Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 302: I Am Your Father – 3


Liera shouted in shock. That dandy and leisurely Succubus Queen was hit!
Helièna’s blood poured out from the hole in her abdomen, and just as she retreated while covering up the wound, a streak of blood ran leaked out from her lips as well. The attack was a direct hit from a close distance, leaving her in a rather miserable state.

[My, to think that it would just parry my ability just like that…… What the hell is this thing? It’s not darling! Perhaps it’s not a life form at all?]

Seeing that thing raising its hand again, Liera bit her lips and swung her spear. The shockwave from her spear distorted the trajectory of the beam. It finally turned around to Liera and raised both of its hands.

[Eliminating obstacles of higher priority.]
“I don’t like it since every single line it’s spewing out is really like the last boss’s underling!”

All magic power from Liera’s very being focused on the spear and vibrated. She wouldn’t care even if her attack was copied. Her shockwaves turned magic power into pure physical force, and applied to both magical power and physical force.
Did someone say that it didn’t use mana but something else? That didn’t matter either. As long as it was a form of energy, it would not escape the effect of the vibrations!

[Liera, just with you…….]
“Retreat and get yourself healed! Quickly!”

Helièna couldn’t continue speaking after hearing that and turned around. At that moment, the rotation of the halo that covered it reached the limit and shrouded its entire body.

“Why don’t you try.”

Liera clashed with it without having a single bit of room to breathe. Although she was worried since Helièna’s charm didn’t work at all, but fortunately, Liera’s power was the perfect counter to fight it. This was clear from its transforming voice patterns.

[Priority elimination target.]
[Raising priority to first.]
“You’re noisy!”
[Checking for enemy weaknesses.]

It was at that moment. It reacted to Liera’s ‘noisy’ comment and started emitting endless amounts of noise! Liera once again felt that the mouth was the source of trouble for everything and made a crying face.

“Uwaah! Do something already!”

Liera was feeling really serious. Of course, not that her shockwaves would be hindered by its vibrations, but the bigger problem was the mana she needed to use in order to fight it.
Even though she could bring out more power than her class, her mana was still that of a lower existence’s. Now that she was focusing all the magic power in her body at the tip of her spear, she would be able to hold on for about 3 minutes at most.

“We also want to do something, but…….”
“……It doesn’t work that well.”

They should have realized from the moment it resisted against the charm. While Liera was holding it back up front, Kim YeSeul and the other mages at the rear used magic in order to restrain it, but annoyingly, none of their magic worked properly!


Erta shouted while biting her lips.

“It has resistance to magic power! That is why your power that changes magic power into pure physical force works the best against it!”
“Aah, god dammit. It really does things weirdly! And? What do I do?”

Erta and Kang MiRae spoke while casting a magic formation with desperate faces.

“We’re looking for a solution!”
“Please wait a little!”

This was no good. They weren’t of any help! If so……. Liera once again spent a small portion of her mana in order to refract the enemy’s beam and shouted sharply.

“Orochi, what the heck are you doing!”
[I am preparing for the most effective means of attack using the data acquired from contact. Isn’t it the basics to analyze the enemy right in front of them before attacking them?]

That’s for when this side is in the advantage with concealment! – Liera wanted to shout that, but closed her mouth after realizing what Orochi was trying to do.

[Wait a little more. Hold back the enemy a little more.]
“…… That guy acts somewhat like IlHan.”

Although Orochi was made into a humanoid form by Yu IlHan, in no way was he a human nor was he a dragon.
After a long period of adaptive training within the barrier, Orochi could now move his body as if he had been born with it, and the extent was a little ‘too much’.

[A little more…… hhp!]
“No, he’s a lot more unpleasant than what IlHan does…….”

Right now, he had gone beyond the realm of controlling minute body movements, and was transforming the body itself. Its abilities from when it was the Eight-tailed Dragon Spear, had blossomed into a more destructive power in the body of flesh, muscle, bones, and blood of a dragon!
On the outside, it was not that different from a human, but ‘molding’ its muscles and bones and the like and turning his arms into cannons would make anyone unpleasant!

[I’m finished! Tie him down just like that!]
[Detecting danger from behind…….]
“He said tie you down!”

A strong shockwave from Liera’s spear momentarily forced not only the beams into one streak, but even paused the rotation of the halo as well. The next moment, Orochi, who had transformed one of his arms into a cannon like Megam*n, rapidly shot across the air! Na YuNa, who had just finished treating Helièna, raised her head and shouted.

“Ah, that’s a Mega B*ster……!”
[It’s a pile bunkeeeeeeeeer!]

Orochi shouted to deny Na YuNa’s predictions! Yes. The moment Orochi’s arm, that seemed to shoot a beam cannon, touched the halo, a sharp bone spear shot out from his arm from the powers of the contraction and expansion of the 7th class dragon muscle fibers, as well as the explosion of magic power to pierce straight through the halo and strike into its body!

[Critical Hit!]


It stumbled for the first time. Even Liera’s attack merely deflected its attack, but Orochi’s bitter strike had caused a piercing wound! It urgently retreated and tried to heal its injuries, but couldn’t do that easily due to the durability and resistance of Echjar’s bones. Orochi shouted with an evil smile with a face that looked like a human’s.

[If it’s pure physical power I will not lose! This is the power I have acquired while being with master!]
“Well done, Orochi!”
[But the disadvantage is that I only have one stored bone spear left!]
“What the hell are you boasting about that for, you idiot!”

