Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 283: I Will Prepare – 1

[That’s insane.]

Mystic became serious.

[Is there really a need for master to proactively get involved with them?]
“I wanted to avoid getting involved with them for as long as possible, it would have been the best if I never needed to.”

Once Earth became a higher world, the seal on it would be lifted. However, Yu IlHan had the subclass Dimensional Traveler, once he activated his Dimensional ruler skill, he could prevent other higher existences from entering Earth. Yu IlHan was only preparing for cases where the Dimensional ruler skill could not impede the invasion.

And so, he thought that he wouldn’t be caught up in the conflict for the foreseeable future…….

“But if I want to stop the really scary guys, I think I have to become stronger, much stronger.”
[Just how strong are you going to become? You’re already comparable to the majority of 7th class beings!]
“It’s because that is not enough.”

In the end, the Cradle of Miracles only stimulated the energy inside him, and did not allow him to reach greater realms. No, it probably was, but the speed was so slow that it would take him more than just a millennium or two to become a higher existence like that.

“I need more samples.”
[So, what are you going to do specifically, darling?]
“I’ll participate in whatever the higher existences are doing.”

It had been approximately ten months since he did not meet with the angels belonging to the Heaven’s Army. Yu IlHan and the others were going around various worlds to gather the people of Earth, and take in the mankind of doomed worlds other than when they were training inside the barrier. From some time ago, neither Yu IlHan’s group nor Kang MiRae’s could feel the presences of the angels no matter which world they went to, not to mention other higher existences.

However, Helièna suddenly said something completely unexpected.

[That’s likely to be darling’s fault.]
“My fault? Why?”
[Didn’t the information about the main headquarters of the Army of Brilliant Light leak thanks to you? Did you really think that they would stay passive?]
“But the headquarters of the Destruction Demon Army is also known to everyone, isn’t it?”
[Of course, all the more reason for a mess. They should be having a blast by now.]

A smile of satisfaction appeared on Helièna’s lips. Even while thinking about how Helièna’s smile could be so evil, he was afraid of himself that got used to it.

“Then do we need to go to the HQ of the Army of Brilliant Light?”
[That’s a no, darling.]

Helièna immediately replied.

[Visiting a world ruled by the leader himself is completely different from visiting a higher world. You can only go after you have, at the very least, become a higher existence. I like destruction and murder, but I would really prefer if darling didn’t die. I’ll die with you if that happens.]

Yu IlHan treated the main headquarters of each faction lightly until now, but it looked like there was something that he didn’t know about until now. It was alright within the Heaven’s Army, though…… Hmm?

“……Now that I think about it, I never felt a being that transcended 7th class while I was in Heaven. Is that because I cannot sense God?”
[Well, perhaps God does not exist after all?]
“Helièna, don’t speak nonsense. God exists. ……Though, I cannot be sure about whether he really exists in Heaven.”

Liera’s reply to Helièna felt dejected for some reason. She herself had her suspicions as well. Yu IlHan reached the conclusion that probing any further was not a wise thing to do.

“If the main HQ is no good, we can settle for the branches.”
[That’s a good idea. Higher existence factions become stronger according to the number and size of the worlds they own. And so, they should be entering a phase where they nibble away at each other’s worlds prior to the big war. Meaning, there is likely to be a war of unprecedented and truly epic proportions in the near future.]

Helièna’s voice was getting agitated as she replied. Yu IlHan was slightly afraid of her now since she looked like she preferred that outcome above all else, and asked carefully.

“Then wouldn’t they weaken each other out if we just wait? They’ll quit their focus on Earth too.”
[What are you saying, darling? This is all a war for Earth, you know? Their final objective is Earth.]

Yu IlHan was silent for a moment. He felt very perplexed. Until now, the back story about this world was always skipped without much attention, but it seemed like he couldn’t just pretend to not know about it anymore.

“Talk about it, Helièna.”

In the end, he asked.

“Just what is up with Earth so that makes all those damned bastards aim for it?”
[There was a prophecy.]
“That damned prophecy again.”
[So what happened was…….]

Just as Helièna was about to speak, she looked around. A month and a half remained until the barrier of the Hourglass of Eternity dispersed for the eleventh time. Everyone else was focused on training or hunting monsters while those that gathered around Yu IlHan were Helièna, Kim YeSeul, Kang MiRae, Na YuNa, and Liera.

[I want to talk with darling alone, so can everyone else leave?]
“What are you going to do? I’m never letting you do anything suspicious.”

Liera desperately rejected that, but Yu IlHan shook his hand.

“I’m only going to listen to her story so don’t worry.”
“That sounds interesting. Is it a story that I can’t hear?”
[No, it’s meaningless for anyone other than darling to hear it. It’s best for only darling, who’s the ruler of the Earth, to hear it.]
“Then I guess I can’t help it. Girls, let us give them room for now.”

