Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 30: I Also Go To Dungeons – 2

Yu IlHan, who had experience in making Traps of Destruction, but had none in entering dungeons, could not hide his surprise after seeing that the scene in front of him had changed as soon as the tip of his fingers had touched the vortex.

“Just what is the principle?”
[You just made them until now.]
“Don’t you know that Daedalus, who created the Crete labyrinth, got trapped inside it?”
[You sure are good with your words.]

Was this space really created from the Trap of Destruction? To think that such a small lump of metal twisted such a large amount of space, separated it and maintained it!

Although he had seen the scene where the Trap of Destruction was being activated, it was a different feeling to see and feel the scenery inside after coming in the dungeon himself. Moreover, even the feeling of the air was different to the outside!
The unknown that he loved the most, the unknown which burned his passion for adventure! He fell into a deeply moved state and looked around him.

While looking around, he found a huge grey colored lump of metal rolling around the corridor. For some reason, the excitement which boiled until now, cooled down instantly.

“Normally, novel MCs will shout ‘This is the metal I was looking for!’ like a fool and run to it then get messed up, but I already know the fact that it’s a monster.”
[You sound quite disappointed.]
“Yeah, I feel like when I was spoiled by mom on The Sixth Sense.”

His unknown emptiness couldn’t be described by anything. He didn’t know whether to be angry or be sad!

While grumbling, Yu IlHan took out a weapon from the cross bag. There was a more suitable weapon to confront hard lumps of metal, rather than a spear which used slashing and thrusting as its main attack.

That was a weapon which had a huge axe blade on the head, and a heavy hammer on the other end. An ivory colored weapon made entirely out of the Shadow Leopard’s bones, starting from the handle to the axe blade!

[Heavy Battle Crusher]
[Rank – Rare]
[Attack Power –
Hammer : 1,250
Axe : 1,270]
[Option – weight increases by 50% upon hitting]
[Durability – 1,350/1,350]

It was a masterpiece which had an alpha option even without going through mana crafting. The options attahed  was a weight increase option which maximized effects in an environment where hammers or axes would be used!
Althoug the rank was rare, in fact, it was rare to go above rare in this world. Yu IlHan’s ability, pulling out one rare or above after another was the abnormal one.

“However, I will be able to make better metallic weapons when I clear this dungeon and come out so I will have to throw this away.”

Moreover, Yu IlHan had no ability to become friendly with others, so he couldn’t ‘pass them on’ to lower levelled people like in other RPG games. Such a good weapon will be thrown away!
When one felt empty, everything else felt empty. With an empty feeling, Yu IlHan dashed with the axe held high, and shouted while striking down his axe on the lump of metal, feeling empty.

“Go croak!” (T/N: This will become a thing from now.)
[What do you mean, ‘feel empty’? It’s your full strength!]

The axe with an enormous amount of strength concentrated on it dug into the lump of metal with strong strength with another level stronger due to the 10% increase due to concealment. It recognized Yu IlHan the moment it was attacked, but since it was in the middle of being beaten up, it couldn’t resist properly.
And just like that, it split into halves.

[Critical Hit!]
[You have earned 137,928 experience.]
[You have earned the record of Lv 51 Metal Heart.]
[Critical Hit has become Lv 4.]
[You have awakened Blunt Weapon mastery Lv Max. You can evolve this skill if you have the skill evolution materials.]

Yu IlHan stopped for a moment. He had never thought that it would end in one hit. Since it ended so easily, he thought that it may be an enemy which revived until it became powder, but it wasn’t that. That was just the end.
However, the next moment, he pretend that he was expecting it to end with a single strike.

“The title is really ‘One hit for you, one hit for me’!”
[I think it would be an instakill even without a critical but, yes, you did well.]

After checking that there were no enemies around, Yu Ilhan lightly recovered the axe and looked at its body. At first, he thought that a huge pumpkin was rolling around, but it was made from countless lumps of metal gathered together.
Amongst those countless metallic lumps, there was a lump which emitted a blackish light so that made him assume that it was the heart.

“You did say to pull out he heart…… But its body also seems to be quite hard, though?”
[The body is just a bit stronger than steel, but the Metal Heart’s heart is a metal that’s in a different dimension. Not only it is the hardest part, it is also the nucleus which contains all its mana. Although, that is also the reason why Metal Hearts don’t have any magic stones.]
“This is…..?”

Yu IlHan struck its body again and made the heart appear. Surely, that thing emitting a wondrous black light looked like it was something good.
To Yu IlHan, who looked at it after pulling it out, Erta explained.

[Metal Hearts, when they notice the enemies, they send their unique mana from their metallic hearts into the part they want tostrengthen. Originally, it’s a monster even people with 2nd jobs have a hard time to hunt. Normally, one would distract its attention from the front, and another one would ambush it from behind.]
“Thank you, Ertawagon.”(E/N: ertawagon?)

He did think that he had hunted a 2nd class monster, which was above lv 50, too easily, but there was a reason. Metal Hearts were weak to ambush.
Well, although everything was weak to ambushes, Metal Hearts were especially so. They can only use their strength after noticing their enemies – how weak was that!?

However, life was something where you could be backstabbed at all times. Being arrogant after killing just one just might send him to hell. Even in novels, side characters were cleared up like that.
He had to run away without hesitation if about ten appeared at once, so he proceeded inside the dungeon while not loosening his tension.

And one day passed.

[You have become level 38. 2 Strength, 1 Agillity, 1 Health, 1 Magic increases.]

There was no twist nor counterattack. Metal Hearts were beings which had less population in the first place. He was so bored in adventuring the dungeon, to the extent that he would call out ‘jackpot’ when he found a Metal Heart after walking for 10 minutes.

As soon as he found them, Yu IlHan struck them down with his axe, and the Metal Heart which could not notice Yu IlHan in his concealment, always allowed him to succeed in his ambush and they got split into halves.

As Erta said, the Metal Hearts were disposed of in not two hits, nor three hits, but in one hit. When the fight ended like that, he would just senselessly break its body, take its heart out and put it inside his cross bag. And it was an infinite cycle of that.

Yu IlHan muttered in a tired voice.

“Were dungeons such an unemotional place?”
[You’re just abnormal. Just how did you master blunt weapon mastery to the max as well?]
“You know that ten thousand different weapons all end up to be the same, once they’re trained to the extreme, right?”
[Yeah, how about I hit you about ten thousand times?]

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  1. Novel_Addict

    Man I’m so frustrated, all the rewards he gets compliment his craftsmanship not his fighting ability.

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    I almost drop the novel halfway due to frustration & confuse with the novel romance part but end up able to finishing till the end.
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    For those confused, Ertawagon (as mentioned above by another commentor) could be a reference to Speedwagon in JoJo, a semi-omniscient side character that narrates how incredibly awesome and impossible the main character JoJo’s actions are and just info-dumping a lot of “did you know?” sort of stuff. Quite fitting for Erta imo.

    1. WirlWind

      If I had to guess, it’s probably just because they have a hard time saying L and so it turns into R, like Japanese people.

      That’s just my guess though, since I don’t know much about Korean.

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