Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 303: I Am Your Father – 4

“Can you still not contact IlHan!?”
“No, the artifact doesn’t work at all…….!”
“The dimension, somehow……!”

The mages including Kang MiRae were doing their best to use their magic, but there was no way three of the enemies would be easy when one of them was enough to push them past their limits. The three enemies with distorted wings and halos nullified the surrounding mana on the moment of their appearance and emitted a merciless aura while aiming for the group!

[This is making me craz…… uwaaaaah!]

Mystic, who was recovering the destroyed enemy’s halo and body, suddenly screamed. Their attacks were all directed at the fortress!

[They’re trying to erase any and all traces because darling may record it!]
“Ah, that’s it! If we go back alive, IlHan will understand anything and everything about this hidden being and any kind of foreshadowing will get destroyed!?”
[We’ll all die while we talk about foreshadows!]

Liera felt like she would let go of her spear in nervousness if she didn’t crack a joke. Well, of course, everyone here knew that Liera was trying to calm everyone here down in Yu IlHan’s stead, but even if she could replace Yu IlHan in jokes, she couldn’t in fighting power. Helièna despaired as she was feeling powerless.

[I should have honed other abilities and not just my charm…….]
[Where was that confidence where you could charm any other beings other than master!?]
[Well, if I was 7th class, then I might, but right now…… no.]

Helièna said words of forfeit towards Mystic who was shouting at her while busily dodging all those beams from the three enemies, and slapped her cheeks.

[No, fine then. I can’t fall back here. Even if they are not life-forms at all, as long as they have intelligence and are capable of movement……!]
“Helièna, don’t push yoursel…… eeek!”

Just as Liera was about to say to Helièna to not push herself too hard, she received a critical wound from the beams of one of the enemies. If she maintained her vibrations at maximum output, she could have distorted its trajectory, but her mana was not infinite.
Orochi also returned to the front lines after recovering his two bones thanks to the fact that the first enemy died, but all he could do was to hold one down. And this was only possible because he took one down and acquired some of its records.

Paté, who had the ability to manipulate higher existence undead, was protecting the others, but he was in no condition to attack. So, if Helièna didn’t do something, they would be in danger of being wiped out.

[Liera, switch.]
[Your ability doesn’t work though. Don’t push yourself and just focus on controlling Thous…… Hiik!]

Two of the unidentified non-life forms closed in on Liera after she became a little sluggish due to the injury. Seeing that, Helièna bit her lips and shouted to Na YuNa.

“But didn’t you say you didn’t need a blessing from a recorded god~?”
[But right now, I need even that! Isn’t it the goddess of beauty? Make me more charming already! To the point where I can even charm non-life forms!]
“Eeek, to think there would come a day where I would use this blessing on anyone other than myself…….”

It seemed that she did have something after all! Even while not being willing to use the blessing, Na YuNa knew that this was no time to hold back as the situation was very serious, and started chanting. Although she didn’t like Helièna that much, she didn’t want Liera to get hurt either.

“Brighter than the stars of night, more translucent than the dew of dawn, fresher than the morning wind, higher than the sun at noon, casting a deeper shadow than the afternoon shade, redder than the evening sunset, o, beautiful goddess! Please grant your touch to the one who desires your beauty!”
“The prayer actually sounds polite!?”

Whatever the prayer’s contents were like, the effect was great! Pink-colored aura that floated out from Na YuNa soon covered Helièna’s entire body before she emitted an insane amount of charm. The transformation was very drastic, and it even felt like Helièna was the avatar of the goddess of beauty herself.

Helièna closed her eyes once and opened it again. It felt as if pink steam could be seen around her.

[Fuu…… Haaa……. Good, this is it.]
“Ugh, uurgh.”
“N, no, not anyone other than His Majesty……!”

As the effects amplified the more beautiful and handsome the blessed one was, the ones facing Helièna had a hard time standing now. Kang HaJin came to a realization after seeing that.

“YuNa, you… I saw you approaching sir IlHan after you prayed from time to time…….”
“HaJin-oppa, shh.”
[With this.]

Helièna saw that Liera was being relentlessly pushed back due to the lack of magic power, and flew forward without hesitation. A stronger magic power was emitted from her.

