Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 300: I Am Your Father – 1

[Aah, for I have gained life, the bright light of sunshine dawns upon my ego.]
[I can see, I can touch, I can hear. The fragrance of new life, the sweet taste of air…… I can feel it!]

As expected of dragons, their cries as they hatched were extraordinary. Perhaps they were the only race whose newborns became emotional at the fact that they had senses!

[My Creator. My Lord who hath bestowed upon me intelligence! I give you my greatest praise.]

Such awkward cries could be heard throughout the continent. Of course, not all the monsters born on Dareu were dragons, but due to the characteristics of Dareu itself as well as the presence of the ruler of all dragons, Yu IlHan, a large majority were dragons.

In other words, around a million were born.

“My word…….”
“I think even more will be born soon, dad.”

What was even more frightening was that they were not 3rd class dragon’kin’ but full sized adult dragons at level 200 or higher. And that was just the minimum level, and there were even more monstrous dragons who were born with levels exceeding 270 or even 280.

“Birth is very unfair.”
“Didn’t you say that life was like that, dad?”
“Yes, I did.”

However, their skill levels would be just as low compared to the ones who had reached level 280 after a long period of time. Yu IlHan just decided to let it go at this point.

Well, the matter that really was unacceptable for him occurred the next moment.

[He resides over there.]
[Our Creator, our Parent.]
[The Great and Shining Ruler.]


Yu IlHan voiced out his panic. Minute reactions of mana could be felt from all over the Dareu continent, which now expanded endlessly. These mana reactions were mana vibrations from all of these dragons flying up into the air!

[To the Lord.]
[To the Supreme!]

The dragons seemed to have instinctively felt where Yu IlHan was upon their birth and all started flying towards him. The ones that were born relatively closer arrived the quickest, and the one who were born far away flapped their wings endlessly while calling out his name. The dragons with massive bodies all singing in harmony like that made the others feel nothing but fear.

“What the hell? Are they crazy? What are they up to?”
[Lord is the lord of all dragons as well as my parent. I will meet them firmly.]

Echjar’s voice was more serious than ever. He had the feeling that he always had slight complaints towards Yu IlHan in his manner of speech, but now, he sounded very serious and even sacred.

[Lord declared after making me submit. Now that the Lord has really become the lord of all dragons, proceed with them. Do what I couldn’t, this is my wish and request as the loser.]
“Your wish and request, you say…….”

Echjar was once the Dragon of Despair who terrorized many beings, but even he wouldn’t have been so terrifying from the get go.

He should have reached that position through countless years of hard work, as well as his hopes and desires he harbored throughout the period. Honestly, Yu IlHan didn’t think much about Echjar before, but he was slightly moved for the first time after hearing Echjar feeling emotional at the birth of the countless dragons on this land.

The dragon that was once colored to the bones with curses and desires could finally recover his original intentions that shone like a bright peart amidst the dark and muddy emotions.

“Yes, I got it.”

It wasn’t like he wasn’t at a loss what to do when all the dragons were calling out to him despite being just born.
However, this was pretty much predestined the moment he became the ruler of all dragons, so he had to take responsibility. Abandoning the dragons that called him father was the same as him abandoning Yumir.

“I promised you when I entered a contract with you, so I shall take responsibility of those dragons.”
[You have my thanks.]

Echjar became silent after a sigh of relief. Even all this while, dragons were gathering around Yu IlHan.
Some floated in the air around Yu IlHan while some folded their wings and looked up towards him from the ground. Since this world was very large, the skies stretched endlessly even with hundreds of thousands of dragons joining this fray.

[My father.]
[The great and beautiful lord.]
[He’s powerful. Aah, he is truly strong.]

The dragons all gazed at Yu IlHan with admiration. They saw the enormous influence he had on this world as well as the enormous quantity of mana he possessed and the divine power hidden within his small stature. Yu IlHan felt very awkward with the gazes of admiration from a million dragons, but Yumir seemed to like it.

