Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 290 I Will Prepare – 8

[If it’s really one of the Archangels, there would be no need for them to hide, would they?]
[But even if they do not, do we need to stop them? The ones that are dying are only the traitors.]
[How are you so sure that the ones dying are only traitors? If they have a magic that alters records at the moment of death…….]
[That does not even make sense. If such a powerful being is our enemy, we cannot do anything about them either.]
[So we simply accept death like this?]
[If you are not a traitor, you need not fear death! I am not a traitor, and hence not afraid!]

A quarrel broke out between the traitors and the angels existing in the higher world. This was quite an interesting scene for Yu IlHan since he knew all the traitors.

“Why are there so many traitors……?”
“I want to believe that there are fewer traitors among the 6th class high angels, but I’m not so sure about that either.”

Just as Yu IlHan replied to Liera’s words of despair with just a shrug of his shoulders, one angel finally made a big move.

[So it will be all clear once I die. Look. I am not a traitor! If I die due to a surprise attack, the one that is doing the slaughter right now is an enemy of Heaven!]

White blood scattered in the air. That was proof that he was not a tainted angel! The other angels who watched him all started to harm themselves. White blood scattered here and there. This was worse than a third-rate comedy. Liera’s expression brightened.

“That’s good. The ones that show their blood should not be enemies…….”
“Nah, they’re all lying.”

It was normal for traitor’s blood to turn grey. However, if that was the case, wouldn’t all traitors have been found already? For example, if one got injured during a mission or something. The Army of Brilliant Light and the traitors were no fools. They could all cast magic that disguised their records.

“How dare these guys to try and fool me.”
[Look at me. I’m also not a…… Kugh!]

The head of a traitor that proudly showed off his white blood suddenly exploded, and grey blood scattered. Causing all the angels in that world to freeze.

[Are the angels…… really being targeted? And their records mutate the moment they die?]
[That doesn’t even make sense, but just now…….]

Suspicious spread among the angels. Well, the non-traitors would never imagine that they were using magic that hid their records, so it was no wonder that they panicked. However, Liera’s expression wasn’t so good to look at.

“IlHan, at this rate…….”
“Yeah. I know so don’t worry about it.”

Yu IlHan made a smile and created a total of eight spears this time – four in each hand – and threw them using the Absolute Accuracy skill. The heads of eight traitors all burst at once. Of course, these were also those that proved their innocence by cutting their wrists.

[R, retreat! This is the scheme of the Army of Brilliant Light that is trying to attack us of the Heaven’s Army!]
[Report, has a report been made to the Archangel!?]
[Find the enemy. We need to find and take him down!]
The atmosphere changed into one advantageous for the traitors. This was what the traitors intended for, and also what Liera was worried about. However, Yu IlHan still had the same smile.

“Let’s see you try.”

He activated one skill. Immediately after that, the invisible connection that connected between worlds were snapped. The angels also realized that, albeit a little late.

[I cannot leave. The world is closed!]

[The skill, Dimensional ruler, has become level 78.]

[How can this be! Did a transcender really descend upon this world!]
[Foolish, there are no transcenders other than God! We cannot accept this!]

The angels all fell into a panic. Of course, the traitors were in a worse state, and Yu IlHan raised his kill count as he killed them one by one. Liera was flabbergasted at the scene.

“My god…… IlHan, you. How can you kill so many in such a short time…….?”
“Please stand on guard with your spear Liera. I can’t prevent the entrance of a 7th class yet.”
[I don’t think there’s any yet, dad!]

The more the Dimensional Ruler skill and his Record skill grew, the more he could do in the world he was visiting, while the time required to use his skill decreased. Now that Yu IlHan had killed many traitors in this higher world, Wirepa, he could now prevent 6th class angels from leaving or exiting through their power.

[The skill, Dimensional ruler, has become level 79.]

“Hm, practice makes perfect alright.”
[I, I am! NOT A TRAI……. Kugh!]

The ones that cried out in innocence all started dying. Their corpses were all stored into Yu IlHan’s inventory. The angels could no longer do anything. They could neither run away, nor find Yu IlHan to fight him, nor could they report to their higher ups, nor could they pick out the traitors by themselves! Absolutely nothing!

[Th, then are we all going to die like this?]
[If, if that’s the case.]
[I’d rather!]

Some of the angels started to show bad vibes, and they gave up and started to gather to one place. Of course, the angels watching immediately realized what this implied.

[Don’t tell me you guys really are!]
[However, I now know the truth. I no longer have a reason to be loyal to Heaven!]
[We should have moved faster…… I will give up on being an angel now!]
[Oh Great Lord of Black Wings. Please color our wings with truth! Kugh!]
“Don’t you dare.”

Just as the traitors tried to show their real forms and tried to become a fallen angel, Yu IlHan’s overlaid five trajectories of the Great Cosmos-severing Spear which he stacked using the Spear of Untraceable Trajectory and  swiped across the place to bisect all the traitors at once.

[The skill, Great Cosmos-severing Spear, has become level 93.]