Kim YeSeul slowly nodded her head and made the others back off. The girls, lead by Liera, protested a lot, but they couldn’t help but back off in front of Kim YeSeul’s soft yet subtly menacing hand gestures.


Helièna checked the surroundings two or three times again, and even proceeded to make a simple barrier before finally turning around to Yu IlHan and speaking.

[The prophecy came from the Garden of Sunset. Have you heard the rumor that the leader of the Garden of Sunset possesses prophetic powers, darling?]
“I guess I did.”

Yu IlHan nodded after glancing towards Liera who was looking at him beyond the barrier. He had heard from her, during the war for Dareu.

[Yup, his power should be real. It was also him that said that I will eventually stand next to the Fifth God as well…….]

Helièna’s blushing cheeks and meek demeanor was very adorable. She was embarrassed of her emotions even while saying that.
Just this made her look pure and naïve, but ‘pure’ and ‘naïve’ were words that were the polar opposite of Helièna, and Yu IlHan ended up thinking that all girls were horrible liars.

[That’s why everyone is wary of the movements of the Garden of Sunset. But from some time onwards, the leader started focusing his attention on Earth, which hadn’t even experienced a Great Cataclysm yet.]
“How did you know that?”
[It was me who found that out. The leader of the Garden of Sunset is a man, and I could seduce any kind of man at that time! I also heard about the prophecy of the Fifth God from him then. Oh, I did have to run away right after hearing that.]

Yu IlHan’s head ached. One of the reason Earth was caught up in a series of massive incidents was because of her? No, if she didn’t know that, Earth may as well be playing on the top of the Garden of Sunset’s palms, so did he need to thank her?

[Darling…… are you mad? I’m sorry, but that was before I got to know you, darling…….]

So this was why she made everyone back off? Perhaps she didn’t want to tell them that she was involved in making Earth what it is now. No, perhaps she didn’t want to show the others her own figure apologizing to Yu IlHan.

Dammit, Yu IlHan sighed and nodded his head.

“It’s probably before I was even born. ……I’m fine with it so continue.”
[Then…… The prophecy goes like this – The world ‘Earth’ will eventually surpass the world known as ‘Heaven’.]

Helièna shut her mouth. Yu IlHan tilted his head and asked.

“That’s it?”
[Yes, that’s it.]
“What the hell? They’re aiming for Earth for such a petty reason!?”
[That’s enough for them, darling. Do you know why the Heaven’s Army is so strong? It’s because the record their worlds possess is enormous. That is why the power limitations of the Heaven’s Army and the limitations on their number is superior to the other factions.]
“…… Sure.”

The war for higher worlds happened because of that? Perhaps the reason the Destruction Demon Army, who only wanted destruction, aimed for the Heaven’s main headquarters because of that as well.

It made sense. And that made him more frustrated. He finally accepted why he acquired the Record skill.

[Anyway, after I learnt that, I spread the information everywhere. …… Can you ask me why?]
“Why? For the Destruction Demon Army?”
[No, because only when all the factions got caught up with Earth would I have a chance to meet you darling.]

Yu IlHan became silent. Well, indeed. If the matters surrounding Earth didn’t become so big, he would have never come into contact with Helièna.


The moment he realized that, his forehead twitched.

The leader of the Garden of Sunset prophesized about the Fifth God, and Helièna had spread around the information to agitate all of the factions after finding out. Wasn’t that too natural?

“Were you…….”
[Yes. I was used by the leader of the Garden of Sunset. He used me as compensation for telling me the information that I will eventually come into contact with the Fifth God. Of course, it was much later when I realized that.]

That simultaneously implied one more thing. Rather than just aiming for Earth, the leader of the Garden of Sunset…….

“Intended for my growth? Before I was even born?”
[Yeah, that’s the conclusion I arrived at. The Garden of Sunset, the leader at least, wanted to make you a God.]
“The reason I could become strong, although it was very annoying, was because I was dropped out on Earth. Then he even foresaw that I will be left alone?”
[Probably? ……Or perhaps, he may have intended for that.]

Yu IlHan was dumbstruck. What was the Heaven’s Army and the Garden of Sunset’s agenda to interfere with his growth and his life? They just decided to make him a God? And started fighting over Earth all on their own…….

It felt very unpleasant. He especially didn’t like the word ‘prophecy’. That was cheating. He could just say ‘I saw this coming’ or ‘I knew this would happen’ no matter what the outcome was!

“But I can’t just avoid walking on the path laid out in front of me.”

Muttered Yu IlHan while gritting his teeth. Whatever they wished for, Yu IlHan would do his own thing. And if possible, in a way that they didn’t expect as well.

[Now, I spoke about almost everything I could, darling. ……What are you going to do?]
“What do you mean what am I going to do, I’ll just continue doing what I was about to do.”

Yu IlHan’s voice that replied to Helièna was freezing cold.

“We’re stealing higher worlds.”
[That’s not what darling originally was going to do though!?]