“Dad, they are all weaker than me!”
“Yes, Mir became a lot stronger now.”
“I’m happy!”

The reason Yumir was happy was probably not only because he was stronger than the other dragons. He should have a sense of feeling unsatisfied even with all the love he received from Yu IlHan and the others.
Until now he couldn’t say his feelings towards Yu IlHan since Yu IlHan was in a hostile relationship against dragons, but the longing for his own kin was a natural thing. And now that so many dragons following Yu IlHan were born, he was happy about that.

“What do you want to do? Say it honestly.”

Although they were just born, they were able to move as they wish and were capable of reason as well, so Yu IlHan judged that it was correct to let them do what they want. They all replied to him without hesitation.

[I wish to become stronger!]
[I wish to be with the Lord!]

Well, yeah, it was pretty much set in stone what they were going to say. Yu IlHan only shrugged his shoulders since he expected all this to happen and nodded his head.

“Fine, I will make you stronger.”
[We thank the lord!]

A million dragons roared simultaneously. Yu IlHan nodded his head and took out all the meat of dragons from his inventory.
The majority were from 4th class dragons, but there were quite some 5th class dragon flesh, as well as the meat from the 6th class dragon Teraka, and finally a minute amount of the flesh from the Dragon of Despair Echjar.

“This is your first meal. You will have to work out after the meal so you should all take your own share.”

The dragons could know that Yu IlHan’s ‘working out’ wasn’t any ordinary exercise even though they were born merely 20 minutes ago. As they were beings created from Yu IlHan’s records, they could all perfectly understand Yu IlHan’s vague, nonsensical words!

[In other words, from now…….]
[This is the first mission!]

Countless dragons all flew upwards and burned with passion. The amount of dragon meat which would make them stronger, was limited and there were a lot of competitors, so they could only fight it out!

“But no one shall die. Now, you are all siblings, and those who kill your siblings will not be forgiven.”

From their brave answers or the advanced flame magic, they seemed to be willing to beat each other half to death.

“You don’t need any of that now, do you, Mir?”
“No. The young ones should eat a lot and grow a lot.”

Yumir smiled in satisfaction while watching the baby dragons (though, they were huge) fighting each other. The lucky ones to get Echjar’s meat should potentially be able to become a higher existence as well.

Yu IlHan felt slightly strange while looking at the million or so dragons waging war for their first meal. The aerial and territorial war filled with countless magic and massive physical clashes was definitely more thrilling than any other battle he had seen until now, but their objective was a mere chunks of food…….

“It looks like everyone is hungry.”
“It shouldn’t be just that though.”

While humans eating human meat was an unforgivable taboo, but dragons eating dragon meat was a sacred ritual that continued the will of their kin. They should all understand that.

“What do you think? The meat they want to eat should be none other than yours, you know?”
[It is only useless meat now. If it strengthens my juniors, then I am happy.]
“……Aren’t you honest now.”

Perhaps it was about time he stopped ticking Echjar off. Yu IlHan shrugged his shoulders and looked back. The elves and wolfkin who had gathered in the highland he had made all had their jaws agape at the massive battle between dragons.

“The huge dragons are.”
“Those monsters that I can’t even face alone right now, number in the millions…… His Majesty is…… truly great.”

The horrifying dragons that were beings of fear they had to fight against all this time were following Yu IlHan’s orders now, it was no wonder it looked very divine for them. Yu IlHan consoled them with a bitter smile as both the wolfkin and the elves were very nervous.

“Those of you who want to become dragon riders should apply early.”

There were so many dragons, so perhaps he could get around a hundred dragon riders at least. If they didn’t like it, then he would only force it. Yu IlHan decided that inwardly and nodded his head. Like that, the elves could pioneer the realm of dragon riding after wolfkin riding! It was a revolutionary matter, worthy of a notification alarm.

“I did come to Dareu because I feared about what may happen on Earth, but this might have been the best choice I could have made.”

