldn’t they all jump down from the Guardian fortress once Yoon DaeHan shouts ‘charge’? – just as Yu IlHan was thinking that, one of the members shouted.

“Major-General, don’t we need to help!”
“……Mr. Yu IlHan?”
“You don’t need to move so everyone stay still.”

Yu IlHan made a bitter smile before raising up his hand. At that moment, the Guardian fortress changed trajectories before smashing down towards the ground at frightening speeds!


What Yu IlHan did was simple. He only selected a place where there were no people, and had the most monsters to smash down on!

[Critical Hit!]
[Critical Hit!]

The Guardian fortress showed itself after obliterating the monsters around the vicinity with its tremendous weight and magic power, and the people who were defending against the monsters with a poorly constructed stone wall were flabbergasted and widened their eyes.

“What, is that……?”
“A comet? No!”

“You should have told us beforehand!”
“It’s not like you can prepare for it so it’s fine.”
“It’s not fine!”
“Well, then.”

Yu IlHan made a slight smile towards the members of Suppression that were rolling around the ground due to the shock from the impact, and started using the power of the Guardian fortress against the monsters.

Of course, the Guardian fortress lacked artifacts compared to the Flying fortress. That was because the focus of this fortress was not on its own battle capabilities, but to transport troops. However, the miniscule amount of artifacts on the fortress was enough to clean up the monsters in this place.


Screams of monsters couldn’t move Yu IlHan’s heart even by one micron now. Akin to a conductor in an orchestra, he lifted his two hands and played a symphony composed of monster groans, shouts, and screams.
The greatest disaster of mankind had instantly become a toy. This happened several times on Earth as well.

“Don’t tell me it’s……”

Han YeoRang, who was met with such a scene while she was commanding the other people, awakened a woman’s instincts after such a long time.

“Mr. Yu IlHan?”
“Who’s that?”

The ones who heard her mutter by her side, asked in confusion, but she only shook her head.
Not only was there a very low probability that he had appeared, even if he really did appear, she could not show herself shaking as the one at the front most of the mankind in this world. She was no longer the hysterical lieutenant that said “I want to get married” all the time.

“It’s nothing. Don’t put down your guard and drive out the monsters. And don’t approach the castle if possible!”

The battle ended not long after. Well, if you call the Guardian fortress wiping out the monsters without allowing anything to approach, a ‘battle’, that is.

“They really…….”
“Are gone. The frightening horde of monsters, were all…….”

Although this was nothing to Yu IlHan, who was used to fighting higher existences, it was no different from a miracle to those residing in this world. The survivors only looked at the Guardian fortress, which stopped moving after obliterating the monsters, with admiration and fear and did not dare approach it.

“We’ve cleaned up this area. I’ll clean up the rest, so Major-General Yoon can go explain to Miss Han.”
“I shall.”

The barrier on the Guardian fortress was dispelled, and a few members of Suppression including Yoon DaeHan, appeared. The people immediately went on guard, but Han YeoRang stopped them.
It wasn’t because she didn’t realistically realize that there was nothing good in antagonizing them when they have wiped those frightening monsters so easily. It was because the ones that showed up were so familiar to her.

“How can this be, it’s the Major-General!?”

The other members of Suppression that resided in Guundia with Han YeoRang until now also recognized Yoon DadHan and rejoiced. Of course, as Han YeoRang’s position was very high, she tried not to show her emotions, but she couldn’t help but tear up slightly when she saw Yoon DaeHan.

The battle that she had led during the past few years were too cruel for her, when she had many companions on Earth.

“Major-General, how did you…….?”
“As you probably guessed, this is not my ability. I’m here with Mr. Yu IlHan.”

The moment she heard that, she could not hide the joy from surfacing on her face. She tried to suppress her expression in consideration of her subordinates, but it didn’t work out so well.

Yoon DaeHan wondered about telling her the cruel truth, “It is impossible for you as long as he has the Succubus Queen by his side”, but he eventually decided not to.

Let’s just let her rejoice – until now, she should have had many more occasions to be sad than happy.

“But Major-General……. Why is Mr. Yu IlHan not coming out?”
“He is…”

Just as Yoon DaeHan was about to say something, the figure of the Guardian fortress disappeared into thin air. Just as everyone became dumbstruck at the scene, he explained with a bitter smile.

“He said he will clean this world up a little.”
“This, world……?”

Yoon DaeHan explained to her without the slightest room for misunderstanding, as she could not simply comprehend the vast scale that Yu IlHan worked with.

“You probably won’t be able to find any monsters in this world for quite a while. So…… let us have a talk until he comes back, Colonel Han YeoRang.”

Yu IlHan came back to that place after 13 hours, having wiped out every single monster in Guundia.

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  1. Different to everyone, faster than anyone.

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