Orochi neither had the ability to manipulate subspace, nor the ability to regenerate 7th class bones as he wish! At least not yet!

[I will attack at a more crucial time!]
“I hope that that moment doesn’t come after I die! Haaaaaaaap!”

While Orochi retreated to prepare his second strike, Liera charged ahead once again. It seemed that Orochi’s trump card dealt a critical strike as the enemy still had yet to recover its halo and wings and defended her attack with just its arms, but Liera felt something strange the moment she came in contact with it.

“This, is as if…….”

While Liera was hesitating, as if it had become B-d*man, it started to make a cannon from its chest, and actually shot out a foggy white spear that had real form. The moment she faced that, Liera felt a cold sensation. And as she had feared, it declared with a confident and firm voice.

[It’s a pile bunkeeeeeeeeer!]

If it was indeed made from Orochi’s records it had absorbed just now, she would die the moment she gets hit! Liera instinctively flew upwards to dodge. A boom sound could be heard from behind before Mystic shouted.

[Hey! I’m getting hit by stray bullets!]
“Block that will you!”
[I’m going to do that anyway!]

Mystic received the portion of its body into the barrier and buried it on the grounds. Although it was very dangerous, this could act as a source to identify the enemy. It shook its head after seeing that.

[Technique with high danger. Erasing from pattern.]
[A pile bunker is a man’s weapon. How dare you bury it. You must not be a man!]
[Can’t you tell from how my charm didn’t work, you idiotic snake? Not to mention man, it might not even have a gender!]

Helièna grumbled at Orochi. Due to the injuries that didn’t heal completely, she couldn’t go back to front lines anymore and she consumed her own mana to help Mystic control Thousand Eyes.
Despite the tens of beams from its wings, the reason the group could hold on until now was because there was Thousand Eyes looking after them.

Liera was about to attack once more before it recovered its halo shield, but was prevented from doing so due to the beams. She shouted while clenching her teeth.

“Just until when are those insane beams going to continue attacking!”

An energy source that was not mana, enhanced attack patterns from analyzing and absorbing information on the enemy, as well as resistance to mana and the absurd ability to prevent the implementation of mana in the surroundings! This was no member of any higher existence faction. It was neither a former archangel from the Heaven’s Army, nor a former Battalion Commander of the Army of Brilliant Light but a completely mysterious existence that could not be identified!

“Does this even make sense!? Just where did this pop out from!”
[Complete self-recovery impossible. Recovery halted. Prioritizing the elimination of enemies.]

Meanwhile, it finally uttered some lines that made the group even more bitter as it changed its form. Before, it emitted some formless foggy light, but now it seemed to shrink before creating three additional halos!

“Ah, oh dammit.”

Liera voiced out in frustration. It would be good if her worries didn’t come true, but unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Replacing the damaged halo, the three halos started rotating rapidly! Just the rotations were scary enough, but those frightening wheels from hell that ground anything apart in its way were aimed at her and the others!

“I’ll die if I get hit by that! The barrier won’t hold!”

Screamed Liera as she flew. The Flying fortress and the Guardian fortress were not exceptions. Mystic controlled the two fortresses as fast as the first time she had met Yu IlHan to escape the range of attack of the halos. The problem was the ‘naturally’ attached tracking function!

[Eliminate! Eliminate!]

And eventually, one of the halos hit the barrier. Mystic used all of the Thousand Eyes in order to shake it off, but the Halo spun at rapid speeds to deflect all those beams and ground Kelatuke’s armor. At this rate, Mystic’s power source would be in danger!

[Kkuaaaaaak, it’s becoming even faster! Idiot Orochi, do something about it!]
[Leave it to me.]

Mystic screamed and was about to jump around in the air, when Orochi, who had ‘concealed’ himself while the enemy was focused on controlling the halos, shot out the second bone spear to crush everything from its head to crotch.

[Critical Hit!]

[Ki, haaaaa…….]

Its voice died down, and the three spinning halos became completely silent. Orochi was sure that he had dealt the final strike.

[Activation…… halting.]

[You have earned experience.]
[Lv??? ?????????????????????????????????]

[Ah, this is.]

Looking at the experience that appeared on his retina, Orochi shrugged his shoulders.

[This is master’s specialty.]
“Oh, shit.”

Liera groaned when she was supposed to rejoice due to defeating the enemy. Was she couldn’t hold back her feelings to see Yu IlHan? Orochi made a bitter smile and turned around to her, and realized the reason why she groaned.

[Discovered a fatal enemy. Danger to data collection. Eliminate.]

The enemy that they barely defeated with all their power until now, was there, well, not, ‘were’ there, there were three of them.

Author’s notes

  1. I believed that Rockman and Megaman were two different things until just a while ago. But I found out that Megaman was the name for Rockman when it was exported to America!? This is all because of the illegal version Megaman X4………!
  2. The figure Yu IlHan had ‘raised’(?) isn’t just Yumir!
  3. Just what is the identity of those strange things that appeared out of nowhere and attacked the group? Is the one behind them the one that will not betray the reader’s expectation! Would the author have used such an easy plot progression twice! Or would he have aimed for that gap and blatantly reused the same setting again? Everything is in the Chaos of Maze! (Making readers confused).

Translator’s notes
There will only be one chapter per day for this week (I am ill and can’t do much)



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