Yu IlHan was now the ruler of all dragons, and declared the world of dragons his first territory. Thanks to his characteristics, the lower worlds under his rule even fused with it.
The world became larger and dragons with the highest potential were born. Just that was enough to be called a miracle.

“It seems like it will end soon.”

An enormous event such as the 6th Great Cataclysm wouldn’t be over just like that, but the atmospheric mana started showing signs of stabilization. Now, the probability of encountering a thunderstorm while walking…… will probably decrease. But for now.

“Your Majesty, what are you thinking of?”

One of the elves saw that Yu IlHan was in deep thought and called out to him. He shrugged his shoulders.

“I was thinking about the things I have to do in Dareu in the future. So many things have changed in an instant. You elves and wolfkin will only be able to survive if you become stronger too…….”
“We can do it!”
“I like your confidence, but…….”

Yu IlHan’s eyes could too easily see the monsters being born across this world. The current elves and wolfkin had practically no chance against them.
Would it just be the dragons that were born strong? Large-scale monsters over level 270 were being born explosively across Dareu. Now that the environmental change was decreasing, mana was focused in another direction and the mutation and generation of life forms were being accelerated even further.

“You will need the dragons’ help if you want to fight against those frightening beasts.”
“We do not dare doubt His Majesty, but can we really live together with such beings…….”

The elves were half in doubt. Well, it was no wonder since their only objective was to avoid dragons before. Yu IlHan made a bitter smile and nodded.

“They have all submitted to me and cannot go against me, so the thing you are worried about will not happen again. ……However, you may have to battle more frightening and annoying opponents in the future.”
“We are always ready! As long as His Majesty is in charge!

The wolfkin were perverse enough to rejoice at the words ‘frightening and annoying opponents’ while the elves shouted out bravely. Hm, there should be no need to educate them again.

Yu IlHan nodded with a satisfied smile and now looked back towards the dragons. The million dragons had just finished the first brutal war for food and were looking up towards him.

“Then, let’s see……”

Checking which ones became stronger, and which ones took Echjar’s flesh, Yu IlHan was surprised at the unexpected result.

[Fuu, Khooooooooooooh!]

One of them monopolized all of Echjar’s flesh.

“You’re quite greedy.”
[Father, I wish to become stronger!]

There was one that caught his eye from the very beginning. It was a child that boasted a level of 280 from the moment of birth, and the color of the scales were also bright red and was one that possessed the power of fire, also within Yu IlHan’s realm of management.
Of course, now that the red dragon ate Echjar’s flesh, its level rose to 294. Its other skills should have grown explosively as well. This was the most blessed birth after the innately 5th class Mystic.

[I wish to become even stronger than this. I wish to win!]
“Good, you will now be the leader of this group. I give you the name, Ruby.”
[I am happy!]

Red, and therefore Ruby. Avoiding Yumir’s silent gaze that asked if he was too careless with that name, Yu IlHan healed the dragons that were injured. It sufficed to just scatter some potion that was a mixture of dragon’s blood matured in the Cradle of Miracles and a little bit of his own blood.

[Father, what do we do now?]
“It will be good to train your innate skills…… but for now, fight against the monsters weak enough to not threaten your lives. In the future, your first objective is to not allow any other monsters other than yourselves to rule this world, okay?”
[We shall follow!]

The dragons all flew in the air like the time they gathered here. When Ruby roared, the dragons all raised their voice in accordance.

[We shall be back soon!]

A loud greeting from the dragons. Feeling like a parent sending off his child on an errand for the first time, Yu IlHan sent them off. It would be fine as long as they didn’t die.

“Dad, then what do we do?”
“There’s only one thing.”

Yu IlHan’s eyes glistened. The aftereffects of the Great Cataclysm still remained, while the ancient elven magic formation was still activated. Moreover, he couldn’t just let this highland where the elves and wolfkin were standing on stay as a lump of rocks and grass, so…….

“Let’s construct a city for everyone to live in.”

His soul as a creator burned up for real.

Author’s notes

  1. I, am your father! (T/N: This was written in English, lol)
  2. Start of book 13!

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