[Why don’t you try resisting again! As I am now, I have the confidence to charm even stones, wind, and the sun!]
[Identifying priority elimination target…… ta, tar…get…]

Did the blessing actually work? The moment one of them spun its halo in a weird angle to attack Liera, the halo stopped movement after it came into contact with Helièna’s magic power. Helièna reckless thoughts, that she could just increase the absolute quantity of the magic power to overwhelm the ability to nullify magic power, had worked! This was also proof that they didn’t have absolute resistance against magic power!


[Retreat and regroup, Liera! Hey, you there, look at me!]
[Elimination, target…… priority, elimination…… identifying, aim, a…]

Despite having lured one, Helièna immediately emitted her mana against yet another one! She was no longer moving out of fear. Even though the injury on her abdomen hadn’t completely healed yet, her movements didn’t contain any hesitation.
If she fell back just because a single wound, then she wouldn’t be able to effectively transmit her explosive charm! More beautifully, more charming and fatally! She was doing this as if she was going to break through Yu IlHan’s Unshakable Heart!

[…… Oh, my, now that I think about it, if I assault darling in this blessing, wouldn’t I immediately succeeded in a night? Should I think about the name of the child already?]
“I’m not giving you anymore! Neverrrrrrrrr!”
[Aim, fa, iled. Elimination tar, get priori, ty, mov, ed, to, top.]
[Chan, ging, ene, my, danger lev……. Evaluation failed. Evaluation impossible. Changing mo, de.]

Their voices snapped. Their actions became even more unnatural, and even the beams that assaulted the group on the moment of their appearance halted. The vibrations of the halos also died down.

“My mana!”

However, the most important fact was that the group’s usage of mana became much more liberated. This was proof that their halos and wings were affecting a lot of the mana of this world!

[Ladies, can’t you use some long-range magic as soon as possible? This unni can’t hold for long!]
“You have done well, succubus……! Here’s a big one!”

The moment the others regained control of their mana thanks to Helièna, Erta clenched her teeth and created a huge magic formation in the air.
What popped out from it was a literally gigantic, lump of mana. It was a super-sized magic bullet that contained all the mana of the group, even Mystic’s, into it!

[Increasing danger evaluation of enemies.]
[What the heck is that!]
“The only thing I did was compressing and changing the hardness of the mana! Even if they have resistance against mana, they shouldn’t be able to resist pure destructive…… force!”
[Now they’re wasting so much mana like that!]
“Still better than you! Go!”

The gigantic magic bullet assaulted them and exploded. As the magic bullet came into contact with them, all the magic that restrained the magic bullet was dispelled, so the mana would go berserk! Erta only took time to control the berserk of the mana to damage their halos and wings.

[Critical Hit!]

And her calculations weren’t wrong. The magic bullet was designed to create a severe backslash to the one that dispelled the magic restraint had splendidly done its job and ripped their wings and halos to shreds.

[Serious damage. Impossible to restrain the energy of the old world.]
[Retreat, or, re, inforcements needed.]
“The mana cycle came back to normal!’
“Nice going, Erta!”

Kim YeSeul, having trained countless years training magic, was not so dumb to miss this opportunity.

“O, space and time! Dull the fangs of those trying to harm us!”

Could this be called anything other than ‘miracle’? In this wide world, only the three monsters with ripped wings stopped their movement.

“Everyone other than MiRae, we need to kill them now! And they said they’ll call for reinforcements so MiRae should prepare magic to flee! We need to go to a dimension where they can’t come!”
“Yes, mother!”

Having recovered enough to use the pile bunker again, Orochi shot out bone spears from his two arms and killed one of them. Not breaching Yu IlHan’s expectations, he had achieved a splendid double kill by himself!
The one that was aiming for an opportunity was the same for Paté as well. He scattered the curse of corrosion to restrain the enemy movements, and made his undeads charge against one of them and shouted with a voice of resolve.

“Accompaniment to hell!”
[Let’s go together!]

An even bigger explosion than the magic bullet occurred. He made the corpses of higher existences explode using the power from the blessing of the god, so nothing could be said about the power of the attack! If Yu IlHan knew about this, he would be sad, but for now, survival was their foremost priority.
When the enemy’s movements stiffened even more thanks to Paté’s explosion, the others also attacked relentlessly. There was no winning against a many on one! In the end, they were destroyed.

