Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 292: I Will Achieve – 2

Thick ash-colored blood scattered in the air. This was the moment when Daiel decided to attack Raphael, and altered his own records by abiding the orders of Satan.

The support from the world he could receive as a member of the Heaven’s Army was completely cut off, and the moment his tainted self was revealed, was the moment Yu IlHan decided to act.

[Kugh, ha……!]

With twelve strikes from the Spear of Untraceable Trajectory stacked on top of each other onto a single point, it created a gigantic hole on Daiel’s abdomen. The blood that was turning black scattered everywhere, while flesh, bone fragments, as well as black and white feathers flew about.

“Hi! It hurts, doesn’t it?”
[Hiik! Khih!]

Yu IlHan had aimed for both the heart and the shoulder blades, the most crucial parts of angels and fallen angels alike. Although Daiel had protected them using mana the moment he detected the attack, his shoulder blades were not completely destroyed. However, not only was his heart completely obliterated, one pair of wings was completely severed.

That was a fatal wound that would have cost him his life if he did not escape and treat himself immediately. If he were in a normal state, he wouldn’t be so injured, but Yu IlHan had attacked the moment he was transforming from an angel into a fallen angel, when his resistance was lowered for a brief moment.
He couldn’t have done this without the wits and technique to throw his bag on an empty seat on the morning bus to get it.

[You are!?]

A red breath of fire leaked from Yu IlHan’s lips when he approached him close enough to attack with his spear.
Daiel abruptly widened his eyes and attempted to strike back, but at that point, Yu IlHan had already activated Falling Down and the soulflame chains were binding his entire body. Was there any more perfect surprise attack than this? Right now, the only thing that was allowed to Daiel was to tremble in fear.

“Hey, you were more wary towards Raphael than me, weren’t you?”

Yu IlHan twisted his lips into a smirk as if he understood all that Daiel was thinking. Right now, a golden streak appeared on his burning-red eyes. Those golden streaks were similar if not identical to vertical reptilian pupils!

“You were doomed from that moment onwards.”

Daiel had realized his mistake and struggled to escape from Yu IlHan, but all of his attempts were followed by failure.

Falling Down had been empowered by entire two leagues through the Flamesoul Dragon Body. Even 7th class Archangels would have their league lowered, and he would be able to restrain them so that they couldn’t move an inch!

[Yu IlHan, human…… a lower existence, dares to…….]
“That’s an artifact, eh?”

He did expect that 7th class Archangels wouldn’t walk around with nothing prepared. Yu IlHan discovered a flashing current of mana in Daiel’s bosom and immediately covered it in flames. This was similar to when he covered his allies in flames to enhance their abilities and magic. The flames completely wrapped around the artifact and glowed. However, the results were devastating.

[The skill, Falling Down, has become level 72.]


He made a dumbfounded voice. Yu IlHan couldn’t care less about what the artifact’s effect was. It would not activate after all.

[You, wha? How, you?]
“You don’t expect me to answer, do you?”

Daiel trembled. Yu IlHan made a smirk at him, before striking at his wound with a flaming spear and twisting it while additionally activating the Great Cosmos-severing Spear. The trajectory that came from the power of dragons, and was realized through flames, burned brighter than when Spiera used it during her life and drew a single line.

[Critical Hit]

Another splash of blood. The artifact that was silent under the cover of flames was also snapped in half. It seemed like an artifact that gave the user tremendous healing ability monetarily and randomly teleport the user, but that didn’t matter now.

Yu IlHan smiled.

[Wait, human! No, the new transcender! Lord Satan has-]

His attitude instantly changed, but this was very, very common. Yu IlHan swept his spear without hesitation. Tens of additional flaming spears that came out from the Flamesoul Dragon body struck all parts of Daiel’s body according to his trajectory.

And that was the end.

[You have earned experience.]
[You have earned the record of Lv 537 Daiel.]
[The skill, Record, has become level 93.]

Yu IlHan straightened his body as he collected Daiel’s corpse. Falling Down was dispelled, and all mana was taken back into him and disappeared without a trace. The golden reptilian vertical pupils also disappeared as well.
Liera, who was prepared for the worst even until the battle ended, also finally heaved a sigh of relief and took back her spear.

[My god, it ended just like that…….]

Raphael became flabbergasted after seeing Yu IlHan in action, as he was wary against Daiel’s movements even while killing the remaining 6th class traitors. Even he could not attack so explosively like Yu IlHan despite being one of the Four Great Archangels.
What if Yu IlHan had attacked him instead? He could not guarantee his safety either. Though, he wouldn’t so easily be killed with his overwhelming healing capabilities.

[Transcender…… as expected, quite the qualified human. Though, you are no longer a human either.]
“You know?”

Yu IlHan asked the flabbergasted Raphael.

“Can I eat them if you aren’t going to?”

The ones Yu IlHan pointed towards with this spear were of course the surviving traitors. Raphael shook his head with an awkward expression.