There was no way he would allow words to be wasted on 5th class mob angels falling to a fallen angel! This was Yu IlHan’s faith.

[The traitors were all…….]
[This overwhelming power must belong to a 7th class. I’m sure of it!]
[But with this, the traitors, kugh.]

However, a few more traitors that were mixed around with the angels all spurted out thick grey blood from their necks and fell down. These guys were bad guys that tried to stay with the angels while others were revealing themselves to be traitors, so he killed them more painfully with two spears.

[Critical Hit!]

[Khak, how……!]
[I, cannot die, here…….]
“If you want to fool me, dye your wings red next time, not black!”
“I don’t even get this joke, IlHan!”

The moment Yu IlHan stopped throwing his spears was the moment all traitors had died. 40% of the residing angels in the higher world Wirepa, had died, and the surviving ones also had to shiver in fear.

However, when there were no longer any spears, they could regain their calm.

[It has stopped. That was a horrifying assault…….]
[Are the ones that died really traitors? What if non-traitors were mixed among them? …… Oooh, how horrifying is this?]
[A spear of fire. Perhaps it was his doing?]
[Don’t tell me…… Lord Michael?]

The angels erased the blood of traitors that were scattered around the world with their magic and exchanged conversations with trembling voices. Hearing them, Yu IlHan tilted his head and asked Liera.

“Is this Michael the same Michael I know of?”
“Yeah. The Archangel of fire, and the representative of God, he’s the official 2nd-in-command of the Heaven’s Army. He is in a completely different league with the other Archangels of 7th class, and can even fight against the ruler of the Army of Brilliant Light. So we can say that he’s almost 8th class.”

Fighting an 8th class with a 7th class body. Although to Yu IlHan, who could fight 7th classes while being a 4th class, he thought ‘so what?’, considering that 8th class was near divinity, it wasn’t quite like that either. Liera was worried that Yu IlHan may be thinking of something outrageous and grabbed his hand to speak.

“Even IlHan, you won’t be able to win against him now. So if you see him, you have to run immediately. Okay? Even if you are the creator of miracles, impossible things are impossible for now. Just not yet. Okay?”
“Don’t worry about that, Liera.”

Yu IlHan may find him first, but there was no way the other would find him. Yu IlHan grabbed Liera’s hand back and stroked Yumir’s back with the other.

“Thanks for being on the watch, Mir. Let’s go to the next world now.”

The more traitors Yu IlHan slays, the more information he would acquire about the worlds where traitors resided in. As long as the Record skill and the Warp skill were with him, the traitors scheming inside the Heaven’s Army had no path of running away. Right now, Yu IlHan was like a spider dancing on a path of threads.

[The skill, Warp, has become level 69.]

“Oh, there aren’t that many here.”
“Yeah, there’s only 138 out of 397 angels.”

[You have earned experience.]
[You have…….]

[L, Lord Satan!]
[Satan!? You, you are a traitor?!]
“You’re one too!”

[You have earned experience.]

Time passed, and it passed mercilessly. Yu IlHan wiped out traitors in over twenty higher worlds under the jurisdiction of the Heaven’s Army.
Of course, over 80% of the traitors were 5th class, but quite a considerable number of them were 6th class as well. Yu IlHan still lacked enough power to kill them with a single spear throw, so he sometimes had no choice but to show himself and fight.

[You, were a lower existence?]
“So what? Falling Down!”

[The skill, Falling Down, has become level 68.]

[My god. These flames are!]
“If you are done being shocked then come at me!”

Clad in the Flamesoul Dragon Body, Yu IlHan’s figure that fought on Yumir’s back was completely like that of a dragon knight, and nobody thought of the human Yu IlHan of before while facing him. Of course, some realized after seeing Liera behind him, but nothing would change either way.

More time had passed. This was around the 68th world the three were visiting, and this time, the world was vaster than any higher world they had been to until now, and its name, was ‘Feira’.

[The skill, Warp, has become level 84.]

Liera shouted in shock after realizing which world she was in.

“Feira……! This is a world that’s just before its 7th Great Cataclysm! IlHan, this, this, this place is!”
“Yes, this place is a huge jackpot. There are over a thousand traitors here! Wow, there’s even a 7th class one too!”
“Are you going to fight? Are you reall- Kyaaaaaak!”

[You have earned experience.]
[You have earned experience.]
[You have…….]

[Just what is!?]

At that time, something big happened. Just as Yu IlHan was slaughtering the traitors in order to provoke the 7th class traitor, another 7th class Archangel had suddenly entered the world.

[…… Is this place in the same chaos?]
[L, Lord Raphael!?]

One of the four Great Archangels of the Heaven’s Army – Raphael of Healing – he had finally encountered this angel.

Author’s notes

  1. I will once again emphasize that the names of angels that appear in this story were those I used that came from the bible, other myths and/or novels and have no relation to them whatsoever.

Translator’s notes
$222 remaining I guess



Translator: Chamber
Proofreader: Koukouseidesu

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