[You have earned experience.]
[Lv 5?? ???????????????????]

“I get that those damned things are at least level 500!”
“That’s not something to be happy about! Rather than that, Kang MiRae, what about the dimensional gate!?”
“It’s ready!”

This was no longer a problem of being helped by Yu IlHan or not. If they don’t go back to his side immediately, they may all be wiped……!

[Eliminate the enemy.]

However, Kang MiRae was slightly late. It seemed as if they had the ability to summon their allies forcefully the moment their activities were halted, and nine of them appeared through a dimensional gate.

“Just where are they all coming from!”
[Extremely dangerous target.]
[Changing priority to second.]
[Eliminating target. Unknown element.]
[Yu IlHan’s ally. Eliminate, necessary.]
“How can this…….”

Not to mention very suspicious words, they were scattering foreshadows that they’ll eventually face Yu IlHan like it was nothing! They just barely defeated three, but now nine of them appeared, so the group despaired.

“…… I guess I can only do this.”

However, Kang MiRae bit her lips after looking at that. As Liera and Helièna thought, Kang MiRae also believed that Yu IlHan had left the group to her. Especially, as she was the one who was in charge of everyone’s safety with her dimension magic, she could not let anyone go back with any more injuries.

“Please, help me do this.”

As nine of the mana restraining things blocked the liberated flow of mana again, Kang MiRae focused everything on the God-ranked circlet, the Crown of Wisdom, and agitated her mana. Not to mention her precious magic-stuffed cookies, she drank all her potions and amplified her mana!

And that brought results.

“I did it. I can do it. I can do it……!”

However, even if she could bring out her mana, she could not make a large enough gate for a person to pass through due to the external pressure. If so, she would find a way to use this small gate. Although she had never tried this before, she had to make this succeed!

“Helièna, stop them from moving!”
[The power of the blessing and the mana will soon…… Kugh, I can tie them if it’s for a brief moment!]
“I need that brief moment!”

Helièna listened to Kang MiRae’s request. The moment the nine enemies froze stiff in their places, a small gate, enough for a pencil to pass through, appeared on one of their bodies before disappearing.

[Critical Hit!]

Along with the gate, their body part also disappeared.

[Missing part of body. Unable to resist.]
“What the hell is that!”
“Ah, I know! Meidō Zangetsu…[email protected]##$#!”
“This is just the start!”

Once wasn’t the end. Tens, hundreds of warp gates appeared instantly before disappearing, and the nine enemies that had to endure that instantly became honeycombs.

[You have earned experience.]
[You have earned experience.]
[You have…….]

Like that, nine of them all died and collapsed. Perhaps they had no time to call for reinforcements this time, as even though the group was left absent mindedly watching the scene, no other beings entered the world.

“Ha…… ugh.”

Kang MiRae collapsed after succeeding in creating a ‘miracle’ beyond her capabilities. Na YuNa hurriedly held her, but she had already lost consciousness.

“…… What did Kang MiRae just do?”
“It seemed that it counted as a miracle. My holy power was consumed in enormous quantities.”

When Liera asked absent-mindedly without even taking care of her wounds, Na YuNa also replied absent-mindedly. It was at that moment.

[Now Dareu is safe. Everyone, please come back as soon as you can.]

At the greatest timing, Yu IlHan’s voice could be heard from the communication device. With all the external elements that closed the world gone, the connection finally stabilized. Liera looked down at Kang MiRae who had lost consciousness before voicing out in a slightly shocked tone.

“IlHan, the thing is…….”

Author’s notes

  1. It wasn’t that IlHan didn’t call the others on purpose. It was because Dareu amidst of the Great Cataclysm was dangerous that he had held them from entering! He would have never imagined that they would experience such a thing, right?
  2. Some of you might say ‘why didn’t Helièna use Na YuNa’s blessing from the beginning?’ and to answer, as you have seen in the story, Helièna had refused Na YuNa’s blessing until now. However, we don’t know what caused her a change of heart, but she had decided to ask Na YuNa for help.

Translator’s notes



Translator: Chamber
Proofreader: Koukouseidesu

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