Shouted Helièna in shock. Yu IlHan ignored her and gathered everyone.

“It’s war! We’ll be preparing for war now!”

Pancosmic Loner(-さん) was seriously pissed now.

Author’s notes

  1. It’s war!

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Proofreader: Koukouseidesu

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    1. phy

      there is a high chance Yu Ilhan’s father is the leader of the GoS. What i think is he prophesized about Earth then decided to go there, where he met Yu Ilhan’s mother, then prophesized about his son and decided to help his son grow.

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    Illhan is now at war. While Chamber has been at war with the donations queue for weeks now… I don’t foresee victory before the series is completed. My condolences.

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    “Pancosmic Loner(-さん) was seriously pissed now.”

    Haha, I think a majority of us would agree with his feelings right now. Prophecies are honest bs to me.

    1. Jigoku

      While prophecies can be call the work of “Fate” or “Natural”, nowadays, it’s due the interfering of others elements that distorted the original route, and those prophecies can only foretell the route After the interference. So yeah, those are bs.

    1. Carmeops

      yeah, the leader of the garden of sunset is very secretive and can foresee the future

      would make sense if Yu Ilhan inherited his concealment and constant foreshadowing from his father

      and seeing how Yu Ilhan’s mother is exeptional too, that’s probably because the leader choose the one human female with the most potential for his son’s mother

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    Maybe Earth in many fiction and scientific states as the world in the multiverse the “Origin” – where all originated from the branching lines of parallel worlds and fantasy realms.
    Only hypothesis – at the time before the higher existence came and notion of gods in a very distant primordial creation the world “Earth” was born at beginning of all things but hidden in the bowels of creation. When the world slowly changing then came life it then branches off creating the multiverse with its system and worlds as well with different fates. This worlds give life as well and times there were peace but then mana surge from the bowels of Creation slipped through and injected itself to the multiverse except Earth thus ushering in the “The Great Cataclysm” to all worlds affecting the landscape, nature and the living beings – animals-mutation, monsters popping up and humanoids evolving.
    Earth itself somehow remain secluded never affected by the phenomena and continues to revolve and orbit it existence. Since a world without mana there’s no magic and science is the thing help the humans lived, learned, advanced and survived for many thousands of years.
    The reason for its rapid growth when the Great Cataclysm happen is because it is the world where the very essence of creation deep buried and a link to all worlds apart. The Origin of the cosmic multiverse the beginning of all things. The higher existence now must have figured it out about this world being different from other countless worlds they know. Aside from the prophecy Heliena told to Yu llHan this must be the known reason why they want this world so badly not just because it will surpassed the world where the Heavenly Army reside but the “Origin” of all things.

  5. Darkos

    so they’re stronger bc the records of their worlds are enormous? so they use those records for something? now that i think about it, the leader of DDA became a higher existence after “consuming” a world… perhaps the original higher existences become so when they absorb the records of a higher world? so ilhan will become one if he absorbs the records of the earth when it becomes a higher world?

  6. Seregosa

    Urgh, I really hate how “everything is planned out”, it makes his efforts seem laughable. Can’t he just have become stronger by himself, of his own power, without any help? Does it NEED to be because of something or someone else? Such a boring development. I hate that type of setting, it’s so much more interesting if the mc just got everything on his own and no one planned for it and he didn’t have any special background that he didn’t know of. A lot of authors use this to make it more interesting, but it’s just cliché and boring. Hah.

    Well, who could the leader of that sunset place be if not his father? It’s starting to become more and more obvious that the leader of that place should be closely related to him in one way or another. If it’s really his father, I hope the mc beats his face in until no one can recognize it anymore. Hell, I’d like it if he just killed him off.

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    to be far looking at how things are now the only reason earth will surpass heavens is due to MC intervention. the rest isn’t that great. it really isn’t. to sum up they are all catalysts to make MC stronger. MC is the one that surpass and creates something greater from something worst than heavens, his ‘natural’ figuring all out is what breaks non sense. if MC had died on the first schemes against the enemy then earth will be quite only above average, a 6th natural class birthplace at best and a battlefield for some war between other mirror worlds. compared with a 8th class that are the leaders [probably, maybe 9th] is what earth could become so far that great? not really. even considering the connection between worlds, it can only amount to so much. the prophecy is not about earth, but about MC himself, basically the place he is in will surpass heavens, he will surpass all the other self proclaimed god like existence and earth should become the center of everything due to its absolute foundation [and not in name only as it is with heavens so far, they are quite pitiful and not absolute at all].
    so basically the prophecy is all a bait lol

  8. colorless

    I agree with the above guy. The damned prophecy is a damn bait! If it never happened, god wouldn’t have fucked earth over, no one would be a dropout or a returnee, earth would’ve grown naturally, it should still have talents like Ilhan, Na YuNa and MiRae. Ilhan wouldn’t need to fuck the other factions over, and there would’ve been No Chaos Will either and stuff.

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