Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 286: I Will Prepare – 4

[Don’t speak nonsense.]

The 10th Battalion Commander of the Destruction Demon Army, Ice Giantess Melohinne snorted at the report her subordinate gave her.

[Tebeta was stolen? Tebeta was a world that had never been exposed before, what method could be used for someone to go there? Did some leader act himself? Then our Lord must have acted as well!]
[It is not that.]

The subordinate spoke with a trembling voice.

[Yu IlHan of Earth – He has started to act.]
[……Did he actually become the Fifth or something?]

Melohinne’s voice that replied to her subordinate was slightly trembling as well. The birth of the Fifth God. If this was true, even she couldn’t take this lightly.

[I do not know about that, but the ones protecting Tebeta were instantly slaughtered and the world was stolen. When the reinforcements arrived, they had already left and they could take it back with ease, but as you felt before, the power of the faction had been consumed!]

It shouldn’t be just her that was shocked as she felt an entire world being ripped away from them. Because of the temporary loss of the powers as a faction as a whole, they were even driven back by the enemies for a short duration. Although the world was regained now, but the stolen powers would not return so soon…….

[The ones who can enter unexposed worlds are the leaders of each faction at best! That’s the biggest proof that he’s become a God! Dammit, I’m embarrassed to think that I tried to bring him to our faction!]

Shouted Melohinne as she raised her head. What she saw was a group of monsters that composed the Destruction Demon Army filling the air and the group of fallen angels that fought against them.

Yes, the Destruction Demon Army was currently at war with the fallen angels in their world. Of course, this world was one they already had information on before. Unless the leader of the Destruction Demon Army stepped up himself, there was no way they could invade worlds where the fallen angels had meticulously hidden themselves in.

[Perhaps our lord may act quicker than we expect to……. Yu IlHan, I will definitely kill you!]

She clicked her tongue and kicked off the ground. At that moment, the magic around her momentarily froze, and threw her into the air. Wherever she went, all the mana in her vicinity was frozen.

[Disgusting crows! I’ll color you all in white!]

A giantess’s roar made the world cry. The one that responded to her was the Sentry of this world, 7th Wing of Brilliant Light, Felaère.

[Pitiful monster, o, reckless invader. This Felaère will bestow judgement upon you.]
[Hah, just try!]

A giantess and a fallen angel clashed in midair. The fist of the giantess that seemed to freeze the world itself was softly received by three pairs of black wings. Felaère’s mana gathered on the tip of the wings, compressed to the limit, and was shot out!

[Petty tricks!]

However, the giantess just received the spear like strike head on and charged onwards. What she prided in the most was her sturdy body! Even if it broke in mid battle, she could regenerate it indefinitely. The strength of the Destruction demon army came from their reckless attitudes and intense life force!

[Try blocking this with those proud crow feathers!]
[As you wish, you damned chunk of i……ce?]

Felaère momentarily stopped just as when he tried to cast a grand magic to counter against Melohinne’s attack. The moment he tried to array the magic, the mana that comprised his body had suddenly disappeared and the magic was interrupted.
Of course, Melohinne wasn’t so foolish to miss that opportunity. The fist that contained all her frost powers struck out towards Felaère without hesitation, freezing and breaking off half of Felaère’s wings just like that!

[Kihi, you might be better off learning magic from scratch!]
[Kuuuuugh, how can this be! How? How did my mana…]

Felaère, who had lost half of his wings due to a critical mistake, stumbled backwards. Of course, Melohinne knew why he was weakened. It just happened to her own side just now!

[Looks like that kid is trying to make all the factions his enemy. Keke, so fun. He’s such an interesting guy!]
[Kid…… don’t tell me it’s?]

Felaère finally realized what was up and tried to retreat, but Melohinne didn’t let him do so. She would besmirch the name of the Destruction Demon Army if she lost this opportunity to kill a big shot from an enemy faction!

[This war will become so interesting thanks to him! Looks like I’ll need to reply in kind!]
[No way, that lower existence really!? No, the fifth faction really appeared……? But the lord has!]
[Don’t say stupid things, Felaère! If you don’t focus on me in front of you right now, then your neck will snap the next moment!]

Roared Melohinne. Felaère bit his lips and emitted mana again to confront her. However, countless questions were floating inside his head right now.

‘Why did the Lord order us to just observe such a violent guy? We need to rip him apart this immediate moment!’

It was about the order from the Supreme being of the faction that applied to all Battalion Commanders in the Army of Brilliant Light.
Well, it was no wonder that he took interest in a new transcender. However, there should be a problem with leaving him alone while he was wrecking havoc on their worlds!

‘But the most annoying fact is that…….’

Felaère gritted his teeth as he dodged Melohinne’s cold fists. That guy, Yu IlHan, just…….

[Where the hell is he!]
[He disappeared already!? And he’s still a lower existence!?]
[Ee, eeeek. The one who’s under the protection of the Heaven’s Army dared to do this!]
[My god, this world has become a complete mess!]

