Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 294: I Will Achieve – 4


Michael panicked for a moment. He realized that the seal he had engraved in order to track Yu IlHan had disappeared. Yu IlHan only laughed when he saw that.

“You didn’t possibly think that I didn’t know about it, right? What you guys utilized in the process of making the seal was fire and records. And I’m ahead of you in both of those fields.”

The one that replied was Raphael. It was a magic that took him a long time to do it in secret, and in actuality, Yu IlHan was revealed in front of everyone like this. But what? He knew from the beginning? Then why was he affected by the magic initially?

“You guys.”

Yu IlHan looked around to everyone with a thick smile on his face. Angels that thought that they had cornered him; Archangel Michael clad in fire; Army of Brilliant Light that acted confused; Destruction-loving perverse beasts of destruction from the Destruction Demon Army; as well as the mysterious perverts, the Garden of Sunset – he looked towards all of them and asked.

“Just who are you looking at?”

The next moment the figure of Yu IlHan turned into a black fog and melted into thin air.


Raphael finally realized that something was strange. The ones that rushed into battlefield were Yu IlHan and Yumir, two of them, but the one revealed by Michael’s magic just now was Yu IlHan alone!

But then, where was the dragon? No, what was that thing which looked like Yu IlHan that appeared in front of them? Was it really Yu IlHan?

[Critical Hit!]

Raphael was given the answer the next moment. Just barely after looking at the spear that had impaled his abdomen.
Yu IlHan was never there in the first place. He deceived Raphael to and attacked him with his maximum power at the perfect timing.

Raphael’s shoulder blades shattered, and two pairs of wings were ripped out.

[You…… deceived me!]
“Just who, deceived who?”

Asked Yu IlHan in a cold voice. Raphael became speechless at that. At least, he didn’t have the qualifications to denounce him. He coughed out blood and asked.

[How did you do it?]
“Though I hate to say it since the feeling is like I’m a villain from a movie if I explain in this situation……but, it’s an artifact.”

Flamesoul Dragon Body, to be precise, it was the power of the Body of the Human Dragon. He separated a portion of his mana as well as the combined magic from Michael and Raphael to make it look believable, and while that attracted the gaze of all beings here, Yu IlHan had brought out all his powers as a Deathgod to attack Raphael with Yumir. It was a very simple process.

[Simple? The technique that deceived all 7th class beings including me…… is simple!?]
“It was simple for me. Well, then. How long are you going to act like you were done in?”

Raphael had an innate recovery power. Of course, Yu IlHan’s attack was strong, but that wouldn’t make him immobile.
In truth, Raphael clicked his tongue the moment he heard Yu IlHan’s words and disappeared only to reappear in another place. The place beside the strongest man here, Michael.

[Raphael, your body?]
[I am fine.]

Michael also met him with a slightly nervous gaze. He probably felt something after seeing that his proud ‘flames’ didn’t work against Yu IlHan.

[He’s an ominous guy. He just accepted the magic even while knowing about it. It shouldn’t be for a petty reason like ‘to attack you’…….]
[Kugh…… Be wary against him, Lord Michael. We do not know what else he may be hiding.]

“That’s amazing.”

Yu IlHan was amazed after seeing Raphael relatively fine even though he looked to be on the verge of death just a moment ago.
However, that was enough. The guts, bones, flesh, the white blood, as well as the white feathers on his flaming spear allowed him to get whatever records necessary from him.

[……Michael, don’t tell me the reason you came here was.]

The 2nd Wing of Brilliant Light, Anafière spoke in a voice of disbelief.

[To kill Yu IlHan?]
[To be exact, it’s to prevent you from protecting Yu IlHan. If you do not stop us, then we are only thankful…… how is it?]
[……Although we are fed up with Yu IlHan’s actions, he’s nothing compared to your mindset and actions. Did you shake hands with the Destruction Demon Army? Even though you’re the prided ‘Heaven’s seeds’?]

Michael shrugged his shoulders and nodded his head.

[I do not like the idea of borrowing power from those filthy beasts, but I can’t help it if it’s to stop another disturbing element from rising. It was an insulting and demeaning negotiation.]
[You really are…… Move out.]

Anafière relayed an order to the fallen angels even while thinking it was absurd. The next moment, all the fallen angels that filled the battlefield started to show strange movements.


Yu IlHan tilted his head in confusion while collecting the remnants of Raphael. Although fallen angels being hostile against angels was a usual thing, they were currently moving like they intended to protect Yu IlHan.

“……What are you up to?”

Even though, just until now, he was helping the angels exterminate the traitors, and were killing fallen angels? Just why did they try to protect Yu IlHan now?
At that moment, something flashed by Yu IlHan’s head.

“Is it something like ‘Only we can touch that guy!’ or stuff like that? It feels disgusting so stop it!”

Yu IlHan felt strange since he somehow felt like he was the protagonist of some romance novel now, and shouted out in shock. Of course, Anafière only felt that it was tragic.

[To think we need to…… *crunch*, protect him!]
[Lord Anafière, do we really need to protect that? Wouldn’t Lord Satan’s thoughts have changed by now?]
[Do not try to question his orders. Until the moment he orders us otherwise, we…….]

Anafière bit his lips as he turned around as if to protect Yu IlHan. In his hand was a gigantic bloody great sword.

[Need to protect Yu IlHan. Crissière, Satière, I presume you know what to do?]

The 3rd and 4th Wing of Brilliant Light stepped against the one from the Destruction Demon Army, Keshein, that appeared through blood. He only laughed.

[You guys are too weak…… I only want to hunt that human over there.]
[Let’s see you blab on!]