[……No, we shall take care of it. The execution of traitors is the mission of us Heaven’s Army, so please leave it to us.]

Seeing Yu IlHan’s laid back attitude, Raphael and the angels clenched their teeth and moved fast. However, the traitors that had to go against them were already powerless. Their hopes were mercilessly crushed when they saw Daiel being slain by Yu IlHan.

[L, Lord Daiel died so vainly…….]
[We cannot survive. We, cannot…….]
[Is this, the end of a traitor? Was I really just a foolish maggot? Aaah, God, just what have I…….]

Raphael and the other angels felt very awkward even while taking care of the traitors since they felt like they were picking dead flowers. In the meanwhile, Yu IlHan recovered his mana and was undergoing maintenance on his equipment. Liera asked him in confusion.

“I thought you’d act too.”
“Well, yeah. It seems like that side has a lot to talk to me about. I can’t just go against them when we might be cooperating for quite a while.”

Yu IlHan was correct. After the series of battles where both the attacker and the attacked felt awkward, Raphael had voiced out to him after collecting the bodies of all traitors.

[It’s the first time that we have met, no? I am Raphael, one of the Four Great Archangels of the Heaven’s Army.]
“I’m Yu IlHan from Earth.”
[It was you that assaulted the worlds that Heaven was in possession of and killed the angels, stealing the world in the process, correct?]

The angels that came back from battle were enraged at Yu IlHan’s acknowledgement, but Raphael calmed them down by putting his hand up. Raphael was treating Yu IlHan not as any random individual, but as a leader of a faction.
It was very common for factions to steal each other’s worlds. It wasn’t such a rare occurrence for enemies that fought moments ago to shake hands the next.

[I appreciate that you admit it so openly. Then, why did you switch to hunting traitors?]
“Would you guys believe it if I divulged the reason?”
[No, we probably would not.]

Said Raphael with a smile. When Yu IlHan snorted at that answer, he took out words that Yu IlHan had expected to a certain extent.

[I request an alliance. Whatever motives you have for moving, we are very urgent in executing traitors. I will guide you to any world under the Heaven’s Army so come with me.]
[Lord Raphael!]
[This cannot be!]
[Everyone be quiet. You should have seen this individual’s ability on discerning and killing traitors, no? We need his help right now. Please refrain from treating him as a simple human and do not be rude to him.]

When he ordered the angels with a cold voice, they all nodded unwillingly and stepped back. Yu IlHan replied to Raphael after watching them in curiosity for a moment.

“In my knowledge, you guys should be busy right now too. Do you, one of the Four Great Archangels, have the time to act with me like this?”
[It is precisely because we are busy that executing the traitors is important.]

Raphael’s eyes flashed mysteriously.

[It will be very agonizing if traitors rampage in the upcoming final war.]
“Final war? That sounds very interesting, but in any case…….”

Yu IlHan thought for a moment about what he could request from the Heaven’s Army for this. However, he eventually just shook his head.
He was planning to wipe out the traitors of Heaven’s Army soon enough anyway. It wasn’t like he was going to stop just because the Heaven’s Army decided to not give him anything, and right now, none of the treasures in possession of the Heaven’s Army interested him that much.

“Good, let’s do this then.”
[I’m glad that we got through this quickly. Please take care of me. Oh, and also, little dragon and Liera, I will be in your care as well.]

Raphael offered to shake hands first. Yu IlHan grabbed his hand without hesitation. Yumir snorted and Liera nearly screamed, but he ignored them.

[I predict that you know this already, but the scale of the Heaven’s Army is vast. It will take a lot of time.]
“Don’t worry about that and just guide me along. Oh, I gave you the traitors just now, but that won’t happen anymore. I’ll be the one killing them so you guys just catch the runaways. If you reject this, then I will not comply.”
[Though I did hear about it, you are very vicious.]

Raphael made a bitter smile and turned around to the other angels.

[Concentrate on protecting Feira. Report immediately if anything happens.]
[Lord Raphael, that human…… are you real-]
[Concentrate on your work.]

Raphael split from the angels and accompanied Yu IlHan. Liera looked at Yu IlHan with a worried gaze seeing a gate to another world under Heaven opening up, but Yu IlHan only laughed and stroked her head.

He knew what she was worried about. It was probably because there was no way the loyal Raphael will see Yu IlHan in a good light.
There was no way Yu IlHan was unaware of this. Didn’t he already hear before that Heaven will not tolerate another transcender?

However, Raphael should also be aware that Yu IlHan was wary against him. He probably had other tricks up his sleeve. That was why it was interesting.

Yu IlHan checked his hand that shook hands with Rapahel and laughed.

‘The Great Archangel that represent God, and the one that received the most of his power……. I finally found him.’

Yu IlHan’s eyes glistened. A flash of green text appeared on his retina.

[The skill, Record has become level 95.]

‘The final piece necessary to become a higher existence, and to become the Fifth.’

Just who would swallow the other up? Yu IlHan smirked his lips in a manner much more evil than the one Raphael had made and threw his body into the gate.

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