The members of all four factions that were fighting finally realized what Yu IlHan was doing after he stole a single higher world from all of them.

He knew very well what the higher existences were up to, and was recklessly using this complex situation to……

[He’s lowering the forces of each faction at the same time!? A mere lower existence did! That’s no longer in the realm of humansssss!]

In the second world belonging to the Heaven’s Army, the group met a strong opponent. Yu IlHan shrugged his shoulders while facing the roaring 7th class Archangel, Ramiel.

“Did anyone make rules that lower existences can’t go against higher ones? Give them to me, let’s play by the rules then.”
“Usually the one that bring up rules is the bad guy…….”
“Well, Yu IlHan’s a bad guy, isn’t he?”
[You girls!]

Ramiel, who became speechless at Yu IlHan’s reply found Liera and Erta whispering to each other and shouted. The sparks around him showed his rage without hiding it.

[Why are you girls standing on that side! How can you, who have worked for the Heaven’s Army for countless years, point your weapons at us angels!]
“I also think it’s unfortunate. And I would prefer not to do it either.”

Replied Liera honestly. However, her following words were very firm.

“But if I want to be by IlHan’s side, I knew that I would have to fight the angels someday.”
“It’s natural since Heaven’s Army will……”
“Will not allow the existence of the ‘Fifth’.”

Erta was the one who finished it off. She was same in the regard that she had a bitter smile.

[Fifth? Fifth……?]

Ramiel snorted after hearing those world.

[I know that he is capable. But the Fifth? Did you think that the realm of transcendence is so easy? Okay then. Is that why you girls are sucking up to him because you believe he can become that?]
[From what I see, he’s already in reach of it. Ramiel, you’re as arrogant as ever.]
[Yes! We do not acknowledge any God other than the sole Lord! That is the path of heresy, and it’s a path not allowed to any being!]

Roared Ramiel in rage. The mana that filled this higher world was sucked into him and turned into lighting. That scene was very fear-striking and terrifying.

[Oh my, that looks dangerous. It looks like he’ll draw in all the powers of this world. That musclehead.]

Helièna felt that it was her turn and stepped forward but Yu IlHan grabbed her shoulder and made her stop. When she looked back with confused eyes, Yu IlHan spoke with a smile.

“Do you think I came here while not knowing he was here?”
[Darling, did you?]

Noticing what he was thinking, Helièna made a dumbfounded expression. Yu IlHan nodded his head, gesturing that there was no need for her to speak anymore.

“Yes. I’m going to fight against a 7th class archangel.”

No matter how much the Destruction Demon Army loved destruction and suffering, they would not do what Yu IlHan was about to do now, and he, was doing it so nonchalantly. He was going against a 7th class being frontally while being a lower existence!

“I am lacking records of the Heaven’s Army. Well, I avoided clashing with them now in consideration of Erta and Liera, so that’s no wonder…… but I do not want to delay it any longer.”

Fight because he needed records? He came here looking for a 7th class being for just that?
Helièna giggled after realizing that Yu IlHan was being honest. She was at her happiest moment right now. The man she grabbed was the best alright!

[Darling…… you might be better off joining the Destruction Demon Army too. Fufu, so cool. I’m falling for you all over again.]
“Don’t you dare hit on my lover again!”

Liera rampaged around in rage but Helièna only snorted. Yu IlHan stepped forward, while looking back at his companions that were laid back even though he was going to fight against a 7th class being.

But it wasn’t him alone that went to fight.

“Mir. I think I’ll need your help.”
[I was waiting for that, dad!]
[Do you think a human could overstep the realm of supremacy just because he’s with a dragon!]
“Well, we’ll see about that!”

Yu IlHan replied with a sharp voice, and hopped onto Yumir, who had changed into dragon form. Yumir, sharing consciousness with him, charged forward fearlessly and faced Ramiel that was emitting thunder and lightning from his entire body.


With the strongest enemy they’ve faced yet in front of them, the two synced their breaths. This was the moment when the two synchronized the deepest yet. The Soul of Fire that covered Yu IlHan’s skin, and the Body of the Human Dragon that covered that – the two that formed Flamesoul Dragon Body breathed with Yu IlHan and raised his league rapidly.

“Well, let’s fight.”

The dragon of fire that awakened deep within Yu IlHan’s body and soul roared against the enemy.


Ramiel’s expression changed after he felt a fragment of Yu IlHan’s power. The Ramiel that always looked down on him in arrogance had stiffened up thinking ‘what if’.

[How can you hide so much power within that body? How can a lower existence……?]
“Well, you can find out from now on.”

Yu IlHan smirked and picked up his spear. It was a spear made purely of flames. Seeing the mouth of the dragon at the end, Ramiel widened his eyes. Perhaps, perhaps he has already…….

[I cannot accept this!]
“Fight me, Archangel!”

The battle between two monsters commenced.

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