They all charged. Flashes of light and blood flew. The 5th class higher existences also acted according to their factions as well. Even though the objective of this war had completely changed, its intensity only rose in scale.

[That’s an interesting scene.]

The Heaven’s Army that executed its traitors through Yu IlHan’s power was now trying to kill him with the help of Destruction Demon Army, and the Army of Brilliant Light that had received tremendous damage from Yu IlHan now had to protect him just because of orders from Satan, while the most objectively inferior group in this battle, the Garden of Sunset, watched on in curiosity.

Although he didn’t want to agree with them, it was very interesting scene even to Yu IlHan as well. It was very interesting, but.

[You have mastered the skill, Record.]
[You have acquired the qualifications.]
[All of your records gather. You are newly recorded in this sole world.]


Yu IlHan called out the Cradle of Miracles in the air and spoke.

“Since when was this your stage?”
[…… Yu IlHan!?]

Someone, who realized the intentions behind his movements shouted. However, it was too late by then.

[Dad, I’m ready.]

Reported Yumir quietly. Yu IlHan replied with a smile.

“Yes, Mir. ……I’m also ready!”

The Cradle of Miracles explosively expanded in size and enveloped Yu IlHan and Yumir. They resonated with it while emitting intense amounts of mana, and the Flamesoul Dragon Body followed soon after. The energy of dragons, and the energy of fire that were all under Yu IlHan’s rule amplified within it, compressed after, then repeated the cycle of amplification and compression.

[All titles disappear with their effects remaining intact. You become a being that cannot be defined by any language.]
[All the blessings of gods you have received is cancelled. You now have direct dominion over those attributes.]
[The effects of the title, ‘Surpasser’, is added to the records. You are no longer bound by anything.]

Eternal Flame only collected her consciousness with her master in joy, but Echjar still couldn’t believe it even though he was at the center of all this.

[Th, this human, this mere human! My lord has really…… really?]

Red light filled the world. Michael finally felt a sense of crisis for the first time after arriving at this world.

[W, we need to stop him. It’s happening much faster than we expected!]
[Stop him. Attack! I said stop him!]

All angels and Destruction Demon soldiers rushed towards him. The fallen angels desperately attempted to stop them, while the gatekeepers watched on with joy. One of the gatekeepers spoke with a laugh.

[It’s too late. You cannot stop him! It’s the birth of the Fifth! The latest but the brightest of them all! The Fifth!]
[Of them all……? You mean to say that he’s bigger and better than your own leader?]
[The Lord has spoken as such, and we only faithfully believe his words!]

The prophecy from the ruler of the Garden of Sunset. The same prophecy that was known to everyone through Helièna, and the same one that everyone was wary against. Michael shouted while clenching his teeth.

[Kill him!]

The flaming spear thrown by Michael was blocked by Anafière. As he was lacking in power to fully defend against Michael, he was pushed back mercilessly while coughing out black blood, but despite that, Anafière stopped Michael with all his power. A similar scene was happening with Crissière, Satière, and Keshein.

[Ki, Kikik.]
[Lord Satan, O LORD SATAN!]

Yu IlHan didn’t care no matter how much of a mess the battlefield came to be. What was important to him right now was only himself.

Everything that he had memorized and recorded from the moment he was born, the power of higher existences, and the fragment of God that he could finally acquire from Raphael! The records and sources of power that ruled and evolved worlds he had acquired from countless higher worlds!

A single line of text appeared on Yu IlHan’s retina.

[You may become the one that encompasses all, but you are still lacking something.]
[However, you may now acquire a new subclass to replace Angel’s Partner. There is something that you need amidst them. You already know what you require.]
1. [Woodworker]
2. [Blacksmith]
3. [Musician]
4. [Tamer]
179. [Leader]

Leader. A leader was a very common subclass possessed by those with qualities to harmonize other people and lead them. A subclass that gave bonuses when partying, and also one that amplified in effect the more personnel he or she led. The subclass that almost all clan masters possessed.

And now, that had appeared as a selectable option in the list. There was no reason to speak of. It was because party play didn’t suit a man like Yu IlHan. If he didn’t create a fleet after becoming the Dimensional Traveler, there would never come a day where leader appeared as one of the available subclasses.

“I’m quite the stubborn guy even in my opinion.”
[Yu IlHaaaaaaaaan!]

The angels that broke through the fallen angels attacked him mercilessly. However, the words from the gatekeepers from the Garden of Sunset were right, and none of their attacks reached Yu IlHan. In fact, the mana they used was swept up in the resonance and only gave Yu IlHan additional power. This applied to any attacks that came his way.

Michael and the other angels were all acting in vain. If they really wanted to prevent Yu IlHan from becoming a higher existence, they should have run away with all their might. Of course, that would only delay his awakening by a little!

[Dad is a cool dad. You always were, and you always will be. We all believe in dad.]

Spoke Yumir. He was really an honest and cute kid. He was only dumbstruck when he was first born, he could say this honestly now – That he could step forward because he was here; that he could truly become happy as Yumir appeared in his life.

“Thanks, Mir.”

Yu IlHan patted Yumir’s head. Then, he raised his head, and chose.

“Yes. I’ll become a Leader.”

[All qualifications have been fulfilled.]

Reported the Akashic Record. As always, the green text appeared on Yu IlHan’s retina.
As well as the retinas of all higher existences here.

[A new higher existence faction ‘Dragon’s Nest’, is born.]

Author’s notes

  1. You have all waited for a long time. Here it is finally

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ANNNNNNNNNNND a massive cliffhanger xD

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